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Put Down the Sugar Bomb: 5 Healthier Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump



woman working in front of a laptop

Once we enter the office on a new workday our main goal is to have a productive one. We probably have a list of tasks we planned the day before. We start our day full of energy and hope it will be like that until the end of our shift. But, the energy levels vary throughout the day and this is something that will most likely affect our levels of productivity. 

Even though we’ve started our day full of energy, we will experience a sudden drop in energy levels usually between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. This occurrence is known as the afternoon slump. When it happens our body usually craves some shut-eye and rest. 

Since this is not possible because we are still at work, we have to be prepared for it and use the following healthier techniques to quickly cure this run-down of energy. People often try to fix everything with a chocolate bar or another cup of coffee, but these don’t really help. Try these healthier alternatives instead:

Step Away from the Computer Screen

A decrease in energy may be caused by too much screen time. Whenever we sit in front of a computer for long periods of time our eyes become tired. We are focused on a single fixed point so we can’t focus anymore. The solution is to step away from a computer and stop this eye strain from happening. Make a mental note to look away from your screen every 60 minutes. You have to close your eyes for a minute or two and keep your gaze off the screen. Use these moments to brainstorm with a colleague, have another glass of water (hydration is important, too). 

Stretch It Out and Move Around

Once you notice this drop in your energy levels, concentration and productivity, it is time to get moving. Another great way to fight the mid-day slump is to power up your body and move around a bit. You can do a few exercises like some squats, chair dips, the leaning plank or any other exercise that is office proof. 

Stretching is also recommended if you also want to beat the effects of being in a sedentary position. These stretches will ease any pain in your neck, shoulders, back, or hips which is caused by sitting a lot. 

Instead of all this, you can always go for a walk around the building. Make sure to skip the elevator and take the stairs instead. If it is a sunny day, go outside for a minute and enjoy a dose of vitamin D. You can even invite a few colleagues so you can have a quick brainstorming session outside in the clean air.  Whatever you choose to do, exercise, stretch or go outside, remember to do it in fixed time intervals. You can even set an hourly reminder to stand up, move a bit or stretch. You will avert your gaze from the screen for a few minutes and break out of the sitting routine. 

Get a green tea boost

Caffeine is a known stimulant and it should be used wisely. Many people can’t even start their day without their cup of jo. However, too much coffee can have a negative effect because it disrupts our sleep pattern and makes us even more tired in the afternoon. Have one cup of coffee during the day but do not reach for another one once the afternoon slump kicks in. Swap this craving with a cup of green tea nad get a tea boost instead. One cup of green tea is rich in antioxidants which your body will use to revive your system to make it through the drop of energy. This hot beverage has less caffeine so it won’t impact your night’s sleep.

Have a high protein lunch instead of a sugary snack

People often try to increase the levels of energy by having a sugary snack, a chocolate bar or a sugary drink. But, sugar is certainly not the answer because it was reported that a high-carbohydrate meal won’t keep you awake as much as a high-protein meal. It is actually a protein that stimulates the cells responsible for keeping us awake. 

If you want to make a healthier choice, have a high protein lunch instead. If you did not have the time to prepare a high protein meal the night before, you can always rely on meals delivered by My Muscle Chef or any other healthy meal producer. By taking care of your body’s needs, you will surely increase the levels of energy when you need them the most.

Stimulate your senses

Your sense of smell can help you become more alert once your energy drops. You-ve never even considered the effects of aromatherapy and the power of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is known for its energy-boosting properties, positive effects on the mind, it improves concentration, and stimulates clear thinking.

It was also reported that people who use essential oils have better health. Whenever you need an energy boost, you just need to sniff some peppermint oil. You can put a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball, and take it out of your drawer for a quick sniff whenever you need to wake up a bit. If you have your own office, you can use an oil diffuser or just put a few drops of essential oil into a bowl of hot water. Alternatively, you can rub several drops of peppermint oil on your hands and pat the excess on your face. Brushing your teeth will also stimulate your senses as the toothpaste often has peppermint too. Chewing gum has a similar effect.

Paying attention to these tips will eventually help avoid this dreaded drop in energy. We should pay attention to our rhythm throughout the day and act accordingly. In addition to this, we have to remember that our trusted sidekicks’ sugar and caffeine are doing us more harm than good and we should put them aside and embrace these new techniques. 

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Beauty Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Salon Trolleys



beauty tips

A beauty salon trolley is an item used to store all your indispensable appliances at one place. It is specially designed to store all your possessions inside it and the list is inclusive of everything from makeup, brushes, hair tools and anything else that has any minute use with being a beauty accessory. A beauty salon trolley is a very key element in keeping all the imperative tools and accessories of the beauticians at one place to avoid pandemonium at the time of work.

What Are They Used For?

During the time of work, stylists keep on moving for one reason or the other. In the process, they misplace irons, forgetfully place the hairdryer on the reception table and also end up forgetting the whereabouts of the manicure kit they were using a second ago. Throughout the working hours, there is a lot of activity going on at the spa, as customers come with children, friends or even siblings.

Firstly, to increase the chances of systematic approach towards profession, secondly to minimize the chances of creating a mayhem and chaos inside, and thirdly reduce chances of delays or collisions, are the main reasons behind which beauty salon owners opt for this beauty salon trolley equipment. This is a perfect place to dump all the accessories and tools after you have used them without forgetting where exactly did you keep them. Use of beauty salon trolley increases the level of simplicity for the beauticians and the spa owners, which is why it is a hot favorite amongst them.

Factors To Bear In Mind While Choosing Beauty Salon Trolleys

These trolleys are available in a diversified range of colors, types and designs. Good appearance is also a majorly important facet in selecting the trolley which is in line with your requirements. These trolleys can also enhance the atmosphere of your salon if selected properly. The more easy to use trolleys are also available in casket options to maximize the ease of the stylish/beautician. Durability is another significant aspect because it is not wise to opt for a trolley which gets broken down sooner or later. You also have the choice of opting for a beauty salon trolley on discounted prices to save some money. However, you should not go for low quality product as it will cost you in the long run.

Options To Choose From

Beauty salon trolleys have been offered in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. A famous kind of salon trolley is the one that is made up of strong metal frame which is very famous for its convenience in being user friendly and is also known for its second to none durability. Plastic trolleys are also utilized for this purpose due to their ease in handling purposes, convenience in movement and elevated level of longevity. Some other options also include iron and wood trolleys, but they are not that high in the arena of customer demand. Since the demand is low, there is not much variety available in the market.

Author Bio: My name is Newton Maria. I consider myself an expert in Beauty and  Health industry. I have a passion for learning all I can about health and beauty. I also enjoy providing beauty tips to those looking for ways to improve their looks and feel better about themselves. I also writes blogs for Beautiful Brow  Boutique.

Throughout the years I have dedicated my life to learning about the health and beauty industry. I have extensive experience with using a range of beauty products and I enjoy review all kinds of beauty products.

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Tips to nail corporate events



Tips to nail corporate events

There are many articles and blog posts online that says:  how troublesome and overpowering sorting out a corporate gathering is.

But not us!

In fact, this article is going to provide you with the tricks to ace your corporate gatherings whether they are in the form of fancy parties or formal dinners.

Breaking down an occasion into reachable goals causes you to remain focused and achieve your primary goal to compose a wonderful gathering at once. Indeed, it is a difficult task. Honestly, there’s a great deal to consider, yet with appropriate arrangements and our convenient agenda, sorting out a corporate gathering in Dubai can be fun and remunerating as well.

Whatever your degree of experience, this agenda should give you an essential structure and the certainty to design the ideal corporate gathering.

Handy tips to nail corporate gatherings

A little advice before we start

Start at the earliest opportunity

Arranging a corporate gathering includes looking out for tons of reactions and affirmation from others.

By taking services from the event companies in Dubai, the matter can be solved within minutes.

1. Make lists

Lists are the best things on the planet for arranging a corporate gathering. Additionally, they help you to separate the procedure of corporate gatherings arrangement into reasonable undertakings. They likewise help you to monitor the tasks you have just accomplished and the work that is left to do.

2. Take as much time as necessary designing a Stand that stands out.

At a corporate occasion, you’re going to require a stand that sticks out. This will rely upon the sort of event you’re visiting, yet ensuring your position is diverse will attract more individuals to it. Put resources into a decent stand and take as much time as is needed choosing shading and structure with the goal that you can genuinely wow individuals. It needs to stand apart among an ocean of different business, so consider what you can do to get that going.

3. Get together Products, Samples, and Freebies

When you go to a corporate occasion, you’re going to require the extra effort of an extraordinary remain to make individuals need to come and address you. You’re going to require items, tests, and different complimentary gifts to get individuals intrigued. This will enable individuals to get a thought of what your question is or how it functions. It’ll likewise make your stand look unmistakably increasingly alluring and give individuals a superior motivation to come over.

4. Think about a Way to Draw People to You

There are a lot of other smart ways you can attract individuals to you, as well. You could have a challenge, for example. It doesn’t need much importance to your business, as long as there’s an alluring prize to get individuals visiting you. Toward the part of the arrangement, you can pick an arbitrary vector. On the off chance that you make the challenge a fun game, individuals won’t overlook you whether they win the problem or not.

5. Ensure you take the right members of staff with you

Taking the correct individuals from staff to a corporate occasion with you is one of the most significant things. You are, for the most part, going to speak to your business, so you must do as such to a high requirement. They ought to be prepared in client care, think pretty much the majority of your items and administrations, and look congenial. If you don’t have the staff, or you need something more, you can contact individuals to work with you.

Still, need assistance?

Head towards your nearest event planners for the best assistance on event planning and keep rocking.

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5 tips to ace your salon interior Design



5 tips to ace your salon interior

Are you running a salon in the suburbs of Dubai or planning to have one? Or wait! Are you considering revamping your interior décor for the salon?

Well, let me assure you that whatever you are planning; you have surely found the right direction.

Along with exceptional salon services, the interior of your salon should just have the right look and feel. Having a great interior is sure to add value to your beautifying business.

This article will provide you with the tips and techniques you need to nail your salon interior.

Top hints for nailing your salon interior décor

This can be a scary situation to be in when you don’t know where and how to begin. Moreover, you are unsure about the budget allocation and hiring the right people for carrying out this task.

But by acquiring interior design services from leading salon interior design Dubai based agencies are a must to take away your décor worries.

Moreover, by consulting expert salon interior designers, we have come up with these five tips to ace the interior of your salon.

Allocate budget

Making up your mind for the budget you can allocate for the design of the salon is crucial yet necessary. The answer to question that: “how much am I willing to spend on my salon”? Is sure to get you started.  It will ease the process of finding the

Be in your customer’s shoes

It is famously known that: you don’t know someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about how they would like to see your front desk as soon as they enter your salon.

Moreover, a fresh stock of quality products on the salon shelves along with a salon interior Eco-friendly environment and the pleasantly lit area is all that your customer would need. So, ensure that all these factors are taken care of.

Comfortable salon furniture

Salon furniture would include: comfortable chairs with the facility to accommodate every different sized person. They shouldn’t be hard to sit on either too soft.

Moreover, the sofas and the waiting area furniture should be according to the salon theme. The sofas should be long enough to accommodate customers during rush hours.

Pleasant ambiance

Customers that visit salon usually spare a few time from their busy routine for self-care and relaxation. Thus, the ambiance of the salon should be welcoming and soothing.

This could be made possible by hiring co-operative staff, ensuring nice color schemes and pleasant furniture for the much-needed look.

Interior decoration with experts

It’s true that you can do everything. But, there is a difference between doing something practical and planning something in mind. So, to make all your interior dreams turn into reality its best to seek expert advice from salon interior design such as BrandCreative and many more.

Thinking to nail your salon business!?
Hence, if you want to rule over the world, with your salon business, consider getting help from the professional interior designers around you.

So! Get ready to have a revamped look of the salon.

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Three Simple Tips to Use Argan Oil for Hair Care




argan oil shampoo

Lookup any credible advice on taking care of your hair naturally and you will find argan oil mentioned among the top ingredients. So, why is argan oil considered a panacea for all hair problems? Well! Often called ‘liquid gold’ for its myriad beneficial properties, argan oil can transform your hair if used regularly.

argan oil shampoo

Here are several ways you can include argan oil in your hair care routine.

1. Buy an argan oil-infused shampoo

Ditch those shampoos with several chemicals with tongue-twisting names and go for a shampoo which has argan oil as one of its main ingredients. It makes hair softer, shinier and helps restore strength if your hair is brittle. If you are someone who likes a hued mane or just a few coloured streaks, an argan oil shampoo, in this case, may help prevent the damage that chemicals or other irritants in hair colour may cause. It also works as an anti-microbial agent and helps get rid of dandruff. Though suitable for all hair-types, argan-oil shampoos are a boon for people with rough and dry hair as it also moisturises hair-strands along with cleaning the scalp.

2. Massage it in your hair

Take a generous amount of argan oil and massage it in your hair. Sure, it is an expensive hair care product and doing this will take more quantity; but you need to do it just once a week. And amidst so much of pollution and daily stress, your hair deserves at least this much of luxury treatment. Massage the oil for a good 15-20 minutes, both on the scalp and on the strands (from root to tip) and leave it overnight. You may also choose to warm it up for better absorption. This trick is especially useful to get smooth, silky, manageable, and voluminous hair a night before any special event, especially when you do not have time to visit a salon for a hair spa. For additional nourishment, you may also mix argan oil with any other type of essential oil, for example, almond oil.

3. Argan Oil as a Styling Agent

In a hurry and when out of a styling agent when you need it the most, argan oil could be a quick-fix solution. It is a great way to tame frizzy hair (moustache, and beard too along with the hair on your scalp), and adds strength, lustre, and manageability to your hair. Further, argan oil for hair is lightweight and does not weigh your hair down and makes it easier to mould your hair into any style. But, why restrict using argan oil to times when you do not have any other hair-styling agents such as gels or sprays?

Generally, most hair-styling products are fraught with numerous chemicals. On the other hand, argan oil supplies nutrients like Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are super beneficial for your hair in more ways than one. So, instead of choosing to use styling agents which may cause damage when used on a long-term basis, you may switch to just cold-pressed argan oil or styling products which contain argan oil as one of the main ingredients. In fact, for styling your beard and moustache too, you may use beard crème, beard oil, beard wax etc. with argan oil.

It is simple to use either argan oil or argan oil-infused hair styling product. Just take a few drops of it and rub it in when your hair is damp (not wet). Let your hair get dry (do not comb damp hair as it may lead to hair fall) and then comb your hair to make the oil or the product get distributed evenly throughout the hair. Be careful that you do not use too much oil as the objective is to make hair manageable and glossy and not a full-blown head massage. In fact, using argan oil or a hair styling product with it could be a really economical option to get the benefits of argan oil (because a little goes a long way) without having to apply too much of it.

Please leave comments below.

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7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50



7 Secrets For Revamping Your Looks & Body After 50

Looking ravishing and your best can be hard to achieve even at the 20s. You need to pay attention to have immaculate makeup, great taste in clothes, fit body, and so on. Once you reach the majestic number 5 there aren’t many things that change that drastically. You also need to put effort into wearing perfect makeup, do some sport, but only incorporate different things into reaching your top-notch look. You cannot reverse time, that’s a fact, but you can certainly dedicate your full attention to giving your skin and body the care it deserves. It might be hard to get back into shape after 50, it’s not impossible. All you need to do is be persistent and patient and you will look and feel decades younger by implementing the following 7 tips.

1. Don’t let your skin lose its glow

Woman applying beauty mask, close up

As we age, our skin tends to get looser and more sleepy per se. It goes without saying that we should take care of our whole skin at any given time and moment, however, once you reach a certain age you need to moisturize more. That’s right. Dry skin can be your nemesis once you start aging, and you keep your skin smooth and refreshed should be your top priority. With a good and quality moisturizer cream, you will not only make your skin seem more youthful, but you will keep it healthy and nurtured. And, of course, when your skin looks refreshed and glowing, you will too. Therefore, it is vital not to get stingy and spend a significant amount of money on quality creams. Apply the moisturizer daily to your face, neck and even hands. But make sure that the rest of your body is properly taken care of as well by applying a sensitive body lotion after having a shower.

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2. Alter your eating habits

Let’s be honest, we all like to nibble on sweet and savory dinner, especially if they are serving our favorite dish. When in the 20s you can easily eat an abundance of food lat at night and the following day go for a quick run and literally burn it all. Unfortunately, in the 50s that doesn’t function the same way. One of the most renowned beauty and fitness secret for maintaining a healthy and good-looking body is altering your diet. Make sure that your diet is high in lean protein and dietary fiber. Reduce the overall calorie intake by switching your daily eating habits. Eat more healthy colorful fruits and vegetables. Every day try to eat a variety of fresh produce and healthy proteins like fish, beans, eggs, and tofu. Kick out the processed and fast foods from your diet, with the stress on refined grains in white bread, pasta, and rice.

3. Feel content with your age

Aging is an inevitable process, and even if it would be fantastic to turn back time, that is simply not possible. If you wish to look the very best at the age you are in (no matter the number), you need to look and feel good about yourself. Very often ladies simply wish to undergo some form of cosmetic surgery like a breast lift or neck lift, and in that way gain even more confidence with their new and ravishing look. After performing countless similar procedures, experts at Panthea Clinics say that incisions are placed in such a way that once healed they will not be visible or noticed, so you won’t need to worry about that. Or anything else for that matter. Facial fillers and botox are even less invasive option that can uplift your looks. At 50 you will never look 30 again, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot upgrade your looks with some cosmetic procedure so that you would feel content and have a positive mindset which is crucial.

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4. Be in constant motion

Senior Lady Dumbbells Exercise Workout at Home.

Being physically active has numerous benefits to the whole body no matter the age. First things first, you need to be aware that you need to take special care of your muscles and bones. Find a sporting activity that suits you best. You can go brisk walking, jogging around the neighborhood, swimming, do yoga or pilates, or try out Thai Chi. Whatever sporting activity you choose to implement, the very best secret is to move on and on and be in constant motion. Being physically active will improve your cardiovascular system, make you feel more agile and strenuous. Try to mix up the exercise so that you don’t put pressure on your ligaments and straining the same muscle groups. After each activity, always stretch properly. Due to age, your flexibility tends to decrease, so unless you stretch and warm up those muscles, you could make yourself more prone to incurring an injury.

5. Revive your outlook

Believe it or not, nothing makes you look more young and refreshing like tossing out your old-fashioned clothes and replacing them with more sophisticated and modern clothing items. There is no need to take up that ‘granny’ looks by wearing comfy shirts and long baggy skirts. Revamp your entire wardrobe with clothes that will make you look and feel young. Denim jeans, leather jacket in refreshing colors, classy high heels, and trendy dresses. Wear fitted suits and dresses to work, and never settle for ordinary and plain combinations. Experiment with styles and trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, never let anyone see your grays. Not because you don’t want people to see your age, on the contrary, grays make your face look long and tired. Choose a color and hairstyle that suit your personality. You will instantly look and feel younger once you cover your grays, wear a red nail polish and put-together a fancy and contemporary outfit.

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6. Have some ‘me’ time

You have spent 50 years of your life running back and forth to schools and work, and now you must focus on doing something solely for you. Take up some new and challenging hobby. Try scuba diving or start learning a new language. Travel the world. Go to places you desire and investigate new cities. Fight off stress so that you can only have happy thoughts about the world around you. Dedicate all your free time to yourself and kill off that stressful feeling. Try meditation or listen to soothing music as you do yoga. Do whatever your heart desires whenever you can.

7. Drink more water and sleep more

If you have never thought this was a secret to revamping your looks and body after 50, you have really thought wrong. Water is the essence of life, and for good reason. Our bodies are made up of water, and it is only logical that water will keep our entire organism in order. Water flushes out all the toxins out of the body that has been accumulating throughout the day, plus you will feel full. Water cleanses the body as well making your skin look more juvenile and vigorous. If you strive to have regular sleep of more than 7 hours per night, you have yourself a winning combo of looking young and beautiful.

The key is to be yourself and feel joyous in your skin. Age is merely a number, but after incorporating these beauty secrets, you will feel more fulfilled and gratified.

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