How to Spot and Stop Bullying Issues in the Workplace

It’s sad to say that the alarming case of bullying isn’t only visible and experienced in schools but also happens or occurs in the workplace. It’s believed that one-third of the working population are experiencing bullying in their work premises – with women being more prone than men. 

This disturbing case should be given an immediate solution. Also, raising awareness regarding bullying in the workplace must put in a serious discussion. 

As a band-aid solution, here are the effective and possible tips that your company or management may use to pinpoint and end bullying issues surrounding your office. Thus, search no further and stay on the next pages rather. 

Tips to Effectively Spot Bullying in the Workplace

The case of bullying in the workplace may be evident and may occur in different forms, and unfortunately, it can happen behind the scenes or even behind the screens. Moreover, if the undesirable act of bullying isn’t resolved immediately, it may also happen out of the workplace as desired by the ones who commit it. 

There’s no easy way to track down bullying inside the company especially if it’s a big one. However, the simple act of awareness and showing attention to such incidences will do help in spotting bullying. 

The following are several tips to pinpoint bullying in the workplace: 

  • Pay attention and raise complete awareness about and against the act of bullying in all forms. Bullying can be represented or conveyed through the following:
    • Execution of harmful and inhumane pranks
    • Verbal mortification
    • Tenacious and unreasonable criticism
    • Obvious signs of sabotage of a workmate’s performance
    • Clear indications of physical or openly verbal abuse 
    • Expulsion from social activities 
    • Blackmailing and/or intimidation
    • Visible isolation from company activities or programs

The following listed above are merely some of the major forms of bullying. In the digital age, cyberbullying is also booming which is more complicated to handle and may cause a more serious impact on the one who’s being bullied. 

  • Be alert for the major target of bullying behavior 

There are types of people who possess certain behaviors that make them an easy or major target of bullying. As part of the management or most importantly the HR department, be aware of these factors. 

Workplace bullies can always keep their prying eyes on those employees who have compelling work performance, “apple of the eye” of the management or the company, those who are favored in the company, or those that aren’t expressly aggressive.

  • Take note of bullying reports or records seriously 

Unfortunately, there are certain instances where management doesn’t take bullying reports seriously. If you’re part of the management, most particularly the HR department and/or the higher ranks, it’s necessary to also give your time and efforts to resolving bullying issues. 

The bullying incidences inside your company may greatly affect the bullied employee in terms of his productivity at work and willingness to work. If there are two or more bullied employees in the workplace, this can somehow affect the business’ overall growth. 

  • Give urgent response to reported bullying incidences 

Once you received a report concerning bullying issues, always give a handful of support to resolve the problem right away. Don’t disregard and pretend not to hear the voices longing for your help. 

If you belong to the management, you better act as an advocate to the involved parties. And if you think you can’t act in between for being a co-worker, you can also be the one to address it to the authorities and ask for their assistance. 

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Tips to Stop Bullying in the Workplace

It’s highly necessary to eradicate bullying in the workplace. And if you’re a concerned co-worker or manager, you’ll give a helping hand in ironing things out. 

With that, you can follow the stated tips below to effectively contribute to putting bullying to end. 

Remember, if you aren’t in the situation, then at least be the help to get someone through it. 

  • Enhance the HR department’s programs and awareness 

The HR department and/or professionals are keen on providing HR solutions to the following concerns of employees – and one could be the issues on bullying. The said department may take time to examine the problem and provide one-on-one interviews with the parties involved to efficiently deliver appropriate HR solutions to the current problems. 

  • Conduct team-building or company activities

It’s also important in one company to build a bond between its employees. And one effective way to attain that is by conducting team building or company activities. 

Through these activities, the workforces can share their strengths and weaknesses in a fun and adventurous way. Moreover, the closeness of the employee will be developed and will more likely result in a sound relationship in or out of the workplace. 

  • HR department to take part in personality development training and programs 

In a greater view of the picture, the HR department has a big role in retaining a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. It’s because aside from hiring and assessing the applicants, they’re also responsible for handling and monitoring the behaviours of the employees. 

If one lacks confidence or self-reliance, the HR department can take part in the issue by providing free personality development training and program. Having all these in one company, one employee won’t find a way to intimidate any of his co-workers. 

The unfortunate cases or instances of bullying must’ve no room in companies. If the act of bullying continues, the person being bullied won’t be the only one to receive the negative impacts but as well as the company’s overall growth. 

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Thus, if bullying is visible in your company or any department, you better put your concern into it and give the efforts to send help. If you have stories and tips to share, never think twice to share.


Kath Ramirez embraced the dream of being a writer since she was in 4th grade. She took it seriously and she now writes for HR Dept HR Services UK, a company in the United Kingdom who provides human-resource assistance. Aside from writing, Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a mom to 3 dogs and a puppy, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro to whatever she’s engaged into right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.

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