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8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google (SEO)



8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google (SEO)
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One of the most important aspects of having a business website is to ensure that you are continuously updating it in order to maintain a healthy search engine optimization. Your website will have a high rank on the search engine results pages of search engines like Google when you have a solid SEO process in place. But the SEO services process needs to be constantly updated and hence it is important for you to learn about the procedures of doing this. In this small article, you will learn about 8 easy and simple tips to improve the ranking of your business website on search engines like Google by indulging in SEO processes.

Social media presence: You need to cultivate a strong presence for your brand on the internet. The easiest way of doing this is by using social media platforms. Social media platforms will allow you to reach out to new audiences and generate new leads from all over the world. You can share little titbits of information about your business or indulge in topical discussions to draw the attention of people which can help in more people recognizing your brand. Social media platforms also serve as a good customer care platform too.

Content: Always write authentic, original, relevant and fresh content and then upload them on your business website. This will help you in captivating people’s attention for a longer duration of time and they will always visit your website.

Blog: The content on your website will be related strictly to your business but on a blog, you can write on topics of allied and related issues. This will go on to further engage readers. This can help more people coming to your blog to read about your products. Together, all of these will drastically improve the organic traffic on your business website. This can improve the ranking of your website.

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URL optimization: Optimize your URLs in your several web pages to reflect the content of that specific page. This will help more people to identify the relevance of the information on that page and help them decide if they want to open it or not. Readers will appreciate it more. This will also generate a lot of trust in people for your website.

Backlinks: Backlinks from genuine, trustworthy and authentic websites will boost the integrity of your website too.

Responsive web design: A responsive web design will help in making your business website easily accessible from several devices with different screen sizes like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and so on. More people can visit your pages this way.

Optimize your photos: Optimized photos will help in making your web pages load faster. Thus your websites will also open quickly and viewers wouldn’t have to wait long.


The steps mentioned in this article will all contribute in improving the local search engine optimization of your business website. For increasing your web traffic you can buy web traffic from a popular website. This will go on to develop a trust in people for your brand which will improve your business more. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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I am Naveen Kumar having 10 years of experience in digital marketing ORM, SEO and SMO. Since several years I have started the company naming JDM Web Technologies, which stands as one of the renowned digital marketing companies today in India. With my decade of experience, I can provide my clients with the best SEO Services in town. My team experts include professional SEO and SMO experts, digital marketing professionals etc.

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