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How the Art Industry Can Reap the Benefits of ECommerce Development

Do you know that about 10.2 million art lovers visit the Louvre, Paris and about 6.70 million visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York every year? These stats are certainly encouraging and tell you that the crave for explicit artwork hasn’t faded out. You must be wondering why I began th

ecommerce development
ECommerce Development

Do you know that about 10.2 million art lovers visit the Louvre, Paris and about 6.70 million visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York every year? These stats are certainly encouraging and tell you that the crave for explicit artwork hasn’t faded out.

You must be wondering why I began this blog with the stats. I aim to encourage all those artists involved in exhibiting their imagination.

Statista reports that the global art market has reached to more than $64 billion. Do you know the reason why the art industry is escalating to new heights? The answer is a staunch e-commerce platform that allows you to promote your artwork and reach a wide range of art enthusiasts.

Let us find out some more benefits of an e-commerce platform for enhancing the prospects of the art industry.

Support of a Strong and Reliable Platform

What makes e-commerce responsive, user-friendly, and highly deliverable? It is the choice of a robust and reliable open-source Magento Development Services written in the PHP framework. Moreover, with the introduction of Magento 2 Solutions, you can certainly expect much more advanced and upgraded features.

Magento e-commerce also allows you to customize your web store anytime based on your specific requirements. Thus, if you are planning to build e-commerce from scratch, choose Magento developers to do the job.

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Reach out Global Audience Using Single Platform

The various kinds of handicrafts are a perfect reflection of Indian culture. However, how do the famous pottery work of Rajasthan and splendid wooden craft of Kashmir reach out to the global audience? An e-commerce platform is provided an opportunity for these artisans to expand its business beyond geographical limitations.

You will feel glad to note that the current demand for Indian handicrafts has reached a market value of $240 billion in the international market. Moreover, the USA is a leading exporter of this craftwork.

Of course, you know that e-commerce has played a significant part in bringing the escalation in the art industry.

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Opportunity to Attract New Customers and Increase Visibility

If you are transporting your physical store to an e-commerce platform, the space for brand visibility and customer relationship becomes wider.

Also, there is another vital tool known as Search Engine Optimization that improves the visibility of your e-commerce platform. Today more and more consumers are buying art and craftwork online due to their wide variety and lower price. So, if you want to rank your site higher in Google, SEO is pivotal.

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Keep a Vigil on Buyer’s Habit

The e-commerce platform allows you to keep an eye on your customer’s buying habits. Do you what does it mean? It implies that the next time when any buyer visits your website, you can offer him customized products based on his preference.

Let’s take an example. Suppose your customer has a fetish for beautiful embroidery work and unique statues. You can show them such products in abundance to retain them and build a relationship.

You need to collect the data analytics and information from their past browsing history, which helps you to cater to his needs. Besides, you can also send push notifications related to discount offers and coupons.

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Selling Products at Cost-Effective Prices

Buying antique pieces of artwork and handicrafts from art galleries and exhibitions was a costly affair for many art lovers. However, the e-commerce platform has changed this scenario by lowering the costs of all unique items on display.

You can sell all your products at a reasonable price. How does it occur? E-commerce helps you to reduce your inventory management cost and streamline your stock through a web-based management system. It also decreases your operational costs as well.

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Real-Time Interaction With Customers

It’s fine that you are keeping an eye on the customer’s buying habits to improve retention. However, take another step forward to strengthen the relationship with your consumers.

Yes, e-commerce provides you the advantage of interacting with your buyers and retailers in real-time. You get instant reviews, feedbacks, and ratings to act upon them quickly and enhance user experience.

It allows you to generate more positive feedbacks, which creates a strong brand image in the market. The customer trust factor also increases instigating more users to visit your site.

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Open for 24x7x365 Days

If you have a physical shop selling art and craft products, there is a time limit beyond which you cannot operate it. However, with e-commerce, there is no such compulsion. The store remains open for 24x7x365 days a year.

Thus, your users can visit the website at any time of the day based on their convenience. Also, it is interesting to note that most online shoppers are active during the night. You can keep generating sales and boost revenue throughout the day, week, and year.

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A Final Word

The eCommerce development has disrupted a wide range of industries ranging from large enterprises to small startups. Therefore, it is a mere misconception that the e-commerce platform is only meant for consumer electronics, accessories, and clothing.

The art industry has also gone digital with several online forums promoting exclusive art and craftwork. Expand your customer base with an e-commerce platform to take your business into a profitable zone.

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