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The last thing most of us do before going to bed and the first thing before getting out of the bed is to check our phone. Isn’t it? And what do we check? Well, mostly we check if we have any messages waiting to be read in our inbox. And it has been an ever-increasing […]

social meadia
social meadia

The last thing most of us do before going to bed and the first thing before getting out of the bed is to check our phone. Isn’t it? And what do we check? Well, mostly we check if we have any messages waiting to be read in our inbox. And it has been an ever-increasing trend that these messages are coming from most people we don’t even know properly. And if you are too lonely and there aren’t any messages waiting for you then it would just be a random scroll through feeds watching random people post about their life and you really don’t even care about it.

Why This Habit Is On a Tremendous Increase?

Is it because of the growth in unemployment?  Or is it because of reduced data pack rates? Or both? Or are we interested in other’s life more? Or are we depressed and lonely? There would certainly be a list of the question raised over this.

Well, I say social media has found a lot of ways to attract us. It certainly has that what it takes for us to make so much time from our daily busy routine for social media. This can be a good thing or a bad thing as we are religiously investing so much time to this.

Security Is at Stake

Without any doubt, security is something which tops everybody’s list. And we are also aware that there are most of the social media sites try their level best when it comes to security. Still, we hear so many cases where the accounts of famous personalities getting hacked on a daily basis. Accounts being stalked by such people with whom we don’t want to share our life’s updates.

Impact of Social Media

Social media certainly helps us remain updated with all that happening around us. We certainly can see the difference in the way people have evolved. If we move a decade back we can draw a picture in our minds of people of that era, all we can imagine is maximum people in their late 40s not aware of how the technology works. Mobiles were only used for calling. From fashion sense to sense of humor everything has evolved a lot.

Along with the good side, there is a bad side of it as well. And everything has to be taken into consideration. Social media has become one of the most influencing platforms in the world. It has currently become a trend with the majority in the whole world that whatever is posted on social media has to be correct. Very few would use want to dig into reality. And this is slowly leading us to minimize or nullify our thought process.

I am amazed to see people who cannot read or write properly are using social media these days. And when I say cannot read/write does clearly indicate they fall into the category of illiteracy. We are very much aware of the rate of illiteracy we have in the whole world.

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And when there would be a set of such people using social media we can clearly understand the level of thought process these people would have and they would just blindly follow what is shown to them in the form of images and videos. And not just these set of people, however, many educated people are seen to have fallen into this trap.

Exploiters are taking good advantage of such situations. Youths especially are getting too addicted to social media. There was a time when people use to enjoy the moments they are living in. However, these days’ people just love to capture the moments and show it to others and are eagerly waiting for people to watch and share their reviews. In short, what others think has become more important.

It has certainly decreased the communication ties among people we living with and increased the care about people we don’t even know.

For youths spending time on social media has become more important than spending time learning something which would benefit their career perspective. Friends have become more important than parents. Watching the lifestyle of others have lead youths to be wanting the same lifestyle for them as well. Understanding the situation is no more a priority for youths.

Social Media is doing more damage than good to the people using it and it has been an ever-increasing process. We need to understand this soon and work towards a better and well-educated future.

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Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

We know global warming is bad but still, we do not take proper actions to prevent that. We know this is going to harm us yet we are Quite. With all the factors we have seen about social media. We can surely say even social media impact is bad for us if proper care is not taken.

We need to make rules and discipline with our life in terms of social media usage along with what to believe and what is not supposed to be believed. Let social media not lead us to shrink our thinking capacity.

Author Bio: Cory Hungate is a writer living in Chicago and currently working for i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers total home protection plans.

He is very ardent about his work and has a flair for technology and innovation. He is a total health and fitness enthusiast and in his free time, he enjoys exploring new places.

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