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Differentiating Factors Of Men’s And Women’s Fitness And Tips To Get It Right

It is true that women can be as fit and fine as men. It is also true that this level of fitness will essentially not be the same. It is all due to the bio-composition and the difference in physical abilities. It does not need any further explanation or proof that women’s bodies are typically […]


It is true that women can be as fit and fine as men. It is also true that this level of fitness will essentially not be the same. It is all due to the bio-composition and the difference in physical abilities.

It does not need any further explanation or proof that women’s bodies are typically different from that of the men’s. Both have different levels of hormones and apart from that, the number of muscles and fat in the bodies of men and women are extremely different as well.

Therefore, depending on your body mass, ability and of course your gender, you should fix and target your goals.

Difference between men and women

In order to know things in a much better way, you must first know where actually men and women differ, apart from the most common ones: the sex organs. A few other marked differences include:

  • Testosterone: Typically, men have higher levels of this hormone as compared to women. On the other hand, women have higher estrogen levels than men. Testosterone hormone helps in packing on muscles while estrogen in the human body causes fat cells to grow. In women, estrogen hormone is also responsible for the growth of all other markers of female sexuality. That means as a woman you will find it difficult and have a harder time to pack on the muscles due to the lower level of testosterone and higher levels of estrogen.
  • Weight: Ideally, the best way to lose weight and burn fat is to build muscles. If you have more muscles in your body, you will be able to burn more calories every day. It will also make your metabolism run faster. Considering the difference in testosterone and estrogen in men and women, men will, therefore, find it easier to build larger and more active muscles as well as lose weight faster, with the same amount and quality of workout performed by a woman.
  • Flexibility: This is one specific area that every woman wins over men. They are logically and biologically more flexible than men. This is because their bones are shorter than men and these have corners that are less pronounced. It is for this reason that the female body is more rounded. In addition to that, the bones around the pelvis in women are also more flexible as compared to the pelvic bones of men.
  • Body Mass Index: As said earlier, men will naturally pack on more muscle mass than a woman due to the difference in testosterone and estrogen levels. That means the Body Mass Index or BMI of an average man will be much lower as compared to the BMI of an average woman having the same weight. This indicates that a man will have a greater muscle mass. The body mass index is actually the ratio of fat to the total body weight. A healthy woman will usually have a 5% higher body mass index than that of a man. Meaning they will have more fat which is necessary for healthy reproductive function.

With all these differences between men and women, it is quite natural that there will be a significant difference in their training programs as well. This is done to make things a little easier for women to get in shape. You can also check the product lgd 4033.

It is, therefore, required that you choose a workout program that will play according to your strengths instead of competing with your fellow man. It is just the thing you do when you choose grocery items, a dress or use the bra size calculator inches to find the most suitable underwear.

Things to remember

If you do not notice changes in your body in the same amount as your boyfriend or husband, do not worry about it. Since your body is designed differently from your husband’s, what will fit for him may not fit for you.

However, there are a few things that you can do to get things right and probably fast. These are:

  • Lift light: It is true that muscle is muscle, whether it is of a man or a woman. However, the fact that women only have a tenth of the testosterone as of men, you may not have the strength of a man to ‘power lift.’ Therefore, start by lifting light and progress gradually to lift more challenging weights. Starting with anything that you are not supposed to will get you nowhere fast.
  • Food: Eat the right type of foods as suggested by your dietician or physical trainer and do not resort to eating only salads. It is the wrong notion that women should only eat salads to stay slim and trim and men should eat steak to gain more protein. There is no need to eat only lighter and leaner food with less or no meat. To get the right amount of calories to eat protein in all forms possible including beef, fish, chicken, whole eggs, turkey, dairy and protein powders.
  • Carbs: Along with protein intake, you must also include plenty of veggies and a few complex starchy carbs in it as well. People may suggest you not to eat carbs but if you ask them why they will not be able to come up with a suitable answer. Yes, you need carbs too to replenish the energy stores, repair the damaged tissues, and to improve overall wellness as well as functions of all organs and your brain. Therefore, eat rice, potatoes, oats as well as other non-traditional sources like buckwheat and quinoa.

Last but not least, plan your exercise well. Focus on cardio exercises that will rev up the metabolism, circulatory system, and burn more calories but do not make it your only schedule. Jump on a treadmill and other forms of resistance training to find the perfect balance and best results.

In short, fitness should be pretty simple and more effective instead of focusing more on harder and more intense training. You will need to consider your comfort zone to overcome your propensities to skip your workout. This will build a better you.

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