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8 Maternity Dresses to Ease Your Journey to Big Day



8 Maternity Dresses to Ease Your Journey to Big Day

If you are expecting a baby and at the same finding it hard to look fashionable, you are not alone. Mamas-to-be to often leave their style on the back burner once they have a bun in the oven. It is because pregnancy brings with it many changes to a women’s body– you don’t just have a growing belly to deal with, but other parts of your body may feel more prominent too. It can make any women feel lost – your old clothes don’t fit anymore and you don’t know how to style that cute baby bump!

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful maternity dresses out there to suit every body type. Whether you are petite or curvy, there is an outfit waiting for you to put together and make you look and feel stunning and comfortable.

If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, here’s a look at our eight best maternity dresses to keep every mama looking great until the big day arrives:

  • Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Maxi dress

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Whether you are picking an outfit for your maternity photoshoot or just heading out for a party, a maxi dress is an excellent choice for mamas-to-be. Maxi dresses are fitted around the bust area and fall loosely around the belly, making them ideal for maternity wear. They can comfortably accommodate your growing bump and can even stay in your wardrobe after you deliver the baby because these long, flowy dresses look great, whether you are pregnant or not. They also require little accessorizing – pair it with a pretty necklace or earrings, and you are good to go.

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  • Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses

If you intend to draw some attention away from some less-appealing areas of your body and highlight your best ones, you may certainly opt for a cute maternity off-shoulder dress. These floral patterns are an excellent choice as they look very feminine, elegant, and classy if you are headed out for a formal occasion. It can be further styled up with some pretty jewelry and Bump Girl certainly has some great options that you can check out.



  • Jumpsuits
jump suite

jump suite                                                                                                                                     Source

You heard that right – jumpsuits are very trendy for pregnant women right now because they are a style staple that is so easy to put together. Since it’s a one-piece, it makes your body look elongated, taking attention away from the places in which you’ve gained weight while the loose midsection leaves plenty of room for your bump to feel comfortable.

  • Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress                                    Source

If you have thrown away all your fitted black dresses just because you are pregnant, you really shouldn’t have! You can still look great in a classy black number, as long as it fits well. Just swap your heels with a pair of comfortable wedges or some cute sandals. If it’s chilly outside, pair it with a jacket, and you will be all ready to flaunt your new figure.

  • High-waist skirts

High-waist skirts

High-waist skirts                                                                                                                            Source

It is something we recommend to all mamas-to-be to own if they don’t already. High-waisted skirts ensure there’s no pressure on the belly which is a must when your bump starts to get bigger. Choose a comfortable fabric and a neutral color such as blue, maroon, or gray so that it is easy to pair with different tops. Add on a cardigan, and you have the perfect casual look.

  • Track Pants or Boyfriend Jeans

Track Pants or Boyfriend Jeans

Pregnant Selma Blair                                                                    Source

If you are during that stage of pregnancy where you want all your clothes to be loose and comfortable, ditch the skinny jeans, and opt for track pants or boyfriend jeans instead. Not only are they super comfy, but they can look very fashionable when paired with a cute, slightly more fitted T-shirt or tank top.

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  • T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses                                                                                                    Source

If you love the comfort and warmth of oversized T-shirts but don’t want to look sloppy? Invest in some trendy T-shirt dresses. It’s the perfect one-piece outfit that requires no thought at all for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. And trust us – there are plenty of such days when you are pregnant. Pair these with sunglasses and cool flats or trainers for a no-effort, casual look.

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  • Long tunics and leggings

Long tunics and leggings

Long tunics and leggings                                                                                                                                              Source


If you are overly sensitive and conscious about your baby bump, long tunics are your best friend – they are loose, flowy, and easy to carry. Whether you are heading out to run some errands or just going out for a walk, they can get along with leggings or a pair of jeans. Don’t be afraid to buy them in a variety of patterns and colors for a fun look.

You do not need to compromise on style just because you are pregnant. There are so many ways to style your baby bump that you can surely look fabulous during those crazy, long nine months. Experiment with different styles and find your stylish maternity look – you are sure to have a blast in the process!

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How To Handle Discomfort Caused By Coloured Contacts Halloween



Colored contacts Halloween are the craze nowadays, and I don’t mean just the Halloween craze. There are many people who you would find using Halloween contacts on a daily basis. You would find cosplayers one after another modeling with crazy contact lenses or those vloggers trying different approaches to get more views and followers.

With all that you will find that colored contacts Halloween are not just available in daily disposable, like before. Now, they are widely available in weekly or two weekly categories.  Such is their demand right now.

Still, there are different types of lenses available, with different expiry and they come in different sizes too, depending on your eye measurements. Blend that with the cleaning of lenses with different solutions, all that becomes the reason that you feel discomfort.


The first reason you feel discomfort because of Halloween contacts is that it may not fit into your eyes properly. The sizes of our eyes are not always the same and you may require contact lenses different in measurement to fit your eyes. Even a slight change in the size of the lens will cause discomfort.


Some people have allergies with the colored tint on the Halloween contact lenses. They are better advised to use regular contact lenses. In another case, some people feel irritation in allergy season and they have to stop wearing lenses in these seasons.

Type of Lens

The type of lens matters a lot. There are two types, soft and rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP). The rigid contact lenses are always discomfortable at the start you need some time to get used to them. If you need to haste, for any reason, then you can switch to soft contact lenses which are more comfortable and allow more provision for oxygen.

Solutions used to sanitize the lens

Before we get into this, remember, lenses always must be cleaned with a solution and not water. Now,  there are different brands of solution, some brands may not agree with your eyes. Also, when the lenses get old the protein from your teans build up on the lens, cleaning with the solution never completely cleans the lens from deposits. The buildup usually irritates. If any solution doesn’t suit you, you can change the brand.

Nutritional Supplements

Keep your diet clean and take enough natural supplements. No matter how much tear drops you use, you need your eyes to keep producing quality tears. You need natural nutrients like fatty acids and important vitamins so eyes can keep producing enough quality tears. This will ensure that your eyes will not get dry and the lens will not feel irritating.

Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Now sometimes things can get a bit complicated. Your colored contacts Halloween may fit properly with your eyes but still you feel discomfort.

This could be because your eyes are not agreeing with the lens type and drying early. Secondly, with protein and calcium depositing on your lens, it may be making wearing contact lenses difficult.

In such cases you can choose to change your lens type from weekly to daily disposable as you would be rid of deposits. But, if the problem is with the structure of the lens, then your eye care provider may give you different type of lens such as the hydrogel which contains more water content. Some people need more water content in their lenses to feel comfortable.

Proper Maintenance

most of the time the discomfort is man made. How? You do not clean your Halloween contact lenses regularly. It is necessary that you rub and clean your Halloween lenses with disinfectant solution everyday and store them carefully in the storage cases. Proper cleaning and maintenance guarantees healthy eyes.

Wear Your Contacts for less time

Maybe the discomfort in your eyes is because you are wearing your contact lenses for far too long. Lenses cover your eyes, hinders the provision of oxygen to the eyes. Now your eyes collect oxygen from the surrounding air and not from the blood inside you. When you cover your eyes with lenses it gets difficult for the air to get through no matter how soft or gas permeable the lenses are. Wearing them too long will dry your eyes and it will become very discomfortable for you.

Get a new Pair

Never hesitate to get a new pair of contact lenses. No matter how expensive they are, nothing is more important than your eyes. If the lenses have gotten old, there are scratches or it is torn then dispose of it. Go to your eye care provider or a renowned brand who sells a quality product and buy a new pair of colored contacts Halloween. A little carelessness can cause much damage.

Less Eye Make-up

Your eye makeup usually caused particles and debris to enter your eye and stick onto the lens. In order to avoid that you must reduce the amount of eye makeup you use. Rather than using powder cosmetics switch to the ones which have more cream content. When applying makeup always be careful. It is better to always wear lenses after makeup.

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Wedding Photography Trends – The First Look




Three Reasons Why Every Wedding Couple Should Have A First Look 

One of the most popular wedding photography trends is the “first look.” While seeing each other before the ceremony has been considered taboo in the past, more-and-more couples are choosing to have first looks. Here are three reasons why every couple should consider having a first look.

First Looks Save A Lot of Time on Your Timeline 

WeddingOne of the most important reasons to have a first look is because it can save you time on your wedding timeline. By choosing to see each other before the ceremony, you can take most or all of your posed portraits before the ceremony. This can include bridal party photos, family portraits, and a good chunk of your couple portraits. If you choose not to see each other before the ceremony, you will need to squeeze in most of your posed portraits during cocktail hour. While this is possible, getting all of these groupings done in an hour can be stressful. Especially if you have a large bridal party or a lot of family portrait groups.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to have a first look. If you choose to go this route, I recommend listing out all of the posed groupings. By listing everything out, this will ensure that you make the best use of the hour after the ceremony. Also, make sure that the people who will be in these photos are aware that they will need to be close by for portraits. Having to chase people down for posed portraits can also eat up a lot of time.

First Looks Make Great Photo Opportunities 

WeddingAnother benefit of having a first look is that you can get a bunch of great pictures. In my experience, these pictures end up being some of my client’s favorite shots. Capturing your expressions, as you see each other for the first time, is one of the most special moments of the day.

First Looks Help Get Some of The Nerves Out Before the Ceremony 

WeddingLast but not least, seeing each other before the ceremony can really help with your nerves. While you will still be a little nervous during the ceremony, having the opportunity to see each other and talk is really helpful. In my experience as a Wedding Photographer, there are not many opportunities for couples to spend time alone on their wedding day. After the first look, I recommend taking a few minutes to hold hands, walk, and tell each other how you are feeling. While this little detail may not seem like much, it is often the only chance couples have to take a deep breath together. After the ceremony, the pace picks up and the night is over before you even realize it.

Hopefully, these three reasons why every couple should have a first look have helped put your wedding day in perspective. I highly recommend taking a good look into including this on your wedding photography timeline.

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Quick hairstyles when you’re on the move



hair styles

In current times, our busy schedule keeps us on the move most of the time. We usually don’t even have time for a proper meal during the day and catch a few bites on the go. So when it comes to getting your hair in a fresh style, you might not feel motivated to do. You may think that making a proper hairstyle takes a lot of time and effort. But you also want your hair to look great when you are going to work or meeting your girls for an evening. Don’t worry anymore as this article brings you some quick Healthy Scalp Tips, especially when you’re on the move.

Messy Bun


messy bun

messy bun

This hairstyle can save the day for you and needs very little time and energy. It makes you look stylish and pretty any day. To make a messy bun, turn your head upside and make a ponytail of your hair. You can make it as high or low as you want. It is fine to not perfectly comb all your hair as this hairstyle looks good even if some lumps remain. Now you have to twist the hair in your ponytail and roll the around its base over and over. Wrap all the hair around the ponytail base; you can secure it with hairpins and hair elastic.

The best thing about the messy bun, it’s super easy to make and that it comes in many variations. You can create one to suit every occasion or dress in just a few minutes and look glamorous all day.

Twist and Pin

Twist pin

Twist pin

Twist and pin are also one of the most natural hairstyles to make when you are in a hurry. It gives you a classy look, which boosts your confidence level as well. It is also a good idea when you want to get the hair away from your face. You have to take a strand of hair from your temple and start twisting it. When you reach a sufficient length, stop and secure your hair in place with a bobby pin. If you feel one is not enough, you can use two bobby pins to be on the safe side. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can rock it any time of the day or night.

Half Up



You can use this hairstyle on a day your hair isn’t cooperating much with you, and you still want to look good. Just leave a few strands to frame each side of your face and pull the remaining hair from the front into a pony. Remember to leave the hair at the back out of the ponytail. The half-up hairstyle gives you an instant neat look, without spending hours to achieve it.

You can also make a bun or braid with the hair you’ve pulled in the half ponytail or just let it slide smoothly.

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Knotted Low Bun

low bun

low bun

The knotted low bun is an easy hairstyle to make when you don’t feel like spending much effort on your hair. Just make a low ponytail and make a loose braid with the nose of the ponytail. Then wrap your braid around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. This low braided bun gives you a relaxed and chic look minus any hassle.

It is one of the quickest hairstyles to make when you’re on the move and don’t have time for hairstyling. The good news is that there are many variations of low bun hairstyles that you can try and pull off with little effort.

Front Twist



If you want to keep your bangs away from your eyes, this front twist will do the trick nicely. Divide your hair starting from the center into a small triangle, till halfway up to the crown. Then twist the hair in the triangle and flip it over, securing it with a bobby pin. The twist is also a lifesaver for the busy woman and makes her look cool and trendy.


After going through this article, you know about the stylish hairstyles that you can make in a few minutes. You are now on your way to amazing your friends and colleagues with your effortless, classy look. Remember that you can pull off any hairstyle successfully if your hair and scalp are healthy. If not, you should spend some time reading healthy scalp tips to improve your scalp health. After all, your hair is your crowning glory, and you want it to look perfect and amazing at all times.

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Increasing Influence of Vaping trends in the Fashion industry



vape fashion

As a trend, vaping has come up in a big way. Its slim and stylish look has gained immense popularity among the youth. Hence, it is no surprise that vaping is increasingly impacting the Entertainment industry and Social media. But an interesting trend that we have noticed is the proliferation of vaping in the fashion industry.

Want to see how e-cigs have made a mark on the fashion ramp walks? Then check out its journey from entertainment and social media to the fashion domain.

Vaping and its influence in entertainment and social media

Vaping has massively influenced the entertainment industry. Remember Kevin Spacey holding the e-cig in House of Cards? It’s the first known instance of e-cigarette appearing on television. It is also seen as a prominent prop in the hands of the leading man, John Cusack in the film, Drive Hard.

Global icons like Leonardo DiCaprio are self-confessed vaping fans who use it even in personal lives. Similarly, Samuel Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, who previously used to smoke cigarettes, are now seen with vapes.

These instances explain why the youth is highly influenced by the presence of e-cigs in the hands of celebrities. However, it’s not the celebrities alone that are creating this hot trend.

Social media too joins in showering its affection for vaping

Social media users too are showcasing their love for e-cigs. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms enable the user to search for different types of posts on vape kits and its models, or know about the launch of new juice flavours, and learn much more about vaping in general.

Where does fashion come in the picture?

With the obvious spotlight on vaping, how could the fashion industry remain far behind? It is clear that fashion takes a cue from the hot and happening trends globally. Hence, it is no surprise to see a vaping featured in many fashion shows. As a result, we see a totally new category of people inspired by vapes known as “vape models”. Want to see how vaping is creating an impact in this sector? Then read on and find out.

Creativity at the intersection of vaping and fashion

  1. Introduction on the Runway in Fashion Shows

A segment of fashion is dedicated to vaping, where high street vaping clothes and accessories are introduced as a new trend to the world. Fashion shows in New York introduced the use of vapes on the runway. This led to an increase in the use of vapes as a fashion trend in other shows as well.

A person with a vape is considered cool and trendy in today’s fashion world. This trend is growing not only among the models but also among the designers, the crew, and the guests who grace the event.

  1. Vape Inspired Models

These‘vape models’ walk the ramp along with a vape either as a prop, an accessory, or in their hands. They are hired to walk in fashion shows to promote the use of vapes. They are made to wear clothes tailored specifically keeping the vaping trends in mind.

These models have become top trending models amongst the youth who are, in turn, influenced to take up vaping. Different vapes for different types of users are introduced in the market in such fashion shows. As a result, a vape has become a fashion accessory for lawyers and labourers alike.

You will find different vape kits and models, vape juices with different flavours and e-liquids, and various vape tricks. Combining these in innovative ways has emerged as a glamour factor for many young people today. This has also given rise to vaping competitions and cloud chasing events. Such community-led actions have further cemented the e-cigarette’s popularity as a fashion statement.

  1. Vape Accessory Trend

It is difficult to hold the vape all day long. With its increasing trend in clothes, apparel manufacturers are inspired to make accessories within the outfits that can hold the vape and even look cool.

It is not surprising to see street-style clothing that carries dedicated pockets to carry around the vaping device in a discrete manner. There are scores of wearable accessories like a gold chain, vape case, vape band, and many more different types of accessories.

  1. The Rise of Vape Culture

Vaping became widely popular mainly as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. There is a community of people who are widely connected with the mission of giving up of smoking and promoting the use of vape. The coming together of such people with a common interest also has led to a rise in vaping culture.

It is not uncommon to see a vaping act as a conversation starter between two strangers who are vaping enthusiasts. The culture also encompasses people wearing clothes specific to vaping and adopt a relaxed and laid-back attitude, in a vaping competition. This reinforces the vape culture. Some people adopt vaping as a hobby, while some start vaping to quit smoking. Irrespective of the reason, one fact is constant, the vaping culture is here to stay.

  1. The proliferation of Vaping in Streetwear Styles

The use of streetwear clothes such as hoodies and sneakers are now enhanced with motifs, logos, and designs of popular vaping brands. They are openly sporting apparel with the images of e-cigarettes and phrases around cloud smoking. They no longer find it difficult or awkward to do so. Rather, they are affectionately displaying the brand and the type of e-juice they prefer.

  1. Vaping Competitions are Now Held at Many Places

Yes, there are vaping competitions that are held regularly across the globe. In such competitions, people try to perform the best possible tricks like cloud chasing and artistic shapes of blowing out smoke.

Vaping fanatics take such events very seriously. They put in a lot of practice with a huge amount of different types of juices used to produce the most amazing-looking vapours. Mastering these tricks requires a lot of time. The trend is so popular that people who have never used any form of cigarettes are also participating in it and adopting vaping as a part of their fashion quotient.

To Sign off

Vaping will continue to influence the fashion industry with new styles and innovative creativity at the intersection of the two diverse areas. The reason behind it is not very difficult to comprehend. As a fashion statement, vaping is being adopted by the youth in different ways as seen above. These points aptly depict the rise of vaping culture among our youth.

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Money saving tips when shopping for clothing



Beautiful young woman shopping over internet

Have you ever realized how much till the day we have spent on our clothing I guess we can say that our money his hanging on the hangers isn’t it? It’s a mixed feeling we can be happy about that but if monetary we think it’s going to break our hearts.

So let’s have a glance at some amazing tips and tricks that will help us in saving tons of money next time we shop.

Out of season Shopping is a must

It may sound weird that during hot summer when the sun is shining with all its power we are buying a warm sweater or coats but it’s one of the ways to save money. If we will do our shopping based on the anticipation of what’s next or will go for pre-season shopping which is exciting it’s going to cost us lots of money.

Be easy-going with trends

Trends have a beautiful habit of changing very quickly and we all loved to follow them but ultimately what happens is either our clothes for years hang inside our wardrobe or we give them away. Is this real money-saving as trends are not at all money-saving so instead of buying the trendy items it’s good if we buy only those which we seriously will wear?

Budget is important

If we do not set a budget we often overspend. Set a serious budget and see how much amount you can spend on a particular piece of clothing.

Higher the quality more the durability

Higher quality clothes are bit expensive but if you will initially pay more for higher quality brands you will save in long run as those clothes for years are going to be of fine quality but still be stick to your budget.

Keep track with sales

Keep your self updated regarding the sales weather its mall or normal shops or any online shopping sites they keep on bringing sales on regular basis and this is the best way through which you can save lots of money.

No harm in borrowing

If you know that you are going to wear a particular piece of clothing just for once then there is no harm in borrowing it from a friend or a family member. Outfits bought just for a particular occasion and not wearing it ever again is wastage of money

Check dry clean only tag

If you are buying only those clothes regularly that clearly mentions dry clean only you are just increasing your expenditure on clothing so avoid frequent purchase of such items.

Coupons and vouchers

Number of online sites on daily basis comes up with different vouchers and coupons so that each time you do shopping with them you save lots of money. So each time you are going for online shopping do not forget to apply the coupon and vouchers from UAEPayingless like Souq KSA Offers.

Be a designer

Instead of buying new clothing each time try to mix and match different outfits to create a new styles. Best way to say money.

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