Feel Good with These Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Tips

Wisdom teeth are the last molar teeth in the dental system of a human being. It is a tooth which grows after attaining an age of 18. This tooth has fifty-fifty chances of growing in a human being. There are certain cases when this wisdom tooth gets infected due to certain dental diseases. At that point, wisdom teeth removal is very important.

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Removal:

There are certain conditions which make removal of wisdom teeth an important task. There are several causes which might lead to removal and they are as followed-

  • Cavities– this is the main cause of most of the dental problems. Cavities might lead to swollen gums and sometimes might lead to certain severe gum problems. These can create holes inside the teeth which leads the path for growth of bacteria.
  • Other teeth– the cavities and germs in the wisdom teeth might spread the bacteria to the other nearby teeth which might cause serious teeth problems. This is one of the main reasons for wisdom teeth removal.
  • Sinus– the pain of wisdom teeth might sometimes lead to some other pains in different parts of the face. It can cause sinus, bad headache, congestion and jaw pains.
  • Other symptoms– there are several symptoms which are the causes for the removal of teeth. To name some of them like bad breath, unpleasant mouth taste and difficulty in opening mouth.

Tips to Follow Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery:

After the wisdom teeth removal, it is advisable to take a few precautions for a faster recovery. Following are the most common things to keep in mind after the surgery;

  • Open mouth – after the surgery, the mouth might feel stiff and opening mouth would make a person uneasy and hard but this is not the right thing. The right way is to open the mouth as many times it can be done. This is because exposure to open-air leads to faster recovery of the operated area. A slow and gentle way of opening the mouth is the best tip.
  • Healthy diet – post wisdom teeth removal needs special care and a healthy intake of food. The liquid diet is a must after the removal. Soft chewing food is necessary and spicy food should be kept aside for a few days until the whole recovery is done.
  • Regular check-ups – after the surgery it is advisable to visit the oral surgeon twice or thrice as removal of the fitted gauge after the operation is necessary. Cleaning of the affected area is a very important thing to do after the surgery of the wisdom teeth.
  • Regular gargle – gargle with lukewarm water and a pinch of salt in it is considered to be a very effective way of faster healing. This helps is reduced swelling and pain. This particular tip should be done several times in a day especially after every meal for cleaning of the mouth from bacteria entered through food.
  • Drinks – hot tea of any kind is best after a wisdom teeth removal. Generally, green tea is preferred after the removal because it is a great antioxidant and might help in healing at a faster rate.
  • Rest – resting is an important tip that is needed after every surgery. People think going to normal life immediately after 2-3 days of surgery is a wrong concept. Resting is very much necessary for at least a week.

Thus, removing teeth is also a very big and difficult task because it is also a surgery and it also causes pain. Necessary steps and symptoms should be known. These would help in the early discovery of the problem and faster recovery at the same time. Early removal of the teeth is very much necessary at an early stage. If you feel any discomfort or pain in your teeth, consult your dentist as soon as possible. Wisdom teeth form an important part of the mouth as it helps in proper chewing of the food. Thus, taking care of the teeth until it’s too late is very important.

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