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Here is a look at four different types of pub style tables




It is not that pub tables are for bars and restaurants only because pub-style tables are suited for home settings too. Its versatile design that looks just too much fashionable. The tables give homes a distinctly different style that sets it apart from the rest. Pub style tables that are trending today have deep French connections since it first made its appearance in Paris’s first bistro in the seventeenth century.  It was the first bistro furniture that has stood the test of times, and today it is available in a variety of styles that has different kinds of use like consoles, desks, dining tables, occasional tables and more. Go through the Cafe Solutions blog to know more about restaurant and cafe furniture.

Round bar tables

The design of this type of bar table is most common and consists of a 24 inches diameter tabletop of approximately 30 inches in height. The small table design allows people to stand around in it while sipping at their drinks and chatting but never to sit by it. Some table designs have height adjusting arrangements by using a foot pedal as well as swiveling the top in any direction. Besides the standard aluminum and steel designs, some styles of heavy wooden tables with carvings as well as laminated and hard plastic table tops are also available.

Counter tables

Counter tables usually have sturdy metal frames with a wooden top and come in different designs and sizes. The tables can last long and given its antique looks add variety to the indoor design. The rectangular shape of counter tables makes it resemble conference tables around which many people can sit together. Counter tables may be either wood only including the structure and top, or it can be wooden top with a metallic frame. The tables are usually between 36 inches and 48 inches long and well-built to stand all kinds of rough handling and abuse.

3-piece dining set for pubs and bars

This table is for use in pubs only, and the size and design are ideal for fitting into small spaces that suit crowded bars. The furniture does not take up too much floor space and creates an intimate setting for 2 to 4 persons while they enjoy the drinks and listening to music. The design of the dining set comprising of a small table with two stools creates the comfort and intimacy that people want while spending time with friends and colleagues. The tables may have different styles with a lattice design or can even include wine racks and shelves and the bar stools, and chairs can have tapered legs with footrests.

Specially designed bar tables

The basic design might be like any other bar table with a circular or rectangular top but the casters attached to it for easy movement makes it different from conventional bar tables. These are ideal for outdoor locations, and some table designs might make it look like large whiskey barrels.    The latter might have a separate top attached to it, or some can use the side of the barrel as a tabletop.

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DJ Montreal: What is the Role of Being a DJ?



DJ Montreal: What is the Role of Being a DJ?

To crowds at dance clubs and other live events, DJs create music mixes. Being a DJ is more than just a series of tunes, and many consider DJs as musicians and musical artists.

DJs pick tracks for their audience and use specialized equipment to control and combine songs using methods such as rhythm mixing, matching phrases and scraping.

Back in the day, it was literally sacrilegious to put your hands on a vinyl record. Yet early DJs like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Grand Wizard Theodore pioneered the methods that we now take for granted. Breakbeats, scraping, looping, and punching are DJ’s talents and if you want to partake in the disc-jockey world you should train to continue. Learn how to improve your tools and basic skills, and how to bring your fan base and expertise into your career.

Let’s make one thing clear before we continue. This is not only a new adventure, but it’s also a change of lifestyle. It doesn’t matter why you want to be a DJ because everybody has their own vision. It’s a music dedication that few people can grasp, let alone equal. Becoming a DJ is not an introvert or fainthearted thing. It takes your soul out into the world and declares, “This is who I am!”Face the slings and arrows of haters and dishonest people who think that you can do better than you or that you are garbage. You’ll have to contend with some of the worst kinds of people who do not see you as an artist, but as a tool to make money for them. You will find a career that will be gratifying, stressful, thrilling and above all enjoyable if you can bear all that and still be yourself.

Getting started on Being a DJ:

Getting started on Being a DJ

Getting started on Being a DJ

First of all, what does the DJ do? You are actually the one who plays music in any place. That’s as basic as it’s, but so much more is available. The rotary boss, the Club DJ, the radio DJ, and the handheld DJ are present. You can concentrate on one, but a good DJ must be able to work in a variety of these disciplines. When you want to be a DJ club, that’s all right. Note, it’s your job. A player who can shoot but can not play defense, rebound, pass or dribble won’t make it into any squad. It’s no better to become a DJ. If you can blend different types of music and change your fly theme, you will have as many chances as you can. You also need to learn how to combine and produce applications. This is probably the most difficult part. Get closer to the app. Understand what tools the app can bring and how it functions–it allows you to break down the music.

If you want to go “old school,” you don’t have to use tech. Scratching the old types of vinyl to their inevitable destruction is a highly valued art form, a lot of fun and the toughest to learn. It needs a little creativity and a song to become a true DJ, but everyone likes one. Technology may help speed up your workflow as a remote DJ, but you may not have as big a cool factor. Being a scratch DJ is both very costly in time and in money, it is time-consuming, but it is worth driving around the city trying to find the few vinyl stores available. Yet saving between $5 and $50 on a single record costing just $8 the day it was initially dropped would throw the budget into a dent when you need to buy hundreds. Do you want a DJ for an event like a wedding or commercial parties etc.

Good Knowledge on DJ Equipment:

Good Knowledge on DJ Equipment

Good Knowledge on DJ Equipment

The countless keys, levers, sliders, and dials can first be somewhat overwhelming, but once you get a sense of what they offer to you, they will become like your brushes. Starting with DJ’ing requires developing your skills and you have to be confident in the controls to do so. Let’s get the controller going. An all-in-one DJ controller is definitely one of the best on the budget (read the manual for a decent beginner pick), although it can go from around US$ 100 to about USD3500. A DJ controller and a vinyl deck are quite the same as how they work, and the distinction is that the vinyl deck uses music. You don’t need a $3500 bat unit, or perhaps ever. You can get everything you need to start mixing and recording songs with a few hundred bucks. Today, new controllers have a LAN interface that will allow you to connect to several devices at once, and combine it with applications to enable you to access loops, share music and link them between devices. The Slip Mode lets you repeat or scrape audio on another tune, and you can scrape and scrub your music with the jog dial (or wheel).

A DJ mixer now switches to the mixer as an air traffic controller. It is responsible for taking all the inputs into the equalizer and for controlling the tone. You don’t also need a machine to operate a CDJ mixer that’s useful if you want to be a standing DJ. The downside is, though, that about $1000 is costly. This monitors the volume and sound frequency level of each unit and transmits it to the speakers. Each mixer has at least two channels, but there are several club mixers. -the channel has a Frequency Control and a Fader, all of which are operated by a Master Control Input. The headphones are the way you synchronize and plan the next step before you splash the audience. Because you can only hear this performance, it will give you some time to solve problems, to find your next record and to make sure that everything is ready.

Working on Crazy Music Variations:

Working on Crazy Music Variations

Working on Crazy Music Variations

Know the music you play from the BPM. The song’s beats per minute (BPM) dictate how quickly or seamlessly you can blend it with another song. By measuring the beats with a stopwatch, you can measure BPM, but it is quite repetitive. Most mixers will have a BPM counter on the wall, whilst most DJ software measures the BPM of a track, even though this might not be 100% correct, so there is a good sense of the BPMs yourself.
You can use a pitch shift to suit the beats, even if two tracks are only a few BPM apart. Yet use it on an album that has no vocals yet. Speeding up or slowing down switches the focus and messes about it all.

Observing and Learning New DJ Styles:

Observing and Learning New DJ Styles:

Observing and Learning New DJ Styles:

Select a DJ whose style you respect and watch as much as you can. Be vigilant of how songs are designed and how the audience is handled. Upon watching them many times, get to the DJ after the show and ask for some tips. Many DJs will be glad to help you lead if they know that you are concerned.
Get ideas from the major DJs. It can sometimes help to see celebrities including Headhunterz, Tiesto, Avicii, Knife Party, Sebastian Ingrosso, Deadmau5 and Skrillex.
Be a Multi-Gender DJ. You can still be an expert if you have several styles— you are just a logic specialist. Most DJs are excellent in one kind of music–being better in several ways gives you the crop’s cream.

Keep up with current developments in rock. To be competitive in the fast-moving world of today, you have to be on the top of all charts and where things seem to be heading. You must be up to today and move into tomorrow.
You should always write yourself notes, figure out what the music you just heard was and keep a list of suggestions for later while you relax and do your thing. Keep your phone or pen still ready so creativity calls when you want. And your best friend does the same when he needs you to hear his new track.

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A Guide to a Successful Cabo Bachelor’s Party



cabo bachelor party

Planning a Cabo bachelor partyIf yes, don’t worry about a thing as this guide has you covered and help you have the best bachelor’s party. Cabo is an awe-inspiring destination that is known for its magnificent beaches, Mexican vibes, and scintillating nightlife.

Where to stay?
Before arriving at Cabo, look for a suitable accommodation option that gives you and your friends non-stop action, and clubby and chic vibe. There are ample bachelor pads that are located at an ideal location, close to the beach and give a chance to laze around under the Caribbean sun for the whole day. Since the destination is popular for bachelor parties, renting a bachelor pad villa is a great idea as it can easily accommodate even large groups. The villas have several rooms and amenities like swimming pool, gym, etc., for non-stop fun. 

What to do when in Cabo?
Since you cannot spend your whole day lazing around, you can indulge in some interesting activities and enjoy a gamut of attractions offered by this destination. Enjoy a hearty lunch at any of the restaurants or bars at Medano Beach. Here, you can enjoy relishing Mexican food with some hearty drinks. If you love fishing, you can find some nice fishing spots and indulge in your favorite activity. You can even rent a boat for the day and plan a booze cruise with your buddies. 

Let Your Hair Down in Cabo and Punta Cana
Cabo has several upscale clubs that are perfectly apt to take your bachelor’s party to the next level. There are several amazing and high-end bars where you can plan your bachelor’s party. Choose an iconic night club or restaurant where you get a perfect party ambiance with die-hard partygoers, fab dance floor, constant service of drinks and an ambiance full of infectious energy. Punta Cana nightclubs also offer an amazing night atmosphere and loud and energetic crowds having loads of fun. 

When ready to hit the party, get dressed up in clothes that give you the utmost comfort. Since you are visiting a beach destination, you can go for floral shirts, shorts, etc., that keeps you comfy and doesn’t hamper your party style. 

The Dominican Republic is fast emerging as one of the popular destinations for organizing happening bachelor’s parties. Plan your trip in advance and gear up for endless fun and excitement with your boy gang!

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7 Amazing Last-Minute Party Decoration Ideas



Party Decoration

Regardless of whether you have weeks, days or a few hours to organize your party, it should wow your guests. Of course, it is much easier when you have plenty of time to prepare, but nevertheless, even if you have just a few hours to throw an amazing party it is perfectly manageable if you follow these 15-minute DIY party ideas. Decorations are an important part of every party and they add a touch of creativity, elegance and festivity. 

Festive garlands

Garlands are a very popular last-minute party decoration that adds a touch of festivity to every party. Garlands can be customized to fit any kind of party and there are many ways we can make them. If you have more time on your hands, you can make garlands with a sewing machine and some supplies. However, if you need a garland for your last-minute party, you can make these no-sew recycled paper garlands in no time. To make these, you’ll need string or thread, recycled catalogues or magazines, a glue stick, scissors and a circle hole punch can come in handy. You’ll start by cutting out some colourful or interesting pages from the magazines, in different shapes and then you’ll glue these shapes to the thread you prepared. 

Creative party cups

Cups are an absolute necessity when it comes to any party. For hosting a large party, the best option is to use paper cups, which are easily customizable. You can decorate all the cups yourself to match the overall theme of your party or you can make cup decorating a more interactive activity by setting up a decorating station for the guests to be creative and decorate their own cups. This can be a perfect activity for the guests to show off their talents and mingle at your party. Even though paper cups are the most economical drinkware for every party, that doesn’t mean they have to be all plain and boring. 

Flower decorations

Flowers are an inevitable decoration of every party and they make every party more colourful and lively. We can use flowers in so many different ways, as well as paper and fresh ones.

Paper flowers

There are so many YouTube videos on making all kinds of paper flower decorations. One of the most popular and effective ones are oversized wallflowers, which you can make with scrapbook paper, cardboard circles, scissors and double-sided tape. You can personalize the colours, shapes and sizes and hang them on your walls. Another quite popular decoration features a tissue paper pom-pom. They are inexpensive but quite impressive when you hang them on your chandelier. 

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are always a good choice for any party. All kinds of flowers and plants can be useful, even fruits and veggies. You can decorate your table with tiny and diverse succulents displayed in different vases, pots, tins and glasses. Another simple way is to go to your backyard or garden, pick a few flowers with stems, place them one by one in those single-stem vases and arrange them proportionally over the table. These will look stylish, lively and fresh, while at the same time adding a lovely scent. However, if you don’t have a garden full of flowers and you live in a big city such as Melbourne, you can order same day flower delivery, and these flowers will be at your address in no time, so you can start being creative.  You can also use these flowers to make floral confetti and sprinkle the petals all over the table for a unique and elegant decoration. 

The magnificent washi tape

The magnificent and multifaceted washi tape comes in many sizes, patterns and colours. It can be used to decorate many things at your party. For example, you can update and personalize the plain glass vases with this tape to make them more festive. You can also use washi tape to decorate a wall or a serving tray. The biggest advantage of using washi tape is that it can be easily removed and replaced with a different one when needed. 

The power of centrepieces

Centrepieces are a quite popular party decoration and rarely you can see a party without some amusing centrepiece. You can create an effective centrepiece from so many different materials. For example, you can mix the flowers we previously mentioned with seasonal fruits and veggies to make unique centrepieces that will definitely wow your guests. These add farmhouse or rustic vibe to your party. You can also use candles and lights to make interesting centrepieces as well as somethings found in nature such as rocks and plants.

Artsy drinks

And what is a party without some interesting drinks? You can easily create a bar spot, where you’ll be serving all kinds of crazy cocktails, decorated with amusing straws, toppers, napkins and recipes. You can customize your bar with a chalkboard bar mat, where you can share a cocktail recipe. You can also decorate your glass stems with balloons filled with confetti and a note or a recipe inside. And don’t forget to make some colourful coasters!

DIY photo booth

A thing that’ll make your party memorable is definitely a DIY photo booth you can make easily. These booths are perfect for any kind of party and they make it even more interesting. All you need is an effective backdrop, which can be made of flowers, good lighting, a camera and all kinds of crazy props. This is a perfect way for your guests to enjoy your party and make some fun memories. 

Throwing a party, especially a last-minute one, is something that’s fun and creative but it’s also something that can create stress for the host. By following these simple party tips and tricks, you can make sure that your party is a blast in a few simple steps, without fuss and stress. 

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