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Here is a look at four different types of pub style tables



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It is not that pub tables are for bars and restaurants only because pub-style tables are suited for home settings too. Its versatile design that looks just too much fashionable. The tables give homes a distinctly different style that sets it apart from the rest. Pub style tables that are trending today have deep French connections since it first made its appearance in Paris’s first bistro in the seventeenth century.  It was the first bistro furniture that has stood the test of times, and today it is available in a variety of styles that has different kinds of use like consoles, desks, dining tables, occasional tables and more. Go through the Cafe Solutions blog to know more about restaurant and cafe furniture.

Round bar tables

The design of this type of bar table is most common and consists of a 24 inches diameter tabletop of approximately 30 inches in height. The small table design allows people to stand around in it while sipping at their drinks and chatting but never to sit by it. Some table designs have height adjusting arrangements by using a foot pedal as well as swiveling the top in any direction. Besides the standard aluminum and steel designs, some styles of heavy wooden tables with carvings as well as laminated and hard plastic table tops are also available.

Counter tables

Counter tables usually have sturdy metal frames with a wooden top and come in different designs and sizes. The tables can last long and given its antique looks add variety to the indoor design. The rectangular shape of counter tables makes it resemble conference tables around which many people can sit together. Counter tables may be either wood only including the structure and top, or it can be wooden top with a metallic frame. The tables are usually between 36 inches and 48 inches long and well-built to stand all kinds of rough handling and abuse.

3-piece dining set for pubs and bars

This table is for use in pubs only, and the size and design are ideal for fitting into small spaces that suit crowded bars. The furniture does not take up too much floor space and creates an intimate setting for 2 to 4 persons while they enjoy the drinks and listening to music. The design of the dining set comprising of a small table with two stools creates the comfort and intimacy that people want while spending time with friends and colleagues. The tables may have different styles with a lattice design or can even include wine racks and shelves and the bar stools, and chairs can have tapered legs with footrests.

Specially designed bar tables

The basic design might be like any other bar table with a circular or rectangular top but the casters attached to it for easy movement makes it different from conventional bar tables. These are ideal for outdoor locations, and some table designs might make it look like large whiskey barrels.    The latter might have a separate top attached to it, or some can use the side of the barrel as a tabletop.

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