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How to Make Money through a Sports app?



sports app development

If you are a sports-loving person with a vast knowledge of different games like cricket, soccer or any other and you want to make some earning with it, then there are many sports smartphone applications available in the android app list to choose. There are some rules and regulations to follow and you can cash your gaming knowledge to win some quiz or manual games. This is the most populated era for sports app development, and you can draw the attention of millions of users to play in your app. So, there are some tricks to make your app more attractive to earn money from it. Let’s discuss the theme in this article. 

Live Streaming Videos: This is the most valid reason why 90% of sports lovers download and install sports applications from the web store. If you can give that facility to the people who cannot hook into the TV to watch their favorite sports and get the updated score, then you can draw their attention to download your app. After having a healthy amount of users, you can make money from the affiliate advertising on your live streaming screen.  

Prediction Match Games: There are so many ardent fans from various sports events like football, cricket, basketball, TT, tennis and more who is ready to pay some small fees to join a prediction matching game before the event starts. They will have some chance to win attractive gifts, tickets or coupons. If you can set such contests by planning with your sports app developers, then this could be a serious opportunity to earn a healthy amount of money. But you need to plan it powerfully in a proper way and time.

Go with Robust Marketing Plan and Tools: If earning money is your key motto, then you need to hire some high-quality marketing agents who can enhance your business’s profitability and opportunities. You need to use elegant marketing tools to promote your app in various sporting clubs and fan clubs to make it popular.

Live Posting Access: People always love to post an update in a live match for their friends to inform them about the current math situation. So, if you allow them to do it with an easy option, then they will love to use your app and recommend their friends about it. You can be popular enough to make money through block advertisements in your posting wall or writing box. 

Even after developing with some good and attracting features in your sports application, you need to consider some significant factors before you are going to launch this in the digital world to make fruitful revenue from it.

Location-based Sports: The location of sports is still the key aspect of any sports app nowadays. You need to find out the most popular sports according to a country to make it popular among the users. For example, if you want to develop a cricket app, then it is better to launch it in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to make it a trendy one among the cricket lovers. For soccer, you need to focus on the European and South American continent. Otherwise, it will take a long time to make a healthy user database in your application. 

User’s Demand: How much money you are going to earn from your sports application depends on the demand of its users. That is why you need to survey the market carefully before investing money on any app development work. There are lots of sports applications that earn highly in this digital market. You just need to follow those apps to get some useful ideas about their activities and performance.

You also need to search out for your targeted audience who are going to make your app popular among their friend’s circle. There are two types of sports app you can find on the internet, Dedicated Apps and Aggregator Apps. Dedicated apps are specially designed to promote only one team to enhance their fan base. If you are a big fan of Manchester United FC then you can build an app to promote the team to the world and inform the new users about its great players and achievements. 

In Aggregator Apps, you need to offer comprehensive information and updates about various teams in a single application. You can feed about upcoming matches, tournaments, stadiums, tickets, where to find a discount option in tickets, etc. There are also some Must Having Features you need to know before start developing an app like this which are:

Language Option:  You need to include language choosing alternatives to make it highly supportive of different countries. Like, if you are targeting India then you need to include English and Hindi for the users to read. 

Instant Updated NEWS: Your mobile app should have instantly updated the news section to draw the attention of its users. The information needs to be presented in an easy, short and attractive way with easy-to-read content and pictures. It will be great if you can use push notification to catch their glance. 

Sports Betting: You can include some betting option button in your app after checking all the legal possibilities as per government and state government rules and regulations. Betting is one of the most popular ways to make quick money from your application.

A Hassle-free Handling and Access: Smoothness of a mobile application is the most vital factor to make it popular and to earn plenty of revenue from it. If your users got stuck to handle your app, then no-one will sign-up to play games in your app. So, ask your developer to create it easy to access and include a quick swiping facility for the users.


Earning money by developing a sports app is not an easy job in this highly competitive digital market. So, you need to be very careful about these factors while working on it. These tips and tricks can help you to fulfill your earning dream from a sports app. 

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I am a writer who has passionate to write on technology and digital marketing trends. I am working at Guru Technolabs.

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Implementation of Robotic Total Station to Exponentially Increase the Productivity Gain



Robotic Total Station

In the current techno-commercial age we require high accuracy and production rate at minimal costs. Technologies are continuously innovated in order to meet their current needs. But at times it can come across a big problem to implement those on job sites. Until and unless the new technologies are added to infrastructure for processing or simulated, the cost to value remains unclear. However, the robotic total station perfectly meets this requirement as implementing this technology is a straightforward process. Robotic total station (RTS) requires no hassle to install and offers several benefits including­

  • Enhanced productivity
  • More precise measurements
  • Fewer errors
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Optimized processing

By implementing a robotic total station with an industrial process, the operators can easily control the entire process remotely. The concept behind RTS is very simple as it only requires one to operate for controlling the entire process. It optimizes the time taken for performing complex calculations and also makes sure that inspecting the plant is not a time-consuming process. By implementing RTS to the plant it offers substantial benefits to the whole process.

  • Field Productivity
    • The installation of RTS is much simpler and reduces the complexity of determining individual equipment in the plant. This ensures faster and more accurate layouts. Furthermore, as all the end-points are defined to each equipment, it offers faster and more accurate quality checks.
  • Better quality
    • Since implementing RTS optimizes the whole process, it also enhances the accuracy of the process as a whole. Since its main objective is to simplify the whole plant mechanism and operability, it increases the number of inspection points. This ensures reduces errors resulting in a reduced number of reworks.
  • Efficient field to office communication
    • RTS implementation increases the end-to-end communication between the operator and the appliances and equipment. This enhanced communication increases the accuracy and precision of the process. Furthermore, it also offers real-time data of the whole process, so that the operator can manipulate the process as and when robotic total
  • Improved handover
    • Implementation of RTS simplifies the entire process, where all the end-points are immaculately defined. This helps when the whole project is to be handed over as all the built-in data is readily available. This boosts the process completion and takes ensures refined products.

These key benefits can be easily compared with the process with and without the implementation of RTS. Without the implementation of total station, the process requires at the very least, two people to measure the 200 points every day. However, by implementation of just total station, those two workers could easily measure 400 points all over the process efficiently every day. On the other hand, the full implementation of robotic total station, only one person can effectively measure 600 points per day, improving the productivity gain by 600%. This exponential rise in productivity significantly enables the teams to check more points and yields better quality work with minimal or no labor.

Considering the implementation of RTS in terms of monetary gains, the whole process becomes cost-effective. There are several features that need to be considered before implementing a robotic total station to any process.

  • Range

If the project is related to infrastructure, the range required is generally longer. However, in the case of construction projects, the range required is comparatively shorter. It is essential to estimate the distance a particular project requires to be validated with accuracy.

  • Accuracy

In projects that include detailed applications, it requires a higher level of precision. The accuracy of the RTS needs to be considered from average and minimal acceptable variable as the whole project solely is dependent of the specifications of the applications.

  • Sensor stability

It is essentially required to estimate the ability to maintain the lock over a reduced interruption to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Time to acquisition

Increased time to processing directly improves the overall productivity.

  • Battery life

RTS features longer battery life which helps in dropping interruptions to the process. Accessorizing several batteries is a costly way of running the process and this directly hampers the productivity.

  • Ease of setup and compatibility with design software

Compatibility plays a vital role in any process. It is important to ensure that the RTS is compatible with the already installed software system.

A robotic total station is a perfect integration of electronic theodolite and electronic distance meter. It offers several functionalities including distance measurement, data processing, angle measurement, and coordinate measurement. Since it offers so many beneficiary attributes, several enterprises and companies have started investing in the market of the robotic total station. Several corporations have increased their focus on developing innovative technologies that would support this market. After doing exhaustive research, Allied Market Research has estimated that the global robotic total station market would garner $930.6 million in 2026, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2019 to 2026. As this market has great potential, it will grow significantly over the period of time as new technologies are introduced in this market.

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7 Essential Steps To Developing Your Salon Marketing Plan



Salom marketing plan

Planning to get into the beauty business?

So, are you writing a marketing plan for your salon?

Top leaders say “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”. It is clear from the quote that if you have not outlined the strategies, then how you can you examine where are you and where you have to be in the future?

Either you are a newbie or is enduring a salon, it is mandated to analyze your business. So that you check where to put the time, effort and money. Building marketing strategies should be one of your top priorities. By sorting the actions effectively, you can focus on delivering the services critically.

Undoubtedly, to stand out among others, it is required to be whiz for managing marketing adequately. And, highly competitive salon business needs a healthy and fruitful marketing plan.

Making a salon marketing plan to grow and support your salon business is not rocket science. But on the other side, it is also essential that you need a good marketing plan to take the business to the heights where you have dreamt of. Also, to pay a fair wage to yourself as you deserve it. Right??

Depending upon the size of your business (Small or large), the plans vary. So, here we are to give you the best strategies for your salon business to groove you in marketing in no time. Let’s get started!!

Marketing plans that you cannot afford to ignore for your salon business

Evaluate and audit your business

Before making any plans, it would be better if you will evaluate what went wrong with last year and the strategies. From here, you can get an idea about the gaps that you need to focus on. Questions such as:

  • Have you met the desired financial goals last year?
  • Did your business has generates the business that you can pay yourself a proper salary
  • Did new clients have given you some benefits, or still, you are relying on the existing ones?
  • What was the last time you have increased your services price?
  • Calculate the percentage of the customers that are coming back to you regularly?
  • Which are your best services?
  • Is your customer care is better than your competitors?
  • Are you considering clients’ feedback and complaints seriously?

Above are some of the critical gaps that have a valid role to play in the salon or spa business.

Define the business goals

A sounding marketing strategy can give your business immense benefits if you are following the fundamental objectives and goals. So, if you want to make people aware of your salon, then defining the right business goals is compulsory. With the goals and objectives, you can have more idea of what you are required to build a marketing strategy, make a plan of action, and describe how to measure the outcomes. Follow the Specific, Measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) specifications to do the needful.

SWOT analysis

Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) is a way of finding and solving the challenges you are currently facing. This factor highlights the

Measures you are following in the right direction and accordingly, you can work more on them. To build a salon SWOT analysis, you need to look after the below points:

Strengths and weakness

  • What’s the current position of your salons?
  • What internal factors you can control?
  • Do you own a good team?
  • Are you falling out of fashion?
  • Are you aware of the latest technologies?


  • Are the latest trends causing problems?
  • Are you losing your confidence with the convenience of mobile services?
  • Is any salon nearby taking the lead and is undercutting your prices?


  • Are you taking advantages of current trends?
  • Are you using any salon software for your staff and customer convenience?

Focus on brand consistency

Do not forget that maintaining your salon business is as important as keeping it offline. Because of the constant, transparent and seamless services that online systems offer. Everyone should know about the core values of your business.

You should maintain your salon consistency with each marketing channel. It means that if the esteemed customers check your salon website and your facebook page, then it is essential that both should look the same.

Mobile responsiveness

It is vital that your website should be updated and well-designed. Currently, every website is being built by keeping mobile responsiveness in mind. So, if you want to be found by new customers than make your salon website responsive, otherwise you will lose your potential customers.

Business strategy

A marketing plan is another term for your brand approach for different business elements. Keep the below factors in your list:

  • Your effective branding strategy to distinguish you from the rivals
  • Are you considering additional salon services to your offers?
  • Do you provision regular discounts? Are your prices and services high end?
  • What promotional strategy you are following?

Budget and resources

Keep your aim for 6% to 10% of your business, depending on the budget. Or how quickly you want to boost your business and the current level of your business life cycle. You should consider marketing as an investment not as an expense that you can minimize it as much as you want. And only those who are successful in this market which takes this factor seriously.

Wrapping up

Most importantly, you need to stay focused! If you want to be bigger and more colourful picture, than you should put your marketing plans efficiently. Successful marketing will bring you brand visibility and also adds new customers to your salon. Expand your reach and grow your bottom lines with the effective plans mentioned above.

We hope you liked this article. Let us know if you have some queries and suggestions in the comment section below. Your one comment will be highly appreciable. Happy reading!!

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7 Benefits of PrestaShop Mobile App Development




With the constant increment in the usage of smartphone users, the demand for mobile apps has been also increased. For every minor to major day-to-day life requirement, there is an app available for everything. That too a major share to this goes to the retail industry.

Shopping apps are the new trend in online product purchase. In order to match footprints with this fact, the majority of PrestaShop website owners have taken their business to mobile devices by launching a pair of shopping apps. The reason behind this is not just easy shopping but many more. Let’s explore each one of them in a bit detail:

1. Simple & Robust App Design

Everyone these days wants the right products to be available at their fingertips & mobile apps fulfill the job. The intuitive design of a PrestaShop Mobile App not only attracts users to browse it but also impact their decision to purchase. The clutter-free layout & seamless screen flow from entering the app to checkout makes shopping quite a fun task. The mobile app will exactly match business need & requirements. Just click on a few buttons & it’s done that simple.

2. Worldwide Users Reach

The importance of a multi-lingual Mobile App is huge on a global scale. It’s kind of a medium/channel available at every regional or global location. The mobile apps for PrestaShop can reach to every mobile user around all corners of the world. For any online business that’s quite huge. Bringing heavy potential user base to an online store isn’t a piece of cake in this competitive era. So, developing mobile apps is the most hassle-free & friendly approach to enhance the reach & visibility of a PrestaShop store.

3. Real-time Connectivity

Managing inventory on mobile application is a major thing which a common store merchant worries of. This would be a hectic job to manage both website & app inventory separately. But, PrestaShop Mobile Apps doesn’t have such a burden as they are connected with web-store in real-time. All inventory & database changes get updated on mobile apps in real-time.

4. Live Chat With Users

User satisfaction is the prime goal for an online business. As compared with physical shopping there are more chances of doubts/confusion in user’s minds while browsing online. As there is no one to guide. Moreover, the user support for various eCommerce biggies applications has been an issue in the past. PrestaShop Mobile App curbs out this problem with its inbuilt Zopim & WhatsApp chat support. The app users can contact store owner directly 24*7.

5. Facile Payment Options

Availability of payment methods plays a crucial role in successful order creation from the mobile app. Often it happens that mobile shoppers abandon cart on shopping apps due to unavailability of their favorite or usual payment methods. PrestaShop Mobile Apps being synced with all website payment methods don’t let the users leave the app without successful purchase.

6. Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications are already proven best solution for handy marketing in case of mobile apps. Sending personalized notifications to app users highlighting daily deals or ongoing offers would be a sale booster for online business. Thus, engaging mobile users to app & converting them into leads will change the game.

7. Seamless Shopping

And that’s how the mobile apps for PrestaShop platform fulfill the ultimate motive i.e. user-friendly shopping experience. From easy social/email login to simplified one-page checkout, PrestaShop Apps ease the job for users.

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Tips for water chiller operator regarding glycol usage




The use of industrial inhibited glycol and water mixture is highly recommended for water chiller systems. The ethylene and propylene are the two glycols which are commonly used in these systems. The main purpose of using glycol is to prevent the freezing of fluid and ensure consistent flow at operating temperature. Inhibited glycol also prevents the formation of corrosion and protects metals such as brass, steel, copper, iron, and aluminum. Water chiller systems are treated with inhibited glycol and also protected from algae and bacteria that can grow and slow down the fluid system performance. Here are some basic tips about glycol usage that can help operators.


Never mix glycols – The glycol brands or their types should never be mixed. It can result in some inhibitors precipitating out. It will also result in the creation of gel and clog the filters which would prevent proper flow rates. In case the glycol types are switched, it is necessary to run a thorough flush and clean the system.

Never use automotive-grade antifreeze – It is better to avoid usage of automotive-grade antifreeze in the cooling process as these types of glycols are not made for industrial applications and can cause problems with heat transfer and fluid flow. The automotive glycols contain silicate-based inhibitors that can coat heat exchangers and attach pump seals which restrict the flow of gel.

Ethylene glycol for Industrial applications – Ethylene glycol is a standard heat transfer fluid that is used in most industrial applications. It is a type of glycol that can be used for any application where low-toxicity content is not a priority. It has moderately acute oral toxicity and needs to be used in processes where the fluid can come in contact with potable water, food or beverage products.

Propylene glycol usage – It is similar to Ethylene glycol when it comes to freezing protection and corrosion prevention but is known for having a lower level of toxicity. This glycol is easily disposable than ethylene and safe to handle. It is commonly used in the food industry and dairy farming industry where the users come in contact with the fluid frequently.

The difference in Ethylene and Propylene glycol – At extreme cold temperatures, the propylene glycol becomes viscous and changes the heat exchange rate slightly. Some chillers are designed for that compensation where such glycol type can be used. Ethylene is known to be cheaper in price which makes it more economically feasible for companies that require it in bulk.

Use distilled water – It requires expert knowledge and planning when selecting the water that needs to be mixed with glycol. Water needs to be of good quality and filtered which meets the requirements of the process and helps the manufacturer.

Careful with city water – Initially, deionized water can be used to fill chiller but it should not be maintained in that state thereafter. If the chiller has been designed for use with water that is deionized, the fluid will attack certain metals within the chiller and cause damage to the components. Always make sure the chiller is compatible with city water or distilled water. Tap water usage should be avoided as the water from the ground contains deposits and additives which can decrease the life and increase the maintenance requirements of the chiller.

To know more about the glycol chiller and its application for industrial purposes such as dairy farming, visit or contact Kyabram Refrigeration. They are the prominent company when it comes to glycol chillers and air conditioning Kyabram service provided by them is also of top quality.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning



Innovation in Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the two major foundations of the cybersecurity industry for the past few years. Some of the people think that both these terms have a similar meaning, but that’s just a false notion!  Here we will explain a complete insight about how AI and ML are essential for the cybersecurity solutions for your business protection.

What to know about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of information that is based on machines and machine learning is just a sample framework of artificial intelligence.  In the concept of machine learning, computers learn on their own. Machine learning let the computers to absorb the entire knowledge without the need to overt the program writing.

Machine learning is the subcategory of artificial intelligence. It is all about the technological growth of human information and knowledge.  Machine learning often helps the computers where they can deal with self-training, unfamiliar conditions and locations.

In simple terms, both of these systems are playing an important role where they act to protect your systems against any cyber essentials plus attacks.  Sometimes the cyber threats emerge so fast that it becomes daunting for the security tool to pinpoint it and bring its solution.  This is the moment where AL and ML act as a protective shield for you!

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Improve Cyber Security?

The nature of cyber essentials plus malware attacks is different for different organisations. They can appear in so many forms and infrequent times. Therefore, organisations are always seeking for some reliable approaches to combat it in a better way.

AL and ML can bring some better solutions for your business against such cyber-attacks.  Artificial Intelligence collaborates with Machine learning where they perform a process to investigate the nature of the attack and later on bring its solution to deal with it.

By choosing the platform of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, an organisation can save their maximum money invested and time consumed. Machine learning is useful in the sense that this tool has complete access to a large amount of data in terms of knowledge and analysing it.

It can also reduce the volume of security alerts that are appearing regularly. Sometimes dealing with daily threats is quite an overwhelming task for the security teams. Without the help of these systems, professionals would not be able to cope with the cyber risk in a better way, and it might take their so much time.

It would not be wrong to say that in the coming next-generation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will become a crucial new component in the field of security. It will bring some latest technologies for business organisations to deal with cybersecurity.

In simple, choosing the platform of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems for dealing with cyber-attacks is the breakthrough channel to maintain a secure environment for your business infrastructure and employees.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning As A Next-Generation System:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have a significant impact on our future in terms of business protection. Machine learning is playing an essential role in the business trading sectors and organisations all over the world. But some companies are entirely overlooking the use of these systems, and they need to be trained enough and prepare themselves to combat with cyber-attacks in future.

Final verdict:

To use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on better terms, try to choose the most reliable ML algorithm training methods. You need to figure out how you can use these systems for the threat detections in all conditions coming in your way.

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