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Someone trusted you for their biggest day. You have been asked to cover their most significant events of life that will not come back again. You can help them to relive those memories for time and time again by capturing the aesthetics of that event. 

Does it sound like a big responsibility? Sometimes, trust makes us feel anxious. The only way to break the shell of anxiousness is solid preparation. Preparation helps in knowing your craft; If you know your work very well only, then you will be able to pull off the responsibility. 

Wedding photography is a little bit different than the other types of photography. It requires hours of practice, observation, and dedication. If you are passionate about wedding photography, then you must learn some essential hacks of wedding photography to up your game. Spare some time on this page because this article will help you to up your photography game with needed tips and tricks. So, let’s dig in: 

Plan the Shoot: 

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

As the inexorable quote says, “A goal without a plan is nothing but a wish.” It ain’t false. Wedding photography is way sensitive and very challenging. You can’t repeat the action once it is done. So, construct an underlying theme to avoid any mishaps. Whatever you want to shoot make a structure of that shoot because the fabric will help to ensure success and will save your hours of hard work. 

Wedding shoots are time-oriented, you will be given a specific schedule to shoot the emotions, aesthetics, tradition of that event. Make a pre-plan of what and how are you going to shot. Make plans considering the venue. If the venue is somewhere outdoors, try to capture photos keeping the sunlight in mind. Do your research about the venue to design perfect frames. Outdoor venues allow you to create your structure with a natural background. 

If you are shooting indoors, make sure you have the perfect light, perfect camera positioning. Make a proper plan for the setup. 

You have to shoot the bride, the groom, the family, and guests as well. So make a plan for different shoots. Talk to the bride and groom to know their preferences. Make a guest list, whose photos are mandatory, VIPs you can say!

Make a family list and plan their shoots. Family photos are another must-haves, and also it is essential to the bride and groom. But you’ll find family photos challenging to capture as they will be spread all around the venue in a festive spirit. To get an inclusive family photo, talk to your client, and have at least one coordinator from the family to help you in synchronizing the family members.

Make a list of the shoots and cross-check them before you wrap up shooting.

Make a List of Equipment and Carry Them: 

Take extra batteries that are fully charged beforehand. Take Tripod, Lighting Stands, Medium Zoom Lens, Telephoto Lens, Memory Card(s), Spare Camera, Light Diffuser, Speedlight and other needed types of equipment, along with you. So, you don’t feel any hurdle in pulling your job. Take assistance for help. 

Reach the Destination Before the ‘Guests’ Arrival: 

You need time for the camera, lights, and equipment setup. Reach the Destination at least 30 minutes prior to your committed time. 

Take Shots on Higher Shutter Speed: 

Higher shutter speed allows you to capture multiple shots within a short time. Suppose you are taking family or group photos, you can’t expect everyone to act picture perfect. Some may blink, some may not stand perfectly, etc. If you take pictures on higher shutter speed, then you’ll get plenty of photos to choose the perfect one from them, and you don’t have to click multiple shots for it.  

Capture Raw Emotions:

Unlike other types of photography, wedding photography is compassionate because it has emotional strings attached to it. So you’ll need to capture the emotions as precisely as you can. While shooting, remember these emotions will not repeat in a loop. So, try to shoot the first moments of the bride and groom, like their first kiss, first dance and other firsts. The couple will love to see these kinds of photos.  

Shoot raw emotions of families, their joy, laughter, tears. Look for vivid children and capture their vividness. These types of photos make an album more lively and precious to the couple.  

Guide for Best Captures: 

You are professional. You know the notions of a perfect picture; your client may not know the ideas as you do. Guide them for better poses and postures. ‘It’ll make your craft more artistic, and your client will be delighted to see the perfect photo. 

Tell a Story through the Photos: 

A photo becomes more meaningful when it can provide a specific message. Capture photos with more details. Try to capture emotions as precisely as you can. ‘It’ll help the couple to relive the memory. Eliminate unwanted background objects that create hindrance in interpreting the story while editing.

Suppose, you have captured a master moment but you got unwanted objects in the background, which distracts the main focus of the photo. To avoid any situation like this, simply remove the object from the background to keep your photo focus intact. Use photo background removal for the best result. Story-driven photos help the couple to relive the memory. 

Edit Photos:

Your job doesn’t end with capturing the photos only. It encompasses delivering perfect pictures to the client, which will make them delighted. You may not get the ideal light, white balance, color coordination in the raw shoot, but you can bring them by editing. So, edit your captures. For professional outcomes, seek help to professional photoshop services

Suppose, you have captured a master moment, but you got unwanted objects at the background, which distracts the main focus of the photo. To avoid any situation like this, remove the object from the background to keep your photo focus intact. Use photo background removal for the best result. 

Assist Veteran Photographers:

Experience breeds the pro. If you are an amateur, then we would suggest assisting at least one or more veteran photographers. ‘It’ll give you first-hand experiences. ‘You’ll learn the different methods of shooting. And It will help to up your photography game as well. 

Every experience makes you explore new tips and tricks, and every photographer has their way. We suggested the basic ones. Share your experiences with others to form a better community. Be patient and humble while shooting. Finish your job with utmost dedication and professionalism.  

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