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Does Best Mortgage For First-time Buyers Exists in Reality? Find Out Now!

First time buyers are those who are looking to purchase the home for the first time and many of them are eager to find a new home for themselves. Every prospective buyer has to go through the whole process involved in buying a home for the first time. As they search around, they may get […]


First time buyers are those who are looking to purchase the home for the first time and many of them are eager to find a new home for themselves. Every prospective buyer has to go through the whole process involved in buying a home for the first time. As they search around, they may get confused and frustrated. This is mainly due to the options that they have or simply they don’t understand the need for financing. They are very vulnerable and can be easily trapped into the scam of lenders because of their lack of knowledge in home financing.

So, with some planning and efforts, they can educate themselves with the process of purchasing a home and getting financial aid by lenders in case they need it.

When it comes to finding a mortgage for the first time buyers, it can be a difficult task indeed. There are many options available for you in the market provided you have a good and steady source of income and good track record of your credit history.

In today’s time, finding the right mortgage can be a daunting task as many lenders may market their product as the best “mortgage for first-time purchasers” but in reality, on looking carefully it is seldom true as everyone’s financial condition is not same and score differently on the financial scale. One of the special Mortgage expert team check out Moreira Team’s website.

We are going to discuss the things to look out for and should pay attention if you are a first-time buyer looking for a mortgage.

  • Decide the location where you want to purchase a home.
  • Calculate the entire expenditure involved in buying a home or building a house.
  • Take help from experts like financial advisors or brokers to acquaint yourself with various mortgage schemes and their terms and conditions.
  • Examine your requirement and go through various loan plans available in the mortgage market before deciding on a particular deal.
  • Make an estimate of the amount which you can pay as a down payment.
  • Get yourself in touch with the lender who has the loan package which suits your needs and requirements.
  • Get yourself educated on the rate of interest and other fees involved.
  • If you have a low credit history due to any reason, try to improve your credit score before applying for a loan.
  • The most important thing for a first-time buyer is to save! As lenders are very cautious with their lending and wish to minimize their risk, the larger deposit you have, the more chances are there for your approval and at a lower rate.
  • The more money you keep as down payment the lesser the mortgage amount becomes which in turn reduces your monthly expenditure.
  • If you can keep 20% down payment, you can get rid of the high insurance cost to insure the mortgage loan.

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Documentation and Information

In the past, most first time buyers used to contact a realtor; however, this is not the first step that one should take. Instead, first, you should get all financial information and a better understanding of what can be affordable for you. These documents are necessary for the loan application irrespective of the lender. You should begin by looking at your previous months of bank record. Look at the property you have and verify your income.

Get a Pre-approval Letter

First-time buyers should consider pre-qualification before they start searching for their first loan. Lenders can decide how much worth of loan you can afford at the current rate. Sellers are very likely to accept offers from pre-qualified buyers. During the purchasing process, lenders will look into credit record once again before closing the deal. The reason behind it is just to make sure if the borrower took any additional fund. Don’t apply for a further loan until your house loan gets over.

Ask For Quote

Once the buyer gets their dream home, they need to contact the lender to make sure they have an exact quote. They can then compare all the options available to them before selecting one.

Loan Options for First-time Buyers

There are many options available for first-time buyers. These loans may have very lower down payment from 5% to 20% of the cost and lower interest rate as well. Some loan options also provide deferred payment method during any difficult time. These loans may have some demerits like higher mortgage insurance. Some of these loans may ineligible for refinancing later. There are various options available like Joint Mortgage, Shared Ownership, and Guarantor Mortgage.

Apply For a Loan

The buyers will choose the option which will give the most benefit. The process is very quick as most of the information has already been checked by the lender during the pre-qualification process. In some case, you might have to provide some additional document if required.

Shopping around can be a wise move for first-time mortgage buyers. Most of them have their website and you can go their website to get in touch with them. You can request for a quote and compare it with other lenders. Once you have decided about the lenders, you can move ahead with the process.

Get Approval

Once submitted, you just have to wait for final approval. One inquiry will be done by the mortgage lender to confirm the value of your home. The lending agency may also do a title search to make sure that there are no dispute or ownership issues attached to the home.

In conclusion, get good advice from some good mortgage advisors. Make sure that you can afford the mortgage comfortably and it the right one for you. Keep an eye on any hidden charges and make sure that you have taken the right insurance policy. When someone offers the “best mortgage for first-time buyers” check it out very carefully before going for it. Use the internet to help you understand and get knowledge on the mortgage for first-time buyers.

Description: Rising house prices in the UK have made it hard for first-time buyers to purchase a new house. However, due to various online lenders available to provide loans, it is not difficult to buy your dream home.

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