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5 Latest Ecommerce Web Design Trends Companies Need to Know

There are millions of websites out there, and we usually go through a lot of them. But we only like a handful of them. Ever wondered why? While we like the content of some sites, and we visit them regardless of their design and layout. On the other hand, we see some of the sites […]


There are millions of websites out there, and we usually go through a lot of them. But we only like a handful of them. Ever wondered why? While we like the content of some sites, and we visit them regardless of their design and layout. On the other hand, we see some of the sites and are literally blown over by the amazing design. For most of the companies, the design is a great asset to attract visitors in hordes.

Content is very important as far as making sure a visitor start to browse through a website and spend some time on it. But the design is one thing that can catch every visitor’s attention right from the word go. Creativity is what many companies look to incorporate in their design, and ecommerce portals are the ones most likely to benefit from it. But what exactly they need to do for best results?

In this blog post, I would like to share with my readers 5 latest trends that can definitely give an ecommerce portal the edge it needs over other similar sites.

Attractive but Minimal Design

This may surprise some of my readers for sure, as I am sure they must be looking for the recommendation for an outlandish design. The point here is that you need to deliver the message to your prospective customers and in a simple, yet distinctive way. You must consider people from different demographics will visit your website, and that’s why you must go for a design that can satisfy them. And what better to make this happen with being as aesthetic and informative as you can get.

If you want to sell a product, some form of description about it is understandable. But long paragraphs of text will simply put your visitors off. So, you need to be to the point in your approach. And the same goes for the design aspect too. Everything from colour selection to fonts must be selected by the target market. For example, for an online children apparel store, a fun theme with bright colours will be best. Still, the design needs to be simple yet attractive to the core for best results.

  1. Content Driven Design is a Continuing Trend

If you have been following some of the hottest and in-vogue design trends of the last 5 years, the content-driven design is a clear favourite among businesses around the world. Material design and visual storytelling are what constitutes a content-driven design, and there is no way this trend will die down shortly. For ecommerce portals, material design has gained quite a prominence in recent years.

One aspect that stands out for companies using material design is that they are vibrant as well as focused on content. This simply means the audience for any ecommerce venture can see all the featured products very easily. And can thus choose without looking for a product all over the site. So, this one trend is a continuing one and will be in vogue for sure in the coming few years.

  1. One Page, Multi-Grids Template

This is one of the latest and most popular trends among the designers. There are certain aspects that make this a sure-shot winner for ecommerce stores looking for a design that can complement their featured products well. Minimal UI/UX design can offer a company a great way to make a web layout logical and completely comprehensible. Impressive visual quality is what a professional working for an ecommerce web design company in Dubai can offer to you.

Overstuffing the page with lots of design is one thing that you need to avoid at all costs. Companies can opt for several sub-pages in which they can include all the information they want. Make a nice menu where every information is present, and this is what most people look at. A hamburger menu can do the trick for you as it is, perhaps, the most popular type of menu used nowadays. Keep it prominent so that any visitor can look into it and find what he is looking for right away.

  1. Responsiveness at its Peak

While it is a given that every website, especially an ecommerce one will be made responsive, it is the nature which can decide its fate. The design must compliment all your digital needs so that to catch the attention of mobile users who are growing with each passing day. For SEO purposes, it is also critical as crawlers will not count your page if it is not responsive.

The quick loading of an ecommerce portal is a given as companies need to work on this aspect. A slow response from the site will make the visitors leave the site in a matter of a few seconds. Remember that you are not operating the only ecommerce portal on the web and not in your own country or city even. Make certain that you are giving it your cent per cent as sheer hard work coupled with good luck, will make your chances grow to start having good sales.

So, give responsiveness of the websites its due share otherwise on the development front you’ll be doomed.

  1. Interruption-Free Navigation with Excellent Readability

The navigation throughout the website, especially on the landing page and home page, should be interruption-free. In other words, there should be no roadblock like pop-ups and banner ads that can sway away from the attention of a visitor. Make things as smooth as possible for the visitor with the readability factor also coming into effect.

Get inspiration from all the leading ecommerce portals and websites like Amazon and websites using Shopify platform. Don’t think of implementing new trends like short-video backgrounds unless you are sure that it will not affect your website’s loading speed. And must complement your website’s theme as well. The images also should load faster but do not compromise on the quality aspect as low-quality images will ruin the impression of a shopping portal.

Final Word

This list can be modified over time. In fact, designers need to think of new ways of how to transform an ecommerce portal so that visitors are enticed to browse through it. If you want some clarification concerning anything mentioned in this post or offer your valuable feedback, you are more than welcome.

Please use the comments section below in this concern.


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