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7 Apps That Keep Your Health In Check

Millions of people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, mainly about how they will turn their lives around in terms of becoming more active, eating more healthy and sleeping on time. Unfortunately, as soon as the first month ends, they find themselves inevitably sucked back into their daily routines

Millions of people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, mainly about how they will turn their lives around in terms of becoming more active, eating more healthy and sleeping on time. Unfortunately, as soon as the first month ends, they find themselves inevitably sucked back into their daily routines.

But you know, you can’t really blame anybody, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance in today’s work environments and corporate culture. As soon as you start thinking about going to the gym, you see yourself pulled into something more important, like the deadline for your next big project, etc.

However, this isn’t to say that taking caring of your health shouldn’t take precedence, but there are some pretty innovative strategies that you can incorporate in your daily life to gradually, steadily and willfully climb the ladder to better health.

In light of this, mentioned below is a list and brief descriptions of some of the most innovative and streamlined smartphone apps that can provide you what you need to stay on top of your health. These apps will help you get right back on track, manage your calories, eat, and sleep healthy.

7 apps to help you make the jump towards a healthy life


If you are into video games, don’t you just love it whenever your character’s life gauge is in the red and depleting, you scrounge up the necessary items, and voila, his health is right back up again! The concept behind Fitocracy is a bit similar, using the app, you would be able to position yourself to steadily enhance your physical health by completing different tasks and gain the necessary experience to become active and healthy again. The tasks mainly include exercising and eating right. And this is the beauty of technology- it eases the life of both patients and medical practitioners.

The application provides a huge list of easy-to-advanced exercise routines you can do indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it also provides expert advice via its community of fitness-minded individuals. Do not worry; the app’s community feature is spam-free.

  1. Fooducate

You are what you eat. There is no denying that, however, it is vital to understand everything that you put in your body. As per studies, it was determined that people who tend to monitor what they eat irregularly have a higher chance of losing and maintaining their weight better. Moreover, if you don’t know what you are eating, or the nutritional value it is providing you, it would be daunting for you to design a weight loss or healthy diet plan that suits you.

Fooducate helps provide you with details that are past simple calorie information; the app is designed to help people get a full understanding and information on everything they eat. You can even scan barcodes on different items, and it will indicate the nutrition grade of the food item. This means you will be able to make healthier life choices based on nutritional value. For example, the app can help you decide whether it is potentially healthy to eat a Snicker’s bar or a Hershey’s bar.

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  1. Waterlogged

One of the simplest ways to boost your health is to make sure you keep yourself hydrated. After all, water is ‘the’ healthiest beverage. And as per a scientific study on the effects of water on human metabolism by PubMed, it was determined in two studies that drinking at least 17 ounces of water can help enhance your metabolism by up to 30% for a duration of up to 1.5 hours.

Waterlogged helps you keep a good track on the amount of water you drink throughout the day, you can also use the apps basic metric feature to record how much you drink.

  1. Symple Symptom Tracker

This is a pretty awesome app when you talk about the comprehensive aspects of your health and well-being. Symple Symptom Tracker will help you monitor how much you sleep, how you feel based on your diet and sleep patterns, and what you should eat to enhance your fitness. And with just a couple of taps, you can also gauge the symptoms you feel pertaining to your health so that you can help explain them to your medical professional.

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  1. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach helps you prepare and make positive alterations in your life to improve your overall well-being. The app helps set different goals and objectives and guides you to reach those goals. Features like inspiring health quotes and tips, a panic button and food cravings will help you keep a track on what to eat, what not to eat, etc.

  1. Headspace

Ideal Health and fitness are not just performing physical exercises, it is also about how healthy you keep your brain. Headspace is a wonderful app that provides a wide array of mindfulness exercises and vital meditation tips to enhance your cognition. As a brain relaxing and easing practice, you can also opt for airG spam free communication apps that help you interact with your favorites in real-time.

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  1. Sleep Cycle

One cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy sleep cycle. Sleeping on time helps the body heal and self-repair. Sleeping is also key to improving your protein synthesis, which is where your body starts to heal and grow your muscles. The app contains a host of broad-spectrum statistics on your circadian rhythms, has a smart alarm clock feature and a tailor-made wake-up window.

An adequate sleep cycle has many positive effects. It helps repair your blood vessels, balances your hormones, balances your mood, helps keep stress and fatigue at bay, and regulates your blood sugar levels.


So as you can clearly see, there are loads of different ways you can use smartphone apps to begin your journey to an active and healthy lifestyle. According to app statistics posted by Flurry Analytics in 2017, up to 96% of people use fitness apps to stay on top of their health. As per the same data, more than 75% of fitness app users access their apps at a minimum of two times per week. In addition, there is a remarkable increase in the number of fitness app addicts; the research further indicates that up to 25% of users access their fitness app over 10 times per week.

So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and get onto the ride for a perfectly healthy body and mind!

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