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7 Apps That Keep Your Health In Check



Millions of people tend to make New Year’s resolutions, mainly about how they will turn their lives around in terms of becoming more active, eating more healthy and sleeping on time. Unfortunately, as soon as the first month ends, they find themselves inevitably sucked back into their daily routines.

But you know, you can’t really blame anybody, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance in today’s work environments and corporate culture. As soon as you start thinking about going to the gym, you see yourself pulled into something more important, like the deadline for your next big project, etc.

However, this isn’t to say that taking caring of your health shouldn’t take precedence, but there are some pretty innovative strategies that you can incorporate in your daily life to gradually, steadily and willfully climb the ladder to better health.

In light of this, mentioned below is a list and brief descriptions of some of the most innovative and streamlined smartphone apps that can provide you what you need to stay on top of your health. These apps will help you get right back on track, manage your calories, eat, and sleep healthy.

7 apps to help you make the jump towards a healthy life

  1. Fitocracy

If you are into video games, don’t you just love it whenever your character’s life gauge is in the red and depleting, you scrounge up the necessary items, and voila, his health is right back up again! The concept behind Fitocracy is a bit similar, using the app, you would be able to position yourself to steadily enhance your physical health by completing different tasks and gain the necessary experience to become active and healthy again. The tasks mainly include exercising and eating right. And this is the beauty of technology- it eases the life of both patients and medical practitioners.

The application provides a huge list of easy-to-advanced exercise routines you can do indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it also provides expert advice via its community of fitness-minded individuals. Do not worry; the app’s community feature is spam-free.

  1. Fooducate

You are what you eat. There is no denying that, however, it is vital to understand everything that you put in your body. As per studies, it was determined that people who tend to monitor what they eat irregularly have a higher chance of losing and maintaining their weight better. Moreover, if you don’t know what you are eating, or the nutritional value it is providing you, it would be daunting for you to design a weight loss or healthy diet plan that suits you.

Fooducate helps provide you with details that are past simple calorie information; the app is designed to help people get a full understanding and information on everything they eat. You can even scan barcodes on different items, and it will indicate the nutrition grade of the food item. This means you will be able to make healthier life choices based on nutritional value. For example, the app can help you decide whether it is potentially healthy to eat a Snicker’s bar or a Hershey’s bar.

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  1. Waterlogged

One of the simplest ways to boost your health is to make sure you keep yourself hydrated. After all, water is ‘the’ healthiest beverage. And as per a scientific study on the effects of water on human metabolism by PubMed, it was determined in two studies that drinking at least 17 ounces of water can help enhance your metabolism by up to 30% for a duration of up to 1.5 hours.

Waterlogged helps you keep a good track on the amount of water you drink throughout the day, you can also use the apps basic metric feature to record how much you drink.

  1. Symple Symptom Tracker

This is a pretty awesome app when you talk about the comprehensive aspects of your health and well-being. Symple Symptom Tracker will help you monitor how much you sleep, how you feel based on your diet and sleep patterns, and what you should eat to enhance your fitness. And with just a couple of taps, you can also gauge the symptoms you feel pertaining to your health so that you can help explain them to your medical professional.

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  1. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach helps you prepare and make positive alterations in your life to improve your overall well-being. The app helps set different goals and objectives and guides you to reach those goals. Features like inspiring health quotes and tips, a panic button and food cravings will help you keep a track on what to eat, what not to eat, etc.

  1. Headspace

Ideal Health and fitness are not just performing physical exercises, it is also about how healthy you keep your brain. Headspace is a wonderful app that provides a wide array of mindfulness exercises and vital meditation tips to enhance your cognition. As a brain relaxing and easing practice, you can also opt for airG spam free communication apps that help you interact with your favorites in real-time.

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  1. Sleep Cycle

One cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy sleep cycle. Sleeping on time helps the body heal and self-repair. Sleeping is also key to improving your protein synthesis, which is where your body starts to heal and grow your muscles. The app contains a host of broad-spectrum statistics on your circadian rhythms, has a smart alarm clock feature and a tailor-made wake-up window.

An adequate sleep cycle has many positive effects. It helps repair your blood vessels, balances your hormones, balances your mood, helps keep stress and fatigue at bay, and regulates your blood sugar levels.


So as you can clearly see, there are loads of different ways you can use smartphone apps to begin your journey to an active and healthy lifestyle. According to app statistics posted by Flurry Analytics in 2017, up to 96% of people use fitness apps to stay on top of their health. As per the same data, more than 75% of fitness app users access their apps at a minimum of two times per week. In addition, there is a remarkable increase in the number of fitness app addicts; the research further indicates that up to 25% of users access their fitness app over 10 times per week.

So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and get onto the ride for a perfectly healthy body and mind!

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Vitamin C: An Important Part of your Diet



vitamin c powder


Vitamin C is one of the most important factors that keep your body healthy. It can be found in various food sources. The benefits can be availed from the Vitamin C powder supplements or multivitamin formulas available online in the leading stores.

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is essential for many physiological functions in your body. It is available in many food sources and can also be found in supplement formulas.

Vitamin C is necessary for your overall health. This water-soluble vitamin is found in citrus fruits, vegetables, spinach, etc. An average male adult needs 90 mg of Vitamin C, whereas a female needs 75 mg. Due to a distorted lifestyle and food choices, the daily dose of Vitamin C is not available to many. This is where the supplements in the form of Vitamin C powder in India can be used efficiently to meet daily needs.

Benefits of consuming Vitamin C powder

  • Antioxidant

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that enables your body to fight and eliminate unwanted free radicals. This is how the cells in all tissues can prolong their life span. Freeing your body from free radicals will slow down ageing, increase the functioning level of organs, and protect your vitals from various diseases. Consuming vitamin C powder will surely reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases.

  • Reduces hypertension

It has been found in various researches that consuming Vitamin C to meet daily needs enables a person to control hypertension naturally. Vitamin C relaxes blood vessels and aids in reducing the pressure level. The research results are not backed by data, but significant development is indicating excellent benefits in this aspect. You can now buy Vitamin C powder online and maintain the daily intake requirement easily.

  • Reduce heart disease risk

As mentioned earlier, Vitamin C aids a person to control blood pressure level and also helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level in the bloodstream. It means that on daily consumption, this vitamin can reduce the probability of clogged blood vessels, thus averting cardiovascular disease risks to a huge extent.

  • Fights iron deficiency

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron from our food and maintain the required level. Iron is essential in the formation of haemoglobin. Using vitamin C supplement will enable our body to absorb dietary iron for those who rely on a vegan diet. Meat is considered to be a huge source of iron. Vegetarians can increase their iron level by consuming this vitamin regularly. 

  • Immunity booster

The children and adults, suffering from a common cold or other ailments frequently, can benefit from consuming Vitamin C powder in India if citrus fruits are not a suitable option. On a regular addition of the required level of Vitamin C in the diet plan, the functioning of the white blood cells escalates and boosts immunity.

It is now very convenient to buy Vitamin C powder online and add to your daily diet. Maintain a strong immunity and boost your health by consuming a daily dose of this vitamin along with your normal diet.

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10 Unbeatable Qualities of Best Mattresses for Seniors



10 Unbeatable Qualities of Best Mattresses for Seniors

Choosing the right mattress for the seniors in your family is a crucial decision. You need to take into account several aspects before finalizing a product. The reason why it is a critical decision is the fact that different people have different set of requirements. Apart from the seniors in your family, there could be other people who might suffer from frequent and chronic pains in their shoulders, neck, hips, back, and other areas of the body. According to a survey, more than half of seniors, living on their own, suffer from constant chronic pain, while 80% of seniors living in nursing homes also experience such chronic pain. For such individuals, it is crucial to sleep on a surface that gives them support and comfort, so they can have a healthy and analeptic sleep.

Today, the companies design mattresses that help align the spine and relieve pain and pressure points in sleepers. However, there are also other mattresses that offer little to no comfort and might cause aches and pain. Before purchasing the mattress for seniors and the ones dealing with chronic pains, here are 10 qualities that you should always look for.

Ease of Movement

Many seniors, who experience chronic pain, have to roll over or adjust their sleeping position throughout the night to feel comfy. However, if the mattress does not provide them ease of movement, it can worsen pain or disturb sleep. The individuals, who are restricted to beds, can benefit from the medical air mattress, which has unparalleled qualities. It is excellent for people who are overweight and are confined to a bed. It works best for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The pressure on parts of the body from long periods in bed create bed ulcers (pressure sores or bed sores or pressure ulcers). Medical air mattress not only prevents pain but also encourages ease in mobility and comfort.

Edge Support

Most mattresses develop sinkage along the boundary where people sit when they are getting in and out of bed. With time, this sinkage can alter the shape of the mattress’s surface and weaken its supportive qualities. It is recommended to look for a mattress that is reinforced along the edges so the sinkage is less and the surface remains flat and even for the users.


Budget is an important thing to consider when looking for a good mattress. Buying a top-quality mattress is a major investment. On an average, you can find a queen-sized innerspring or memory foam mattress in or around $600. The prices are even higher for other options, such as latex and hybrids. Your mattress budget depends on your household, but most seniors live on a fixed income which can restrict them from buying a high-end mattress. Similar is the case with the people who have to spend longer hours on the mattress due to their medical conditions. They already have to spend a huge sum on their medical treatment and investing in a mattress can turn out to be another major expense. However, it is not necessary that only a really expensive mattress will be good in quality. You should conduct a research about your needs before purchasing a mattress, which would keep you from wasting your money on the wrong mattress.


When looking at mattresses, you might have come across the term ‘mattress support’. It refers to stability and sleeping surface of a mattress. A mattress that offers support will keep the sleeper’s body at a maintained level and will also help in relieving back pains. On the flip side, an unsupportive matters with time usually sags in the middle creating an uneven surface that can cause pains or worsen the existing ones. Such mattresses can also hinder the alignment of the spine. A mattress which sags less than one and a half inches can be uncomfortable, but if it sags more than that then it can cause great amount of pains and pressures on the sleeper’s body.

Conforming and Pressure Relief

A mattress that conforms closely is a great quality because it creates a mold-like impression around the contours and curves of the sleeper’s body helping them in spinal alignment, relieving pressure points and providing even support to the entire body. Whereas, mattresses that do not conform at all or just in some areas, give the sleeper an uneven sleeping surface that causes pain and increases pressure in sensitive parts of the body.

Firmness Options

Firmness of the mattress goes side by side with support. If a mattress is either too soft or too firm, it will not give the sleeper the right support they need for a good night’s sleep. You need to consider a number of factors when it comes to firmness options of mattresses. The leading factor should be the weight of the sleeper. Heavyweight individuals find medium firm mattresses the most supportive, whereas light weight individuals choose soft or medium soft mattresses. Sleeping positions are also important to determine the ideal firmness, some people sleep on their back, a position which naturally aligns the spine. Such individuals should look for a mattress that provides level support, and evenness in particular areas where their weight is concentrated. Other sleep positions, like sleeping on the side, or on your stomach do not align the spine. There are few mattresses that offer multiple firmness options to accommodate the sleepers with their choices. Similarly, there are dual firmness designs with different sleeping positions that are ideal for couples. Moreover, there are flippable designs that allow the users to adjust the firmness by rotating the surface.


An average good quality mattress, regardless of its design, lasts for about six to seven years. Different types of mattresses have different lifespans, for example, innersprings and poly-foam mattresses last for a shorter period and begin to sag and feel uncomfortable in just two or three years. Latex or airbeds can last for more than eight years, but airbeds are prone to impairment and breakdown. It is advised that you should replace your mattress, irrespective of its type, in every seven to eight years. You will find companies offering 20 years warranty or even longer, but it’s nothing more than a marketing technique. Today, most of the mattresses come with a 10-year warranty which is quite sufficient.

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer can cause disturbance in a person’s nighttime sleep, especially if a couple shares a bed. Motion transfer usually occurs when someone changes position in bed or gets in or out of it. Seniors usually have to get out of bed several times during the night to use the washroom or get a snack or water. If two people share the bed, this can be a great problem. This is where mattress isolation comes in use. The mattresses with this quality can absorb the motion transfer and stop it from spreading to other areas of the sleeping surface, causing less disturbance during the night.

Temperature Neutrality

Many individuals sleep hot naturally, and some seniors have side effects from medication which affect their body’s sleep temperature. A mattress with temperature neutrality is neither too cold nor too warm, it is made to provide the sleeper a comfortable surface throughout the night. Mattresses that have thick foam layers tend to sleep the warmest as the solid foam absorbs and traps body heat, and mattresses with coil layers like hybrids and innersprings tend to sleep cooler because the air circulation between the layers is better.


Squeaks and creaks from mattresses are one of the biggest reasons behind sleep disturbance, especially for people who share their bed with another individual. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses make the most noise because of their steel components whereas airbeds with electric systems also create a lot of noise. However, latex and foam mattresses are quite silent as compared to other types.

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Red Wine and the Significant Benefits It Has on the Body



red wine

If you love wine and you drink in moderation, it can be considered that your health is also great. In a number of cultures, it is considered to be courteous to carry a wine bottle whenever you are going to someone’s place. You are hardly going to come across people who do not love wine. Even the people, who do not drink wine every day, prefer drinking one glass occasionally. According to, 44% of people prefer drinking wine occasionally. To all the people who love drinking wine, here is a piece of good news for you. According to numerous scientific studies, red wine is known for the amazing health benefits that it has when consumed in moderation.

Given below is a list of the benefits of drinking red wine on your health.

Red wine helps in digestion

It has been discovered that red wine is responsible for containing numerous antioxidant compounds, which are referred to as polyphenols, along with numerous essential vitamins, sugars, and also, minerals. These have an amazing effect on the different physiological functions of your body. Polyphenols help in curbing the growth of the most destructive bacteria, which are, Salmonella, E.Coli, and H.pylori. They are responsible for causing a number of malfunctions and can lead to problems like diarrhea, stomach ulcer, as well as other gastrointestinal infections. Apart from digestion, red wine also helps in controlling body weight.

Red wine helps in neutralizing the toxins

A number of fried foods as well as food products are manufactured in such a manner that they can be stored for a really long time. These kinds of food products are responsible for containing liquid hydroperoxides as well as malonaldehydes. They are responsible for causing a number of digestive issues, which can be extremely toxic for the body.

Red wine helps in neutralizing the harmful chemicals, which are generated by consuming red meat

If you love eating red meat, you need to know that drinking a glass of red wine along with it is going to be extremely helpful as you will be able to digest the red meat in a much better manner. It has been discovered that red meat along with other varieties of non-vegetarian foods releases certain harmful chemicals during digestion. Red wine is known for its capability of neutralizing these chemicals before any harm is caused to the body. This happens because of the presence of polyphenols in red wine. Purchasing a bottle of Haut Brion wine is a great idea as it tastes amazing.

Red wine helps in treating impotence

When you drink moderate quantities of red wine, it can also help in treating impotence.

Red wine helps in taking care of the heart health

Red wine is responsible for regulating the levels of cholesterol in your blood, by reducing the bad cholesterol and boosting the good cholesterol. It helps in preventing blockage and takes proper care of your heart by preventing deadly conditions like coronary atherosclerosis.


Numerous people get worried and stressed when they are offered a glass of red wine. However, if you read the benefits that have been mentioned above, you will understand that red wine is good for your health.


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10 Ways To De-stress Yourself And Enjoy The Goodness Of Life



10 Ways To De-stress Yourself And Enjoy The Goodness Of Life

Life has become fast-paced in no time. In earlier times, only a father figure of the family was burdened with multiple tasks. Today, everyone around us seems to be hooked up in multitasking. Naturally, such a busy and hectic lifestyle tends to invite stress.

Even if the positive things are taking place in our circle, we have somehow become immune to them. But the silver lining about all this is that it still lies in our power to completely de-stress ourselves. Here is how you can keep stress at bay and enjoy life:

  1. Take a deep breath

The practice of taking deep breaths dates back to hundreds of years and still works like magic. Perhaps you might have noticed; when we are overwhelmed with stress, we automatically take shorter breaths. Once we start taking deep breaths, our body is tricked into interpreting that everything is beautiful regardless of the intensity of a situation.

The process goes, sit on the ground and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and fill your lungs with oxygen steadily. Now exhale it from your lungs entirely like we wring a wet piece of cloth until it does not drop water anymore.

  1. Unplug gadgets

Technology has brought everything on our fingertips. Therefore, no sane mind can deny its worth.  However, it is also true that the overdose of social media, YouTube, and other suchlike platforms have driven the people towards the area of stress. It is essential for you to time to time power down your gadgets for your good.

A study unfolds that people who overuse their smartphone are likely to undergo FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It triggers your mind to get anxious and forces you to be in touch with the events occurring in the online world. Give up using a smartphone now and then; it’s a simple fix to enjoy life.

  1. Make friendship with nature

Sadly, our generation is losing touch with nature. That, too, at an alarming pace. The youth need to realize that embracing life is a much better way to let go of stress than taking anti-depression supplements.

There is something special about fresh morning, soothing air, bees buzzing and sounds of birds. They always tend to induce a sense of calmness and peace in our mind. Find the nearest park to your house and start experiencing all these things mentioned above.

If this is too much for you then at least plant a few trees in your own house. It is a well-documented fact that smelling plants is an antidote of depression and anxiety.

  1. Take a brisk walk

Many people tend being engrossed in work and take an extended vacation every few months. Fair enough. But you don’t have to wait this long to de-stress yourself from routine work and responsibilities.

Experts of the opinion, it takes the human brain only twenty minutes to release endorphins and dopamine, aka feel-good hormones. Stop waiting for months now, hit on the road and knock out stress from your life without daily. Brisk walk works on stress as a bug killer works on bugs.

  1. Take short naps

When you can’t find an apparent reason for your stress, lack of sleep could be the culprit. Not getting enough sleep leads to a mind full of anxiety. Irrespective of how busy your work-life may be, don’t let it take over your sleep.

It is not necessary that you must sleep for straight eight hours to dub yourself as “well-rested.” The quality of sleep matters more than quantity. Short, but quality naps, are essential to dispose of stress.  Correct sleep is also one of the best tips to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Make the most of music

Over the decades, music is being used as a tool to release stress. There is an exhaustive list of philosophers, entrepreneurs, and successful people from all walks of life who emphasized music to restore the normal state of mind.

Imagine you are stressed because you had a bad day at the office. It could be because of the quarrel with your boss or an argument with a colleague. Listening good music will divert your mood from those ugly incidents, and everything will be normalized in a matter of a few songs.

  1. Stop taking yourself too seriously

Bringing humor to your life can help you to bid farewell to stress. And humor begins from laughing on yourself, not others. As you start this practice, you will soon realize that most of the things you perceived serious about you were not that important. Better still, if you share laughter with others. Nobody can mock you or lower your self-esteem if you start laughing at yourself.

  1. Speak to your pet

Sometimes people are overwhelmed with feelings, but they can’t express them to someone else. As a result, stress mounts over you. Writing your feelings down on a paper is a proven strategy to release stress. However, writing could be a time-consuming activity.

You can express everything to your pet as if you are speaking to a human. What’s more, pets can’t tell them to anyone. So no fear of your story getting sneaked out.

  1. Do good to someone else

An act of kindness does not only help you in the afterlife, but it is also a great stress-buster in this world as well. Bringing a smile on one’s face can boost positive emotions in your personality. The act of kindness does not necessarily have to be larger than life. It could be as small as helping an elderly crossing the road.

  1. Be grateful

Considering oneself, failure is one of the leading causes of stress. However, nobody is a failure. Everyone is blessed with something or the other. It’s just a matter of recognition and practicing gratitude. Sit down and start listing what you should be grateful for and say good-bye to your stress in the easiest possible way.

Final thoughts

Historically, this is the most stressed-out generation the world has ever known. Almost every other person is plunged into anxiety and finding it hard to live a healthy life. Although, where there is will, there is a way. Adopting the above habits in your daily life, you can immediately get rid of stress.

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4 Easy Steps to Help You Get Back Into a Workout Routine!



We live in an extremely busy world; we do not have time for anything. We all get too much indulged into a super hectic and mundane life. In this entire process, we often skip the part of self-care. It is immensely important for all of us to maintain a particular routine. Life without a proper and prominent routine leads not only to different health issues, but results in a vagabond life too. You might start working out to relieve the stress, it is obviously a great idea though it is impeccably important to maintain the workout routine or else you might get stuck with many of the fatal health problems. One of the amazing ways is to take a break and put a full stop on the lethargic life is just by introducing yourself to a Yoga retreat in Nepal.

A short break from your mundane routine can help you out to get back into a workout routine. Here, in this article, we have tried to discuss some of the common and simple ways which could be productive enough to help you to get back into a workout routine. You can check this out for further information. You can try to read, understand and implement the process discussed in the blog.

Check Out the Ways to Get Back into a Work Routine!

If you ever have focused or tried working out, you would know its nitty-gritty. Work out only proceeds well if you do it with concentration, motivation and of course dedication. No wonder, we all are preoccupied with a bundle of work, yet we must try to understand the need and the vitality of working out in our lives. Yoga courses in Nepal are one of the most soothing and exciting things to do if you are up for something peaceful yet adventurous.

It would not only help you to reinvent your working out skills but it would also grant you some of the memorable and astounding experiences which would remain with you lifelong. In this article, we have also mentioned some of the basic ways to get back on the track of work out. If your mind is full of doubts, then definitely we have something interesting for you. Just read the article and discover the simple ways to get back into a work routine!

One Step at a Time!

Any activity which demands active participation is mostly dependent on our mental motivation than the physical one. If we want to work out our mind should be focused just on one goal yet it is important to understand that ups and downs are part of it. The one step at a time theory is important to understand because if you are restarting working out and just in a day you expect to perform excellently, your entire concept is definitely wrong. Do not try to overburden your mind or body, let it flow. Try to exercise just for 10 minutes and then improve wisely without any pressure.

Commit Only if You Want to!

We often get intrigued by others and take a harsh decision which is apparently a wrong way. You must introspect your ability, focus on the present. Try to complete the exercise just for today and your tomorrow would be already sorted. Do not commit anything, you don’t feel like to. Take your time; let your mind, body and soul sync in the decisions you make.

Keep a Track of the 3 Main Components

According to Sikorski, when you are trying to give a kick start to your work out capability, you must focus on three significant points:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Resistance Training
  • Flexibility

You can try all the above-suggested steps for a better and refreshing work out.

Do Not Forget to Take a Pause

You must understand the importance of a pause in work out. If you do not even stop for a day, somewhere your body gets weaker. You must give it a proper interval of time to repair and replenish. To stay fit and healthy in the long run, you must try to understand the vital role of short intervals.

These are some of the ways which could be helpful for you. The article tries to cover a particular topic in a broader way. You enjoy the discretion to read, understand and implement the steps to revive your work out body.

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