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A Look into Top Web Development Frameworks in 2019 and 2020



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A web framework refers to a software framework that is intended to main the development of web applications. This includes web services, resources, and APIs. Web frameworks are a standard way to build and deploy new kinds of web applications.

Choosing a paramount web application framework is not an easy task. There are many of them on the market, and each of them has its specialties. Some top development frameworks have been commercialized in 2019 and will go well into 2020. The right choice of a web framework can accelerate your work and business while a wrong decision can cost you extra time and a higher budget.

The following are the best web development frameworks in 2019-20.

1.      AngularJS

AngularJS is simple to use. It is an open-source web framework precisely designed for single page web applications through an MVC architectural pattern. Since it is a front-end framework it is designed to deal with web pages proficiently. This framework experienced massive hype following a renewal this year. After the Angular 2 release, it gained more momentum. The latest version is Angular 4, which is much better than its previous version. This Google product has shown to be well merited which is why it is in all the top web development frameworks list. It is now accepted as a vital part of the future of web development.

2.      React

React is an exceptional part of the JavaScript library. It is developed and maintained by Facebook and is of very high quality according to recent reports and surveys. In 2018, React surpassed Angular in almost all possible indicators, numerical and user-estimated. It is flexible because it supports small file sizes and simple updates that do not disturb the permanency of any page. It also flawlessly combines with other libraries if required.

Despite these advantages, the knowledge of additional tools is required for full coding, so the learning curve to use React depends a lot on which background solution the user chooses. It also does not support optimized documentation. As of this year, React is part of the most requested set of solutions. Customer complaints are significantly less in comparison with Angular. It is used by corporations like Airbnb and Twitter and by 2020 it is projected to again occupy the first lines of the ratings.

3.      Redux

This library is considered to be the best software for managing the state of any application. The main task for Redux is updating indicators and maintaining relevance. The key elements it is answerable for is pressing buttons, time-out, and form input control. It has control over the execution of action and return of the page to a general view. Redux also gives constant updates of visual information to the user.

Only a small percentage of developers who have dealt with Redux would not like to bump into it again. Furthermore, the majority of users who heard about it are interested in learning more. As a rule, Redux is used exclusively with React.

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4.      Laravel

There is a demand for the use of a framework for PHP. The backend that uses PHP is Laravel, and it can be the best choice you make. It is a Model-View-Controller framework that is being extensively used worldwide. It has been active in helping issues with a web development company.

When compared to other frameworks, Laravel is a relatively new one. However, it has many strong and powerful features. It comes equipped with API support and offers some decent packages that extend its reach. The only disadvantage of using this platform is that it is not suitable for heavier projects. Besides this lacking, it helps you create meaningful and high-performing backend in your web development projects.

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5.      Symfony

Similar to Laravel, Symfony is another PHP web framework that fits well into any complex enterprise of a page. The latest version is Symfony 3.1, which is quite a stable framework. It aids full stack developers in building scalable websites that are dependable and can assimilate and work with several open-source platforms. Some of these include PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal. It comprises of a group of PHP components, an application framework, a community, and a philosophy, and they all work simultaneously to help developers progress towards a common goal. From 2019 onwards, Symfony is widely considered to be a sophisticated framework for web development.

6.      Ember

Ember is one of the most trusted and mature Javascript frameworks. Released in 2011, the web development it has accomplished has led it to rapidly grow and gain influence in the industry. The core features it houses are strict organization, an advanced version management system, and support of old as well as modern technology. Ember allows you to make properties out of functions which is a good idea when working with bindings. It has been approved as a great framework for creating complicated web apps and is used by companies like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and Heroku.

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7.      Node.js

The main concept behind Node.js was to utilize non-blocking and event-driven I/O. These tend to persist against real-time applications with massive data running on distributed devices. Node.js is essential to accommodate specific needs. Not only is it employed as a framework but also a necessity for a proper functioning web development environment. It is still a developers’ favorite even today since it builds fast network applications. It can further handle huge connections simultaneously with high performance. If you need an entire JavaScript with all the tools, then this framework may be perfect for you.

8.      Ruby on Rails

The Ruby on Rails framework (RoR) is written in the Ruby language. It is used today by more than 826,000 live websites, and companies like Airbnb, YellowPages, and Groupon, among others. This web framework has a wide spectrum of uses, including solving more complicated development problems. RoR offers many tools and unlimited libraries that decrease development time. The framework is also big on test automation, which is a valuable feature for software quality. With RoR, you can create cloud-based applications, social networking platforms and different other types of web platforms as well.

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