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Different Types of Online Scratch Cards Which You Can Play



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Scratch cards have been popular for decades. The first ones were sold in the 70s by Massachusetts State Lottery. By the turn of the millennium, they had made their way online, and from then, they have dominated the various online gaming websites.

Scratch cards have always enjoyed tremendous popularity because you buy the ticket, scratch with a key and voila you may have won the jackpot.

It is instant gratification, and there is no need to wait till next Wednesday for the draw. If you are lucky, the retailer will pay you outright.

With online scratch cards, it is even faster. Just log in and play. It is easy to win several lakhs of rupees in a few minutes. Lottoland has many types of online scratch card games with tickets from Rs. 12 to Rs. 400.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

Web-based scratch cards

These are the ones usually played. It is entirely browser-based and requires the player to create an account and deposit an initial amount. From this deposit, he can buy tickets and play. The tickets are of different denominations with high and low winnings.

Software installation games

These games require the user to download and install the software. The software can connect the player to the gaming site without the need of a browser.

Why Are Online Scratch Cards So Successful?

All you need is luck

Unlike playing poker or blackjack, you do not need any skill. It is purely a matter of chance like the slot machine and requires no mental engagement. Just place your bet and hope that you win.

It is the simplicity that is so appealing to many.

Happens instantly

Unlike a traditional casino game that can last many hours, online scratch cards can be purchased and played in a few minutes. It is the perfect relaxation tool for many in the middle of a busy day.

Theme based cards

Many of the online games are based on themes such as the baseball World Series and the football World Cup. There is not much to lose and everything to gain through theme-based games. Bet of a few rupees can win you thousands if you match the symbols correctly.

Customer Care

All of the well known online casinos offer round the clock customer care. If you have any query call anytime and ask. The staff will always help you out with tech problems that you might face or withdrawal of winnings.

Withdraw money as needed

The winnings are credited to your player account. When you need, transfer it to the bank of your choice with the click of a button. You can also withdraw using Bitcoins at some online websites. The system is flexible and suits the needs of everybody.

Very little investment

Scratch cards are very affordable. There is no way that you can spend a lot of money on them unless you are playing long hours. Thus most players feel there is not much to lose. Probably all you are spending is no more than the price of a pack of cigarettes. It is the affordability that has made scratch cards extremely popular.


It might be a small investment of few rupees. But winning at online scratch cards will change your life forever. As smartphone tech develops further, we are bound to see highly innovative products from established casinos along the same line.

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