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How an Investment Planner Helps You to Achieve Financial Goals




The idea of reaching out an investment planner sounds like something too elitist. Generally, people think that only the rich have access to such a planner to help them deal with their pool of income, broad investments and a plethora of business accounts. However, the reality is absolutely not like that!

Anyone can seek the assistance of a certified investment planner to deal with debts or seek advice regarding retirement plans, or even to sort out some general financial queries.

Speaking of this, an investment planner works directly with clients and businesses and acts as a catalyst in solving financial problems in a professional way. While some investment planners only assist in planning, there are some others who provide both planning and transactional services.

Let’s move ahead and see how does an investment planner near me or you can help achieve the desired financial goes:

  1. Debt Management

Any professional investment planner would advise you to look for future prospects with regards to your investments and savings, so as to get the best out of the sleeping money.

It is a financial planner’s job to detect any risks and design strategies that would promote long-term financial health for the clients. A debt can become a huge risk over time and cause complications too complex for a layman to be able to handle. This is where a planner can come over for your rescue and push that halted financial progress. What they do is substantial in the sense that they analyze, restructure and discuss the best ways to manage debt.

They can help formulate a sound budget alongside a debt repayment plan. Moreover, they have the ability to gauge any extra money lying within the budget that otherwise, won’t be visible to a common man and advise you as to how it can be used to pay off the debts. However, it is important to note that an investment planner will never negotiate terms like interest rates or monthly payments.

  1. Portfolio Management

An investment plan can help you achieve your financial goals by devising an effective and a highly efficient portfolio management strategy.

The art of mixing investment with policy and matching the investment plans with one’s aims and objectives is a task which only a planner can pull off by balancing risks against the level of performance. They strive to make it easier for you to make sound choices regarding debts, equities, etc. Moreover, they provide a clear path for you to move ahead with your financial goals.

The key factors that are covered in portfolio management include appropriate and even allocation of the assets, diversification which is an act of spreading equally the risks and rewards alongside rebalancing rules.

  1. Inheritance

If you are close to receiving any money as a result of inheritance, chances are that you must be wondering about the best ways to get the most out of this money. Even a little negligence can surely put your inherited money under a huge risk.

An investment planner can prevent such a blessing from becoming a curse. The first thing that might cross your mind would be to invest a big chunk of the received money in various portfolios. It is a wise decision to invest money but where to do that can be a dilemma.

In such a case, an investment planner can walk you through some pragmatic steps. They will help you create strategies regarding the proper use of the financial sources, for instance, put that debt snowball on a faster track or build an emergency fund. Furthermore, they will also be a source of enlightenment as they can tell you in the best possible manner about how you can enjoy a part of it after having making important adjustments.

  1. Tax Planning

Being able to handle and deal with the taxes can be quite an overwhelming experience for any individual. It is definitely not a common man’s cup of tea and sooner or later he might feel the need to seek some professional assistance.

You might face trouble in understanding how taxes impact your finances and an investment planner can give you a clearer picture such as what changes can improve your current tax situation. They will give you a better insight and guide regarding constructing a tax-efficient estate plan. In addition, they also have the right knowledge and education to make the most of the tax breaks readily available to you.

They also tend to apprise the clients about taxes they will end up incurring when they decide to either buy or sell investments. An investment planner’s job requires him to rearrange your existing investments in order to reduce taxable income.

  1. Investments

No one can guide you better than an investment planner when it comes to short-term and long-term investment strategies. Where short-term investment plans are meant to preserve capital, the long-term investment plans are a gateway to wealth creation. Differentiating and decision-making between the two of these can be quite a daunting task.

An investment plan can help you determine what mutual funds to opt for and what are the potential risks when it comes to investment games. They have a different lens through which they assess things which you in your emotional haste might not be able to see through. Additionally, they will be telling you about investment plans such as stocks or bonds and help you choose to keep in mind your current financial position.

In recent decades, real estate has emerged as the most preferred investment option but many people feel lost when it comes to crafting a viable roadmap to run money through. A smart investment planner will kick off such a plan by advising you to own your own home. He will apprise you about the risks relating to such a big-scale investment. While your precious house will gain in value with time, it will also become a source of incredible return on investment (ROI) and naturally, will provide a roof over you and your family.

  1. Educate About Retirement Accounts

How do you envision your retirement period to be? Do you plan to travel to every nook and corner or do you wish to make the most of it by having your grandchildren around? We are sure whatever they wish, it must be one with a constant wave of peace in terms of financial guarantee. But that does not happen just like that! You need to think ahead and strengthen your stream of income and strategies in order to stretch your savings.

We all know that there are accounts which are quite well known amongst the masses whilst some are regarded as obscure. An investment planner put forth the best account options that will promote the growth of your nest by carefully assessing your personal financial situation. From 401(k) or 403(b) to SEP and simple IRA, an investment planner will provide you with the necessary information and will assist you by picking one as per your employment status; whether you are an employee somewhere or are self-employed such as a freelance artist. These are the things that you may end up ignoring unintentionally. Hence, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice because as mentioned earlier, they see things from a professional perspective.

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Damage analysis for construction delay claims



Damage analysis for construction delay claims

Besides petty disputes involving change orders; schedule delay issues are the most common type of construction contract dispute. A significant reason for this is that: both parties are becoming increasingly competitive. This places even more importance on the precise pricing and execution of the work.

The current article will outline some of the major issues that occur in the damage analysis for a construction delay claim.

Issues to address in Construction delay claims

Construction delay claims have a lot more to offer when they occur. It is essential to know that they have so much depth and are more than just the delayed project matter or anything else.

There are times when these claims could get out of hand and require a lot more. Hence, by acquiring professional delay experts, you are going to get this issue resolved.


Postponement of work affects different gatherings and requires a special place of work costs that aggregate after some time. Moreover, when a debate emerges over obligation regarding these additional costs, the groups will regularly perform calendar defer investigation trying to demonstrate their damage claims.


Another foremost factor that is often missed during construction delay claims is the non-compliance with regulatory guidelines. If not acted upon, they can get you into serious trouble.  The thick and thins of regulatory rules can often be missed by the laymen.

Hence, in order to avoid getting into such a situation, compliance rules should be taken care of. By getting expert services of delay experts you can get this issue resolved in no time and also avoid excusable delays.


Courts, discretion boards and other lawful discussions presently favour CPM planning procedures to distinguish and evaluate calendar delays, effects, increasing speeds, and interruptions on development ventures. Experts have demonstrated a practically all general acknowledgement of, and inclination for, CPM planning for their choices.


As recently expressed, plan investigations will in general centre around the primary way and postpone occasions which affect the basic method. This limited spotlight on the primary way depends on an idea called “power of deferral”, which displays the contention that solitary postponements to the fundamental way are significant in surveying effects to the venture culmination date.

One way of thinking presents the contention that non-basic postponement is only engrossing the buoy made by the essential way delay and, in this way, is not really simultaneous.


The issues talked about above are necessary to all defer claims. The assistance of proper specialists and delay experts will permit presentation of such investigation into proof yet the savvy development expert will comprehend from the beginning of issues on the venture the criteria for harms examination that will, in the end, be indispensable in the verification of damages.

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Know Which Is More Beneficial: Top-Up Loan or Step-Up Loan



top up-loan

Choosing between a home loan top-up and a step-up loan requires in-depth know-how about both types of loans. While the financial market is full of lucrative deals from financial institutes, leading non-banking financial companies also offer multiple repayment-friendly choices. Factors like interest rate, EMI, processing fees and hidden charges form the essential aspects to decide before choosing between top-up and a stepup loan.

Difference Between Top-Up and Step-Up Loan

Let’s look at what these loan facilities have to offer –

– Top up loan

A home loan top-up is an additional credit facility extended to those borrowers who already have existing home loans running. Top-up loans can be availed for a wide range of purposes such as:

  • House renovation
  • Funding your child’s higher education
  • Bearing wedding expenses, etc.

This is how you can fulfill your urgent financial needs with a top-up loan. Usually, the Top-up loan interest rate is kept lucrative as compared to other forms of credit.

In case of Top-up loans, an additional credit amount is disbursed to the borrower based on his requirement after checking his:

  • Track record of repayment of the existing home loan
  • Loan to value (LTV) ratio
  • Repayment capacity, etc.

This facility is treated as a separate loan agreement. The documentation required in the case of Top-up loans is kept minimal as the borrower is an existing customer of the lender.


– Step-Up Loan

A step-up loan allows borrowers to access credits with lower interest rates where the lender does not maintain its spread. Step-up loans are offered to low-income borrowers by lenders on a no-profit basis.

Such loans also offer low loan amounts in comparison to a loan top-up although borrowers often refer to them to meet the down payment required for residential property purchase.

You can opt for a Home Loan from NBFCs at the most attractive interest rates. Apart from availing a maximum loan amount of Rs. 5 Crore, you can enjoy flexible repayment tenures of up to 20 years other than Top-Up loan facilities as well. Besides, you get innovative and industry-first facilities like –

  • Instant loan approval and fast disbursal of the sanctioned amount.
  • When your repayment capacity increases, you can pre-pay the loan amount and foreclose it without any extra charges.
  • You can apply for a home loan transfer and avail a top-up loan at a nominal rate of interest. This top-up loan facility can offer loan amounts as high as Rs. 50 Lakh without any additional documentation.

However, you must always use your lender’s top-up loan calculator to calculate your EMI amounts beforehand and fix your budget accordingly.

Both of these loan facilities have their share of benefits. While a step-up loan’s purpose is restricted to purchasing a property, there is no end-usage restriction in case of a home loan top-up. Furthermore, a step-up loan is only for first-time borrowers, while a top-up loan is limited to the existing borrowers.

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How To Stop Squandering And Start Earning Money?




Everybody wants to earn some extra income apart from their regular income. With most of us working for lesser hours and less earning, it is always better to earn some extra money to help make ends meet. While the job market is growing, it is still very difficult for many people to get a job and surviving becomes very hard. Hence, in this situation even for an unemployed person, it becomes imperative to earn some money to keep going. In the age of Internet and Smartphone, anybody can earn a few extra bucks from their home itself.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to earn extra money. You just Google “how to earn money fast” and millions of pages will pop-up on your computer’s window. But here we will discuss only tried and tested ways to earn money.

Creating Digital Content and Selling it Online

Everybody has something unique in them. We all have one skill or talent which we can share to the rest of the world. Whether it is about your experiences or writing your life journey or providing people knowledge and skills about something you are good at- you can put it out online and start.

For example, if you are passionate about writing then you can write for an established company. Initially, you will get paid very less but with time it can be increased. Or you can become a part of whole content for a website where you have to write for each and every page of a website.

You can also create digital content like eBooks, video tutorials, start a channel on YouTube, etc.

It takes time and hard work to get views and subscribers for your channel but once you get it, you can make enough money from it.


Freelancing to offer products or services is a better way to make some extra money. This could be in any form from selling phots or graphic designs to providing services like editing, translations, etc. Many businesses in the UK need people who can take care of their websites and as a freelancer, you can work for multiple clients at the same time. All you need for this is just a laptop and Internet service. If you are a working person but lacks money to get a laptop then you can take loans without guarantor from any online lenders in the UK.

Earning Through Your Own Website or Blog

A website is a basic need of any business in today’s world. And if you can make a website of your own where you can publish all your contents and materials then you can earn in abundance. But don’t expect to earn as soon as you build and launch your own website. Earning will only start when people start visiting your website in numbers and for that, your website has to be popular. And it takes time to make any website popular. Hence, you need to keep patience if you want to grow.

In another case, if you are unemployed then you can start blogging to earn some money. We understand how difficult it seems to make ends meet during unemployment so in order to make the situation little better you can take cash loans for unemployed from any direct lenders in the UK. There are many direct lenders in the UK who provide this type of loans to unemployed.

Once your blog or website becomes popular you can make use of following to earn money:

  • Google AdSense: This is one of the famous ways to make money for blogger and very easy to install. It will display relevant ads to your visitors. For any click on ad, you get money from Google.
  • BlogAds: It a good option for someone who wants to sell their blog’s space for ads at their own price and condition and in turn get some money from the advertiser. All the controls of ads will be in your hand so you can accept or reject any ads depending on your choice.
  • PopAds: This is ideal for those bloggers who are just starting their blogs. These are instant approval ads and there are no minimum traffic requirement criteria for it.

Hence, we have seen a few ways to make extra money with less or no investment at all. If you too want to make some extra cash during your free time then you can choose from any one option discussed above.

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2 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Monthly EMIs With EMI Reduction Offer



EMI financing helps you leverage your purchasing power, allowing you to shop big and maintain your monthly budget as well. However, planning your EMIs is just as important as experts advise that your total EMIs for a month shouldn’t exceed 50% of your income. Abiding by this rule ensures that you have surplus finances, enough to meet obligations that come up unannounced. In this light, if you find yourself servicing large amounts of debt and are wondering how to reduce EMI, consider lowering your outgo via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer.

What is the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer?

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer is a facility extended to EMI Network customers via which you can lower your EMI payments by lengthening the tenure. Further, through this scheme, you can consolidate multiple EMI payments into a single consumer durable loan and refinance it comfortably over a tenure ranging from 5 to 18 months.

This facility comes as an added benefit to the No Cost EMI financing that you enjoy when you buy through the EMI Network. No Cost EMI plans ensure that irrespective of whether you shop for a television, a washing machine or a refrigerator, you pay for the item’s purchase price only without any additional charges. The EMI Reduction Offer goes further, allowing you to purchase multiple consumer durables at the same time, without worrying about exceeding your monthly budget.

Read on to know about how the EMI Reduction Offer helps you make your monthly outgo manageable.

How Can I Reduce My Monthly EMI?

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer helps you reduce your EMI burden by allowing you to repay over an extended tenure. You can do this for one item’s EMIs or for multiple ones by first consolidating them into a single consumer durable loan. 

To illustrate the full range of benefits obtainable via this scheme, take a look at how you can reduce your EMIs for multiple purchases in just 2 easy steps. 

Step 1: Consolidate Your EMI Purchases Into a Personal Loan

Consider that you have bought a home theatre system worth Rs.15,000, an air conditioner priced at Rs.25,000, and a refrigerator costing Rs.60,000, all on No Cost EMIs via the EMI Network. Also, assume that you are repaying these purchases over a 5-month tenure with EMIs amounting to Rs.20,000.

As you can see, servicing multiple EMIs involves handling a large monthly debt and requires you to keep track of several payment dates. To tackle this, Bajaj Finserv allows you to consolidate all your previous consumer loans into a single one and enjoy a relaxed repayment policy at the same time too. 

Read on to learn about how the EMI Reduction Offer makes financing this single EMI easy.

Step 2: Choose The Right Length of Tenure to Optimise Your EMIs

Once you consolidate your debts, you can choose an extended EMI tenure ranging from 5 to 18 months. Thanks to a longer tenure, your debt is now spaced out over a greater number of months, thus making your EMIs smaller.

To illustrate the benefits, consider these tables showcasing the EMI structure after availing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer.

Existing Loan Outstanding Amount

Existing Tenor

Existing EMI


5 months



Loan Amount

New Tenor New EMI

(Inclusive of interest)

Total Fixed Interest 

Reduction in EMI


10 months Rs.2,150 Rs.1,500


The above table illustrates how you can achieve the objective of lessening your monthly debt outgo. Here, the EMI reduction amounts to 46%. At best, the EMI Reduction Offer helps you reduce your installments by up to 70%. 

Now that you know how to reduce EMI and are aware of how the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer works, apply today! 

Availing this offer is easy as you don’t have to produce any documents over and above the ones you’ve already submitted. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the apply now button
  • Enter your basic details such as name and mobile number
  • Wait to receive an OTP on your number and enter it correctly
  • Check your pre-approved offer
  • Accept the offer by submitting the new OTP that you receive

Once you do the above, you will receive an approval message in seconds! So, avail of this unique facility to shop as per your needs without hampering your monthly budget.

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Things to Considered Before Availing for a Home Loan



Payday Loan

With the launch of the PMAY scheme, owning a property has become significantly affordable. This scheme benefits specific sections of the society such as the economically weaker sections, low-income group, mid-income group, and individuals from the minority sections of the country.

Several financial institutions and NBFCs provide advances like home loans at an attractive interest rate to those who do not qualify for this scheme. With the development of some best loan app, managing your credit has become more comfortable.

Given below are certain things that you should know about a home loan before you avail.

  • Loan Amount And Tenor

Home loans provide you with a substantial amount of up to Rs.3.5 crore. You can use this amount to fund the purchase or construction of a house. The loan amount will depend on your financial stability and capability of repayment. The property you purchase with this loan will serve as collateral for the lender in such cases. 

You get to enjoy a prolonged tenor of 20 years to make your payment, making your EMIs affordable. You can track the payment date and EMI amount with the help of the instant loan app of your lender. 

  • Charges

You avail a loan at a specific percentage of interest. Along with the interest rate, your lender may impose other costs, such as:

  1. Application fee.
  2. Late payment fee.
  3. EMI bounce charge.

Also, there can be other applicable charges such as secure charges, statement charges, etc. You can learn about these charges from a home loan app developed specifically by your lender. 

  • Documentation 

To avail a loan, you will have to furnish some documents as mentioned below. 

  1. KYC documents – these include PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, and driving license. 
  2. Address proof – these include water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill, etc. 
  3. Income proof – these include bank account statements, income tax returns, salary slips, profit and loss statements, etc. 
  4. Business existence proof – documents like GST registration certificate, SEBI registration certificate, partnership deed, etc. can serve as a business existence proof. Salaried employees are not required to provide such documents.

You can learn about the other required documents from the home loan app of your lender. 

Several financial institutions and NBFCs provide loans against minimum documents. Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC that offer credits at an attractive interest rate with minimal pre-payment and foreclosure charges. They also provide a balance transfer facility, top-up loan, Bajaj Finserv App, online account access, and other lucrative benefits.

Bajaj Finserv also brings you pre-approved offers to make the application process hassle-free and help you save time. These pre-approved offers are available on secured credits such as home loans and unsecured advances like business loans and personal loans.  

  • Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria that you have to meet to avail home loans are:

  1. Age – the age bracket provided for salaried employees is between 23 and 62 years. If you are a self-employed individual, you have to be within the age group of 25 to 70 years. 
  2. Work experience – if you are salaried, you should have working experience of three years. Working experience of five years is required for a self-employed individual.  
  3. CIBIL score – you will be required to have a CIBIL score of 750 and above. 

In addition, you will have to be a permanent resident of India, residing in any of the cities where your lender operates. Use the home loan app to gather all the necessary information. 

  • Application process

You can conveniently apply online or through a home loan app. To apply online, head over to the official website of your lender and fill the application form with the necessary personal, financial and employment details. After you submit the online form, a representative of your lender will visit you to collect the above-mentioned documents. Once the papers reach your lender, your amount will be disbursed after you receive the approval. 

In addition to the above, there are other things that you should know about your home loan, such as pre-payment and foreclosure charges, NOC, etc. You also get to enjoy tax benefits on such financing. Make sure you pay your due amount on time to improve your credit score.

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