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Selecting the perfect swing set having the best build quality

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Lifetime A-Frame Swing Set
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If you have a swing set in your backyard, it will be perfect for some enjoyment and chilling of the children as well as adults. As you know, swing sets are attached to the childhood memories of most of us find it is also used at the present time for kids as well as for the adults. If you are also planning to install a swing set in your backyard, you will need to focus on several factors to get the perfect one. In the market, you will find different kinds of options for the swing sets that you can get for your place.

Now, you do not have to worry about finding the best swing set for your backyard because you can get the best tips to make decisions for the right one like Lifetime A-frame swing set. Check out the useful tips below to pick the best one:

Material and the quality of the Swing set:

First of all, it is very important to focus on the quality and material of the frame of the Swing set. In the market, you will find different types of material options, including metal, wood, or plastic for it. However, you will not find the same kind of strength and durability of every material. Wood is one of the most used material options for it. However, you can also go for the metal swing set frames if you want to use it with durability and strength for a long time. If you are choosing a metal swing set frame, it will be installed permanently into the ground. For the basic requirements for the kids, you can also go for plastic swing set frames.

Size of the swing set:

It is another important factor that you have to consider on priority when you want to go for the best swing set to use in your backyard. You will need to measure the available space in the yard where you want to install it. You should also focus on your requirements to use it. You can go for the custom size options for swing set frames so you can choose the perfect one that will perfectly match your requirements and the available space.

Need for the upgrade:

It is also essential that you can focus on this factor when you are going to get Lifetime A-frame swing set. If you want to upgrade it in the future, you should go for a basic wood frame for it. With the wooden frame, you can easily go for the additions in the future time. However, you will hardly find upgrade options in metal and plastic frames for the swing set.

Safety should be a priority:

When it comes to going for swings at your place, you should always focus on the safety on priority. When you are going to get hardware, attachments, and accessories, you should make sure that it is completely safe to use. It should not have any sharp edge that can harm the children on it. All the attachments and accessories should have the best in class quality to handle the weight of everyone who is going to use it.

In the last, you can focus on the price of Swing set when you want to buy one in your budget. It will be beneficial to compare the price of some of the good options in the market. On the basis of all these factors, you can definitely choose the best things at that you can install in your backyard. Your kids will really love to use it in the free time, and you can also enjoy your childhood memories with it.

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Hyde10: Bridgewater would be obvious Dolphins starter, Skyler fans; Patriots at bottom of AFC East — 10 thoughts on NFL weekend

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Hyde10: Bridgewater Would Be Obvious Dolphins Starter, Skyler Fans; Patriots At Bottom Of Afc East — 10 Thoughts On Nfl Weekend
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Let’s end this nonsense about whether Teddy Bridgewater or Skyler Thompson would start at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins before it gets out of hand from a certain segment of fans.

If Tua Tagovailoa is out with his concussion issues, Bridgewater starts in the easiest decision of coach Mike McDaniel’s week.

It’s a non-starter as a starting issue. Bridgewater has played in 75 games, the majority as a starter, with a 90.4 quarterback rating. Thompson hasn’t played an NFL snap.

A year ago, Bridgewater ranked 12th in the league with a 94.9 rating in Denver.

A year ago, Thompson was at Kansas State on his way to being a seventh-round pick.

This is a road game, too, in the Meadowlands against the New York Jets. Another factor.

Enough said?

Bridgewater didn’t get an offer to start this year, but no team has a better insurance policy at quarterback. Now the Dolphins probably have to use that policy. Bridgewater completed 14 of 23 passes for 193 yards a touchdown and a costly interception to end the Dolphins’ chances in Cincinnati last Thursday. With a week’s work in practice as the starter, there’s no reason he doesn’t offer the best option.

Thompson looked good in preseason. He could come in and pull a Bailey Zappe, if needed. But this segment of fans pushing for him to start are overthinking this situation.

2. The Dolphins open as 3-point favorites against the New York Jets on Sunday. If you saw the Jets’ 24-20 win against Pittsburgh, you saw why. You also understand with the Jets and Pittsburgh as two of the next three opponents how the schedule lightens up. Throw in Minnesota at home and Detroit and Chicago and this is as light a stretch as the first month was heavy.

3. The one concern with the Jets is they’re somehow 2-2 and showed some late-game magic in both wins. Down two touchdowns with two minutes to go against Cleveland, they won. Down 10 points in the fourth quarter at Pittsburgh, they won. Their late-game recoveries rival the Dolphins wins against Baltimore and Buffalo. Zach Wilson, too, went 5-for-5 on the Jets’ winning drive in his first start of the year.

4. We’re nearly to the quarter-pole of the NFL season, meaning it’s too early for the playoff spots to mean anything, but it’s not too early to look anyhow. The shocker is the AFC has three teams with winning records: Miami, Kansas City and Buffalo. They’re all 3-1. Eight teams are 2-2. Again, there’s a lot to sort out with 12 games to go. But here’s the playoff seeding today:

1. Dolphins 3-1. A great first month, aside from Tua Tagovailoa’s injuries.

2. Kansas City 3-1. Patrick Mahomes just put up 41 points on the NFL’s previously best defense in Tampa Bay — the most Tampa Bay gave up in three seasons.

3. Jacksonville 2-2. They’re for real. Doug Pedersen is showing the problem was Urban Meyer.

4. Cleveland 2-2. Ugly loss to Atlanta on Sunday.

5. Buffalo 2-2. They’re the best team in the league.

6. Cincinnati 2-2. After an 0-2 start, they’re looking like last year’s team.

7. Tennessee 2-2. In his 11th year, Ryan Tannehill has five TDs, three interceptions and a 93.8 rating.

5. Quote of the week from NBC’s Rodney Harrison, who estimates he had at least 20 concussions in his career, regarding the Tagovailoa situation: “I would get hit, the entire stadium is spinning around, and I would go back into the game. It’s not worth it. And I would implore these young men: Don’t go back on that football field if you get hurt, because I don’t want them to have to feel like me and so many other former players that had to deal with concussions. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, paranoia, broken relationships, not being able to communicate with your spouse and things like that, it’s a lot. CTE takes you to a dark place, and I want these players to know, it’s not worth it. Please take care of yourself. Don’t depend on the NFL. Don’t depend on anybody. If something’s wrong with your head, report it.” That, folks, is why such a big deal is made about Tagovailoa’s head trauma.

6. New England is at the bottom of the AFC East and looking at starting their third-string quarterback, Zappe. But don’t go to a full sleep on them. The Patriots played their best game of the year Sunday in losing at Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers vs. Bailey Zappe? Green Bay needed overtime to win 30-27. Zappe took over for Brian Hoyer, who left the game after getting a kick to the head and going into concussion protocol. Starter Mac Jones is out a while with an ankle injury. Belichick has gone from chasing Don Shula’s win record with Tom Brady to chasing him with Zappe, a rookie out of Western Kentucky. Zappe was fine for a third-string rookie coming off the bench, too, completing 10 of 15 passes for 99 yards and a touchdown.

7. Has Raheem Mostert shown he’s the Dolphins primary back? He has 39 carries for 147 yards, a 3.8-yard average. Edmonds has 28 carries for 85 yards, a 3.0-yard average? Mostert also has seven first downs to Edmonds’ three. Receiving? Mostert has eight catches for 58 yards (8.5-yard average) and Edmonds nine for 56 (9.3-yard average).

8. It looked dumb on first glance, and it could have all sorts of AFC East and playoff implications come December. But I’m with Baltimore coach John Harbaugh going for it on fourth-and-goal from the 2 with four minutes left in a tie game against Buffalo. Put yourself in his headset. Buffalo has scored four of its previous five possessions. Harbaugh has a chance to go up a touchdown or make Buffalo take over at its 2-yard line. It couldn’t have turned out much worse. Lamar Jackson threw an interception in the end zone to give Buffalo the ball at the 20-yard line. Buffalo’s Josh Allen then did exactly what Harbaugh feared: His offense drove the ball 77 yards downfield, stopping only to run out the clock so the 21-yard field goal wins it. Harbaugh caught a lot of grief. And no one would have said anything if he’d kicked the field goal and Buffalo turned that 77-yard field goal drive into an 80-yard touchdown drive as it easily could have. But he made the odd-looking right decision that didn’t work out.

9. Stat of Week 4: Baltimore is the second team in NFL history to lead games (plural) by at least 17 points in their first four games of a season and lose, according to Elias Sports. Sunday it was against Buffalo. The first one was when the Dolphins came from 21 points down in the fourth quarter. The other team to descend to that was Minnesota in 2011. Does Jackson put out this tweet to Buffalo that he did to the Dolphins?

10. It’s odd to see stern, old-school Belichick with a man-crush on Aaron Rodgers. The coach who keeps to himself talked for a long time with Rodgers before and after Sunday’s game. Then came his assessment of the loss: “In the end, Rodgers was just too good. He made some throws that only Rodgers can make. We had pretty good coverage on some of those and he was just too smart, too good, too accurate. In the end he got us.”


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Start of something big? Heat preseason could be laboratory for Erik Spoelstra upsized lineups

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Start Of Something Big? Heat Preseason Could Be Laboratory For Erik Spoelstra Upsized Lineups
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This could have been the moment for experimentation and perhaps the start of something big, with the Minnesota Timberwolves arriving to FTX Arena on Tuesday night for the Miami Heat’s exhibition opener.

There arguably is no better opponent in today’s NBA to test the possibilities and feasibility of going with dual big men than against what the Timberwolves will offer this season with Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Such direct evaluations, however, will have to wait, with Towns recovering from a non-COVID illness that kept him out of training camp.

With the Heat in the offseason bringing back veteran big man Dewayne Dedmon at twice last season’s salary, even with Bam Adebayo and Omer Yurtseven already in place, the Heat are positioned to roll out something along the line of dual centers, particularly without a true power forward on the roster.

“Playing with two bigs is something that definitely is in our wheelhouse,” coach Erik Spoelstra told the Sun Sentinel during training camp.

Which also has been the case since Adebayo was selected No. 14 out of Kentucky in 2017.

Which also is something that mostly simply has not happened with Adebayo.

Last season, Spoelstra utilized dual big men for a total of 33 minutes, not at all in the playoffs.

It is a pattern that began upon Adebayo’s arrival, when he played just 52 minutes alongside Hassan Whiteside during the 2017-18 regular season, none during the Heat’s five-game playoff run that postseason.

“I don’t know how we’ll address that during the regular season,” Spoelstra said, “but in training camp we do have to look at all of our different variants of our lineups. That’s what training camp is for, that’s what preseason is for.”

The Heat’s five-game preseason schedule well could go a long way toward determining whether there will be a next big thing for Spoelstra.

The constant in Spoelstra’s big lineups has been the presence of at least one 3-point-shooting big man.

For example, before Kelly Olynyk was dealt to the Houston Rockets at the March 2021 NBA trading deadline, he played 37 games and 630 minutes that season alongside Adebayo.

The season before, Adebayo played 1,365 combined minutes alongside either Olynyk or Meyers Leonard, another outside-shooting big man.

And in 2018-19, Adebayo played 1,038 minutes alongside Olynyk.

Ultimately, it could come down to whether any of the Heat’s big men can create the type of 3-point spacing provided by last season’s starting power forward P.J. Tucker, who left for the Philadelphia 76ers in free agency.

Yurtseven said he spent the offseason making at least 300 3-pointers a day, shooting them, he said, at an 80-percent clip.

Adebayo said he, too, converted that many 3-pointers during his workout days, “at about 70 percent.”

For his part, Dedmon shot a career-best .404 on 3-pointers last season on limited attempts with the Heat, after averaging more than one 3-point conversion a game during a two-season stint with the Atlanta Hawks.

“You saw me in Atlanta? I had two years where they had to respect the three,” Dedmon said. “I didn’t go away from it. I wasn’t getting the same opportunities. Came here, just tried to work my way into figuring out the offense before I started doing other things.

“Last year I saw my opportunities. I took ‘em when I could. That’s what I did this summer. I worked on consistency, making sure it falls more often.”

The issue with Adebayo is that if he becomes the floor-spacing big man, it would further take him away from the rim, in light of all the switching he does to the perimeter on defense.

“The way the game is going, you’re going to have to start shooting more threes,” Adebayo said. “It makes it more dynamic for your offense. I feel like big dudes need to shoot threes.”

So Adebayo & Yurtseven? Adebayo & Dedmon? Dedmon & Yurtseven?

“Spo’s a smart man,” Dedmon said. “Whatever he sees fit, he’s going to do. I love to play with Bam, but we’ll see what happens.”

Miami Heat dual-center usage

2021-22 regular season

Adebayo-Yurtseven, 3 games, 18 minutes.

Adebayo-Dedmon, 5 games, 14 minutes.

Dedmon-Yurtseven, 1 game, less than 1 minute total

2022 playoffs

Adebayo-Dedmon, no time together

Adebayo-Yurtseven, no time together

Dedmon-Yurtseven, no time together

2020-21 regular season

Adebayo-Olynyk, 37 games, 630 minutes

Adebayo-Leonard, 2 games, 16 minutes

Adebayo-Achiuwa, 6 games, 7 minutes

Adebayo-Dedmon, 1 game, less than 1 minute total

2021 playoffs

Adebayo-Dedmon, one game, eight minutes

2019-20 regular season

Adebayo-Leonard, 49 games, 781 minutes

Adebayo-Olynyk, 58 games, 584 minutes

Leonard-Olynyk, 3 games, four minutes.

2020 playoffs

Adebayo-Olynyk, nine games, 39 minutes

Adebayo-Leonard, no time together

Leonard-Olynyk, no time together

2018-19 regular season

Adebayo-Olynyk, 75 games, 1,038 minutes

Olynyk-Whiteside, 50 games, 458 minutes

Adebayo-Whiteside, 12 games, 14 minutes

2017-18 regular season

Adebayo-Olynyk, 39 games, 477 minutes

Olynyk-Whiteside, 21 games, 186 minutes

Adebayo-Whiteside, 11 games, 52 minutes

2018 playoffs

Adebayo-Olynyk, 5 games, 52 minutes

Olynyk-Whiteside, 4 games, 12 minutes

Adebayo-Whiteside, no time together


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Putin’s troubles deepen as Ukraine break through in Kherson

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Putin'S Troubles Deepen As Ukraine Break Through In Kherson
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Ukrainian forces appeared to make further significant gains on Monday, pressuring Russian President Vladimir Putin as the Kremlin faced growing domestic unease over the state of its beleaguered army and chaotic efforts to bolster it.

Troops from Kyiv were advancing in the east and south of the country, threatening another major breakthrough and forcing Putin’s soldiers to withdraw from territory he claimed to have annexed in a grand ceremony last week.

Moscow has matched its annexation demands with a call for reservists and new nuclear threats, a sweeping move that not only threatened to escalate its standoff with Ukraine’s Western allies, but also expose its domestic vulnerabilities. .

Russian lawmakers on Monday ratified the illegal annexation of four partially occupied Ukrainian regions: Donetsk and Luhansk in the east, and Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in the south. But while the Kremlin said it had yet to determine where the borders of its newly claimed lands would be drawn, areas under its control were being pushed back quickly.

Advances in Kherson

Moscow said its troops abandoned Lyman over the weekend to avoid encirclement, with Western officials and observers hailing Ukraine’s recapture of the town in the eastern Donetsk region as an important development that could open up the way to further progress.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said his army had taken over two settlements in the southern Kherson region. “The successes of our soldiers are not limited to Lyman,” he said in a statement on Telegram on Sunday.

It was the first official sign of significant Ukrainian gains in the south, where Russia concentrated the majority of its forces to repel a much-vaunted counteroffensive – opening up to a surprise push in the northeast that toppled the course of the war.

After weeks of slow progress and relentless artillery fire in the south, Ukraine appeared to be making progress there as well.

“Superior enemy tank units managed to penetrate the depth of our defense,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in an update on Telegram.

“The information is tense, let’s put it that way, because, yes, there have indeed been breakthroughs,” Vladimir Saldo, the Russian-installed leader in occupied Kherson, told Russian state television. , according to Reuters.

“There is a settlement called Dudchany, just along the Dnieper River, and right there in that area there was a (Ukrainian) breakthrough,” he said. This would represent a major advance of about 20 miles, threatening thousands of Russian troops on the west bank of the river.

domestic malaise

Ukraine’s successes despite Russia’s proclaimed annexation have added to mounting pressure on Putin, with voices generally supporting the Kremlin criticizing Russia’s performance in the war.

“The Russian defeat in Kharkiv Oblast and Lyman, combined with the Kremlin’s inability to carry out effective and fair partial mobilization, fundamentally changes the Russian information space,” said the Institute for the Study of war in its latest update.

Discussion of the conflict “has strayed considerably from the preferred narratives of the Kremlin and the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) that things are generally under control”, the US-based military think tank added.

Russian nationalist military bloggers have turned to criticism of the war’s direction in recent days, with many reporting on the latest setbacks on the battlefield.

“When so many Russian channels sound the alarm, it usually means they’re in trouble,” Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a think tank, said on Twitter.

As Putin’s proclaimed annexation has been celebrated at patriotic rallies in Russia and the regions it occupies, the domestic mood has become less positive.PA

The country’s state media also reflected the increasingly pessimistic tone.

Dmitry Sablin, a senior lawmaker, told state television on Sunday that Russian forces needed to “stop and regroup” and were facing all kinds of shortages.

Putin sought to bolster his struggling forces by calling up hundreds of thousands of troops, a partial mobilization that was marked by chaotic conscription efforts and an exodus of many people fleeing conscription.

About half of enlisted soldiers in a region of Russia’s Far East have been sent home after being deemed unfit for military service, the local governor said on Monday.

The region’s military commissar was also removed from his post, Khabarovsk Governor Mikahil Degtyarev said in a statement on his Telegram channel.

“The Kremlin’s declaration of partial mobilization exposed the Russian general public to the consequences of the defeat around Kharkiv and then Lyman, shattering the Kremlin’s efforts to portray the war as limited and generally successful,” the Institute for study of war.

Another sign of uncertainty was that it was unclear which lands Russia intended to annex to eastern and southern Ukraine.

“We will continue to consult the people of these border regions,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday in response to a question on the subject.

Putin has vowed to use “all available means” to defend the territory he is co-opting, an implied threat of nuclear war to defend his fragile hold on the annexed territory. This grip seemed to loosen more with each new update.


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Prince Harry turned down crisis reunion with Prince William after talking about their breakup in TV documentary, new book claims

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Prince Harry Turned Down Crisis Reunion With Prince William After Talking About Their Breakup In Tv Documentary, New Book Claims
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Prince William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex walk behind the coffin during the procession for the beheading of Queen Elizabeth II.Karwai Tang/WireImage

  • Valentine Low’s new book on the royal family, ‘Brokers’, was released in the UK on Thursday.

  • In an excerpt published in the Daily Mail, Low writes about the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William.

  • Harry turned down a crisis meeting with William in 2019, Low reports.

The Duke of Sussex refused to meet the Prince of Wales after he spoke about their breakup in a TV documentary, according to a new royal book.

According to an excerpt from ‘Brokers’ by Valentine Low, published in the Daily Mail on Sunday, Prince William requested a crisis meeting with his brother after Prince Harry said they were ‘on different paths’ in the documentary from ITV, “Harry and Meghan: A Journey to Africa”, in November 2019.

“Part of that role and part of that job, that family, being under the pressure that they’re under, inevitably things happen,” Harry said in the documentary.

“But listen, we are brothers, we will always be brothers,” he added. “We are definitely on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him and like I know he will always be there for me.

Valentine Low is a royal correspondent who has covered the royal family for The Times of London since 2008, according to her profile on the Times website. In his role, he traveled abroad with the Queen, Prince and Princess of Wales and other members of the Royal Family.

In Low’s book, which was released in the UK on Thursday, he said William used WhatsApp to message Harry and request a meeting the day after the documentary aired.

“It put Harry and Meghan in a spin. What should they do?” Low wrote, adding that Harry was initially in favor of a meeting before finding out that William would have to inform his private secretary to clear his schedule.

“He was so worried about William’s team leaking the visit to the press that he’d rather not see his brother than risk it ending up in the papers. For anyone who knew what was going on, this was heartbreaking,” Low wrote.

“It highlighted the dysfunction at the heart of so many royal relationships, and how royals so rarely pick up the phone to speak to each other directly. Instead, they communicate through the device around them. And the result is distrust and section,” he added.

Low also reports that William and Kate Middleton’s team felt Harry and Meghan were trying to upstage their Pakistan tour, which coincided with the release of their documentary.

“William and Kate’s team were apparently unhappy and saw it as a deliberate attempt to wipe the couple out of the headlines. Relations between the two households became quite strained,” Low wrote. .

Representatives for the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Read the original Insider article


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The Chicago Bears’ last-ranked run defense is on a historically bad pace. Brad Biggs’ 10 thoughts on the Week 4 loss to the New York Giants.

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The Chicago Bears’ Last-Ranked Run Defense Is On A Historically Bad Pace. Brad Biggs’ 10 Thoughts On The Week 4 Loss To The New York Giants.
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10 thoughts after the Chicago Bears continued to have problems stopping the run in a 20-12 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

1. There might not be an NFL team more comparable to the Bears than the Giants.

Both made massive overhauls in the offseason, hiring a new general manager, head coach and staff. Both have ongoing issues at quarterback, with the Giants seemingly closer to an expiration date. Daniel Jones is in the final year of his rookie contract, drafted two years ahead of Justin Fields. Both have well-documented issues on the offensive line and badly need upgrades (emphasis on the plural) at wide receiver.

Put a Bears fan and a Giants fan in the same room and ask about their team needs, and the lists will sound similar and might be in the same order. They are indistinguishable in a lot of ways, especially in that both have run the ball well and have struggled to stop the run.

The Giants will have an easier time coaching corrections this week coming off a victory that lifts them to 3-1, a surprising start for a team that played so poorly last year. But make no mistake about it, this is a badly flawed team much like the Bears. It will be a rough week for the Giants, who had 10 players leave the game with injuries and who might be scrambling for a quarterback before departing Thursday for London, where they will play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

It should be a rough week for the Bears as well, as some of their early issues are reappearing — and not just the inability to throw the ball. ESPN’s Matt Hasselbeck compared the Bears to a service academy offense Sunday morning. That doesn’t mean they are patriotic. It means they can run the ball but not much else.

The Giants ran over the Bears defense, piling up 262 rushing yards, the most the Bears have allowed since the Eagles ran for 289 in a 54-11 drubbing on Dec. 22, 2013, in Philadelphia. Sunday’s total was the fourth-most rushing yards the Bears have allowed since the start of the 1977 season, and it’s no wonder they rank last in the NFL against the run, allowing 183.3 yards per game.

The sample size remains small — something you keep hearing about the team’s passing statistics — but that puts the Bears on pace to surrender 3,116 rushing yards this season. Only two teams in league history have been trampled for more. The 1978 Buffalo Bills allowed 3,228 rushing yards and the 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers gave up 3,146.

The problem with Sunday’s showing is the Bears were run over by a team that had next to no intention of throwing the ball. It’s not like they didn’t expect the Giants to serve up a big dose of Saquon Barkley (31 rushes, 146 yards) while mixing in some runs for fleet-footed Daniel Jones (six rushes, 68 yards, two touchdowns).

The Giants receiver corps makes the Bears group looked polished. Giants wideouts combined for three receptions for 25 yards. And tight ends Daniel Bellinger and Tanner Hudson won’t be mistaken for Jeremy Shockey, Mark Bavaro or any other Giants tight end of yesteryear.

So the Bears knew they would get a big dose of the Giants rushing attack and still allowed 6 yards per carry. Jones wound up leaving the game late in the third quarter with a left ankle injury, and his backup, Tyrod Taylor, was put in concussion protocol after a helmet-to-helmet hit from cornerback Kyler Gordon. Jones came back in as a receiver and the Giants ran wildcat plays with Barkley taking the snaps.

“Obviously in the first half we needed to do a better job of stopping the run with the quarterback,” Bears coach Matt Eberflus said. “I thought we did a good job of adjusting to that in the second half. Saquon ended up popping some runs on us, and they ran the ball too effectively for us to win the game.”

When the opponent drops 262 rushing yards on you, it’s a lot more than getting hit here and there with some quarterback bootlegs — though Jones is a magician when it comes to executing a play fake. He’s as good as it gets at selling the handoff. Taylor added 30 rushing yards during his short stint, so the Giants got 98 from their quarterbacks.

“We kind of knew after the first drive what their game plan was going to be — to load the box up a little bit,” Barkley said in explaining why Jones and Taylor could get loose. “If they are going to do that, they don’t have enough guys out there. We did a great job of, even though they loaded the box, the O-line was leaning on them, making the right calls, creating movement. I was able to make some of the right reads, put a little pressure on the defense.”

Giants center Jon Feliciano said he had no idea until returning to the locker room that they rolled up 262 yards on the ground, the franchise’s most since a 301-yard performance in an overtime victory over the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 21, 2008.

“The (Bears) did a good job,” Feliciano said. “They rolled in a Cover-6 look. They were bringing that safety down. They went to diamond sometimes and they blitzed the safety. They were doing all they could to stop it. We had a special guy (Barkley) behind us.”

Let’s put this in perspective. The Bears defense has allowed 733 rushing yards in four games. In 2018, the Bears allowed 1,280 rushing yards in 16 games. If there’s an overarching point — besides that the Giants and Bears both have a lot of improving to do — it’s that while determining how the Bears are going to fix the offense in the offseason (wide receiver, offensive line, quarterback?), don’t overlook a defense that has been beaten badly up front. This is a total overhaul that’s in the beginning stages, and the first month of the season reinforces that.

Eberflus talked last week about the need to get the pass rush going. He knows as well as anyone you have to earn the opportunity to get after the quarterback, and you do that by stopping the run. In this situation, the Giants had no intention to throw the ball and still ran wild.

2. Justin Fields was better in the loss than he has been this season, but the bar is so ridiculously low that we’re not talking about a lot.

He completed 11 of 22 passes for 174 yards, including a 56-yard deep shot to Darnell Mooney. Fields had good protection and let it rip downfield with Mooney going against single coverage. Good play. Good throw.

What did the Bears do five plays later on third-and-3 from the Giants 5-yard line? Handed off to Khalil Herbert for a run into the middle of New York’s line. A field goal followed.

Fields had two 18-yard passes to Mooney and a 23-yard pass to tight end Trevon Wesco. That was pretty much it for downfield throws. Cole Kmet had a nice 15-yard gain, much of which was the tight end being physical, and Herbert gained 24 yards on a screen pass. Other than that, Fields was quick to pull the ball down and scramble, and a Giants pass rush that had three sacks through three games totaled six Sunday.

Still, this counts as progress. The Bears reached the red zone three times but couldn’t get in the end zone, and ultimately that was the difference. It’s challenging to throw the ball in the red zone and even more difficult in the low red zone (inside the 10). When the Bears can’t do that, it will be tough to score touchdowns.

Fields is up to 34 completions on the season and is completing 50.7% of his attempts. For reference, entering the Sunday night game seven quarterbacks had 100 or more completions.

“Who said the passing game wasn’t working?” Fields said after the game when asked why the team has had so much success running the ball but can’t get anything done consistently through the air.

The nice answer to Fields is it would take him a lot less time to compile a list of those who believe the Bears passing game is working. Nothing about it has been good and it has been hard to watch as the quarterback, offensive line and skill positions all need to be better.

“I thought it improved,” Matt Eberflus said when asked about the passing game. “We were playing a blitz team, so I thought he handled that relatively well. I love the way he was throwing the ball down the field. That’s going to open up more things for us.”

The Giants wanted to pin Fields in the pocket — a lot easier to plan than it is to execute — and make him throw the ball. He got out on the edges and hurt them some. The Bears offense converted 5 of 15 third downs, and three of them were Fields scrambles.

“Oh, man, he’s an athlete,” said Giants defensive end Azeez Ojulari, whose strip-sack of Fields in the second quarter led to a New York touchdown. “You keep him in the pocket and make him play quarterback, try to make him throw the ball, you can get pressure on him.”

Getting Mooney 94 yards was a huge plus and something the offense needs to aim for on a weekly basis. Kmet got three targets and I’m not sure that constitutes progress. It’s being kind to call the passing game disjointed, no matter how many ways the coaches try to express confidence in it.

“Numbers don’t matter,” Fields said. “As long as we win, like I said, that’s all I care about.”

That’s fair and I don’t doubt for a second that Fields is a team-first guy who prioritizes winning over all else. It’s also fair to say the 2-2 Bears won’t win many games — certainly not against teams better than the Giants — unless the passing game becomes a lot more consistent and productive.

“I see positivity there in the passing game,” Eberflus said. “I think we ran the ball relatively well today, but I do see progression during practice and I saw progress today. That’s a defense that has a lot of pressure and we still got the ball down the field, which was a positive to me.”

3. Interesting decision by Matt Eberflus to punt with the Bears trailing 20-12 on fourth-and-2 at their 45-yard line with 3:15 remaining.

Maybe it would have turned out to be the right move if Velus Jones hadn’t muffed a punt return, but Eberflus was putting more faith in a run defense that had been roughed up over his offense.

Trenton Gill’s punt looked a little ugly but he got a nifty roll and wound up with a 52-yarder that pinned the Giants on their 3-yard line.

“I think it was a great decision, the punt and pin,” Eberflus said. “We had three timeouts, we bang the first two right there. Then when Velus gets the punt there, we were going to have one timeout above two minutes at midfield. So that way we were going to flip the field right there. That gives us a chance to go score that touchdown and go for the 2-point conversion to tie the game.”

Flip the field? The Bears were on their 45-yard line before the punt. You have to commend the defense for forcing a quick three-and-out, but it feels a little odd saying the Bears did anything well defending the run there. My interpretation is Eberflus let us know he felt better about stopping the Giants’ effort to burn time off the clock — relying first on a very good punt and coverage — to then get the ball back near where the offense was when it needed 2 yards for a first down.

4. The Bears had letdowns in all three phases, with Velus Jones’ muff eliminating any real chance to tie the game.

No, I didn’t consider the crazy lateral party on the final play a legitimate chance. On the muff, it looked like Giants punter Jamie Gillan outkicked his coverage, just as he did earlier in the game when Jones had a 19-yard return. Jones had room along the New York sideline but never secured the ball.

“The wind was carrying the ball a lot, especially in that direction,” Jones said. “You just have to beat the ball to the spot. I felt like I didn’t do that. I was still moving with it instead of beating the ball to the spot.”

The first rule for returners is to secure the ball, and Jones wasn’t able to do that in his NFL debut after missing the first three games with a lingering hamstring injury. He didn’t play on offense Sunday and only handled returns, an area where the Bears have been seeking a spark with the offense struggling.

“We had great blocking,” Matt Eberflus said. “There was a wide space for us to go to return that ball.”

He’s right about that, and the miscue took away from an otherwise solid effort for the special teams. Rookie Josh Blackwell forced a fumble by Giants punt returner Richie James. Blackwell was able to recover it as well, netting the Bears 45 yards of field position and ultimately resulting in a field goal.

Jones was more of a kickoff returner during his long college career and didn’t return punts until last season, when he had 18 for Tennessee. He has the ability to be a threat on punts but is much more experienced as a kickoff returner, and it was gusty in a stadium where the wind is known to swirl.

5. It looked like the Bears were creating a situation in which they would have to choose between Sam Mustipher and Teven Jenkins as a starter.

I don’t know that they will have to do that anytime soon after left guard Cody Whitehair exited with a right knee injury. The Bears are sometimes slow to provide injury updates during games, but they quickly announced Whitehair was doubtful to return and he left the locker room afterward with a large brace on his right leg, getting a cart ride to the buses.

If Whitehair misses time, Lucas Patrick would stay at left guard, Mustipher at center and Jenkins at right guard. The reason it looked like Mustipher and Jenkins were potentially competing for a starting job is the Bears targeted Patrick in free agency with a two-year, $8 million contract to be a starter. So with his right thumb healed, Patrick is going to be in the lineup and it’s only a matter of where.

Jenkins has been settling in as an interior lineman with each passing week of experience, and it was setting up a decision for the coaches of having Mustipher at center and Patrick at right guard or Patrick at center and Jenkins at right guard. Making it a real decision is that Mustipher has played pretty well. The Bears weren’t going to rotate centers and Mustipher is definitely best at center, not guard.

This was Whitehair’s 99th regular-season start, and he has missed only two games, both in 2020 when he had a calf injury. He is expected to undergo an MRI on Monday, when the Bears will get a better understanding of the nature of his injury.

6. Michael Badgley lost a kicking competition Tuesday, won one Friday and made the only kicks that mattered Sunday.

In a week in which the veteran kicker racked up some frequent flier miles, Badgley made four field goals — hitting from 29, 22, 40 and 35 yards — to account for the Bears’ only points as a fill-in for Cairo Santos, who missed the game for personal reasons.

It was only the fourth time in Badgley’s career he made four field goals in a game and the third time he was 4-for-4, a nice ending to a whirlwind week and a performance that should help him get looks elsewhere with the Bears hopeful Santos will be available soon.

The Chiefs reached out to Badgley last Monday after kicker Matt Ammendola faltered while replacing injured mainstay Harrison Butker. Badgley, who lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., was on a flight from Los Angeles to Kansas City later that day for a tryout Tuesday. The Chiefs wound up picking the other competitor, Matthew Wright, so Badgley flew back to Los Angeles.

He was at home around noon Pacific time Thursday when his agent, Brian McLaughlin, called to let him know the Bears wanted him for a tryout the next day. By 5:30 p.m. he was on a flight to O’Hare, getting in after midnight Central time. Badgley outperformed Brian Johnson and Josh Lambo, and the Bears signed him to the practice squad Saturday morning before elevating him to the game-day roster.

“These are the situations you want to happen,” Badgley said, not referring to Santos’ situation. “You show up, you want to win the job and be able to go kick on Sundays.”

The Bears brought in a long snapper and holder for the tryout, so it wasn’t until pregame warm-ups that Badgley worked with Patrick Scales and rookie holder Trenton Gill. That’s the life of a free-agent kicker, waiting for a phone call and hoping for an opportunity.

What made the entire adventure a little better for Badgley is that he was raised in Summit, N.J., about 20 miles from the stadium. He was a Giants fan growing up and had friends at the game rooting for him in a new uniform, one he might not wear again.

7. Defensive tackle Armon Watts is really looking forward to Sunday’s meeting with the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Watts spent all of training camp and the preseason running with the first team in Minnesota before the Vikings made the 26-year-old part of their cuts to a 53-man roster at the end of August.

Watts had one sack and three tackles in the preseason and figured he would be in the Vikings starting lineup in Week 1. The Vikings drafted him in the sixth round from Arkansas in 2019, and he developed under the former coaching staff as a solid rotational player, reaching a peak last season when he played in all 17 games (nine starts) with five sacks, 33 quarterback pressures and two forced fumbles to go with 46 tackles.

Watts played defensive tackle in Mike Zimmer’s scheme and was moved to end in the 3-4 scheme under new coach Kevin O’Connell. The Vikings wound up trading with the Houston Texans on cutdown day to acquire Ross Blacklock to replace Watts.

“I am pretty sure everyone in the state (of Minnesota) was surprised,” Watts said. “It definitely was a letdown, but it’s part of the game. I had to adapt fast coming over here to Chicago. You know, everything happens for a reason, so I am excited to be here.

“I’m not blind. If I’m with the second or third team maybe you see it coming. But it hit hard for me, especially being there going on four years (and) producing like I did last year. I am here with the Bears now, I am still in the NFC North and I am excited.”

The Bears have used Watts in the interior rotation, and the scheme probably plays to his skill set. He has some interior rushing ability and playing the run is probably not his strong point — and has been an issue for the group as a whole. In my unofficial snap count (the MetLife Stadium press box is high above the field, making it challenging), I had Watts for a season-high 26 snaps.

With the Giants not throwing much, it made pressuring the quarterback challenging. Watts has eight tackles through four games and now gears up to face his former team.

“That is probably the one I’ve got marked off on my calendar,” he said. “Is it circled? Most definitely.”

8. The first NFL all-star game was played in 1939 at Wrigley Field as the NFL All-Stars played the Giants.

It was an experimental game for the young league, and the Pro Bowl was born in 1951 with the game being held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the first 22 years. It then moved around to different cities before Aloha Stadium in Honolulu began hosting the game in 1980. With costs a factor, it came back to the mainland in 2015 before one more trip to Hawaii and then stops in Orlando, Fla., and Las Vegas.

The game — a tackle football game — is no more as the NFL announced last week it is replacing it with the Pro Bowl Games after this season. There will be skills competitions during the week and a series of 7-on-7 games to conclude the week.

It’s the end of an era for a game that over the last several decades rarely resembled what you’re accustomed to in an NFL product. Many veteran players would back out with legitimate and sometimes not-so-legitimate injuries, and it became increasingly challenging for the league to put on a game that didn’t draw criticism from viewers.

The development is a win for the players, who no longer have to risk injury in a game that doesn’t pay them a whole lot. But I was curious how Bears linebacker Roquan Smith, who was a legitimate Pro Bowl candidate the last couple of seasons despite not being selected, felt about the game being canceled.

“That was actually cool,” Smith said. “A lot of guys may go out there (now). I’ve never been out there, but a lot of guys just look forward to being out there and being able to just enjoy each other’s company and not so much trying to take other guys out (in the game) but all about having fun. So I think it’s great. No more risking injuries.”

Former Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long was added to the Pro Bowl as an alternate three times, and those trips were some of the most memorable of his career.

“I remember the first time we played against the Packers,” Long said. “T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton walked up to me after the game and I had so much going on as a young player in the league, and when they first walked up to me, I remember T.J. going, ‘You’re going to go across the pond sometime.’ I had no idea what he was talking about. At year’s end, there was an injury, I was an alternate and I was able to go as a rookie and it was a lot of fun to go.

“Showing up in Hawaii as a young player and getting to see legends from both conferences, both sides of the ball, with their families and girlfriends and getting to hang out with them in a noncompetitive setting all week was really priceless. These are the best in our game and I feel like the Pro Bowl has been diluted a bit with people who don’t show up to the game, people that don’t compete in the game.

“When I was playing, guys were going hard. J.J. Watt is trying to win MVP, he’s trying to get that pickup truck at the end of the game. These guys have things to play for. But I understand now with a longer season the willingness for players to say, ‘No, we don’t want to do this anymore,’ and fans saying, ‘No, we don’t see the product that you’re showing anymore.’”

Long kicked around the topic on the Green Light Podcast last week with his brother Chris Long, discussing different ideas that could be incorporated in the future. The league has said there will be dodgeball, a best catch competition and quarterback drills, including a “thread the needle” competition.

“One idea I had was to get the helmets off the guys, get them in Pro Bowl jerseys and have them be doing ‘American Gladiator’-type stuff,” Kyle Long said. “Patrick Mahomes shooting a tennis ball gun at linebackers trying to run across a court. Or have Aaron Donald do King of the Hill with an offensive lineman. Stuff like that. Find a way to make it entertaining, and the options are endless with the talent and the personalities we have in this NFL.

“People want to see offensive linemen do things that are uncharacteristic of themselves. So if you had a 7-on-7 draft only consisting of big guys and then you get a real quarterback back there, you could have a fun product on the field. You could have Lane Johnson running routes against Myles Garrett. Are you freaking kidding me? You want to see how athletic these guys are? You want to see the definition of a skills competition, put those two guys out there. Lane Johnson hasn’t given up a sack since middle school. If you put him out there, people don’t notice him because he doesn’t give up sacks. He’s the best player on the football field. That is some stuff I would watch.

“None of us are strangers to the names of Pro Bowlers on our teams. The history of this league is what makes it so special and to match the history with our current talent … getting to be invited to the Pro Bowl, knowing you are one of the best guys in the universe at what you do is important. And I feel like it is a cherry on top for a season for guys like, let’s say Roquan Smith, who is not going to be playing in the Super Bowl this year. But he is balling in obscurity and it’s an opportunity to get more eyeballs and more recognition for guys like that or a guy like Khalil Herbert. That’s just the Bears. There are guys like that who do not get celebrated enough. I’d love to see it.”

9. The Giants were one of the teams that passed on Justin Fields in the 2021 draft as they traded the No. 11 pick the Bears used to select him.

Quarterbacks went with the first three picks — Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance — and the Giants can be considered one of three “quarterback-needy” teams that passed on Fields after that. The Carolina Panthers used the eighth pick on cornerback Jaycee Horn and the Denver Broncos chose cornerback Patrick Surtain II with the ninth selection. The Panthers still need a quarterback, the Broncos acquired Russell Wilson and the Giants figure to be in the QB market after this season. They declined the fifth-year option in Daniel Jones’ contract, and he will be a free agent in March.

If you’re looking for a winner in the Bears-Giants trade, happy searching. I’m not sure one exists. Fields’ struggles are well-documented. The Giants used the No. 20 pick in 2021 that they got from the Bears on wide receiver Kadarius Toney, and he has produced very little, missing Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury. The Giants used a fifth-round pick from the Bears in 2021 to trade up and choose cornerback Aaron Robinson, who played a little as a rookie and returned Sunday after missing time to have his appendix removed. He exited the game early with a knee injury.

The Giants had two picks from the Bears this year, using a first-round choice (No. 7) on right tackle Evan Neal and a fourth-round pick on tight end Daniel Bellinger. Neal has been up and down — he was much better against the Bears than he was in Week 3 against the Dallas Cowboys — and Bellinger had a team-high three receptions for 23 yards.

Maybe one side will emerge as a clear winner of the trade in the next couple of years, but it would be disingenuous for either side to claim victory at this point. It might be easier for the Giants to nudge ahead simply because they have more options. The Bears are leaning on Fields alone.

10. This is the beginning of a challenging slate for the Bears with four of their five October games on the road.

The last time the Bears had four road games in a five-game span was in 2015, the first season for coach John Fox. However, a bye week was sprinkled in the middle of that stretch, and this year’s bye doesn’t come until Week 14, the final week for byes. In 2014, Marc Trestman’s final season, the Bears were on the road for four games in a five-game stretch without the benefit of a bye.

The back end of the schedule is kind to Matt Eberflus’ team when it comes to travel. Four of the final five games are at Soldier Field as the Bears travel only once after returning to MetLife Stadium for a Nov. 27 game against the New York Jets.

10a. I don’t know if the Bears seriously pursued St. Rita and Northern Illinois product Kenny Golladay in free agency in 2021. Some reported the Bears were in the mix for the former Detroit Lions star, and he eventually landed with the Giants for four years and $72 million. What’s the old saying? Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make. In 17 games with the Giants, Golladay has 39 receptions for 543 yards and no touchdowns. He parlayed consecutive 1,000-yard seasons in Detroit in 2018 and 2019 into a big payday. I asked a veteran personnel man what the issue is.

“He was injured that final season in Detroit (2020) and missed a lot of that year and then missed time when he got to New York last year,” the personnel man said. “He’s not the kind of athlete that is going to get by not playing and not practicing, not in my mind. The rust stays on him. He doesn’t have elite speed. He’s one of those bigger receivers that would make contested catches downfield. You’ve got a quarterback downgrade (Matthew Stafford in Detroit to Daniel Jones in New York) and now there’s a new regime in place and they’re probably looking at Golladay and wondering, ‘What the hell?’”

10b. Through four games it sure looks like Eddie Jackson has rolled back the clock three or four seasons. The Bears free safety made a nifty center-fielder play to run under a deep shot by Tyrod Taylor intended for Darius Slayton, going a long way to haul in his third interception of the season. The last time a Bears defender had three picks through four games was when Kyle Fuller had three in the first three games of his 2014 rookie season. Jackson is tied with Minkah Fitzpatrick of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Marcus Williams of the Baltimore Ravens for second in the NFL with three picks, one behind Jordan Poyer of the Buffalo Bills.

10c. The fumble that happened when Justin Fields got stripped will be a coaching point for the Bears. It looked like Cody Whitehair could have made an effort to fall on the ball, and more egregious was wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown not reacting and looking at the ball that Giants defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux fell on.

10d. The Bears’ Week 5 game in Minnesota breaks a 15-year streak of late-season trips to the Twin Cities, with seven of those games played after Christmas. Here are the dates of the last 16 trips to Minneapolis:

  • 2021: Jan. 9, 2022
  • 2020: Dec. 20
  • 2019: Dec. 29
  • 2018: Dec. 30
  • 2017: Dec. 31
  • 2016: Jan. 1, 2017
  • 2015: Dec. 20
  • 2014: Dec. 28
  • 2013: Dec. 1
  • 2012: Dec. 9
  • 2011: Jan. 1, 2012
  • 2010: Dec. 20
  • 2009: Nov. 29
  • 2008: Nov. 30
  • 2007: Dec. 17
  • 2006: Sept. 24

10e. The Vikings opened as seven-point favorites over the Bears at Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas for Sunday’s game at U.S. Bank Stadium.


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ASK IRA: Will Heat have issues making the money work after Tyler Herro extension?

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Ask Ira: Will Heat Have Issues Making The Money Work After Tyler Herro Extension?
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Q: The Heat sign Tyler Herro, so who gets traded this season, and who gets traded before next season? Are Kyle Lowry’s days with the Heat numbered? – Joel.

A: Actually, Kyle Lowry’s contract will be expiring during the same season that Tyler Herro’s extension kicks in (2023-24). So it basically means money in for money out. The real issue is what to do with Duncan Robinson’s contract, considering that Max Strus becomes a free agent in July. What will be difficult is yet another significant deal while Duncan’s contract is still on the books. And now, without Tyler available as a trade sweetener, it will be even more difficult to move Duncan’s money.

Q: Glad to see the Tyler Herro extension is signed, didn’t want to see this issue hanging over the entire season creating a distraction. Seems like a good amount, good for him and good for the team. Bring on the season. – John, Ocala.

A: Oh, it’s definitely a good amount for a player yet to emerge as a fulltime NBA starter. It will be interesting to see if the needed defensive upgrade arrives over the course of the contract. And there still will be distractions, including the Duncan Robinson contract mentioned above, as well as if Victor Oladipo now comes to feel he is being squeezed out.

Q: I am a fan of Tyler Herro’s game, so I’m happy the Heat extended him. At just 22, Herro has plenty of time to grow, both his game and his frame. Now that Herro is not trade eligible till next year, do you think the Heat with its remaining assets can put a package together that can bring in a player that can make them into a championship contender this year? – Carlos, West Park.

A: It would appear unlikely, considering the lack of remaining trade chips. I’m not sure what Duncan Robinson’s contract and draft picks get you in this NBA economy. Perhaps that changes when Victor Oladipo and Dewayne Dedmon become trade eligible at midseason.


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