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Donald Trump suggests to “Disrupt” Hurricanes With Nukes before landfall



Donald Trump's new USMCA - Trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico

I can’t think that I’m typing this phrase: it seems that President Donald Trump actually suggested dropping a nuclear bomb into a hurricane to prevent the natural disaster. What’s worse is that numerous times he proposed this.

I don’t want you to believe that I’m exaggerating what Axios is reporting, so let’s go to the video of an undated hurricane briefing: Trump said, “I received it during a White House hurricane briefing. I’ve got that. Why are we not nuking them?”According to one source there. “They begin to form off Africa’s shore as they move across the Atlantic, we throw a bomb into the hurricane’s eye and it disrupts it. Why are we not able to do that?”The source added, paraphrasing the comments of the president.

In reply, Axios revealed that the individual was basically telling the president that as a chance they would explore it. But it wasn’t Trump! “Trump answered by unbelievably requesting how many hurricanes the U.S. could manage and reiterating his proposal that the state intervenes before landfall,” noted Axios.

Like me, at the stupidity shown, the individuals in the session were floored. Axios reported being knocked back on his heels by the individual briefing the president. … In that session, you could hear a gnat fart. People have been amazed. We believed after the meeting was over,’ What the f—? What are we going to do with this? There’s more to discuss despite this enchanting picture. In 2017, a memo from the National Security Council details a second discussion about the president requesting how to “bomb the hurricanes.” This time, the memo fails to mention a nuclear bomb (which Axios is trying to frame a favorable thing).

The White House informed Axios that there would be no debate between the NSC and Trump on “personal debates.” Another source attempted to put a favorable spin on Trump’s bombing remarks to Axios: “His objective of preventing a catastrophic hurricane from hitting the continent is not good. His goal isn’t bad. “Hurricane season goes on until the end of November, so I’m happy (I’m not) to see it raised again!

World News

Tensions Flare as World Leaders Navigate Iran Nuclear Agreement



Usa vs iran

If you have kept an eye on major geopolitical events over the past three or four years, you’ve no doubt seen the Iran Nuclear Deal dominate many headlines. The Iran Nuclear Deal was formerly known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action and it was set in place during the Obama Administration. The goal of the Iran Nuclear Deal was to push Iran to abandon and decommission a vast array of enrichment centrifuges throughout the country while promising to not build any more for roughly 15 years. With the election of President Trump during the 2016 Presidential Race, the Iran Nuclear Deal was put under significant pressure. President Trump touted a promise to withdraw the United States from the historic agreement and there has been chaos ever since. Let’s take a general look at the Iran Nuclear Deal so that you can walk away with an understanding of what is at stake.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was set in place between Iran as well as the P5+1, five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. The deal was rigorously negotiated before an agreement was reached with Iran in Vienna back in 2015. Blowback from the deal was felt almost immediately from conservative voices throughout the United States, including then Presidential Candidate, Mr. Donald Trump. Critics of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action argued that the deal was largely unenforceable and that Iran would be quick to renege on their half of the bargain, thus emboldening the country to push for nuclearization while simultaneously seeing their own economic sanctions reduced.

The terms of the Iran Nuclear Deal have been covered extensively by Middle East expert Amir Handjani. His work can be found on Reuters, POLITICO, and Bloomberg News among other sources. For a more general overview of the agreement, you can keep on reading. Outside of the components that we listed above, the Iran Nuclear Deal also pushed Iran to limit its enriched uranium stockpile to just 3.7%, a far cry from the 90% needed to produce a nuclear weapon. Additionally, Iran would be forced to modify their reactors to prevent the production of weapons-grade plutonium. To finalize the deal, Iran would also agree to routine and comprehensive inspections to maintain compliance.

Upon being elected to the Presidency, Donald Trump vowed to withdraw the United States from the agreement. Since making his initial announcement, the Iran Nuclear Deal has been in jeopardy with the vast majority of the groups still wishing to remain in the agreement. As a result, the E.U. has been forced to navigate the turbulent waters of an unofficial agreement with vitriol being aimed at them by the White House. Despite Iran’s continued commitment to the deal, President Trump and his Administration have been consistently pressuring the members of the agreement – China, the U.K., France, Russia, Germany, and the U.S. – to realign for a ‘Trump Deal’. With tensions sky-high, it remains to be seen how this will all play out. With any luck, for the good of the world, an agreement will eventually be locked in place.

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After one month in Pennsylvania PokerStars generates $2 million in online poker revenue



poker start

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s November revenue numbers have shown that PokerStars generated less than $2 million in online poker income during its first month of operation of its approved on-line poker room in the state.

PokerStars is Pennsylvania’s first operator to start online IDN POKER on November 4, before being launched fully online on November 6.

Although this being a only part month, the figures show a very strong beginning, supporting early cash game figures which suggested the state’s first online poker room would be better than expected.

PA online gambling highlights – November 2019

The growth of PA online gambling was accompanied by some primary highlights and developments in November: several indicators have seen the largest month-to-month gains. Though gross revenue almost doubled, the total taxes collected rose by 51%.

  • Even without the newest operators, the rise of Pennsylvania outstrips New Jersey. Gross online game sales in PA now stands at nearly one-fifth of NJ.
  •  Even with a single operator, Poker marked the report and recorded a 20 percent share of total revenue in its first month.
  • Recently, table games began for reasons that we will discuss below. The segment’s gross revenue has almost tripled since August, with most of the gains occurring in November.
    The market share is not even split as soon as it was launched anymore.

Currently, Rivers (SugarHouse) is the largest dog and Mount Airy (PokerStars) is closely followed. Nearly two thirds of all PA online gambling sales pay for, with the exception of sports betting. The rest is largely shared between Parx and Hollywood.

Newcomer Mohegan Sun is only only a glimpse into the sales report, but Unibet launched it mid-month.

PA online gambling revenue breakdown

otal (Change since August / Change since October)

Total Revenue: $9.66 million (+182% / +95%)
Taxes Collected: $3.48 million (+131% / +51%)
Net Revenue: $6.18 million (+222% / +134%)

Slots: $5.09 million (+102% / +28%)
Taxes: $2.75 million
Revenue: $2.34 million

Table Games: $2.60 million (+188% / +169%)
Taxes: $415k
Revenue: $2.15 million

Poker: $1.97 million (N/A)
Taxes: $314k
Revenue: $1.66 million

 * : Taxes include state tax, CFA county grants, and local share assessment.

PA sports betting revenue

The above figures don’t include sports betting, which also debuted this year. PA online sports betting remained more profitable in November than all other online verticals combined, but only by the thinnest of margins: $9,658,654 to $9,655,811.

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How to Sell a Car in Dubai – 5 Things First-time Car Sellers Should Know



How to Sell a Car in Dubai

How to sell a car in Dubai is the first thing you should know as a car seller if you are about to sell a vehicle for the first time. This is an essential factor that every car seller should know about because hundreds and thousands of vehicles are sold every year which influences the car market trends, fluctuates the car resales prices and several other things. A car seller who has no prior experience or relevant information about car selling will not be able to make a safe and successful sale as they are likely to face unpredictable obstacles.

Therefore, as an inexperienced car seller who wants to car sell in Dubai, you should know the follow helpful tips so you can have a good car selling experience.


How to Sell a Car in Dubai – Look for a Platform Patiently

Most car sellers who are making a sale for the first time make the mistake of choosing the first platform they come across or the first deal they are offered in an attempt to make a quick sale. However, it is a highly unsuitable and unadvisable thing to do as a car seller as this increases the chances of being victimized by fraudsters or selling the car at a low price. Therefore, as a car seller looking to Dubai sell car you should always make sure that you take your time and patiently look for a platform to make the sale. Check all aspects of the platform to make sure it is safe from scams and frauds.

Do a Thorough Research

One of the best ways to find a reliable car selling platform for the first-time car seller is to do a thorough research regarding all the platforms that provide the same car selling services. This will help the car sellers in knowing how to sell a car in Dubai as the car sellers will have an idea about different platforms and they can choose the most suitable source to sell used vehicles. Therefore, car sellers should not choose a platform to sell car without properly researching about the possible options.

Avoid Traditional Platforms

There are a great number of people who car sell in Dubai through traditional platforms or methods such as making the sale to professional car dealers. It seems like an easy way to sell car as car sellers have plenty of information about car selling and other related factors but it is not a suitable option for people with no prior experience. Inexperienced car sellers don’t know about the car market trends, resale values of vehicles and lack negotiating skills which makes it easy for the car sellers to convince the sellers in settling for whatever deal they offer. First-time car sellers are also likely to exhaust time, money and energy for while looking for a good deal, therefore, car sellers should know how to sell a car in Dubai so they can avoid the exhaustion and scams of any kind.

Safety Measures

As a car seller, looking to Dubai sell car you should know some precautionary measures to remain safe from scams and frauds while making the sale. You can face obstacles or problems at any time while making the sale, therefore, you should know some safety tips. As a car seller, experienced and inexperienced alike, you should ensure that if you make the sale through an unauthentic platform then do not meet the buyer alone and after dark, do not share personal information and decline payment through cheques.

Make Sale to Car Buying Expert Website

The biggest concern of car sellers is to find the best platform where they can sell vehicles in a safe, easy and successful way. Therefore, as a car seller looking to know how to sell a car in Dubai you should make the sale to a car buying expert website for a safe and fair car selling experience. This authentic platform helps car sellers in evaluating the resale prices of vehicles through online car value calculator after which they can meet the experts for a physical inspection of the car to decide a final deal for the car. The payment is through electronic bank transfer and the sellers can sell the vehicles in 30 minutes. A car buying expert website is the best way to sell a car because it is free of any charges, delays and scams of any kind.


If you are a car seller looking to know how to sell a car in Dubai then you must have some relevant information or helpful tips. Therefore, as a car seller you should have the above-mentioned tips to have a good car selling experience.

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middle east

Website Design – 6 Friendly Web Design Tips of 2019



web design

A website is the marketing tool for an online business. Good websites must be attractive and be able to grab the attention of a large number of visitors.

Good web designing is an art that requires knowledge of programming and how your visitor will interact with the website. So make the website user friendly but most importantly make it so that search engines can find you organically. After all, your goal is to compete against the first 10 competitors for your keyword and search engine optimization is how to do this.

The most important rule I follow for a website is the KISS formula. Keep It Simple Silly. Do not lose your visitor with a whole lot of fancy stuff if you want them to find your product or message.

1 – Purpose of Website:

What do you want your website to do for you? Design the website according to this question. If all you want is a simple squeeze page then design a simple squeeze page. If you want to convey information then keep it simple and convey that information. Fancy graphics and other distractions are not conveying what you want to your visitor.

2. Design for Website Pages:

Planning the web design. Planning on a piece of paper what you want on the web page is important. Doing simple research on other websites on the materials you want to convey to your visitor will give you a feel for how to design your site. If you need any professional support to make your website design more professional and user friendly try to reach out web design companies, if you have business in Dubai and want to design your website try to hire best web design company Dubai which has positive reviews and feedbacks. that will surely provides you the best solution for your website design.

3. Attractive Theme:

Planning your theme and layout for each page is important. Look at your competitors and see if you find their theme attractive. Incorporate ideas from those sites that you know will attract your visitor. Design those ideas into your website.

4. Website Navgation

Navigating around your site requires a site map. Remember it is important that your visitor can easily navigate around your site. Implement normal links for moving around and place those links together like an index for your site. It is important that your visitor does not get frustrated while navigating around your site as they will leave or click away. Check out for more info.

5. Website Page Load:

Download time is important. It gets frustrating to the majority visitors if they have to wait for a page to download. Over use of graphics and images will increase download time. Ideally a complete page should not exceed 30KB. This ensures that most visitors will see your whole page in about 2 to 5 seconds at the most.

6. Avoid linking other sites:

Do not allow your visitor the opportunity to click away on a link on your web site that leaves your domain. It has been proven that you generally have lost that visitor and a potential customer.

Remember it is about presenting the information in an elegant, decorative, user friendly and timely manner. So consider the above tips when designing a website in the future.

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Why Asia Remains an Attractive Investment Destination for Billionaire Investors Like James Richman



Billionaires Investing in Asia - James Richman

Asia is the world’s largest and most densely populated continent. 

Many economies in Asia can be characterized as underprivileged and weak, while some economies are usually included in the most developed lists. 

While Asia has Japan and Singapore, some of the most developed countries in the world, it also has Afghanistan, Nepal, Laos, the Philippines, and Pakistan – some of the least developed countries in the world.

Despite Asia’s roller coaster of conditions in its countries’ economies, billionaire investor James Richman reportedly loves the continent and continues to increase his investments in the region

Billionaire James Richman Investments

Billionaire financier James Richman and his investments

Investing in promising technologies and countries

Richman is no stranger to an underprivileged environment. Born in a small town called Smarde of Tukums region in the post-Soviet country of Latvia, he is familiar with poor economies and faulty systems.

Having previously gotten married at a young age, the future finance tycoon initially had to work as a manual laborer to provide for his family. However, the young couple underwent an unfortunate event when his only daughter had to be taken to the hospital. While the toddler’s condition is generally curable, the health care system in his home country had many flaws that made the whole experience difficult for the young family. 

The health care system in their area was flawed for many reasons – it had budget constraints, lacked enough medical workers, and had limited coverage. Left with no choice, James had to mortgage his house to make enough money for his daughter’s medical fees. 

Alas, despite his hard work and efforts, his daughter still did not make it. This affected James’s marriage with his then wife. It eventually led to their divorce.

At that moment, people close to the billionaire shared that James was left without a home, a child, and a partner. Such unfortunate experiences helped shape his compassion for developing countries and partly could be attributed as to why he invests in socially impactful projects. 

Leading the development era 

Since James Richman had firsthand experience in living in an impoverished and partly developed country, he knew what it was like to live in a world full of scarcity and shortage. 

In fact, Asia has several countries that are already considered rich and developed not only in culture, but also in resources such as Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, among others. 

Billionaire James Richman Invests in Asia

Image Credit: PX Here

According to a report from World Atlas, Macau, Qatar, and Singapore rank as the three wealthiest nations in Asia. The GDP per capita in US Dollars for these countries are as follows: 73,187.0 for Macau SAR, China; 59,330.9 for Qatar; and 52,960.7 for Singapore.

Macau is an independent region of East Asia, whose economy is mainly tourism-based. According to the said report, the most profitable economic sectors of Macau are export-oriented manufacturing of textiles and garments and financial services such as banking. Moreover, it has stable trade relations with more than 120 countries and regions of the world.

Located in the Arabian Peninsula’s northeastern coast and West of Asia, Qatar is the second richest country between Asia and the Middle East. Its economy is based on the export of petroleum and liquefied natural gas. The country’s reserve for oil was able to sustain the economy for 23 years as of the report’s writing.

The third richest Asian nation according to the report is Singapore which has a developed and trade-oriented market economy. It has one of the most business-friendly economies in the world which attracts many global investors.

Apart from the three countries, the report further reveals that other 7 richest nations in Asia which are Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Korea, Brunei Darussalam, and Bahrain.

Asian hospitality

While hasty generalization is not a good practice to carry around, it is safe to say that many Asians are hospitable, friendly, and very approachable, which is probably why the finance tycoon James Richman appreciates not only their economies, but their people as well.

An example of Asians’ approachability is how the Japanese would carry smiles on their faces as they go out of their way to help a lost tourist find their next destination or a lost child find his parents. 

Most times, when a foreigner would enter a store to ask one of its workers for directions, the worker would happily go out of their way, step out of the store, and point to the proper directions as thoroughly as they can.

Being hospitable is yet another trait that is common in most Asians. For example, when a visitor comes by in a Filipino household, the host makes sure to prepare a dish or a snack for the guest and make him or her feel as welcome as possible. Full of warmth and generosity, Filipinos would receive guests, even strangers, in a very pleasant way. 

Asian attractions

It is almost impossible to talk about Asia without mentioning its beautiful sites and attractions. 

The famous and charming Mount Everest in Nepal is probably one of the most well-known attractions not only in Asia but also in the world. Tourists are left breathless upon seeing the picturesque mountain, not to mention it is the tallest mountain in the world above sea level.

Sumbawa Island in Indonesia is another beautiful destination that can catch anyone’s attention. Remote and tranquil, Sumbawa Island is usually untouched by the common tourist. It has white sandy beaches and beautiful diving destinations for avid surfers.

Asian attractions are not limited to natural wonders. Man-made creations like the Taj Mahal in India and the Angkor Wat in Cambodia are only some of the many eye-catching and stunning attractions loved not only by tourists but also by locals.

With all these beautiful and eye-catching views, it comes as no surprise that James Richman sees vast potential in Asia. While the continent still has a lot to improve on, it will one day catch up with its Western counterparts — perhaps supersede them. In the same way that he was sort of a late bloomer in his childhood years, but eventually grew to become a massive success. 

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