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Donald Trump suggests to “Disrupt” Hurricanes With Nukes before landfall



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I can’t think that I’m typing this phrase: it seems that President Donald Trump actually suggested dropping a nuclear bomb into a hurricane to prevent the natural disaster. What’s worse is that numerous times he proposed this.

I don’t want you to believe that I’m exaggerating what Axios is reporting, so let’s go to the video of an undated hurricane briefing: Trump said, “I received it during a White House hurricane briefing. I’ve got that. Why are we not nuking them?”According to one source there. “They begin to form off Africa’s shore as they move across the Atlantic, we throw a bomb into the hurricane’s eye and it disrupts it. Why are we not able to do that?”The source added, paraphrasing the comments of the president.

In reply, Axios revealed that the individual was basically telling the president that as a chance they would explore it. But it wasn’t Trump! “Trump answered by unbelievably requesting how many hurricanes the U.S. could manage and reiterating his proposal that the state intervenes before landfall,” noted Axios.

Like me, at the stupidity shown, the individuals in the session were floored. Axios reported being knocked back on his heels by the individual briefing the president. … In that session, you could hear a gnat fart. People have been amazed. We believed after the meeting was over,’ What the f—? What are we going to do with this? There’s more to discuss despite this enchanting picture. In 2017, a memo from the National Security Council details a second discussion about the president requesting how to “bomb the hurricanes.” This time, the memo fails to mention a nuclear bomb (which Axios is trying to frame a favorable thing).

The White House informed Axios that there would be no debate between the NSC and Trump on “personal debates.” Another source attempted to put a favorable spin on Trump’s bombing remarks to Axios: “His objective of preventing a catastrophic hurricane from hitting the continent is not good. His goal isn’t bad. “Hurricane season goes on until the end of November, so I’m happy (I’m not) to see it raised again!

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