Can you release your loved one from police custody by paying bond yourself?

It can be a perplexing situation to see your close one behind bars. But you cannot afford to spend too much time pondering about what to do and how. The one thing that should matter the most is freeing the person from jail. Otherwise, it may take days, weeks, or even months for the arrested person to get freedom after a trial. So, now the question is, can you pay the bond? For that, you need to have a profound insight into the bail bond process first. It consists of posting bail to attending court trials. Whether you pay the amount yourself or hire a bond agent, it will have a set of steps.

The process of the bail bond to get a person out of jail

  • A person who faces a criminal charge against him and gets arrested becomes a defendant.
  • The defendant has to attend initial-appearance or arraignment, where the judge declares a bail amount in exchange for his release from jail.
  • After this, the defendant or his friend or relative can dole out a bond in full amount.
  • If the amount is beyond one’s capacity, then you can hire a bail bonding agent to make the payment on behalf of the person in custody.
  • After depositing the money, you can take your loved one out of jail.
  • To make sure the bail doesn’t get revoked, you have to take your defendant to all the court hearings at the scheduled dates and times. Otherwise, the police can again detain him, and the money you spent will go waste.

As mentioned already, whether you pay for the person or the person himself pays the bond, or you hire a bond agent, these steps will be there. If you can afford, you can pay the full amount of bail yourself and be a cosigner. However, the challenge is that you need to pay the amount in cash, which may vary based on the nature of criminal offense charge a person faces. Since you are most likely not to have it at your disposal, you may need to contact a reliable bail bonds service for help.

If you don’t want to take any risk with your money, then hiring a licensed bail bondsman can be your quickest solution. With his help, you can avoid the risk of letting your person spend days after days in jail until he gets the court date. Adopting this path has its advantages. Most importantly, you will not have to give a large sum of money from your pocket instantly. Secondly, your near and dear one will be free from the confinement.

The bondsman can require a few details from you upfront to expedite the process. So, make sure you have collected all the necessary information before reaching out to him. For example, you would need to share the details of the defendant’s date of birth and full name, the jail where he is, his offense, booking ID, and bail amount. The agent may agree to help you with the case for a standard 10-15% of the fee.


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