Reasons to Install the Trending Bathroom Wall Hung Vanity

The bathroom may be the smallest part of your house, yet they are an integral aspect that should never be neglected. Who would not want to step into a bathroom which exudes luxury and coziness? Well, modern bathroom designs are more of a masterpiece of art. They are not just a corner of the house, rather have become a focal point of the house. From freestanding bath to having a vanity in there, it has everything that makes it a perfect place to start your morning afresh. While we talk about the bathroom, it must be clutter-free and well-organized, and there are different things that play a key role in it. Adding bathroom wall hung vanity is a good way to make it look functional and well-organized. It is also a great space-saving option, especially for compact bathrooms.

The wall hung vanities have remained to be one of the most adored bathroom trends and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This is the reason why today more and more homeowners are considering to uplift their house with the help of effective, well-designed and utilitarian wall hung vanities.

bathroom wall hung vanity

Why Should You Install Bathroom Wall Hung Vanity?

Wall hung bathroom vanity, also known as floating a vanity are an incredible option, especially when you are planning to renovate your home at an affordable value. Having them can indeed be a wise decision because the bathroom wall hung vanity ensure:

  1. Optimal space: Space limitations are something that most of the homeowners face, but with the right accessories, you can overcome this. Having wall-hung vanities are installed then they create a sense of uninterrupted flooring, the makes the entire room more airy and pleasant. Even few inches left beneath bathroom cabinets can make them appear less bulky, smart and most importantly streamlined. Further, if you select the shades of color properly then this would create a natural extension, giving a feeling that the wall of the bathroom is apparently wider.
  2. Adds style– If you wish to give your bathroom a stylish appeal, you can do so by adding a wall hung vanity to your bathroom. They look sleek and give an elegant appearance to your bathroom. Their floating look enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and also gives it more character.
  3. Easy to clean: Bathroom is one place which you would like to easily clean. Having a floating sink and vanity creates free space, which makes it easy for you to clean them regularly. In addition, it also prevents the water from collecting or dusting to collect. The breathing space is what keeps the entire room neat & tidy, as you are able to clean each and every corner of the bathroom without having any hard to reach areas of the floor. This not only amplifies the beauty of the space but at the same time ensure that the quality of the vanity remains the way it is for years to come.
  4. Customizable and adaptable: The vanities that are wall hung need minimal space and this makes them an amazing design solution for houses that have small bathrooms. But, they work equally great for the large bathrooms too. Moreover, they offer ample scope for customization, giving you an opportunity to install any kind of arrangement or cabinets that you want in your bathroom wall hung vanity.
  5. Offers handy storage section: Aside from the above-mentioned benefits which these have to offer the bathroom vanities do free up a lot of space, and also offer room for organizing your items that had been cluttering the space. The under basket shelves or sink shelves act as a form of handy storage section where you can easily store the linens, towels, and toiletries.

Coming to the installation of bathroom wall hung vanity, well you’ll be surprised that components that are wall-hung are much easier to install than the conventional options. They require minimum tools and less time, allowing you to achieve a secure and sturdy vanity at affordable prices. Plus, if you choose a premium quality wall hung vanity for your bathroom then they would easily last for a lifetime. Availing the services of a professional installer will further simplify your task.

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