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Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site



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SEO is essential to rank high on Google. There is no meaning if you have a wonderful website but it is on page 5 of the search. Users do not have the patience to read past the second page. You have to make some effort so that the search engine understands the worth of your website.

That is why SEO is indispensable in the modern digital marketing framework. Read on to find out more. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of techniques meant to enhance the visibility of your site.

You have created a wonderful website for your business. But among millions of sites how do you get your site to the top of Google search? Users at most look at the first 10-12 sites. No one is at all interested in the results on page 3 of Google. If your site is new you are probably not going to be on page 3.

The process is not difficult but it is tedious. Don’t have the time to learn the ropes? Let us help; we’re among the top SEO services in India, and guarantee fabulous results.

Steps Of SEO

Let’s broadly divide SEO activities into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO consists of:

Keywords –

These are the terms that users search for. The ability to rank high for popular keywords is what makes or breaks a site. Our SEO services in India bring you unmatched keyword research expertise and makes sure that the keywords are inserted properly into your website content.

Any SEO activity is meaningless if there is no research for keywords. The search for the most suitable keywords can be done using free tools such as Google Keywords Planner.  If you want to grow more web traffic to your website chooses google keyword planner for a better finding of keywords.

For an SEO campaign to be successful it is important that a keyword is not too general. You need the best SEO company for cutting edge keyword research. That’s because it is difficult to rank high with such keywords in a short period. Also, make sure the keyword is not too specific because then it would not produce enough visitors.

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HTML Optimization –

A website is built from HTML code that is read by the browser (such as Chrome) and changed to a visual format. The optimization of a website code consists of removing unnecessary code that makes the site slow. Trust our coveted SEO services in India to optimize your website’s code and make it in sync with the best practices issues by Google.

Apart from the code, your webpage tags (such as title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions) have to be perfect, as these tell Google’s crawlers what your website is about. Again, you can rely on our service to help you optimize all page tags.

Content Optimization –

When it comes to websites, content is king. To get some love from Google, update your website with fresh content regularly. This is usually doe in the blog section of every website. Google considers frequently updates to be authoritative.


This may seem trivial, but it is highly unlikely that Google will assign a high rank to websites that are not secure for visitors. Even web browsers warn users that sites that are not https are dangerous regardless of the actual status of their safety. It is not likely that any visitor will proceed to your site unless it is secure.

Off-age SEO consists of:

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This is the principal component of off-page SEO. Google can’t actually read and understand what is on your website. How does it decide if it is a trustworthy provider of information?

It all depends on the backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites to pages on your sites. If other sites often quote your site, Google believes that your site contains high-quality content.

The best way to earn backlinks is through guest posts. There are ways to create backlinks unnaturally but Google heavily penalizes websites that follow blackhat means of planting backlinks. If you’re facing such a penalty, or want to quickly earn good backlinks, get in touch.


SEO is a time-consuming process; the results do not appear overnight or even in a month. It takes time to move up Google rankings. However, with suitable guidance from an SEO company in India, it is but a matter of time before your site makes it to the first page of search.

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