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Here’s Why You Can’t Sign a Good Deal without Your Real Estate Agent



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When it comes to selling your property, you first try to utilize your network to make it on your own. But it sounds good only in movies. When it comes to selling, there’s a lot that’s required and when you try to sell yourself, you miss a lot of things that can make your deal better. For example, you can misquote your property worth and sell at a lower cost than what the property deserves. Find out the best Commercial Property for Rent near you.

In addition, while you sell your own property, you’ll have a problem in the paperwork and making contracts. But a real estate agent will make the deal easy by taking responsibility for all the paperwork. Hiring a real estate agent will make the property dealing legit, so it’s important that you consult an agent for selling your property.

Here are five essential considerations when you decide to get the real estate agent on how to sell your house fast.

1.    You’re Too Busy to Get a Good Deal

Selling a home means you’ve to search the interested buyers, call to people, build your social connections and stay active throughout the day because buyers can contact you anytime. It’s impossible to perform these duties actively with a full-time office job and it won’t let you focus on the things that are important.

For a real estate agent, performing these duties is not a challenging thing. Since it’s his job so he knows how to find the potential buyers, how to make a good deal and what things are required to make the deal. The things that can burden you are the daily activities of the agents so they can perform their duties well and save you from the efforts.

2.    Real Estate Agents are Experienced

Since you’re not selling properties daily, so you don’t know the process of making a good deal. You don’t even know the pitfalls that come across the process and the ways to overcome it. There are many customers who might bluff you if he analyzes your lack of experience in the realm. You can find the best real estate agents at the Buyers Agent Gold Coast. Checkout the best place to find real estate seller leads.

Real estate agents know all the minute details from small to huge. They are not only experienced but their professional expertise sets them apart from the common people. For selling the property the end goal is to get the deal done and this, however, can be achieved on your own, but a real estate agent makes the process smooth and the property worth the money.

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3.    Real Estate Agents Makes the Professional Negotiation Easy

When you’ve lived in your home for a long time, there’s so much you add to make it beautiful and comfortable. You’re attached to your home emotionally and when customers quote an insufficient amount of it, you get disappointed. This cycle can affect the process.

A real estate agent will not bring emotional ties in between. He will only focus to make the deal in your favor but will also try to make the best of it. Because they are free from the emotional element so they’ll give you guidance and advice according to their professional expertise.

4.    They’ll Help you with the PaperWork

Since you are not professional in buying and selling properties so you don’t have the idea of the official working involved in the process. There are several Toronto condos for sale listings that are often go unnoticed because of the inappropriate paperwork.

Paperwork not only legalizes the process but also make it easy for the buyers to rely on the property dealing. Like there are some buyers who don’t trust the deal until you make it official. Sometimes things can come up at the eleventh hour and if you haven’t deal with the closings, then it can lead to a dealbreaker situation.

An agent in action will help you to earn the satisfaction and also acts as the key to making the deal successful.

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So, in summary, if you don’t consider hiring a real estate agent to sell your property, you’ll miss the benefits that you can gain through it. An agent is the key to connect potential buyers with the right property. He knows what’s best and what’s worst for every client. So, he justifies all the property dealing and makes it worth the value.

Now the next time you decide to sell your property, you should hire a real estate agent. He won’t only help to stay on top of the requirements but will also save your time and efforts.

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7 Tips to Choose the Best Construction Company




There are plenty of construction companies who can fulfill your construction needs, choosing the Best Construction Company among them becomes a difficult task.

We know how important it is for you to choose the Best Construction Company who provides the best suitable services.

Consider the following tips when it comes to choosing an Excellent Construction Company. Hopefully, these tips might help you choose the best.

– Going through their past projects

Before finalizing any construction company it is important to go through their past projects, these details are provided on the website of the companies. For more details, it is better to visit their office and consult the respected team.

– Experience

“With experience comes perfection”

In an industry like construction, experience matters a lot. Construction companies that have been in the industry for a long time are the best ones to go with.

– Timeline

Timeline is another factor to consider while choosing the best construction company. The company should provide a justified project timeline plan to the clients. Make sure that when the company provides the timeline, it should be clear enough.

– Registered firm

It is better to go with the firm that is registered. When a firm is registered it becomes easy and safer for us to make a deal with them. A registered firm becomes accountable to the law.

– Quality Assurance

Compromising on the quality is never a good thing. Consider the company that has the best-skilled laborers, engineers, and the quality assurance team that can commit you to the quality. A firm should be able to meet the required needs of the client as per the mutual agreement.

– Market Reputation

It is necessary to enquire about the market reputation and financial condition of the firms. This can be done by taking by visiting sites like (for public limited companies) or by talking to the company itself (in the case of a private company).

– Costs

Cost is the important thing to consider while looking for a construction company. Never assume that the companies who come up with low cost are the best ones to go with. Always compare the costs of different companies and choose the company with the most reasonable price.

Also never rush during this process. Comparing and choosing is the best way to choose the best for you.

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Everything You Need to Know About High-rise Condos for Sale



Get Las Vegas high-rise condos for sale

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States. Las Vegas has a wide variety of condos for sale, which includes affordable prices and luxury options. Quality condos in Las Vegas are available at all price ranges, so there is something for everyone. If you are looking to buy a condo in Las Vegas, do not hesitate any longer!

Las Vegas is a popular destination for people looking to buy condos. The city has many unique features that make it stand out as the perfect place for an individual or family to live. There are plenty of great amenities in Las Vegas, including golf courses, hiking trails, and museums among others. This all makes Las Vegas an ideal location for someone who wants to enjoy life and have access to activities they like doing on their own time. Get Las Vegas high-rise condos for sale at great prices.

Condos in Las Vegas are a great investment because the city is growing rapidly

Buying a condo in Las Vegas is an investment that will set you up for life! A booming city with the fastest-growing economy of any American metropolitan area, it makes sense to buy real estate here. With this many people moving into town and nowhere else to go but outwards (or upwards), there is no other option than building vertically. Condos are pretty popular because they are affordable housing options without all the hassle of house ownership: less upkeep required, cheaper taxes, and insurance costs.

Las Vegas has an economy that is built on tourism, entertainment, and conventions

The economy of Las Vegas is built on tourism, entertainment, and conventions. This can be seen as a good thing because the people who choose to reside in Sin City are not doing so for work, but instead, they have chosen this lifestyle for its extravagance that offers expensive hotels with beautiful views of neon lights draped across casinos where you can gamble your money away until all hours of night or day while having dinner at one restaurant after another filled with both world-class chefs and mediocre cooks serving up every cuisine imaginable; shows from Cirque du Soleil’s acrobats flying through pyrotechnic displays like Olympic gymnasts to musical legends crooning their classics; attractions such as Madame Tussaud’s wax museum featuring many celebrities.

What you pay for a condo in Las Vegas can be less than what you would pay for rent elsewhere

You can save money on your rent by purchasing a condo in Las Vegas. Some people choose to buy rather than rent when they consider the living costs, where the cost of owning and maintaining the property is lower per month for an apartment or home purchase as opposed to monthly rents. This is not always true–especially if you are looking at condos that have ownership like fees, HOA dues, taxes, but there is no denying it often saves more over time with increased equity value too!

The median age of residents is 34 years old which means there are plenty of people your age to socialize with

Las Vegas is a vibrant city for young people who want to enjoy the nightlife. With its median age being 34 years old, there are plenty of locals your age to socialize with and some living nearby! Las Vegas has been ranked as one of the top cities in America for millennials by Forbes Magazine. There is no better place than Las Vegas if you are looking to have fun on weekends or just generally like hanging out with other 20-somethings!

There is no state income tax or sales tax in Nevada so it saves money on taxes as well as food and other items

Nevada is one of the states that have no income tax, and for those who are looking to save money on taxes, it is a great option. There is also no sales tax in Nevada which means you can spend more cash at your leisure without having to give any back!

If you are looking for a new place to live, then condos in Las Vegas might just be the perfect fit!

Extravagant, yet tastefully designed condos in Las Vegas are a great fit for all types of people. The condo community is not just aesthetically pleasing but also offers tons of amenities and other features that will satisfy your every need! The condos help to make the city unique, as well as a fun place to visit and live because there is so much going on around you that it is hard not to be entertained!

Final Take

Homeownership in Las Vegas is more affordable than in other major cities, and property values are expected to rise. The benefits of purchasing condos in Las Vegas include lower costs on average when compared to other popular U.S. cities like New York City and San Francisco, as well as higher appreciation rates over time that will benefit future buyers too!

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Common Mistakes New Real Estate Agents Make



real estate

Mistakes aren’t harmful to anyone all the time. It allows for identifying faults that should be improved. In the world of real estate, new agents seem to have some common mistakes. At the beginning of the career, every agent remains sunk in excitement. It feels like a dream, for instance, a client will search on the internet, browse a site to find montreal realtor, fix an appointment, and make a sale. However, the reality is different. In this post, we mention some common mistakes of new real estate agents. 

Thinking like a paid employee

When you start your career as a real estate agent, you should believe and act like a business owner. Unfortunately, most new real estate agents think like a paid manager. They always chase for the next lead. If you notice the winning agents, you will find one common thing. They act as a self-determining business owner and believe in the long-run outcome. Note that a smart businessman is good at management, marketing, and sales.

Not having a business plan

Since we are talking about thinking like a business owner, you must have a business plan too. In general, new real estate agents are focused on sales only, which is a short-term achievement. There are many essential long term activities they are avoiding by mistake. As a real estate agent, you need to set clear goals and approaches to achieve them. If you don’t have a business plan, you will lose focus which is the major quality for long-term achievement.

Negligence about personal branding

Personal branding is an inevitable trend in modern business. Literally, we don’t sell a product. We motivate customers to have it. Personal branding helps to build trust between your business and clients. When people find you reputed, it encourages them to build a relationship with you. Unfortunately, new agents don’t understand the value of creating a personal brand. This negligence may result in losing big opportunities too. 

Disinterested about training

There is no limit to learning new things. Training helps you acquire in-depth knowledge, understanding the latest trends, and improving productivity. Most corporations arrange training for employees to make them more skilled. One of the biggest mistakes of new agents is to avoid resourceful training sessions. You should not always be busy with sales leads and clients. Joining particular training and achieving new skills may distinguish you from others. 

 Wrong marketing plan and channel

Though it takes time to develop a good marketing plan, new agents should be able to understand right and wrong approaches. Many real estate agents work without a clear marketing plan. The downside of such activity is, they are wasting valuable time and productivity. Moreover, choosing the wrong marketing channel can worsen the scenario. It is recommended to have precise marketing knowledge and strategies before dealing with clients. 

Though these mistakes usually happen, they are conquerable. Every new agent should note down their faults and try to overcome them for long term benefits in their career.

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How Can Real Estate Benefit From Cloud Computing?



cloud computing in real estate
cloud solution for real estate

Like in many other sectors, cloud computing is also growing in the real estate industry. It is because the real estate business is not just about a property anymore. The professional property dealers are seeking a competitive edge and customer satisfaction. Many managed service providers provide cloud solutions for real estate to increase productivity and streamline the process. According to real estate experts, around 80% of top real estate performers conduct their business on the cloud to use features like data storage, data mining, application management, and more.

The cloud computing technology allows real estate agents to access all the client’s information from anywhere, from any device. It also simplifies the overall process of buying and selling property and makes the life of reapers much easier. 

The managed cloud computing services also decrease the operational cost of the real estate businesses. That’s why everything shifted on the cloud, and the real estate agent does not have to worry about maintaining and managing the in-house servers.

Before proceeding further, let us have a glimpse of cloud computing technology.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing was discovered by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1960 to connect people and devices via the internet. This technology enables the user to access the data and information remotely. Data storage also delivers a variety of other services over the internet, such as software management, networking, system monitoring, data backup and recovery, 24X7 help desk support, and much more. It’s a software-based technology that stores data on multiple servers delivered to users on demand. It maintains more than one copy of data on a minimum of three servers to safeguard it from cyber-attacks and other security threats.

Here are three service models of cloud computing -:

  • SaaS -: Software as a service
  • PaaS -: Platform as a service
  • IaaS -: Infrastructure as a service

Why Real Estate Businesses Are Moving To Cloud Platform

Due to the following reasons, real estate managers are choosing to work on cloud platforms -:

  • Improved Security 

The real estate business revolves around data management. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain and manage credit scores, social security numbers, ID proofs, etc. of the clients. The clients of real estate dealers are not limited to 8 or 10; dealers have to simultaneously deal with hundreds of customers. It is not a cup of tea to maintain and manage the records of so many people. Therefore, a cloud solution for real estate is essential. The MSP manages and secure the sensitive information of their client’s and safeguard it from cybercriminals.

Besides this, MSP backs up all the clients’ crucial files, which can be recovered during the time of uncertainty and natural disaster.

  • Better Internal Collaboration

Cloud-based solutions make routine communication smooth and easy. The real estate agents do not need to do complex and daunting tasks like sending an attachment etc. , after subscribing to the cloud-based data support. The cloud service provider integrates all data-related operations into a single platform, so it’s become easy to handle two or three clients who are working on a contract.

  • Encourage Paperless

Cloud computing eliminates the use of physical documentation. This technology allows the property agent and dealer to create digital notes and share all the vital documents with the client in a fraction of seconds. It makes the filtration process easy and also reminds the user to do any pending documentation related tasks.

  • Saves Money

As has been discussed above, cloud technology excludes the use of physical servers in the workplace. If there is no server, you need not hire staff for their maintenance, and it can save up to 40% of data storage costs.

In Final Words

Opting for cloud computing services helps real estate agents to reach new heights in the business world. It will provide security to sensitive data and allow the staff to become more productive and efficient. 

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LightArt by Tom John Light a New Real Estate Market through custom Designs, Handmade Fixtures



LightArt by Tom John Light a New Real Estate Market through custom Designs, Handmade Fixtures

It is not just the selling of a house, but primarily the focus on the lifestyle and intangible advantages of the house for developers and brands who are involved in the branded immobilization industry. The 2019 Spotlight Report by Savills Branded Residences showed the number of branded property developments over the last decade rose by almost 200%. 65 branded residences were opened last year and about 70 new branded residences will open in 2020.

More than 60 different developers manage over 100 brands in the global branded residences sector. Hotelier, Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) is the largest player in the area of branded residences, with Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W and Westin as one of its iconic brand residences.

Tom John Light was inspired to create LightArt, a company devoted to the production of extraordinary contemporary works for immobilities that could change living rooms and enrich residents’ lives.

His decision to launch a full art company proved timely, as property owners are finding ways of differentiating new buildings, optimizing profits and improving occupancy. This comes of course with its own obstacles that we build incredibly public art, which will enhance the appeal of construction while pleasing citizens and stakeholders. LightArt is obliged, on the one hand, to create works which attract current owners but potential customers, whose tastes may be most conservative, also need to be considered.

“Each project is first reviewed by our team to make sure the artwork chosen suits the house, area and tenants in its entirety,” Light says. “Our artwork is specially designed for each project and positioned prominently in all of the building’s community areas. The artwork and the owner of each apartment are planned and chosen by the staff.

May coexist with innovation and market feasibility

The economic benefits of developing contemporary production and complementary art are clear. However, other benefits are often not readily calculated. “Living in an art-oriented building turned the life into a vibrant and entertaining one,” says Light, descending the projects of his organization as “a key symbol and attraction that allows people to be proud of owning a project apartment and taking their guests home.”

The creative cycle starts with the development of the correct theme for each building by LightArt’s designer and design team. The technological side of the design is supervised by the developers, but the designers collaborate together to emphasize their artistic element and make sure the finished product is flavored.

Local artists are encouraged to join the LightArts projects in keeping with the mood of the city and the architecture of this unique area. “There are different styles and cultures in each city and country. Every single project is designed to fit its environment,” Tom John Light explains. “We will sign up with the best artist and designers of the genre, who will be suited to the project, until genre and style are selected and decided upon.”

How about the first project of LightArt?

We have a couple of projects going but we are in Florence in Tel Aviv to develop our first house. When you walk down Florentine ‘s streets, you’ll know that LightArt is not the most suitable neighborhood in the city. Florentine is a mix of old and fresh, contemporary and classic with street lighting that covers many public areas and contemporary residential buildings. LightArt blends the two and builds a local landmark with a deep history and culture.

Gary Ghozlan, CEO & Partner of LightArt, led this particular project. Gary is a resident of the municipality of Herzliya and has more than 15 years of experience in the creation of property. Gary brings his vast expertise in the real estate industry to LightArt, but also his passion and appreciation of the art world. Gary created Bascula, an urban circus that incorporates art & circus, to give the artist and the audience a shared experience.

Real estate rates have continued to increase over the last two decades, but you are no longer worth it. Better tile, maybe better curtains, but for years the industry has stood in its style. The real estate industry is revolutionizing Branding and LightArt. You get a tremendous premium for your apartment by its branding and architecture.

In the past, you ‘d determine how many meters, on which level, etc, but now we’ve made an emotional choice, based on “what expertise do I gain from purchasing”? They revolutionize the market and set the standard very high.

We have a couple of projects going but we are in Florence in Tel Aviv to develop our first house. When you walk down Florentine ‘s streets, you’ll know that LightArt is not the most suitable neighborhood in the city. Florentine is a mix of old and fresh, contemporary and classic with street lighting that covers many public areas and contemporary residential buildings. LightArt blends the two and builds a local landmark with a deep history and culture.

Gary Ghozlan, CEO & Partner of LightArt, led this particular project. Gary is a resident of the municipality of Herzliya and has more than 15 years of experience in the creation of property. Gary brings his vast expertise in the real estate industry to LightArt, but also his passion and appreciation of the art world. Gary created Bascula, an urban circus that incorporates art & circus, to give the artist and the audience a shared experience.

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Home Improvement

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Renovating Your Living Room



Living Room Remodeling

A living room has many functions to fulfill in your home. It’s the place where we engage our guests. It’s where we play games and socialize. It’s the room where we unwind and spend quality time with our beloved ones. Some living rooms are used for eating, homework or watching television.

However, like many homeowners commit mistakes while selling a house, they make mistakes when it comes to revamping a living room. Some opt for unnecessary massive changes. Some are not aware of the expenses. Some choose the wrong contractors.

That being said, if you manage the renovation smoothly, it can be a great investment you make in your home. So before opting for a remodeling, go through this list of top living room renovation mistakes you should avoid.

Going for the Lowest Estimate:

When you opt for professional help, one of the first things you need to do is get estimates from a handful of remodeling contractors. Once you get the quote, it can be tempting to choose the lowest one to save some money. But that low cost is less likely to give you quality work. A contractor may be cutting corners or utilizing low-quality materials.

Always look for the common numbers on all estimates. If there’s a number that keeps occurring, this likely the real cost. If you feel caught between the two same options, choose the one whom you feel most comfortable with.

Doing Remodeling on Your Own (without experience):

Many of us might think to do it on their own to save money, thanks to the renovation shows on TV and DIY blogs on the Internet. But renovation is a complicated task, requiring skills and experience. You might end up with a stained floor if you paint the walls inappropriately. You might damage the walls in order to install some shelves over there. The guesswork can put you in trouble and mess. Therefore, it is better if you leave remodeling jobs to professionals.

Throwing Out Your Old Furniture:

What to do with this old furniture? This thing bothers us when it comes to deciding upon the living room furniture. It’s okay if you can afford new furniture. Otherwise, you can revamp your living room furniture rather than tossing them into the trash. You can give them a whole new look with some nice upholstery. Moreover, paint can give them a fresh lease of life.

Sacrificing Your Vision:

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we take a backseat and let others decide for our home renovation. A designer might not agree with your way of remodeling. Then there is a store employee who comes up with their own idea. Or your friend criticizes your choice of colors. Although some of these ideas might be right, don’t let them steer you towards something that’s not what your heart is set on.

Also, you shouldn’t let the frustration caused by the project delays to accept undesired changes.

Not Using a Designer:

You can source design ideas from the issues of Interior Design, Dwell and Architectural Digest. However, a magazine-idea can’t replace professional help. Interior design for your living room goes beyond what rug would look great with what sofa. It’s all about building a functional and attractive space that can fit your lifestyle.

What is the optimal design solution if your living room is always packed with people? Is it possible to achieve a chick living room with limited resources? How to create a spacious room with low ceilings?

A professional designer also helps you fixing or downplaying the unattractive elements of your room and accentuating its attractive features.

Not Reserving Money for Unexpected Costs:

A renovation might be looking simple and under your budget on the paper. However, you should be ready for unexpected costs. Maybe the contractor digs through the walls just to find damaged electrical wires. Or there might be termite damage behind the TV cabinet. What about those structural water damages that are hidden until you tear into your walls and floor?

The older the property, the complicated the job and the more walls or ceiling you’ll be digging through, the greater the risk of ending up with hidden problems that can ambush your renovation budget.

Therefore, set aside at 10-15% more than the estimate you have got from your contractor. If you can’t afford to put some money into a reserve, see if you can get the work done with less expensive materials.

Not Having the Plan:

Make sure to have a thorough, written plan from your contractor before you start work. The plan should include everything, from project summary, architect’s plan, designer’s plan, deadline and details like tile and paint. This plan will keep you on the top as well as help you avoid unexpected service charges later.

So these are some living room remodeling mistakes you should avoid. What do you think? Drop your opinion to the comment box given below.

Author Bio: Jennifer is an editor and author at nyrentownsell – A leading real estate company in New York.

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Why Rent instead of Buying your Own House?




When you go out in the market to get your own place, you are faced with the reality of all the hassles and strains you must go through to buy real estate. At times like these you find yourself asking this: Is renting a better option compared to buying a property? Well, this is a very open-ended question, since it depends on the individual and his needs and requirements. However, studies have shown that in many a case, individuals have preferred renting instead of buying.

This is because renting a house has many advantages over buying your own house. Buying a home requires for one to have a hefty down payment, which can prove to be quite burdensome to some. Though getting a home loan has become easier these days, it is still a very big commitment to bind yourselves to paying the recurring mortgage along with running your daily life. In short, home loan is a long-time commitment. Next comes the maintenance costs when you have your own property. This cost varies from house to house, depending on the size, age of the property and location. But maintaining your own property is heavier on your pocket as compared to maintaining your rented property, since most of the heavy maintenance work falls onto the shoulders of the property owner. Next, comes the factor of how long you are planning on staying in the city. If you’re into a service that requires you to transfer between different cities, you might not want to invest into buying a personal property and would rather choose renting out a place. Check out the best constructors from Singapore by The M Condo.

Renting in Bangalore: The best option!

This is very much applicable in a city like Bangalore, India which is an IT Hub, and sees many a people transferring in and out of the city at a good rate. People are usually seen checking out websites to find a house for rent in Bangalore, India more often than people looking for buying real estate. This is because a good percentage of people working in this city are the IT professionals, who always prefer renting out a place to live in order to save on their expenses, while enjoying the same luxuries and amenities they would have had at their own place.

When you are living in a rented place, you always have the freedom to shift out to another place, something you cannot think about when it is your own property. This is one popular reason why there are so many options for renting places in the major cities across the country, including Bangalore, India. You can get numerous options to choose from at every location you want to in the city, because there has been a hike in the number of rental houses being set up to match with the rising demands for the same.

If you’re a working individual, another upside to renting for you is that you can claim House Rent Allowance, also called HRA. This was you get to save a lot on the income tax you would have had to pay otherwise. You can claim HRA for 40% to 50% of your basic salary, depending on the tier of city you are working in.

Another benefit of renting a place, which is also a popular opinion amongst the young professionals is that you can live with your friends. This is a very important factor to consider especially when you in a big city like Bangalore, away from your hometown. One can easily get a house for rent in Bangalore, India along with his friends or family.

Renting a house also comes with the freedom of downsizing to an affordable space when you are running on a low budget. This is very difficult to pull off when you own the property, because then you must take many factors into considerations while selling your property like profit earned, appreciation or depreciation value, etc.

Bangalore, India is one of the biggest and developed cities of the country, and the prices of its real estate are shooting to the skies. If you’re looking to live in a good location in this city, without making a dent in your savings, it would be advisable to go forward with renting a place.

How about going for Resale Flats?

Tired of living in a rented space? Tired of shifting places due to increasing rents? You can go for buying a resale property. This is a good option that can be considered when one wants to buy his own real estate but does not have the budget of buying a new property. Taking possession of a resale flat comes with all the benefits of owing your personal property, with a comparatively lower budget.

Just like all the other cities, one can get numerous options for resale flats in Bangalore, India which are ready for possession. Buying a resale property has many advantages. One saves a lot on the interior décor with this option and can invest that amount he would have spent otherwise on better things.

Nowadays, there are innumerous options one can select from while looking for resale flats in Bangalore, India. This option also saves you from paying rent or EMI of your place.

What you need to know before any investment?

Whether you are taking a house for rent or getting a resale flat, you must be very thorough through out the entire process, because it all comes down to saving and keeping your money safe. First, you must the documentation finely, to not fall prey for a loophole later. Nowadays, there are many property frauds surfacing in the daily news, and you do not want to be a victim of these.

Before investing your money into the flat, you should get a thorough physical check of the property, done by concerned professionals. This is always advised so that one gets a proper deal out of his hard-earned money. Along with the property, do a comprehensive background check of the property owner and builder. Keeping all these factors into mind, go for the type of property you want to invest in.

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Why NRIs should think of Investing in Residential Properties in Mumbai?



Why NRIs should think of investing in residential properties in Mumbai

FEMA or The Foreign Exchange Management Act states that an Indian citizen staying outside the country can invest in the real estate of India, provided that the property in question is not a farmhouse, plantation property or agricultural land. Moreover, the tax liability for NRIs is diverse if the said property is bought for rental, self use, or for the only purpose of investment.

Here are some points that differentiate property buying of NRI from resident property buying in India:

  • An NRI does not need any special permission when buying a residential property in India. But, the payment cannot be made in the currency of the country where they stay. Rather they can make the purchase using the currency of India, through funds got in the country via normal banking channels. These funds have to be maintained in a non-resident account in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Foreign Exchange management Act (FEMA) regulations. There are also no limitations on the number of immovable properties that an NRI may buy, either commercial or residential.
  • NRIs can purchase all kinds of immovable properties in India apart from plantation property, farmhouse, and agricultural land. To buy any of these properties in the country, they have to get consent from the government and the RBI.
  • TDS estimate is done at the rate of 30.9 % on short-term capital gains and 20.6 % on long-term capital gains, when an NRI sells a property in India. But, the concluding taxation rate is same for resident Indians and NRIs. If an NRI has a lower tax slab applicable, he/she can apply for reimburse of the TDS by filing income tax return.
  • Since NRI’s live outside, they have a choice to give Power of attorney to their friends or relatives to end the property purchase procedure in India. The PoA can be specific or general about the rights your agent can use.
  • Developer agencies such as CREDAI or the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India showcase exhibitions for NRIs regularly and give a number of offers. Some of them offer loans on the spot from top banks and other discounts. So, research all such offers prior to you make an investment to make sure that you get a good deal.

Home Loan for NRIs

The RBI has offered a general consent to housing finance companies and banks listed with the National Housing Bank to offer loans to NRIs for purchasing residential assets in India. Authorized in Indian currency, the loan has to be paid back by the same currency. But, the loan amount, as per the regulations, cannot be credited to the bank account of an NRI directly and has to be paid to either the developer’s or the seller’s account. The loan can be paid back using funds in FCNR deposits or an NRI’s NRO/NRE account.

There are several best property sites in India that offer properties on sale for resident Indians as well as NRIs.

Benefits of buying 2 BHK flat in Mumbai, India for NRIs

  • In spite of the high realty prices that Mumbai, India is famed for, the city still features at the top in the list of favorable investment destinations in the country, due to the scope for high ROI. Besides, because of the significant overhang of unsold inventory by the real estate developers in Mumbai, and postponements in approvals for new projects in Mumbai, property prices in the city have stabilized. Thus, investing in Mumbai is definitely a good option.
  • The real estate costs in foreign countries might have taken a plunge, and the same destiny has been observed in maximum Indian cities. But, Mumbai is a city where the real estate prices have remained steady and not undergone any major correction. The reason is very simple. This city still experiences a huge influx of people from all parts of India, who wish to fulfill their dreams by making it huge and earning huge here. This has always resulted in steady demand for properties in Mumbai, either for rental purpose or for ownership.
  • A NRI can invest easily in any residential property and start earning regular income from the same by giving it on rent. And they do not need to worry about any hidden tax clauses, as all the rental income applicable tax provisions are noticeably specified in an easy manner.
  • From the rental income taxes obtained from a NRI, deduction is available in regards to payment of house tax, together with a special 30% deduction towards maintenance, repairs, as well as collection charges of that property. And it can prove to be a great deduction advantage on the tax paid by NRIs, irrespective of whether they spend on repairs/maintenance or not.
  • Another important deduction permissible for NRIs is the whole interest payment on the purchase of the property that is given on rent. Hence, the NRIs can take benefit of this deduction by taking a loan for purchasing that property.
  • A NRI can buy any residential property with the only objective of earning noteworthy profits by selling the same after few years. But, to get better benefits, the NRI needs to sell the property after three years, which would make the gains the non-resident individual makes from selling the property come under long-term capital gain, which gets many tax advantages. In contrast, if the property is sold within 3 years, then, the short-term capital gain coming out of it is liable to taxes, and has to be shown together with the ‘other income’ of the NRI.
  • Aged NRIs can take huge benefit of the reverse mortgage as they can take pleasure in the invested property on one hand, and also take money from the bank resulting in reverse mortgage of that property.
  • According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act, a NRI can repatriate the rental income easily received from invested property in India. It is even feasible to repatriate the sales proceeds arising for any invested real estate in India.

With such a vast range of benefits for purchasing a property in India, and more specifically in Mumbai, NRIs are certainly spoilt for choices!

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7 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling



white and brown concrete building 2287310

Moving to a different place and having to say goodbye to the house you’ve been calling home is a big thing in itself that is rarely not overwhelming. Add to the mix difficulties in selling your home and you have a sure recipe for stress. Many people think they can just put their house on the market and offers will soon start rolling in, just to find that selling a house is not as easy as they may have thought. If you are in a similar situation, read on to learn about the possible reasons why your house isn’t selling.

1. Not the right price

While obviously, all of us want to sell our precious homes at the best possible price, sometimes, the reason why your buyers back out is that you set the bar too high. Make sure you inform yourself about the prices of similar properties in your area and consult several real estate agents to get a full picture and consider lowering the price of your house if necessary, even if you don’t want to.

2. Your listing doesn’t cut it

The first contact a potential buyer has with your home is its listing, which is why it is crucial that you make the most of it. If you aren’t getting many showing requests, it might be because you haven’t provided enough photos, or the photos you have provided are badly taken or of low quality. Your description should also be straightforward, well-written and concise, containing all the crucial information but not going on about unimportant details.

3. Poor curb appeal

We all know first impressions are crucial, so make sure your home makes a great one. It is the curb appeal that is responsible for your home’s first impression, so try looking at your property from the buyer’s perspective and see if your curb appeal is lacking.

4. Not doing the home showing right

There are many mistakes a seller can make when it comes to home showings. If the home is cluttered or not staged for showings, potential buyers might be deterred simply because of your clashing tastes. Lingering around during the home showing has also been shown to deter buyers. The best way to overcome this is by taking your hands off the showing and letting your real estate agent speak for your home.

5. The home is in need of renovation 

Experienced property buyer agents will see in a split second if there are areas in the home that need additional work, and potential buyers might not want to get involved in such investments. Be honest with yourself about the state of your property and look into what you can do to improve it on a budget. The best way to overcome this issue is by investing in small fixes that make a big difference prior to even listing your home. 

6. Wrong time

Your listing not getting the amount of attention you were expecting might be because of the wrong timing. For instance, considerably fewer people are looking for houses during winter months, so consider this too in your planning. The best time would be going for early summer, as many families decide to move during the summer.

7. Inadequate real estate agent

Your real estate agent plays a crucial role in marketing your home and thus scoring your potential buyers. But if you two are not compatible or if the person you entrusted with these tasks is not doing a good enough job, it might be for the best to look for another person. Check their background and testimonials on their website to make sure they are cut out for the job before hiring them.

There are many possible reasons why your home is not selling, but the aforementioned 7 are the most common ones. Try to work on these areas and you will improve your chances of selling your property.

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Stainless Steel Tubes for a Wide Range of Industries



stainless steel tube

Pipes are essential in our daily lives. From water collection to the creation of mega industries. The most popular and reliable types of pipes are those made from stainless steel. Here is all you need to know about stainless steel pipes.

Steel pipes are made from a mixture of steel and a small percentage of chromium. The addition of chromium to steel adds up to its stainless nature by preventing corrosion. Steel is an oxidation resistant and does not react with other metals. Steel is used in large scale applications, especially in the manufacturing of piping and tubing material. The end usage of the pipes divides the stainless steel tube into several categories.

Tubes and pipes are usually difficult to classify and tend to be distinguished according to their functions. Similarly, stainless steel tube can be distinguished by its grade and type of application it is used for. For piping and tubing purposes, the 304 type of steel is usually preferred since it is corrosion and chemical resistant. However, for applications with a temperature range below 800 degrees, the type 304 steel is usually not preferred since it is usually prone to carbide precipitation. This is caused by the lower carbon content in type 304 steel which makes it more suitable for welding and other high-temperature yielding applications. Nickel and molybdenum are some additives that are possessed by other types of stainless steel. The additives help in strengthening the steel to suit desired applications.

Here are some details on the availability of different types of stainless steel tubing for your unique industry and purpose:

Steel for Corrosion Resistance

This type of application usually requires steel made with high chromium content. It offers more resistance to the steel tubes in their area of usage. Also, you need to know about the different types of corrosion resistance offered by various steel grades. This may include stress corrosion cracking, galvanic corrosion, pitting corrosion among others. This way you can choose the ideal tube that can tackle the type of corrosion you face in your industry. Generally austenitic and duplex steel grades can handle and evade corrosion quite effectively.

Steel for Pressure Pipes

This is made from either a nickel-chromium combination cross-section or solid chromium. They include welded pipes, seamless pipes and large diameter pipes for high-temperature corrosive applications. While looking for the best pipes for this purpose ensure you know details about the pipe dimensions along with working and bursting pressure standards.

Steel for Sanitary

Food is a priority and for the applications where steel comes into contact with it, the safety of the food substance is kept first. This type of steel is easy to clean and doesn’t tarnish. However, for specific applications grade, 304 or 316L is usually preferred. You can find various sizes of this tubing as they are made for a wide range of industries including beverage and food, biotechnology and pharma. You can check with the supplier if the tubes are polished both on the exterior and interior. Also, ensure these tubes can be easily dismantled and reassembled once they are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Steel for Mechanical

For hollow formed containers such as cylinders, exhaust systems stainless steel for mechanical tubing is usually used. These types of steel can be easily molded into different cross-sections to acquire the desired shapes. You can avail this tubing for a wide range of industries including automotive, aircraft, farm equipment, and even household equipment. Ensure the tubing you choose can meet your standards in terms of wall thickness, diameter specifications, high strength among others. Know more about how steel is used for the aircraft industry in the next two sections.

Steel for Aircraft

Aircraft tubing needs a more specific application of stainless steel. Steel is applied in aircraft tubing because of its corrosion and heat resistance. In this case, nickel and chromium types of steel are used. Welded parts also make use of steel products with low carbon types. More specifications are usually imposed by the Aerospace Material Specification for the manufacturing of the aircraft parts. Given the fact that stainless steel tubing for the aero industry consists of negligible carbon content, it ensures better corrosion protection even if welded. Ensure the tubes are cut and supplied according to your unique specifications.

Aircraft tubing is further divided into more types. One of these is the hydraulic systems for fuel injection into the engines. Types 304 and 304L are the most preferred for this application since they are strong and corrosion-resistant.

These are just but a few applications of stainless steel tubing. The applications often focus on the strong and corrosive nature of the steel in use. Having information on the manufacturing of the different types of steel tube grades enables one to know which type of steel to use for different applications.

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