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World Politics Taking New Turns

World’s politics has been shifting and there are revolutions going on around the world. Some subtle, some extreme, some against internal forces and some against external. No one wants to be dictated anymore, neither by weapons, nor by policies. Even US is finally being forced to withdraw many of its

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World’s politics has been shifting and there are revolutions going on around the world. Some subtle, some extreme, some against internal forces and some against external. No one wants to be dictated anymore, neither by weapons, nor by policies. Even US is finally being forced to withdraw many of its unilateral governance over the world.

The superpower USA had been at war in Afghanistan for over a decade, but is now finally thinking to lift its force over the country with the help of Pakistan, Iran and India. However, the US has triggered Iran against it with its sanctions.

Iran-US Rising Probability of Armed Conflict

Iran and USA have always been in hostile relations with each other. But recently the tension has grown between the two countries. In Fact there is a probability of an armed conflict in Iran. US have been employing economic terrorism over Iran with its sadistic sanctions. And Iran has refused to accommodate any such policies from the US anymore.

Iranian ambassador at UN nuclear watchdog meeting said that US’s sadistic tendency to use unilateral and illegal sanctions as a tool to coerce private entities and independent states should come to an end.

The sanctions that Iran is referring to are the limit that the US is forcing on it for the stocking of enriched Uranium. The superpower says Iran has exceeded the agreed limit of Uranium stocking under the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The re-imposed economic sanction is building pressure in Iran against the US. And Iran is calling the behavior of Trump ruled country to be outlaw. The Islamic Republic is demanding Germany, France, China, Russia and the UK to mitigate the effect of the US sanctions. And take measures to guarantee Iran the promised economic benefits against the limits imposed on its nuclear program.

Spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization called US withdraw from the nuclear deal a “huge mistake”

The European parties are however, trying to keep the deal alive with their diplomatic efforts. The IAEA inspector says Iran does not seem to be walking away from the deal as it is allowing the inspectors to do their work.

This doesn’t anyhow mean that US has stopped pushing its intent to declare war against Iran. Trump said he has called off a retaliatory military attack at the last minute after Iran had shot down a US drone. It has exceeded in Iran’s airspace.

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China and Russia Blamed the US

Two of the superpowers have also accused the US for being biased about the nuclear agreement. The agreement that the US had abandoned last year, is now revoking its policies on Iran and resuming its sanctions – US is to be blamed for escalating nuclear crisis with Iran.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman called it “unilateral bullying” and said that it’s becoming a “worsening tumor”.

Russia expressed concern over Iran’s threat to abandon more sanctions of the deal if no solution is found by the other parties. Moscow is committed to finding a diplomatic solution to save the deal providing Iran relief from punishing sanctions.

The country also finds it odd that the US is now worried about the agreement as itself called JCPOA a terrible deal and had withdrawn from it last year. Hence, the US is isolated on this matter.

Kremlin spokesman said that Russia is still in support of JCPOA and called Iran threatening announcement a consequence of the US abandonment of the deal, as Russia had already warned about the imminent consequences if any country decides to walk out on the agreement.

Pakistan Promoting Peace

The current governed state had been seeking to nourish good relations with Iran which have been strained in the past. But the current situation in Iran is making the region more volatile and it is a concern to the neighboring state, for more news about Iran and Pakistan visit this site

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan said he was concerned about the rising tension in the Gulf. Also adding that war is not a solution to any problem, this pressure building in the region is not in anyone’s interest, said Khan.

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US-Iran tension may cause India trouble

India was also improving ties with Iran offering to build the Chabahar Port. But with the rising hostilities between the US and Iran, the geopolitics of India seems to be going towards a crucial dimension. The consequence of this conflict would not just end up with the hiking oil prices in India but will also come with many other setbacks.

India was aiming to fulfill its strategic ambitions in Central Asia with Iran’s support. It would gain access to Central Asia and Eurasia, bypassing Pakistan through the Chabahar Port which would directly connect India to Afghanistan. This project would have also counterweighted the Gwadar Port which is a joint-venture between China-Pakistan.

After the nuclear agreement was laid between Iran and the US, there was a high possibility that the US could use the route of Iran to move its troops to Afghanistan. This would reduce the US dependency on Pakistan.

This optimistic thought has leaded an agreement between Iran, Afghanistan and India to convert Chabahar Port into a transit hub. But the withdrawal of the US from the agreement has lost a great opportunity for the US to develop an alternate route to Afghanistan, also, making the viability of Chabahar Port questionable.

India has already reduced its energy dependency on Iran based on the orders of the US. However, the Chabahar Port has yet remained out of the US imposed sanctions. But if the hostility increases any further between the US and Iran, the region will likely to observe irreversible damage.

Since the Gwadar Port is far more developed in terms of infrastructure and business potential, Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, needs to use a diplomatic strategy to save India from the geopolitical setbacks to come its way. It would be a rather smarter approach to benefit from CPEC than investing in Chabahar Port with the current tension in the region. And Pakistan promoting regional peace would be all open for a friendly development like that with India.

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