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Comprehensive Guide To 4 Forms Of Yoga



Different Form of Yoga

Having difficulty managing your anger? Or having trouble concentrating on your daily tasks? Fed up of the upset metabolite system.

Yoga is all the therapy you need to transform your life and boost the living standards. Taking regular yoga classes are the best way to deal with all your underlying problems. No matter what problems you are facing; they’re all going to fade away as soon as you start attending yoga events in Dubai or wherever you exist. We have managed to give you a comprehensive guide about the four commonly heard forms of yoga that are sure to get you going.

4 Different Types of Yoga Forms to Keep You Going

After a lot of research, and an increase in yoga trends, Dubai and UAE have also seen to be enthusiastic about organizing certain yoga classes in Dubai. The purpose of these events was primarily to encourage the audience to opt for yoga and yoga events in Dubai for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Below are 4 of the most experienced forms of yoga that are greatly stressed and commonly practiced.

1. Ashtanga Yoga

This is the yoga form that could be physically challenging. It is not advisable to be practiced by beginners. Ashtanga comprises of various standing postures and the exercises making use of the floor. It is also famously known as “eight limb path”. Ashtanga yoga can also fall under the category of power yoga. It involves a series of six postures, and it can take years to master the art of Ashtanga.

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2. Vinyasa Yoga

This form of yoga is a branch of the Ashtanga form of yoga. It comprises of several athletic bodily postures coordinated with one’s breathing pattern. This type could also be physically demanding, yet it is best to regularize your heartbeat. It requires a fast pace and doesn’t require holding any posture for too long. The fast switching of postures is purposed to normalize the heart rate.

Both the above-described yoga forms are aimed at body toning. These forms can greatly help your body to get in shape. However, Vinyasa doesn’t follow an orthodox pattern and can include meditation and chanting.

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3. Yin Yoga

This yoga pose is best suitable for beginners or amateurs who are not into a hectic activity. This form is slow-paced and gives you the leverage to hold poses for an extended period. A single movement may be held from 45 seconds to 2 minutes approximately.

The seated postures in yin allow you to concentrate on spirituality, inner peace, and relaxation. It mainly includes postures like melted heart, shoulder stretch, seal pose, meditation seat, etc. By maintaining these poses for a longer time, helps strengthen your muscle core and tissues. Blood circulation is also improved. Another interesting fact is that: this style is often attained in a heated room to aid your muscles to be more elastic.

However, you should avoid the yin form of yoga if you are extremely flexible; as this form may result in destructive tissue stretch and muscle damage.

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4. Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga could be a good start in your yoga regime. It is an umbrella term that includes all kinds of physical activities involved in yoga. Hatha yoga is often interchangeably used with the term “yoga”. In other words, it covers all styles from Ashtanga to Vinyasa and every other form. It could be the best yoga practice for people who are just planning to start out.

The main focus of Hatha is: to start from scratch. In order to be a pro in yoga, you must have control over your breath. The primary focus of yoga and Hatha is to master the technique of essential relaxation through an ample amount of meditation, correct breathing and postures.

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Concluding words!

Yoga is a must to be a part of your routine. Everyone should plan to devote at least an hour or so for yoga practice. Or, you can also attend fitness events in Dubai for the much-needed motivation and awareness on the benefits and practices of yoga. So what are you waiting for? Buy a yoga mat and get started.

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The Importance of Yoga Equipments and Yoga Clothing




Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word which means ‘to unite’ to bring the body, mind, and, soul together in harmony, making a way for a healthy and positive lifestyle. In the most basic sense, yoga includes physical postures that are called asanas, meditation, and controlled breathing. The asanas involve stretching, twisting and lengthening of various body parts, which requires elasticity. Like most of the other activities, yoga can also be practiced at home and the way we have attire for every occasion, it’s important to have the right clothing and equipment for yoga as well.

Yoga teachers during Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh wear white dhoti and kurtas to allow easy movement of the body and keeping the body airy. The purpose of such bare clothing is to keep the body in direct contact with the energy flow that is present in our nature. For the modern world Yoga, we have several types of equipment and yoga clothing that can enhance our yoga sessions and make them efficient.

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What kind of clothes and equipment are required for Yoga practice?

Jogger style pants with elastic and fairly-fitted t-shirts are the most popular and recommended items of clothing while practicing yoga. The clothes should be loose enough to allow proper body movement during asanas and fit enough so that they don’t fly over your head when you bend forward during an asana. Girls can also wear a decent sports bra for comfortable transitions between poses. Other than this, yoga doesn’t require any additional piece of clothing, unless you have long hair, in that case, hair ties should do the work.

Yoga mats help define your personal space where you can carry out your sessions. A non-slippery and soft material make up for an ideal Yoga mat. Additional accessories can also be used for variations in asanas and make the yoga sessions more dynamic. Yoga blocks made of foam or rubber are used correct posture and align the body in several asanas. Yoga blocks can be replaced by folded blankets or pillows to provide a soft and cushiony base. Yoga straps or belts are also used as arm extenders in several asanas like pashimottanasana. Different yoga styles call for different equipment and play a significant role in yoga practice.

Importance of Yoga clothing and equipment

Yoga teacher training in India emphasizes on wearing the right and comfortable clothes to facilitate the free flow of the body without any obstruction. Tight and body fit clothes restrict the body from breathing and creates discomfort when performing meditation and breathing exercises. When performing vigorous yoga styles like Vinyasa and power yoga, sweat absorbing and quick-drying materials are very helpful as they avoid clothes from sticking to your body. The way we feel about our body and looks also reduces our stress and anxiety levels, making Yoga sessions more efficient.

Yoga in Rishikesh and yogashalas is usually done on ‘daris’ or soft yoga mats to provide a soft and yet firm base. Finding a good yoga mat for your yoga style might need a little research as it shouldn’t be thick enough, making it hard for balancing poses and not too thin that you end up hurting yourself during vigorous yoga styles. Even though a lot of yoga classes provide yoga mats but one cannot guarantee its hygiene, it’s a good idea to get one for yourself, according to your body type and height. Blankets offer supports to our back in seated and lying poses. These also help prevent injury from acting as a soft base. Blocks are very effective in correcting your alignment and used in standing poses. They serve as a platform for beginners when you are trying to touch their hands on the floor. Another important accessory is a yoga strap that adds flexibility to the poses. It helps achieve some stretching poses if the body doesn’t allow much flexibility and helps the body get used to the stress.


Yoga is a soulful practice and it requires is a present mind and body; by wearing the appropriate clothes and using the right equipment, we can achieve that ultimate goal.

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