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Recording: Home Recording Tips for DIY Musicians



Recording: Home Recording Tips for DIY Musicians

Home practice is apparently the best way to improve. And if you are a musician who is just starting a career or planning to have one, home recording is exactly what you need to jumpstart everything. 

In the absence of a professional sound engineer, DIY home recording is the best option. But of course, you will need to prepare everything for this journey of yours. 

Get The Right Gear For Your Music

Whether you are aiming to record your vocals or your guitar lessons, you will need to have the right gear for your home recording. Depending on the type of your music, the gears and equipment will vary.

So, if you are the type of musician who plays more acoustic music, then the gears will be much less complicated than those who want to record music with drums and other musical instruments. But whatever the case, it is very important for you to get the right set of gears for your music.

Get A Preamp 

In order for you to accomplish your home recording effectively and efficiently, you must also get a preamp. You can also consider this as one of the gears that you must have, whatever music you will play.

As it happens, a preamp is mainly designed for the amplification of low-level signals to the line level. Keep in mind that the line level is the standard. And you will need all signals from all your music sources to be at the standard level so that it would play at the right amount of sound level after recording.

Invest in One Good Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

If you are doing a home recording for the sole purpose of practicing your vocals, along with a single musical instrument, then you must invest in a good quality of large-diaphragm condenser microphone. 

It is worth noting that condenser microphones come in two diaphragm sizes: small and large. You can pretty much use the small one in almost all cases of home recording. But it is much more appropriate to utilize the large diaphragm when you want to single out your voice, especially if your type of music focuses on acoustic or acapella.

Invest In Some Good Mastering Software

Aside from having a right set of gears, a good quality of condenser microphone, and a preamp, you will also need a good mastering home recording software. Keep in mind that without this, you cannot fully accomplish or render the output of your recording.

If you’ve taken a few music lessons before, then you probably know how to check for a good type of mastering software. But if not, here are some of today’s best mastering plugins:


  • Waves – Abbey Road TGMastering Chain
  • Eventide Elevate Bundle
  • Izotope Ozone 8
  • Ik Multimedia T-racks One
  • AudifiedMixChecker
  •  Expose by Mastering the Mix


You may check them all first and try to consider the underlying features and specifications.

Record at 24-bit

There is actually an ongoing debate between recording at 24-bit and 16-bit as many people would consider one from the other. But even so, it has been found that recording at 24-bit has so much more benefits than at 16-bit. 

As it appears, DIY musicians would essentially prefer recording at 24-bit since it makes the whole mixing and recording a lot easier. Not to mention, it also offers greater “headroom” margins unlike recording at 16-bit.

EQ While Recording

Recording with EQ is highly recommended by many tenured DIY musicians. This is because it makes the mixing and tracking a lot easier and more convenient. In fact, it works well when recording at 24-bit. 

So, if you are thinking twice whether to EQ or not, try to do make a good trial and error test. See it for yourself which way would work best on your case.

Always Finish Your Mix After a Good Night’s Sleep

The quality of your output, whether it’s in the mixing stage or final one, can be largely impacted by the condition of your body and mind. Similar to how you would consider your overall state and condition when you record at home, you must also do the same when you are finishing your mix.

According to experts and experienced home recorders, having a good night’s sleep is one of the secrets to having a great mixing output. This is because it allows your cognitive functions to work better. Hence, your hearing abilities will be so much more effective if your mind and brain have rested enough.

Back-up Your Hard Drive

Lastly, but definitely not the least is to back-up your hard drive, every single time you do a recording. Whether it may be a draft or an editing output, you must always keep a backup file. You can never know what could happen in the middle of the recording or editing.

It is worth noting that with one single mistake, no matter how small or big, you could end up doing everything all over again, which, of course, is a huge inconvenience. Not to mention if you’ve accomplished a great part already that you will be forced to repeat again. So, it is really important to stress out the importance of backing up your hard drive.

Final Thoughts

All in all, home recording is relatively challenging. But with the right call and consideration, you can easily set it all up. Also, it is best that you research everything first before spending or investing your money. And with these simple tips, along with your self-learned notes, you can definitely start your home recording as an effective DIY musician.

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Kamala Harris ‘View’ interview delayed after two hosts test positive for COVID-19



Kamala Harris ‘View’ interview delayed after two hosts test positive for COVID-19


NEW YORK (AP) — Vice President Kamala Harris’ live interview on “The View” was abruptly delayed Friday after two hosts of the talk show learned they had tested positive for COVID-19 moments before Harris was to join them on the set.

Cohost Sunny Hostin and guest host Ana Navarro were at the table for the start of the show, but then were told to step off the set. Hostin and Navarro had been vaccinated, their colleagues said.

Harris, who was to be seated there as well, instead was later interviewed remotely from a different room in the ABC studio in New York. She did not have any contact with either host who tested positive, according to a White House official.

Cohosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines remained on set and conducted the truncated interview.

“Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they are fine,” said Harris when she made her delayed appearance. “But it also really does speak to the fact that they are vaccinated and vaccines make all the difference because otherwise we’d be concerned about hospitalization and worse.”

The moment underscored the ever-present dangers of COVID-19 and provided a sobering reminder of the virus’ reach.

It also threatened to overshadow the Biden administration’s efforts to show progress in battling the virus. Just a few hours earlier, President Joe Biden urged those now eligible for COVID-19 booster shots to get the added protection a day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed the doses for millions of older or otherwise vulnerable Americans.

“Ana and Sunny, at the last minute we realized they have tested positive for COVID so they have been taken off of the show,” said a stunned Behar, who made the announcement after the show hurriedly went to a commercial when the two hosts were pulled off seat. Behar said Harris was removed to a separate location because “they don’t want to take a chance.”

“It’s very important we keep her healthy and safe,” Behar said. “The Secret Service is doing things to make her feel safe.”

Both the show and aides from the vice president’s office wanted to go ahead with the interview and contact tracing was quickly done to make sure Harris would not be exposed to anyone who might have had contact with Navarro and Hostin, officials said. The Secret Service then signed off on using a separate location in the studio.

The vice president carried on with her day after the TV appearance, meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Washington.

Before Harris was connected for “The View” interview, Behar and Haines vamped to fill the time and took questions from the audience.

“Sara and I are doing a little tap dancing,” Behar said.

At one point, an audience member asked what moments stood out in her many years on “The View.”

“This one is definitely,” Behar replied. “One thing about working in television, is there’s never a dull moment. … But this is a new one.”

None of the hosts were masked but members of the studio audience were wearing face coverings.

Biden was elected on the central promise of managing the nation’s response to the pandemic and received high early marks for quickly moving to distribute the vaccines. But over the summer, the highly contagious delta variant sent cases skyrocketing again, causing a number of jurisdictions to reinstitute mask mandates.

The president has grown increasingly frustrated at the Americans who have refused the vaccine and endangered the nation’s recovery. More Americans, according to polling, have also begun to sour on his handling of the pandemic.

“The refusal to get vaccinated have cost all of us,” Biden said earlier Friday. “It is not hyperbole: it is literally a tragedy. Don’t let it be your tragedy.”

Biden applauded the recommendation by CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky — who overruled an advisory panel — to include approval of boosters for health-care workers or have another job that puts them at increased risk of being exposed to the virus. The panel had limited approval to those over 65 years old and those with underlying health conditions.

The positive cases also stepped on what was to be a moment in the spotlight for Harris, who had participated in only a handful of televised interviews since taking office. She has come under some scrutiny after some uneven performances in other interviews, and as the administration has taken sharp criticism of images of Border Patrol agents using aggressive tactics against Haitian migrants at the Texas border.

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Rochester police release video timeline of events leading to Daniel Prude encounter



Rochester police release video timeline of events leading to Daniel Prude encounter

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester Police Department on Friday released a 23-minute timeline of Daniel Prude’s activity leaving Chicago and leading up to his encounter with Rochester police on March 23.

This video was edited by the Rochester Police Department, cut from around 4 hours of raw footage. With more than 3 hours of footage omitted from the edit, it does not depict a complete sequence of events before, during, or after the department’s March 23 encounter with Daniel Prude.

The video shows Daniel Prude with his brother Joe Prude, Daniel Prude is placed under Mental Hygiene Detention, police say because he said “I been wanting to die,” and “kill me.”

“Take care of my brother,” Joe Prude says.

From there, Daniel Prude is sent to Strong Memorial Hospital. No footage of that trip is shown in the video.

Prude was released later that evening.

Body worn camera footage from an officer then shows Joe Prude explaining that his brother was on a drug that made him hallucinate when he ran out into the cold. Footage from Rochester’s Blue Light Cameras and surveillance cameras shows Daniel Prude wandering the area.

A bystander who saw Daniel Prude in the street livestreamed the encounter on Facebook. Prude is naked in this portion of the video, shouting and chasing the car the bystander is in. The bystander tells Prude not to get close, and asks if he wants him to call anybody for help.

  • 1632560318 949 Rochester police release video timeline of events leading to Daniel

1632560319 967 Rochester police release video timeline of events leading to Daniel
RPD map of Daniel Prude’s walk

The video then cuts to the previously released body worn camera footage from police at the scene of the incident on Jefferson Avenue.

One of the Rochester police officers involved in the incident, Mark Vaughn, was charged with Unnecessary and/or Excessive Force, and Discourteous/Unprofessional Conduct Thursday. Those are departmental charges.

Vaughn was the officer seen leaning on Prude’s head and neck area in police body camera video of the encounter. Attorneys for the officers said the “segmenting” technique was performed in accordance with the latest training.

The department said Thursday it “fully supports Officer Vaughn’s right to due process and to defend himself against the charges, of which no pre-determined outcome has been put in place.”

Watch the full video

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GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from Trump



GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from Trump

PHOENIX (AP) — A Republican-backed review of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona’s largest county ended Friday without producing proof to support former President Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen election.

After six months of searching for evidence of fraud, the firm hired by Republican lawmakers issued a report that experts described as riddled with errors, bias and flawed methodology. Still, even that partisan review came up with a vote tally that would not have altered the outcome, finding that Biden won by 360 more votes than the official results certified last year.

The finding was an embarrassing end to a widely criticized, and at times bizarre, quest to prove allegations that election officials and courts have rejected. It has no bearing on the final, certified results. Previous reviews by nonpartisan professionals that followed state law have found no significant problem with the vote count in Maricopa County, home to Phoenix.

  • 1632559749 56 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 759 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 150 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 443 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 171 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 40 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from
  • 1632559749 701 GOP review finds no proof Arizona election was stolen from

Still, for many critics, the conclusions reached by the firm Cyber Ninjas and presented at a hearing Friday, underscored the dangerous futility of the exercise, which has helped fuel skepticism about the validity of the 2020 election and spawned copycat audits nationwide.

“We haven’t learned anything new,” said Matt Masterson, a top U.S. election security official in the Trump administration. “What we have learned from all this is that the Ninjas were paid millions of dollars, politicians raised millions of dollars and Americans’ trust in democracy is lower.”

Other critics said the true purpose of the audit may have already succeeded. It spread complex allegations about ballot irregularities and software issues, fueling doubts about elections, said Adrian Fontes, a Democrat who oversaw the Maricopa County election office last year.

“They are trying to scare people into doubting the system is actually working,” he said. “That is their motive. They want to destroy public confidence in our systems.”

The review was authorized by the Republican-controlled state Senate, which subpoenaed the election records from Maricopa County and selected the inexperienced, pro-Trump auditors. On Friday, Senate President Karen Fann sent a letter to Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich, urging him to investigate issues the report flagged. However, she noted the review found the official count matched the ballots.

“This is the most important and encouraging finding of the audit,” Fann wrote.

Trump issued statements Friday falsely claiming the results demonstrated “fraud.”

Despite being widely pilloried, the Arizona review has become a model that Trump supporters are pushing to replicate in other swing states where Biden won. Pennsylvania’s Democratic attorney general sued Thursday to block a GOP-issued subpoena for a wide array of election materials. In Wisconsin, a retired conservative state Supreme Court justice is leading a Republican-ordered investigation into the 2020 election, and this week threatened to subpoena election officials who don’t comply.

None of the reviews can change Biden’s victory, which was certified by officials in each of the swing states he won and by Congress on Jan. 6 — after Trump’s supporters, fueled by the same false charges that generated the audits, stormed the U.S. Capitol to try to prevent certification of his loss.

The Arizona report claims a number of shortcomings in election procedures and suggested the final tally still could not be relied upon. Several were challenged by election experts, while members of the Republican-led county Board of Supervisors, which oversees elections, disputed claims on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, the report is also littered with errors & faulty conclusions about how Maricopa County conducted the 2020 General Election,” county officials tweeted.

Election officials say that’s because the review team is biased, ignored the detailed vote-counting procedures in Arizona law and had no experience in the complex field of election audits.

Two of the report’s recommendations stood out because they showed its authors misunderstood election procedures — that there should be paper ballot backups and that voting machines should not be connected to the internet. All Maricopa ballots are already paper, with machines only used to tabulate the votes, and those tabulators are not connected to the internet.

The review also checked the names of voters against a commercial database, finding 23,344 reported moving before ballots went out in October. While the review suggests something improper, election officials note that voters like college students, those who own vacation homes or military members can move to temporary locations while still legally voting at the address where they are registered.

“A competent reviewer of an election would not make a claim like that,” said Trey Grayson, a former Republican secretary of state in Kentucky.

The election review was run by Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, whose firm has never conducted an election audit before. Logan previously worked with attorneys and Trump supporters trying to overturn the 2020 election and appeared in a film questioning the results of the contest while the ballot review was ongoing.

Logan and others involved with the review presented their findings to two Arizona senators Friday. It kicked off with Shiva Ayyadurai, a COVID-19 vaccine skeptic who claims to have invented email, presenting an analysis relying on “pattern recognition” that flagged purported anomalies in the way mail ballots were processed at the end of the election.

Maricopa County tweeted that the pattern was simply the election office following state law.

“’Anomaly’ seems to be another way of saying the Senate’s contractors don’t understand election processes,” the county posted during the testimony.

Logan followed up by acknowledging “the ballots that were provided for us to count … very accurately correlated with the official canvass.” He then continued to flag statistical discrepancies — including the voters who moved — that he said merited further investigation.

The review has a history of exploring outlandish conspiracy theories, dedicating time to checking for bamboo fibers on ballots to see if they were secretly shipped in from Asia. It’s also served as a content-generation machine for Trump’s effort to sow skepticism about his loss, pumping out misleading and out-of-context information that the former president circulates long after it’s been debunked.

In July, for example, Logan laid out a series of claims stemming from his misunderstanding of the election data he was analyzing, including that 74,000 mail ballots were recorded as received but not sent. Trump repeatedly amplified the claims. Logan had compared two databases that track different things.

Arizona’s Senate agreed to spend $150,000 on the review, plus security and facility costs. That pales in comparison to the nearly $5.7 million contributed as of late July by Trump allies.

Maricopa County’s official vote count was conducted in front of bipartisan observers, as were legally required audits meant to ensure voting machines work properly. A partial hand-count spot check found a perfect match.

Two extra post-election reviews by federally certified election experts also found no evidence that voting machines switched votes or were connected to the internet. The county Board of Supervisors commissioned the extraordinary reviews in an effort to prove to Trump backers that there were no problems.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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12-year-old charged for bomb threat aimed at Hackett Middle School



12-year-old charged for bomb threat aimed at Hackett Middle School

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A 12-year-old student was arrested after making a bomb threat at a local middle school.

Police were called to Hackett Middle School around 1 p.m. Friday after a male had called the school and indicated there was a bomb inside.

Police said a 12-year-old student communicated with a third party through instant messaging, and during the conversation, encouraged the third party to call in a bomb threat to his school.

Albany Police K-9, with the assistance of the New York State Police, cleared the school and deemed that the building was safe and that there was no device.

The student was charged with Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree and is scheduled to appear in Albany County Family Court in October.

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  • Mic’d Up: John Homich

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Rensselaer County sheriff responds to complaint filed against jail, ICE



Complaint filed against Rensselaer County Jail

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Rensselaer County sheriff has responded to a complaint filed against the jail and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement over alleged abuse and neglect.

The complaint alleges physical abuse while in transit by ICE to the Troy facility as well as medical neglect and deplorable jail conditions. It was filed on behalf of a woman only identified as “Miss Q.”

It claims she was violently tugged, which caused her to fall without the ability to put her hands out to break her fall because of the shackles she was wearing. The complaint claims she suffered several injuries, including bleeding and bruising.

The sheriff’s office released the following statement in response:

The female inmate’s main complaint, who was scheduled for deportation, was she did not want to be quarantined upon arrival to the facility, which is, due to COVID-19, policy for all new admissions into the Rensselaer County Jail. She was given a grievance form, which she filled out, but later signed off stating everything was alright and no longer wished to further the grievance.

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Government shutdown looms amid federal budget feud



Government shutdown looms amid federal budget feud

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The U.S. is facing a possible government shutdown next week because lawmakers are at odds over the federal budget.

Lawmakers have the power to avoid the shutdown but have so far failed to avert the crisis.

“They want to raise $5 trillion and spend it in the next month. They have a maxed-out credit card and want to get a new limit to go max out another one,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said of Democrats.

House Republicans voted against the bill that would raise the debt ceiling and keep the government open.

“It’s quite appalling because when Republican presidents were there, we always had bipartisan support for that,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

The fight is headed to the Senate where the measure could fail, prompting both a government shutdown and a default on U.S. loans, which could greatly impact Americans and the services they receive from the government. A shutdown also has the potential to damage the greater American economy.

“Republicans won’t agree to pay our past bills, the debt we owe,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

Sen. Mitch McConnel (R-KY) replied, “Give me a break.”

Republicans refuse to vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling because they oppose Democrats’ proposed agenda that aims to spend $3.5 trillion on green energy investments and measures like universal preschool and childcare subsidies for lower income families.

But that spending plan is in danger of failing anyway because not all Democrats are on board.

Nevertheless, Republicans say they’ll oppose raising the debt ceiling on principal.

“If they want to tax, borrow and spend historic sums of money without our input, they’ll have to raise the debt limit without our help,” said McConnell.

“They can do it if they want to do it, and they should. But I’m certainly not going to help them do it,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

Republicans say they would support a standalone bill to keep the government open. While Democrats can technically raise the debt ceiling alone, they don’t have enough votes to do so because their own party can’t agree on the spending plan and reconciliation package.

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No school bus? No problem. Colorado boy kayaks to school



No school bus? No problem. Colorado boy kayaks to school

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – As school districts across the nation deal with a shortage of bus drivers, a Colorado student is getting high marks for his creative way of getting to class.

The boy’s dad, Jason Smith, said the shortage prompted his son Josh, 12, to come up with a backup plan in case Josh was unable to get a seat on the bus when the school year started in Summit County.

“One night he said, ‘Hey, instead of waiting on the bus, why don’t I just kayak to school?’” said Smith.

The Smiths live in Silverthorne, about a five-mile drive from Summit Middle School, where Josh attends. But the shortest route — as the crow flies — is directly across Dillon Reservoir. 

“The easy answer would have been, ‘No, let me just drive you to school. If you can’t get on the bus, we’ll drive you to school, no problem,’” said Smith. “But I have a 12-year-old who wants to be adventurous, wants to do something none of his buddies would do, and how can I say no to that?”

So on a cool September morning, they loaded the kayak into the family car and drove the short distance down to the reservoir. 

Josh set off and made it across the entire lake to school — a distance of about three miles — arriving almost on time after he stopped to explore an island on the way.

“I was late to one of my classes, and everyone was like, ‘Josh, where were you? We were worried.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I was kayaking to school,’” he said with a smile.

“Instead of taking a shortcut, I took a long cut,” Josh joked. 

Josh’s dad said he kept an eye on Josh from overlooks around the lake. But Josh said he was only a little bit nervous, and mostly excited for the adventure.

“I was nervous when I started to go out a little more, and I realized how vast it was, and how far away I was from land,” he said. “When I got there, I felt like I was accomplished, but I also knew I was a little bit late to school, so I think I could have made a little bit better time.”

Now the 12-year-old Boy Scout — who hopes to reach Eagle Scout and potentially enroll in the Air Force Academy someday — is planning to try and ski to school across the lake once it freezes.

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Albany PD welcomes 15 new officers



Albany PD welcomes 15 new officers

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany Police Department welcomed 15 new officers during a graduation ceremony on Friday morning.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Police Chief Eric Hawkins were on hand to welcome the new group of officers.

All of the recruits went through 31 weeks of training at the Albany Police Academy, which opened in 2016.

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Gabby Petito: Social media sleuths help unravel the case



Gabby Petito: Social media sleuths help unravel the case

(NewsNation Now) — 22-year-old Gabby Petito embarked on a cross-country road trip with boyfriend Brian Laundrie in July, documenting every turn of their new van life on their nascent YouTube channel, where they invited the world to tag along.

But more than a week after Laundrie returned from the trip alone, her family reported her missing, and followers took that invitation to heart — scouring her posts and unpacking the mystery in real time.

The hashtag #gabbypetito has been viewed more than 867 million times on TikTok alone.

Paris Campbell, a comedian and TikTok user, saw some of herself in the videos she watched of Petito.

“I’m a new mother,” Campbell told “I saw an interview with Gabby’s mother crying, begging for people to help bring her daughter home.

“It just resonated with me.”

Haley Toumaian, 24, is a data analyst. But she’s also using her account and expertise to hunt for clues.

“My goal is to share as many things as I can because you just never know who’s going to see the video and who might know something,” she told

Millions have poured over the various posts — dissecting threads and theories. One of Toumaian’s videos scrutinizes the captions on Petito’s Instagram posts. Campbell flagged an apparent change in who appeared in the photos themselves in another video.

“I saw myself a lot in what was being reported about Gabby,” Toumaian said. “We’re similar age, we’re both engaged to be married. We’re both YouTubers and just live a kind of similar lifestyle.”

She said she also knew what it was like to be in a toxic relationship. That empathy became even more applicable after bodycam footage in Utah showed Petito and Laundrie after a recent fight.

After weeks of mystery, a break in the case came online. YouTubers Jenn and Kyle Bethune found video of a white van they happened to catch on their camera during a trip to Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park on Aug. 27. That van matched the description of the one Petito and Laundrie traveled in.

The van was on the side of the road. Then they gave the footage to the FBI, who closed the area to the public.

Days later, on Sept. 19, they found Petito’s body nearby.

For the online community, the search for Laundrie, and justice, continues.

In a TikTok video, Miranda Baker claimed she picked Laundrie up in the park alone. She said she called the authorities after recognizing him in TikTok videos after the fact.

The community is also building on its own findings. Former Marine and self-described audio/video nerd, Brent Shavnore, said he enhanced the video of the van and believed he could see the door closing.

“When I zoomed in with a 4k video, it was clear as day to me on a large monitor that that door looked to be closing,” Shavnore told “I got chills up my spine, and when I saw that happen, I posted that to Twitter instantly to see if anybody else saw the same thing.”

Several people on Twitter commented on the video saying that it was “creepy” to see someone “abruptly” close the door in the enhanced video.

There has been some debate on whether the flood of speculation and analysis has been helpful or not, but Michael Alcazar, an investigator with the New York Police Department for 30 years, says it’s “very helpful.”

“There’s like bigfoot sightings of Laundrie right now. Everyone is handing in images, grainy images,” he told “And I think that’s a big help. It’s like a lot of investigators out there doing a canvas for this person of interest.”

There’s no signs the community, hungry for answers, will turn their energy away anytime soon.

“There’s something really powerful about a large group of people trying to get the same message across and a large group of people being focused on a single topic,” Campbell said. “And I think that the natural outcome from that would be some sort of progress.”

“If I can make a difference, then it’s worth it,” Toumaian said.

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Who’s eligible for Pfizer booster shots after CDC announcement?



Who’s eligible for Pfizer booster shots after CDC announcement?

FILE – In this Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 file photo, a nurse loads a syringe with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Jackson, Miss. Millions of Americans are now eligible to receive a Pfizer booster shot to help increase their protection against the worst effects of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

(AP) – Millions of Americans are now eligible to receive a Pfizer booster shot to help increase their protection against the worst effects of the coronavirus.

A look at the nuts and bolts of this new phase of the vaccination campaign:

Who should get the Pfizer booster?

People who got two Pfizer shots at least six months ago and who fall into one of these groups should get the booster:

— People 65 and older, nursing home residents and assisted living residents.

— Others ages 50 to 64 with a long list of risky health problems including cancer, diabetes, asthma, HIV infection and heart disease. Being overweight or obese is a category that qualifies roughly 70% of people in this age group.

Who else can consider getting it?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says these people may get a booster, but stopped short of a full recommendation:

— People 18 to 49 who got their Pfizer shots at least six months ago with risky health problems can consider the booster based on their individual benefits and risks.

— Anyone 18 to 64 with a risky job, such as health care, can consider boosters. Prisoners and people living in homeless shelters are also in this group.

What are the side effects?

Serious side effects from the first two Pfizer doses are exceedingly rare, including heart inflammation that sometimes occurs in younger men.

Weren’t some people already eligible?

Yes, people with severely weakened immune systems were already eligible to get a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna. This group includes people taking immune-suppressing medications and those with diseases that tamp down their immune systems. They didn’t have to wait six months to get a third dose.

What if I got Moderna? Can I get a Pfizer booster?

Not yet. Health officials say they don’t have enough data on mix-and-match vaccinations. Moderna has applied to U.S. health regulators for its own booster, one that would be half the dose of the original shots. The Food and Drug Administration is considering that application.

What if I got J&J?

People who originally got the single-dose Johnson & Johnson also must wait. The government doesn’t recommend mixing-and-matching. J&J hasn’t yet filed a booster application. But earlier this week, the company released data showing two doses of its vaccine provided stronger immunity than one — whether the extra dose was given either two months or six months after the first.

Where can I get my booster?

Health departments, clinics and drugstores are offering boosters, and many people have already gotten them ahead of the official green light. You may have to show your vaccine card. Proving how you qualify is on the honor system. Your word about your risky job or health condition is likely to be enough.

Are boosters free?

Yes, shots given under FDA’s emergency use authorization are free. And there should be enough supplies.

Am I ‘fully vaccinated’ without a booster?

Yes, two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or one of J&J, is still considered fully vaccinated.

Why were boosters so hotly contested?

The need is not crystal clear. Studies show the vaccines are still offering strong protection against serious illness for all ages. And many experts want to focus attention on getting shots to the unvaccinated, the group most in danger of infection, hospitalization and death.

On the other hand, there is a slight drop in the vaccine’s effectiveness among the oldest adults. And immunity against milder infection appears to wane months after people’s initial shots. Protecting health care workers from even mild illness may help some hospitals now struggling to care for unvaccinated COVID-19 patients.

Are other countries offering boosters?

Britain and Israel are already giving boosters over strong objections from the World Health Organization that poor countries don’t have enough for their initial doses.

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