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7 Types of Visual Content you can publish on Social Media



visual content

You must have heard of the saying, “content is king”? That is correct. Since marketing has taken a sharp turn towards social media, we need a different phrase that justifies with it, and we already have come up with it. It goes like, “Visual content is the king for social media.” 

So how do you implement the game plan of visual content to reap its benefits? Don’t worry we have crafted a list exclusively for you with different techniques with proven success rates. So, hold tight, and keep reading.

You should lead with images

Images are simple, attractive, and easy to post, and moreover, gain the most engagement. The reason why it is referred to as the prime form of visual content. If you want a piece of content that is highly shareable, you have to keep your image-game strong. But, for me, what makes images the best form of visual content is, that they are SEO friendly. The importance of SEO is unmatched in this era of marketing. If you want to try something new, you can always try posting collages and sets of images, since they invite innovation and break the monotony if regular posting. Here’s a stunning example by Whole Foods Market, from their Facebook feed:

visual content marketing example1


Videos come next

Videos are undoubtedly recording the hottest trend in the field of visual content. In fact, stats tell us, videos are shared 3 times more than text-only posts. Ofcourse, who wouldn’t prefer the slow-moving graphics or images with sound in the background than just images that showcase a human figure or a product. People even tend to retain more of the content when they watch it, rather than just see or read it. But, make sure your videos do not exceed a time limit of 1.5 to 2 minutes. People do not like watching long videos. Draw some inspiration from this video by the notes application, Evernote:

Here is the link:

Post tutorials and graphics

You know, every now and then, you will find the need for sharing intricate data and information to your audience. So why not represent it graphically, rather than crafting over 2000-word texts? Posting graphics is really enticing and will not only help you share what you want but also, deliver your message successfully inviting engagement and followers. It’s the best way to deliver instructions, instructions could be regarding your new product or new service. Draft infographics or tutorials that guide the audience through the entire process and I am sure you will notice improved results. Check out the guide section of BirchBox, a beauty and grooming startup has crafted their entire blog around several guides employing several visual content techniques.

visual content marketing example 2

GIFS are enjoyable

If you have already started using the new additional feature of GIFs on your WhatsApp chats, you know what I mean. GIFS are funny, enjoyable, entertaining, and gives your content the desired edge. Moreover, they are the perfect replacement for the times your audience doesn’t enjoy videos. You can use classic animations to entertain your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Every now and then, it is important to add the fun element in your content marketing and GIFs are the best technique to employ this trait. Here’s the best coffee maker, Starbucks at its best with GIFs:

starbucks gifs


Marketing with memes

You know, marketing with memes or memejacking really is a thing. Coming on that later, memes have established their name as the host in the party of attention and attraction. They are easy to create, popular, attract a massive audience and boasts the ability to make you viral overnight. And when you talk about social media, how many of us check a meme and nit stop to check the humor or sarcasm? Practically, none of us. Coming back to marketing with memes or memejacking, it means, posting memes with not only the intention to entertain but also, marketing your own brand. Take a look at this most-relatable meme by Nickelodeon:

Presentations and Webinars

Presentations are now not just limited to office boardrooms. Seminars are now not just limited to offices and workplaces for employees. There is much more to it, you can now publish your presentation online, sharing information through forums and networks, educating and helping people. But remember, they cannot be as complex as your boardroom meetings. They need to be simple and concise. Use Canva for some inspirations. Same with webinars. The webinar, as we all know is a web-based seminar, in which you can share lectures, information, and workshops online. Presentations and webinars are really an ideal thing to take your relationship with the audience to the next level.

Post Screenshots

Screenshots are now not just restricted to WhatsApp chats and conversations. They are not only limited to fights and pieces of evidence. They are a great and excellent tool for demonstration purposes, resolving issues, modeling stuff or simply, sharing things which we want to. Also, since I mentioned about posting tutorials and graphics, screenshots are a great way to illustrate guides and tutorials. They give your audience the eye view of the steps that you wanted to explain with text. 

Wrapping up

Here’s one final tip – Never, I repeat never compromise on your final goal. Not even when you have to walk an extra mile (or maybe two) for it. Trust me, a gamble worth millions for visual content will be worth it because of its immense popularity. 

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Traditional Outreach Strategies with Mail Still Work



Many marketers debate the merits of traditional marketing strategies. One of the topics that comes up is the effectiveness of direct mail marketing. Is direct mail marketing still a viable strategy in the digital age?

With our lives becoming more and more immersed online, many people are abandoning conventional marketing techniques that have been working for years, even though they may seem to be outdated, such as direct marketing. Before you decide whether to continue using direct mail marketing, you should know what it is and what its advantages are. You also need to know what materials you need, such as 5 x 7 envelopes.


Although you can find different definitions of direct mail marketing, it is usually defined as using data from different channels to reach a targeted audience through the mail. As its name implies, the goal is to reach customers in the most direct way possible.

There are a lot of approaches to direct mail marketing. These services include, among others, mailing marketing literature, flyers and information brochures. Every day when you go home, you probably come across this type of advertising. If companies spend money on direct mail marketing, it is because they earn it back many times over by attracting high paying customers.

Many people spend so much immersed in online channels and engage with digital outreach services such as Adwords, email Marketing and Facebook Ads that they forget about conventional advertising services such as direct mail. Even though they are exposed to direct mail marketing regularly, it is easy to forget about it as a marketer themselves.

Direct marketing is also compatible with digital media, since there are different programs that allow marketers to evaluate statistics, metrics and data that allow them to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of digital outreach campaigns.


There are a number of advantages of direct marketing. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Personalized marketing is fairly straightforward with direct mail

The biggest benefit of direct mail marketing is that is allows for total personalization. A lot of new research shows that customers actually prefer personalized marketing messages and it has a high ROI. If you have detailed information about the people that you would like to engage with, then you can personalize your letters and envelopes to connect with them. This will increase the likelihood of a response.

Customers are far more likely to see your message

Internet users have developed ad blindness over the years. They are exposed to so many different advertisements online that they just start tuning them out. They often ignore marketing messages that they receive in their email inbox. Of course, many promotional emails end up in their spam filter as well.

You don’t have to worry about this with direct mail marketing. Customers are going to see your message when they open their mailbox. They are going to have to touch it, which also makes it feel more real. They might throw it out, but at least they won’t be able to ignore it entirely like they would with digital marketing messages.

You can reach people in areas with more limited Internet use

There are some regions where the population doesn’t spend as much time on the Internet. This might be because the population is older and less interested in technology. It could also be due to the fact that some areas have more limited Internet accessibility.

Direct mail marketing can be perfect for reaching people in these areas. It might even be the only way to reach them if you don’t have a physical presence there.

Direct mail marketing has a very high ROI

Marketers that depend exclusively on digital media have the misconception that the ROI from direct mail marketing is very poor. Nothing to be further from the truth.

Direct mail marketing has the third highest ROI of any marketing medium. It ranks just after social media marketing, which only has an ROI that is 1% higher.

You can’t overlook the importance of direct mail marketing when you realize that it works so well for so many companies. If your target customer base is conducive to mail marketing, then it might actually be the best way to reach them.

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Best Ways to Improve Your Domain Authority



Domain Authority

The domain authority is a relatively recent measure (DA). Moz, a SaaS company that provides tools for digital marketing, has created this score.

Domain Authority is a score to predict how well search engine results are ranked by a website.

The scale of DA is 1-100, and the higher the score the greater will be the ranking. This ranking is not used by search engines such as Google or otherwise taken into account.

Instead, it predicts how the website is ranked by Google and others.

The Domain Authority contains over 40 variables but is focused mostly on inbound links numbers and consistency.

This means Moz sees the number of root domains and the number of total links to determine the ranking. What is the number of unique websites that links to your website?

And how many links from all of the other sites to your site? Finally, the quality of these sites is used to define each link’s meaning.

Impact of Domain Authority on Your Site

The basic theory is that search engines decide how important a site page is depending on the number and content of the sites linked to it.

The more the quality sites linked with you, the higher the level of your domain authority and the higher the probability of being high on SERP.

The reputation and trustworthiness of a domain are calculated in part by the number and content of the inbound links on the websites.

These links notify Google that your website has helpful material which needs to be linked to, shared and discussed.

This is why it is so important to connect building techniques such as content marketing, blogger communication and social media presence.

It is also important to review your links frequently and to get rid of any “spam” backlinks that could affect your own ranking.

Given are the best ways how you can improve your Domain Authority y following some simple strategies?

ü  Post High-quality Content

If you write value-added high-quality content, other bloggers would want to link with you their pages. Content to be linked could be anything from how-to manuals and teaching to infographics and original study.

If you regularly produce high-quality posts, people will most likely link back to you when they post their content.

If you write content and appear to be unable to get momentum, then contact bloggers straight away.

Let them know you have produced quality content, ask if they want to link to it. It is not always simple, so you will need to implement a strategy for building a broken link or a skyscraper content strategy.

ü  Manage Internal Links

Many SEOs automatically think about backlinks (external links) when talking about links, but they do not even remember that there are internal links as well. Why the internal linking structure should be improved, you might ask?!

Ok, so we need to give our users the latest information and guidance so that they can quickly find what they want. Correctly positioned internal links mitigate the risk of our users abandoning our website (worse cases) when they are “lost,” and are unable to find what they want.

ü  Keep Checking Your DA

Moz provides various resources for verifying your DA. Link Explorer and MozBar are two free modes for checking your Domain Authority.

The DA checker is also part of Moz’s paying tools however this has some limitations and you can only check 10 domains in a month. Besides Moz also restricts its users to check DA of a site one at a time, which means you can’t check DA in bulks.

A better and reliable alternative to it is using the DA checker by PREPOSTSEO that utilizes premium MOZ’s API to run its tool. So you don’t have to concern about its legitimacy in first hand and the best thing is, it’s a bulk domain authority checker. You can check up to 500 domains at a time using PREPOSTSEO DA checker and it also shows the spam score of the sites.

Subsequently to keep a check and balance of your site DA frequently check your DA.

It enables you to know where you stand in the race of Domain Authority and let you what are lacking to improve even more with spam score results.


ü  Gain More Guest Posts

Blogs’ guest posting has long been approved as one of the quickest ways to establish a quality link to your site. Besides, guest posting drives direct traffic by referrals to your website.

If you plan to make quality links back to your website with guest posting, make sure that you do this the right way.

Most websites that welcome guest posts have a policy that you have to accept, otherwise, they won’t accept your posts. One such regulation is that posts that are apparent ads should not be sent.

It may be cautious to have a professional organization deal with the guest posting. In this way, you guarantee that quality guest posts containing your links are forwarded to high-level websites.

Once your attempts to make guest posts are complete, you will be better positioned to improve your domain authority.

ü  Using Relevant Keywords

Searches aren’t necessarily written queries completely. Searches are most commonly brief sentences consisting of many keywords.

If you include important keywords, the website would have higher domain authority. Keywords often bolded by a search engine that complement requests, so user’s eyes are drawn to the appropriate contents.

As in every aspect, too much of a normal or valuable act affects negatively the situation same is the case with keyword adjustment.

This technique is called keyword stuffing, in which the websites replicate the same sentences over and over, often with just minor variations, in the Meta description of the site itself and its actual text.

This not only seems unprofessional, it will also lower your domain authority because the algorithm of Google pushes keyword stuffers to the bottom of the results list. To be noted here, if you rely too much on SEO, your domain will suffer. The domain authority is based on strong quality content, not keywords bursting.


You will have to find out how successful they are after implementing your DA score enhancement techniques.

This means that you regularly check your DA ranking using a DA checker. Although a domain authority score would not improve immediately, please assign yourself a timetable as long as you wait between inspections.

Focus your energy on growing up your website by regularly upgrading it with better contents and adhering to best SEO practice.

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What are the Most Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes and How to avoid them?



Developing A Business Mobile App In Saudi Arabia

Today is the time when every business is shifting their focus of branding and promotions towards mobile marketing campaigns because it is bringing them significant rewards. But there are many few others who even after trying so many mobile marketing tricks, they didn’t earn much benefit from that. This is all because of their silly and unnecessary mistakes which they are making while running their mobile marketing campaign.

Here we are talking about the android push notification mobile marketing strategy which is failing for many marketing experts and for which they don’t know anything about. Now if you are one of those, then you have reached the right place because today we are going to provide you the most common mobile marketing mistakes which you are making continuously even without realizing it.

So, let’s checkout some of these and their optimum solutions as well:

#You Are Using the Same Online Advertising Habits:

The most common mistake which you are making again and again in your mobile marketing advertising campaign is following the same traditional online advertising trends. Here you certainly need to understand that your audience generally behaves differently in the mobile application environment as comparative to the desktop computers or laptops as well.

Now when you are going to send the android push notifications, all you need to focus on catching the momentum rather than being too exclusive. Here try to deliver some valuable content in your short & crisp push notification message that will eventually get you more app engagements and more business as well.

#You Are Avoiding The Small Screen Size:

The next thing which you are definitely missing here is not considering the different viewability of both computer and mobile screen. Always remember both desktop screen and mobile screen give different viewing experiences of push notifications to the users.

Apart from that, push notifications also appear differently when you send it on iOS mobile devices and on android mobile devices as well. So, next time when you are going to launch the android push notification on your users devices then don’t forget to have a preview before dressing the send button. This way you will be able to provide the best view of your push notifications that you have sent on users devices.

#You Are Not Considering User Experience:

When you send push notifications on your users devices then they might be facing different experiences with your android push notifications. Here some of the users might be getting frustrated by seeing your regular push notification messages while others might be getting bored by hearing the same thing from you again and again. All these things mostly result in abandonment of mobile apps by many users which you also might be facing right now.

So, here you need to consider every user’s experience so that you can perform better whenever you are planning to launch the next slot of push notifications on your users android devices. Thus by strategizing your new push notifications mobile marketing campaign based on your users previous experiences, you can certainly hit the bull’s eye in no time.

#You Are Not Targeting Right Audience:

Marketers often make this mistake by showing their ads to every common user who doesn’t even care about your product. By doing this, you are not only spending the extravagant expenditure on your marketing campaigns but also spoiling your brand image as well.

For making this mistake correct, firstly you are required to analyze your data well. Then only target those users who belong to your product category. Further, send these segments users only relevant content to which they can easily relate. By doing this, here you are going to save your funds and you will be able to target the right audience at the right time.

#You Are Using Inferior Content:

It has always been said that your content is the soul of your whole marketing campaign irrespective of the fact that which marketing platform you are using. Now here when we are talking about the android push notifications mobile marketing strategy then again your content should be the main aspect of this whole  marketing campaign.

Although in push notifications strategy, the limit of using words is very low. But this is exact where you need to show your skill and shine as well. So, while planning your android push notification strategy, choose your words intelligently which should be sharp, crisp and to the point as well.


Here in this content, we have provided you with a few ideas about the common mistakes which you were making during your mobile marketing campaign and that you might have never realized.  So, check these silly mistakes of your android push notifications mobile marketing campaign and their solutions as well which have been provided to you along with these. Here everything is based on thorough analysis and careful planning as well. Thus, don’t ever avoid these two things for the better growth of your venture.

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The Platform: The Importance of Keyword Searching in Ensuring your Presence in the Digital market



The Platform The Importance of Keyword Searching in Ensuring your Presence in the Digital market

The digitalisation and emergence of technology in our daily lives have improved many aspects of our lives. It helped immensely in the business world, widening the reach for knowledge of everyone and increasing the efficiency of living. These keyword searches help in providing results on what you are seeking in a faster manner.

What is the role of keywords in the online platform?

These are sets of words or phrases that help the search engines provide, identify and render the correlated topics to a keyword. A very sophisticated system with an in-depth collection of algorithms equipped with every specific content’s queries and terms; that is used to analyze the keywords and help match the words to content that is seen to be the best answer to the question. Keywords are the primary means of communication in the online space. The more often that a specific keyword is used, the more relevant your content is. And in establishing an excellent digital presence in the market, keyword marketing is introduced.

ECommerce or digital marketing is a very competitive platform. It is fast-paced; following the trends and being on trend is a tedious task. These keyword searches aid the need of each market to be exposed to consumers. Through good coordination of search engines and thorough research on what words are to be entered in the system, presence in the digital market shall be noticeable. Here are tips and some points to remember to improve your content, especially if you’re new in the keyword marketing world.

  1. Know your target audience: This aspect of marketing is often overlooked and underestimated by many, but this is a very crucial key to forming an effective marketing strategy. Before you can fully optimise a plan, you should first get to know and understand your target audience. Knowing more about them can help planners to diversify and look for a better approach to reach them.
  2. Use phrases or keywords that are longtail: Longtail keywords help in widening the meaning of a word. A specific keyword associates itself with a keyword that is correlated to it. It doesn’t just help in faster access to other information; it also promotes a wider area of opportunity.
  3. Use a variety of words: it is helpful that you use keyword research tools to choose the best keyword to put out in cyberspace. It can give you suggestions and things to improve. Knowing your keyword portfolio’s weaknesses can help you expand your variations.
  4. Use different keywords that have the same meaning: By doing this, it will increase the odds or possibilities for people to find the content more. For example, is producing two contents with a similar subject but different focus or agenda.
  5. Let the keywords lead the process of content creation: Let these keywords be an inspiration for other creators. Content creation shouldn’t stop then and there. In this way, the system or database for keywords wouldn’t stop as well.

We have come across the benefits and complexities of living in the digitalized age. Wherein every tap of our fingertips is relevant. Keyword searching is a tool that is utilized not only for businesses and marketing but to also encourage continuous learning and content creation.

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Grow Your Brand With YouTube Advertising: The Comprehensive Guide



youtube ads

YouTube is the second most famous search engine worldwide; it is considered one of the significant platforms for businesses to grab their customer’s attention.

Over nearly two million users are logged inside this app every month. Thus the platform has the enormous potential for supporting their brands that attract the new set of audiences and set their loyal fan followers.

YouTube has the perfect chances for making a cost-effective advertising campaign; they are 

  • Average view rate of 31.9%
  • Average view CTR of 0.514%
  • Average CPV of $0.026.

A story behind the YouTube Ads:

From 2006, there started a Brands Channels and Participatory Ads; YouTube started offering the business with the opportunity to reach a larger audience than before.

 There are lots of developments that quickly followed, like the start of overlay In video ads and the development of the homepage ad structure. 

Within years, there were lots of ad benefits and tools that have been developed to make advertising campaigns on the platform, both customizable and simpler.

YouTube is a valuable advertising tool if you are trying to take up the rise. Then begin your YouTube process so you can receive YouTube likes that increase visibility, which also makes the advantage that the platform can get through the ads. 

Profit of Advertising on YouTube:

There are lots of profitable ways for your advertising on YouTube from customization and targeting the potentials by using the measurability, and accessible yet the most required profit is the simplest thing is to reach!

Thus the unique YouTube advertising methods reveal the result for your brand.

Elaborate your digital Reach:

By using the two billion YouTube account users who visited the website monthly, there is a wider range of an unregistered group of users who gets committed to the platform with five billion daily video views.

Every video view is the capacity to reveal your ad to some people who could be fascinated by what your business provides.

With YouTube ads, the larger net you cast that have capable customers, you can be connected. Taking the time period to be considered for the multiple various audiences that your ads on YouTube would work well is the best way to monetize the advertising platform.  

Identify customers with Progressive Targeting:

Anyways apart from finding the details like gender, age, and geographic location. By using YouTube, ads have the capacity to focus on videos by category, niche, and keywords.

By working, you can enhance the possibility of the audience that can identify your ad to be the same. Plus, with the placement targeting, you can find the specific YouTube pages you need to stay on. 

By using the targeting qualities like these make it much simpler to assure your ads for the valid customers at the right times.

Plus, by providing the business deeply on the intended audience, YouTube advertising provides a perfect level of personality that caters the advertisements to be more customizable than the search ads.

Modify the Ads to meet their goals:

Similar to shopping ads and search, which is required to follow up the strict guidelines in order to possibly run, YouTube ads cater to businesses with more freedom by selecting their advertising methods. YouTube is one of the flexible and dynamic advertising platforms. 

Perform Cost-effective Campaigns:

You don’t need to use the fancy camera or some special assistance with a creative agency to make your ads. YouTube, together with the handy guidelines, helps the businesses to prepare the shoot and edit the video ads all on their smartphones. 

Always general advertising view works between the $0.05 and $0.010 that is comparatively low based on the cost of some keywords on the search network, that can run for $50 per click or more. 

Estimate Your Ads success:

Check the Analytics tab on your YouTube account to learn about the audience who looked at your ads. Looking into the information, it can provide you is an insight into how well your ads are performing well. 

Say, for instance, you can study about the ads, which ads of your customers are watching:

  • How much longer they watch them.
  • At exactly what points they do not engage.
  • You can also implement the Analytics tab to support you in determining which of the many ad formats are performing the best.

Sorting out which types of ads gives the most profit for your business, which will take the trial and error methods. Also, you can be connected with your YouTube account on your Google Analytics account to get deeper into your video campaign data.

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Moz vs. SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?




Digital marketing paid advertising and social media marketing are just a few of the top methods that will help you to increase the amount of website traffic that is generated to your page. You are going to want to make sure that you are using search engine optimization for your website since otherwise, you are going to be losing out on a lot of traffic based opportunities.

Here is everything that you need to know about the SEO company and what tools they will use to make sure that you are getting the traffic that you need and deserve, so keep reading to find out more. There are 2 tools that we are going to talk about today, which are SEMRush and Moz that will help you to decide which will work the best for you.

Everything to Know About Moz

Moz is one of the many search engine optimization suite tools that you can use for on-page optimization, website crawling, rank tracking, keyword research, and more. This tool is going to be ideal to help you with all of the aspects of the campaign the SEO company is putting together for you. Here are some of the tools that you can use with this software, including:

  • Keyword explorer

This tool will help you to uncover any insights that can help you in targeting and prioritizing the top keywords that would work for your marketing strategy. Once you input a keyword that you are interested in using, then it will show you the monthly volume of searches, organic rate of click-through, difficulty, and much more.

It will also provide you with a SERP analysis and keywords suggestions so you are using the top ones for your domain authority, page authority, and keywords. This feature will help you to find those keywords that the target audience would be using to find your products and services along with the rank for these keywords in order to drive the leads to your website.

  • Rank tracking

One thing that you always want to make sure that you are doing is tracking the keyword ranking for your website and the overall SERP visibility. This will help you to see if the current strategy that you are using for your search engine optimization is working for the audience you are trying to reach. This will also allow you to see as well as track the SERP movements of your competitor and how you are ranking for certain keywords against them.

  • Site auditing and crawling

This tool is going to help you with auditing as well as crawling of your site so you can manage the health of your website. This means finding any recurring or common technical search engine optimization issues your page might have. This would include various issues like broken redirects, missing title tags, or other errors that can hind the website from getting a rank, the direction of relevant traffic, or indexing by the search engines. The other features that you can enjoy with this feature also include customized reports, link research, and on-page optimization.

  • Pricing

The plans for using Moz start at around $99 per month for the search engine optimization beginners who just need the most basic of features. However, the majority of the users opt for their medium plan that costs $149 per month since it also has the 30 day trial for free along with full access to their tools for keyword research.

The more you know about this software, then the easier it will be for you to decide if this is going to be the one that you want to use. It can be confusing to decide just what software to choose, so make sure that you are comparing them closely.

What to Know About SEMrush

This is another platform for online visibility that allows search engine optimization, competitive research, content, social media, and PPC solutions for all companies. There are many features that this software has that you need to know about like:

  • Keyword research

SEMRush can help you in finding the search volume, level of difficulty in ranking using the specific keyword and even what competitors have already ranked for the keywords, and much more. It can also analyze your current keywords so they can help you with making better decisions for your strategy and the overview will show you the average search volume per month for each keyword over the last year. You can also find some of the top variations, other related terms, and even question type phrases and their estimation of search volumes.

This tool also a SERP analysis that will allow you to assess the competition that is targeting the keyword that you want to use. This feature would help you to determine if the keyword is going to be worth fighting for or if will drive your marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

  • Competition research

Everyone wants to know what is happening with their competition and what their weaknesses and strengths are and this feature can help you. If you are using the domain overview it will show you the authority score, average paid and organic traffic, display advertising, backlinks, and much more. You will also be able to perform some traffic analytics, backlink, and keyword gap analysis, and organic research on all of your competitors.

  • Pricing

SEMRush does have free accounts that you can use, but it has very limited access to the full data and the extensive tools from the platform. The lowest pricing plan for this software is around $99.95 per month and it comes with a free trial for 7 days.

This is something to consider when you are starting to look at which one is going to work for you, so think about the pricing as well as the features that you would be able to access before you make your final choice.

Each of these tools has various features that you can use to establish a campaign that is effective and that can beat out your competition. However, the final decision about which one to use would come down to what the SEO company is using and which one fits your budget. Make sure that you are comparing them so that you can make the best decision for all of your requirements no matter what they are.

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Is the marketing strategy killing digital marketing?



digital marketing

According to a public description, ‘Internet, mobile devices, social media, search and other platforms are used for the purpose of digital marketing to reach consumers.” According to another public concept, ‘Marketing strategy is a business’s long-term game plan for achieving sustainable competitive advantage through knowing its wants and needs.’ Although the former obviously is a subset of the latter, the marketing role tends to take over.

When I joined the company circus, the key task of conventional marketing was to quantify input efficiency and its connexion to performance. It was therefore nearly impossible to separate the ingredients from any performance or failure — whether the quality of goods, prolific production, promotional preparation or placement of ATL and BTL media. Advertising networks developed complex media measures, while the world’s Nielsens made acceptable sales figures at a point of sale basis. However, at best these were strict inflow tests and no wizard could provide the mathematical precision that modern businesses pursued earnestly.

This is precisely where digital marketing has made a significant impact and has miraculously crossed the barrier between input and sales with precision. Boardrooms were pleased that transparency was created and brand managers saw their subjective decisions as justifiable alibis. When linked to online trading, the relation was even more sublime, and call-to-action was soon replaced as the new slogan. New-age digital companies acquired innovative technologies in order to further entertain the networks and became militant abetters themselves, whether they were Google, Amazon or Flipkart. Venture founders soon hooked up with this contemporary lingo and treated digital marketing as the secret sauce on the road to a unicorn.

In this new attack, the Marketing Strategy of absolute honesty started to take the second position, frequently pressured to represent the digital world rather than to be the source of legitimacy. So the rigour of creating an inspirational brand value proposition, evoked by data and imagination, was steadily and dangerously prioritised. Too much dialogue and conversational R&D focused on social media and new age platforms while ignoring that the company needed a distinct voice and a continuous stream of key insights. Insights were derived from studying consumer behaviour in all applicable categories and culture, which would have a crucial impact on the quality of goods and services.

When I resumed my practice in consultancy in 2020, it became the top priority to restore this precious balance armed with the innovative ‘Datavity’ toolkit. To spread this patented value proposition vigorously was the inevitable basis. This is a consequence of a deeper understanding of culture and creating a viable connexion to the actual product, ensuring true segmentation, concentrating and positioning. Every insight would rely both on numbers and creativity and ultimately contribute to an integrated marketing plan, the central component of which would be digital marketing. Only then will a deep dive into this topic lead to an effective implementation approach, in combination with traditional spray and spray communication.

There are a few other basic, but true explanations why the statutes of marketing strategy can easily be overcome by digital marketing. Technology is the hottest point of discussion and everybody in corporate corridors finds it rewarding not just as a confirmation of their portfolios, but also for advancing their jobs. It’s a concrete and scientific question, and without the subjectivity and uncertainty of classical strategy, a long-term exercise with unthinkable pitfalls. Google and Amazon are the latest oracles of business intelligence and support sleek digital marketing that overshadows classical consultants’ reputation. The blame is also on a revived sense of urgency in contemporary market environments powered by trigger-feeling shareholders and funders, thus tacitly converging short-term returns on future sustainability. Marketing strategy is becoming a complex backroom, whose perceived soundness is often the whim of digital front-footers. Find here the best website Audit tool.

This scenario is much more dangerously founded in my limited experience of dealing with startups, namely the need to do more than what to do. Not too many are prepared to invest in long-term brand identity and are more worried about the quarterly effect beautifully driven by digital marketing tools. Certainly, one must be versatile and agile, but in reality, a framework can not be replaced not only by technology but also by worldviews. There are plenty of dignitaries who expected that consumers in the post-corona world are much more mindful of intent and sense, tormented by the current news. The need for a systematic marketing plan is thus more effective than ever and advantageous for any business stakeholder.

Therefore, here is my basic advice for any business chief, regardless of your ambition or dimension. Marketing is first and foremost an unwavering mechanism which can not be disrupted. Digital Marketing is the rafale of the marketer’s ensemble and, once the goal is set, can be a gigantic game-changer. Without the first, you can’t get the second and you can’t come first with the second only.

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Quick 5 Steps Guide: How To Hire the Right SEO Company




If you are running a business or plan on running on in the near future, then you should consider hiring a professional SEO company. There are many reasons why hiring a professional SEO company will help you with your business, but first you need to know how to hire the right company for you and your business. There are a lot of companies out there, so you need to know these tips so that you can hire the right one.

If there are more keywords than actual content

You can tell if the company is bad if there are a lot of keywords. The keywords are to bring viewers in and get recognition. While this seems like a great tactic for businesses that want more attention, using too many keywords to get to the top of a search will only give you disappointed customers and clients.

If the company you are considering uses keywords the wrong way, it’s not the company for you. There are better ways to get attention than to overuse certain words so that people will click on your business first, and a good company will know that.

Make sure to do your research

You have to research every company that you come across so that you know you are getting the best. You can ask around to see if anyone has a suggestion on a certain company that you should look into, but you should still do your own research beyond that.

You want to make sure that this is the company that you want to be working with, and you want to make sure that they are the right company to be working with you and your business. Look at reviews, ask around, and deep dive into their company’s website to see what they’re all about.

Make sure they accept criticism

This is a very easy way of finding out if this is the right company for you to work with. This is your business that we are discussing, you get the final say in every decision. If you do not like how something is put together, or if the company isn’t doing the job as well as you expected, you should be able to openly speak out about it. If the company doesn’t listen carefully and changes things to how you want them, they are not the right company and you should find another to work with.

Make sure they do what you want, and follow up when they can’t

This tip goes with the one above. You want the company to take care of the work for you so that it’s done right, but they should still listen to the rules that you give them. They should make sure that what they are doing matches everything that you want. Things might have to change if there happens to an issue with your request, but they should never take matters into their own hands unless you tell them to.

If they make too many promises

A lot of companies and businesses will promise the best support, the best food, or the best service when it comes to SEO. But these are warning signs. You should never immediately give your business to a company that is promising too much. They are allowed to promise hard work. But they shouldn’t give you unrealistic expectations. If they do, try to find another company that you can work with instead.

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Tips For Selling Your Products Online



online gaming

While a lot of people only ever dream about selling their products online, some people know how to make it worthwhile. The prospect of selling your products online can seem quite daunting, however, it’s a great way to reach a lot of potential customers.

This article will show you how you too can sell your products online:

Choose What You’re Going to Sell

One of the first things you need to do is to decide what you’re going to sell. If you already have a physical store will you also sell all of those products online? Are you going to sell specialty items or a wide range of different products?

Once you’ve chosen what you’re going to sell you need to think about the price. Will you keep your online products cheap or will they be the same as those you sell in your physical store. If you are only selling products online, you can save money when compared to a physical store. This is because you’ll only need to rent a warehouse rather than an entire store. This means you can potentially sell your products for less.

Use the Right Software

Not a lot of people know that selling products online involves setting up an ecommerce website using the right software. You’ll need to use software that helps you to list, price, and sell all of your items. In addition to this, you’ll have to use software that ensures you can accept online payments.

Try to add as many payment options as possible. This will enable your customers to pay in their most preferred way.

Put Your Customers First

One of the best things you can do is put your customers first. Your customers will help you to pay your bills and they’ll also tell other people how good (or bad) your customer service is.

Do what you can to keep your customers happy. Communicate with them via email or text, for example, when their order has been shipped. Let them speak to someone if there’s something they’re unhappy with. When your customers know that you put them first they’re much more likely to shop with you again.

Boost the Delivery Experience

You know what it’s like, you go to pay for something online only to find the delivery cost is too high. Regardless of how good your products are if the delivery cost is sky high people won’t be interested. You should also make sure that you package your items properly and use a reliable delivery service. The better the delivery experience, the more likely people are to return.

Did you know that a good delivery experience can make a world of difference? Shipping your products out sooner rather than later can mean a lot to a customer. Throw in a coupon that gives them $10 off their next shop, for example, and they’re more likely to return.

Use the above tips to help you sell your products online. With a bit of work, you could have some very satisfied returning customers.

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4 ways to calculate returns on SIP of mutual funds



mutual funds

Systematic Investment Plans, generally known as SIPs have become quite popular recently. These are one of the best financial instruments which aid in inculcating financial discipline in individuals along with providing them higher returns than most other investment options. Whenever an individual makes regular investments in a SIP, he gets more units during the period when the market is low and vice versa. This process averages out the purchase cost of the funds thus providing stable and positive returns over a period of time. This returns majorly depend on the risk-bearing capacity of the investor.

Calculation of returns on SIP of mutual funds

The process of computing the returns that an investor may earn on a SIP may appear complicated on various fronts to the individuals. One very common mistake that investors make while calculating the returns is of computing the Systematic Investment Plan returns on the investment amount of the entire period. Rather what must be done is that the installment amount should be taken only of the period for which it is invested. For such complexities, many banks and financial institutions provide the facility of an online EMI calculator. Investors who do not want to take the risk of inaccurate computations or want to save time can simply use such EMI calculators to make their tasks simple.

Let us take an example to understand how the returns on a SIP is calculated:

Assuming that the individual invests in a SIP of INR 1000 for 36 months. This means that he or she will be paying INR 1000 each month for the next 36 months.

During his manual calculations, the investor may take 1000 multiplied by 12 i.e. the number of months to calculate the returns. This, however, is the mistaken approach. What he or she should have done is to calculate the return on the first installment for 12 months, on the next for the remaining 11 months, and so on.

If the rate of return is 10%, then this should be computed individually for first month, second month, and so on i.e. 10% of 1000 = 100, 10% of 1000*11/12 = 91.67 up til 10% of 1000*1/12 = 8.33

All of these calculations can be dodged by simply using an online EMI calculator for free. This calculator not only provides the optimal EMI that shall be paid to minimize the rate of interest on the debts but also helps in comparing several SIP options depending upon various EMI limits.

Here are a few ways to calculate the returns on SIP of mutual funds:

  1. Absolute or Point-to-Point Returns: Investors looking for calculating simple returns on their initial investments can use this method. One only need sth initial value of the fund and the NAV. In this method, the holding duration of the fund does not play any role. The formula is as follows: absolute return = (present NAV – initial NAV) / initial NAV x 100. To simplify the process, the investors can even do the calculations on an excel sheet or with the help of online calculators similar to EMI calculators.
  2. Simple Annualised Return: Certain investors choose to annualize their returns in case the holding duration is not more than 12 months. Also known as effective annual yield, this method is based on extrapolating the returns and not give an accurate and true picture of the returns. The formula to be used in such cases is: ((1 + Absolute Rate of Return) ^ (365/number of days)) – 1. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) states that absolute return is useful when the period is less than 12 months and the simple annualized return is used when the period is exactly 1 year.
  3. Compounded Annual Growth Rate: For SIPs where the time duration is more than a year, the better way to calculate the returns is by using the CAGR method. CAGR is a number that depicts the potential wealth an investment might have produced had it been operational at constant returns. However, returns do not stay constant throughout the years. Thus the compounded annual growth rate shows the mean annual rate of growth that smoothens out the volatility in the returns over a period of time. The formula for CAGR is: =(((ending-value/beginning-value)^(1/number-of-years))-1*100
  4. XIRR Method: Inflows and outflows of cash are not evenly matched in most of the cases. XIRR is a function available in Excel that can be used for measuring the internal rate of return or annualized yield of cash flows occurring at irregular intervals. SIPs work well over along duration of time and the investment date, as well as the SIP amount, is prespecified by the investor.

The number of units is allocated to the investor depending on the current NAV of the fund, thus the investor should start collecting these from the very start of his investment. On the redemption date, the investor gets the maturity amount, which is the NAV of the redemption day multiplied by the total units he owns on the redemption day. To measure the returns, investors can use this XIRR function in excel

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