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8 Smart Gadgets for Home Automation

The idea of a smart home is becoming more and more real, as more and more new gadgets and devices appear: on the one hand – smart technology, on the other hand – special gadgets that can configure all the parameters of this technology themselves, adapting to the preferences and work schedule of the

smart home

The idea of ​​a smart home is becoming more and more real, as more and more new gadgets and devices appear: on the one hand – smart technology, on the other hand – special gadgets that can configure all the parameters of this technology themselves, adapting to the preferences and work schedule of the owners. In the article, read about some of the most interesting gadgets that can simplify your life, well, or make it a little more interesting.

The idea of ​​a smart home, as comfortable as possible for the owner and everyone who understands everything, stuffed with a huge amount of smart technology, is not new. But who would have thought that now, nowadays, there are gadgets that can cope with their tasks in the new high-tech smart home? So, for example, Samsung’s Smart Home service will allow you to manage all items of household appliances using only one mobile application. Naturally, it is implied that all this technique will be smart. And the latter is becoming more and more popular with manufacturers that produce either a smart TV or a smart refrigerator, iron … the list goes on. And now let’s dwell on a few new products that bring the implementation of new home automation ideas even close.

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Smart TVs remain popular. So, the curved model from LG, recently introduced and expected to be on sale, will make viewing as realistic as possible. And when viewed in 3-D, you will actually become a participant in everything that happens on the screen. In addition, it will be possible to browse the Internet, play online games, etc.

Nest Protect

This is a sensor that responds to smoke, carbon monoxide, fire, movement, so the gadget becomes a motion sensor, and a security alarm, and a fire alarm. If he noticed that something is wrong in the apartment, then you will instantly receive a notification on your smartphone, or you will hear a siren. An available device so far only in the US for $ 129.

Alima Air Monitor

The device will be able to determine the temperature and humidity, and most importantly – the presence of harmful substances in it. And if there will be more of the latter than necessary, then a corresponding notification will come to the smartphone. Such a device is especially necessary if there are small children or sick people in the house for whom air quality is a very important parameter.

Google Chromecast

A special module of small size that connects to the TV and turns it into a computer. So, using this module and connecting a Wi-Fi TV, you can control even from a computer, even from a tablet or smartphone.

Surely, many of us managed to notice that smart TVs are now more and more popular. But really high-quality and convenient ones cost quite a lot, but cheaper options do not always work correctly. The Google Chromecast gadget is just becoming an alternative to an expensive smart TV, as it can connect to almost any TV, turning it into a mini-computer, and all this for only $ 50.

Sony 4K Short-Throw Projector

And this is a projector that can produce an image with the highest possible resolution at minimum distances. You can view materials from a computer, flash drive, tablet, etc. But still, the main feature is – excellent resolution, which is not inferior to the best OLED TVs.

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Nest learning thermostat

A nice drive to help you regulate your room temperature. You will have to set the temperature you need several times, and then the device will remember your preferences and will do it yourself. The more you customize your gadget, the faster the learning process will be. By the way, you can set the desired temperature using a mobile and special application. True, such an application is still available for Android and iOS.

In addition, the developers promise that their device can communicate with smart air conditioners and heaters via Wi-Fi and thus regulate the temperature.

Also, the gadget will be able to learn not only the addiction of the owners to the room temperature but also the work schedule, which ultimately saves money when paying electricity bills. So, the air conditioner will turn off when no one is in the apartment, and for some time before the expected arrival, it will turn on so that the desired temperature forms in the apartment.

Ninja sphere

A gadget to regulate microclimate settings: temperature, humidity, lighting. You can control all these parameters using gestures and a new device, which will transmit commands to certain devices. If you install a special application, you can get tips on how to save.

Philips Hue Light Bulb

Such bulbs will be able to connect via Wi-Fi to the Internet, and then be controlled from a computer or smartphone: you can configure the lighting mode, lighting duration, etc. Using a smartphone, you can turn the lighting on and off if you suddenly forgot to do it manually.

In addition to the fact that it is very easy to control such lamps, they are also very economical in operation, consuming very little electricity, which affects their high price.

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