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Must Know Unified Controls In Dynamics 365 CE

With the release of Dynamics 365 for customer engagement application version 9.0, we have introduced a new user experience – Unified Interface – which is responsive to provide an optimum viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation Uses web design principles. The ne

With the release of Dynamics 365 for customer engagement application version 9.0, we have introduced a new user experience – Unified Interface – which is responsive to provide an optimum viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation Uses web design principles.

The new Unified Interface brings all the exclusive experience for any customers you are dealing with. Whether you are on a tablet, browser, or phone, you will be able to get similar experiences. Following are some examples:

  • Similar experiences for updating and viewing your records.
  • The reference panel is now available to be used with all organizations supported in the Unified Interface.
  • The interactive dashboard on all devices to see and drill into your information.
  • Now we support right-to-left (RTL) languages.
  • Convenience improvements in all experiences of a unified interface.

Capabilities available in the integrated interface with Dynamics 365 for customer engagement, version 9.0

The main functionality of most sales and customer service has gone into the Unified Interface client.

Dashboards and Chart

You can access all the systems and user dashboards from your Unified Interface app. Interactive dashboards are now available for all types of records with rich interactive dashboard capabilities.

Enhanced user experience

If users work on key record types like Activity, Accounting, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases, then you will be able to transfer them to Unified Interface Clients.

They will have their familiar capabilities on Unified Interfaces and will also explore increasing productivity with the introduction of some enhanced capabilities.

  • Timeline controls – Timeline view helps you collaborate with your team by tracking customer communications in a record on a single page that is easy to read. You can see everything from posts and voice attachments to emails and notes. It provides a quick way of looking at the entire communication thread.
  • Increasing business process – Business process flow has been improved by the docking mechanism. You can dock the business process stage on your screen to help keep the focus on work on hand in your business process flow. This is particularly useful when there are complex steps to complete the phase of the process.
  • Reference panel – Use context panel for applications built on Unified Interface such as Dynamics 365 Implementation & Integration for customer engagement app for customer service. The reference panel is a great way to get work without clicking away from the screen you release. You can see other things like Knowledge Base article in the context of the record being recorded.
  • Navigation – New menu options allow you to navigate different apps faster in the system. It provides quick access to recently watched records and favourite pins.
  • Reflow – The app also scales by replacing components on the screen. Responsive design is suited for your environment based on the size of the screen, so you can have more information available space available.
  • Focused experience – Integrated interface experiences are based on model-driven apps. You can give the user experience based on those jobs that they need to complete. Users can have single or multiple applications depending on their needs and easily switch between applications as needed.
  • Rich control – Unified interface is a metadata-driven experience. All control experiences are built on the control framework, which is extensible and provides a similar experience between customers. The app display reflows to the viewport size that the user is working on.

Getting Started with Integrated Interface Experience

When you are provisioning a new Dynamics 365 for a customer engagement app org, it depends on whether you are provisioning for sales, customer service, field service, project service automation, all options or any customizable organ Are or not?

Accessing integrated interface apps on browsers

Once the provision is made, you can access unified interfaces and web applications installed from multiple interfaces. On browsers, you can see all the apps integrated interface and the web:

  1. In
  2. In-App Navigation
  3. Under Settings, in My Apps page

Accessing the Integrated Interface App on Phone and Tablet

The Unified Interface App is the only app that supports customer engagement on Dynamics 365, 9.0 for phones and tablets. When a user logs in the above ORG, they will only see the Unified Interface app on their app landing page.

Creating a new integrated interface app

If you need to create your own experience on the Unified Interface, you can create a model-driven app using App Designer.

There are no capabilities yet on integrated interfaces.

We released some capabilities of legacy web client in the integrated interface which are available in the hybrid experience. You can enable the hybrid experience to get them into a browser client.

Some capabilities are unavailable in the Unified Interface and we are working to make them available in the future release:

  • Custom styling of advanced chart properties (excluding colour and original formatting)
  • Overall address control
  • Global notifications
  • Admin experience
  • An editable grid on the phone
  • Learning path

Ready only entities on Unified Interfaces

Currently, some units are read-only on the integrated interface. Users will not be able to make changes in these unit records within the Unified Interfaces app. We are working to make them editable in the future release.

The following are the units which are currently read-only in the integrated interface:

  • Connection role
  • KnowledgeArticleViews
  • KnowledgeBaseRecord
  • SharePointDocument
  • SharePointSite
  • SLA
  • SLAKPIInstance
  • Template
  • Contract
  • Contract lines
  • Contract templates
  • Case Resolutions
  • Service


Combine focused experience, read flow, enhanced user experience and field-level security to define the overall benefits that users have within Unified Controls in Dynamics 365 CE.



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