The genre of tech horror; How dark and true is the “Black Mirror”

Black Mirror first aired in 2011; a British series that focuses on the dark side of technology and its impact on individuals. Created by satirist Charlie Brooker, it is primarily eerie with twists and turns about the plots relevant to the smartphone age. What’s scarier than ever is the unnerving that it does to its viewers and all in the comfort of their homes? The focus is on the complexities of technological systems that are currently in use in our households. The real-time horrors and the fragility of those systems, is what makes Black Mirror so real.

Technology cannot replace real

In season 2’s “be right back” the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein like story goes on where a woman loses her husband but gets back a prosthetic bionic man with her husband’s memories downloaded. After the initial euphoria, she soon realizes that the resurrected figure is more a horror because no technology is good enough as human life. You have the money then you can buy an experience. That’s all it’s ever going to be.

Social Media dictation

Another consumer-centered episode is “nosedive”. It is set in a not so distant future where social media likes or dislikes determine a person’s living, their jobs and their chances in the world. Again, a farce on society, it portrays a woman’s journey to get to a wedding as bride’s maid. The social acceptance issue is so vivid again here. Every other day, we see people falling victim to the unassuming headaches of social platforms. We need to realize that other people do not and should not have the authority to dictate and define our lives.

The mortality and morality dilemma

There are also more sensitive sides to Black Mirror like “San Junipero”. Here, the issue of mortality is in question. The focus is on how much you’re willing to pay for an unlimited time on Earth and then what will we essentially do with all that time. We can simply survive in a world of technology with all its abilities to extend pain or give extreme joy or pleasure without a second thought. Nevertheless, the choice is ours and choosing wisely is the key.

The age of innovative tech is here and we’re all party to it. With all the creative geniuses that we have experienced until now, we will very soon be living in a world of robotics and AI. Reality as we perceive now, will soon be outdated and technology will take control over everything. This may sound superficial but with the emerging new advancements from crazy gadgets to weird bionic tech, we aren’t too far away from the darker side of it as well.

Where can you watch the show?

If you want to stream the show online then you can opt for Netflix – all you need is a good internet service. The only other option to opt is for you to go for Blu-ray/DVD available on Amazon. Yes, there might be some pirated episodes available but let’s not forget that it’s not just wrong and unethical but also a crime. Therefore go for what’s right and legal.

Can you subscribe to Netflix just for Black Mirror?

While it may sound like a silly question, it is very much possible. How so? Netflix offers you a 30 day free trail option. If you can binge watch and complete all the seasons within that time period – just unsubscribe.

However, most people who go for the trail always end up taking the subscription because it’s a new form of entertainment and TV. We can watch whatever we want on whatever we wish to and let’s not forget the where ever.

Anyway, here’s how you can unsubscribe;

  1. Sign in and open the account section by clicking on the down arrow next to your profile name.
  2. Once done, you would see a gray box with the words “Cancel Membership” written on it under the Membership and Billing column.
  3. Yes, click on it and then on “Finish Cancellation”. This will end you subscribed package.

However, you can watch/ use the app until the end of your billed month.

Best Picks

Now that the where is out of the way, let’s talk about the what, shall we? What or which episodes are the best ones so far?

Here are 5 best episodes of Black Mirror for you.

  1. Season 2, Episode 3 – The Waldo Moment: It revolves around the possibilities of a cartoon character being elected for the public office.
  2. Season 4, Episode 6 – Black Museum: This episode showcases voyeurism to an extent alongside how humanity can cross all boundaries without thinking about the implications for a second even.
  3. Season 2, Episode 2 – White Bear: This has been one of the shakiest episodes so far and doesn’t give away the mystery until the end.
  4. Season 4, Episode 4 – Hang the DJ: A satire on Tinder and future, this episode, focuses on a cosmopolitan lifestyle where everything is too fast. People just don’t have enough time, therefore, an app vets relationships for people. From choosing the people to dates, dinners and duration of the whole courtship.
  5. Season 3, Episode 4 – San Junipero: This may be one of the sweetest episodes with zero hint of horror in it. It gives a couple a happily ever after but then again if it’s forever – how long could you stay happy for?

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