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Realme has launched its new phone, Realme X and it is creating huge waves in the market! The phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset with 4 GB RAM and an internal memory of 64 GB. It has a 48 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera and a 16 MP shooter at the front. It has a 6.53-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display with a 3765mAh battery.

Acquiring Designer Redmi Realme X fascinating back cover online has never been so regular, we have a 4-advance checkout process that would help you viably put in your solicitation and we would manage the rest. The Shenzhen based company, Realme is a relatively new entry into the smartphone industry. Its founders were formerly part of OPPO and the company itself was a subsidiary of OPPO in the beginning until its separation in 2018.

After becoming an independent company, the company has strived to make mobile phones that strong performance and stylish design, all the while making it affordable for the young people to own a really good looking and kickass performance phone. Their 1st product for the Indian market was the Realme 1 which proved to be very big success followed by the Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro along with various other models.

Realme has quickly, in a very short period, made a very successful foray into the Indian market and has occupied a comfortable position as one of the most exciting brands right now. Their phones are always packed with features that defy the price tag and make their peers scratch their heads!

But this new design trend has also made phones delicate. Yes, phones like Realme X may easily handle a couple of drops from a few feet but throw something more at it, and you might not like the result. Selecting the perfect smartphone for one’s use and which fulfils every aspect like the display screen, camera quality, look and availing that smartphone at a cost-effective price is a deal-breaker. With such huge interest among people for the phone, the demand for its back covers has been unsurprisingly huge.

People have been flocking the internet looking for covers as back covers have become an integral part of the whole smartphone experience. With our phones becoming the most important device in our lives, protecting it from any danger is one of our paramount duties. And the phone covers available today not only protect our phones but have also become an expression of our personality. Nowadays people spend more time in selecting mobile covers than selecting the actual phone for which they are buying the back covers! Well, now you don’t have to search for long as we have an extensive collection of Realme X back covers with proper cut-outs for the speaker, volume and power buttons, charging port and the earphone jack.

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Plain Fabric Realme X Covers:

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The plain fabric covers are single coloured with a cloth-like texture that provides a soft and comfortable grip for very friendly user experience.

The plain fabric Realme X back covers come in 3 colours: light grey, blue and black. The plain fabric covers are single coloured with a plain and elegant design that people have loved for ages. The black cover is completely blacked out, with the cloth texture providing a simple yet elegant look.

The blue covers are mild and pleasing to the eyes and they come with a black stripe on the sides. And the light grey covers are suitable for someone who likes a stealth look for their phones but also finds the black covers too dark. These cases are slim and form-fitting to the phone. This design accentuates the phone’s original design and reflects the actual design and beauty of the phone.

They are great for flaunting your personality. The covers are sleek and do not look like there is any second coat over your phone. The KShop back covers are known for their quality and durability. So, feel safe knowing that your covers are not easily going to be ruined.

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Canvas Fabric Realme X Back Covers:

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These are for individuals who like to funk it up a little with their phone covers and simultaneously need a decent degree of security for their phone too.

The canvas material gives that additional degree of security than the plain texture covers as it keeps the phone from slipping from any glass and other smooth surfaces. Our canvas fabric Realme X covers come in 3 colours: light grey, black and blue. These covers are two-toned; they have a darker shade of the colour of the case at the bottom and lighter shade at the top. They are made of polycarbonate material which is durable and are the hard base which would protect your phone from any damage when the phone slips suddenly from your hand or your pocket.

These covers are made for rough-use and are fingerprint resistant, so maintaining them won’t be a painstaking task. They are made to withstand all shocks and falls and make sure that nothing happens to your phone.

The smartphones are made of delicate parts and even a single fall can chip off the screen or damage the device which is why there is always a need to protect your valuable smartphones with a back cover which gives it complete protection and protects it from any external damage. Apart from making your phone look great, the back covers for Realme X are something that protects your phone every time it falls. In this way, be rest guaranteed that your phone is protected while you continue ahead because our canvas texture back covers are here to deal with everything. The two-tone look the cases likewise helps in standing out among the group and parade your design style also.

As you can see, we have quite an extensive collection of Realme X back covers for you. So, head to our website  and get them quickly!

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