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Wi-Fi Routers – perfect game changers!



WiFi Routers
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Internet the mother of all connections is the reason you and I are even able to have this one on one, today. In today’s world, it would not be wrong to say that we humans are highly dependent on internet not just to stay connected to each other or globally but also to stay up-to-date. We;

  • learn and preach,
  • eat and cook,
  • buy and sell,
  • photograph or play an instrument a little better

every day only if we either have a 24/7 tutor or a good internet connection.

Online tutorials are a way of life and oh let’s not forget the newly found meme religion! I am a follower, are you? From searching up a term for whatever we feel or think to creating a new one. Internet preserves the past alongside giving way to millions of possibilities for the future generations.

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Why do we need WiFi Routers?

Cables that connect our computers to the internet are pretty outdated. They need to be of high quality if we need a blazing fast internet connection…but when we are choosing one from our ISP – how do we know that the one they are providing to us is for sure the best quality? This is why we need best wireless router and not just any routers – we need good WiFi routers that can be afforded and would provide us with maximum magnitude. A router with a wide range is surely what we all need but oh my gosh – have you checked out the prices?

Literally like touching the sky! I searched for a reasonable and good router for myself and it took me months to come across the type I desired. That is when it clicked me that – we all need to know this. For instance, it’d have been a great help if Carol knew and talked about a good WiFi router rather than how she had a bad period once.  It was only then when I actually decided that I need to share my Intel on them with you guys as well. I owe that much to humanity, don’t I?

Here are a few tips that would help you find the perfect little WiFi router ever and make your life a living heaven on earth!

  1. Skip the ISP router
    When you shift to a new ISP or for any reason require a WiFi router … the ISPs would offer a free modem or give you a list of thing you ought to have for your connection. The devices offered to you would be cheap but not as serviceable or long lasting. Thus, it’s always better to opt a router of your own choice after identifying all the features it carries.
  2. Up your Wireless Standards
    We advance every second. The technology we use keeps evolving every minute just to keep us comforted. New versions keep coming out to replace the old ones with a standard as good as 802.11 ac. It signifies that the new laptops/ tablets and whatnot tend to be faster with a WiFi connection rather than cable. When you choose your WiFi or internet provider – go for the one that offers the best internet speed.
  3. Kill it before you need to Bill it
    Everything has a life span like us humans. Your router would die in time as well so before it dies or starts performing bad – replace it with a new router. Hardware can’t last forever so don’t be surprised if that rusty old WiFi of yours isn’t as efficient as it used to be before. The more things it is connected to – the more low its performance gets.
  4. Reason-ability
    Routers range from $15 to up to $400 easily. You might come across a lot of expensive ones with the features of a god’s wand. However, I recommend you to go for what’s light on your pocket. Wifi hardware is advancing at the pace of breathing. Thus, you can never have the latest model. Just go for a good one with a price range of $100 to $200.
  5. Choose your Band!
    You need to decide whether you want a single band or a dual one. If you have too many neighbors whose internet might interfere with yours then go for a dual band to keep congestions and cross over to the minimum. A dual band gives you’re an internet connect with a speed of light. However, if you can afford less internet speed and are sure of no other Ethernet connections crossing over yours then choose the single band.
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Wifi routers come in all shapes and sizes; therefore it is essential for you to check their features before putting your finger on any of them. Thus, just look for these five points in whatever router you choose. Trust me you would be happy not just monetarily but emotionally as well.

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