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5 Benefits of Desi Cow’s Milk That Justify Its Widespread Consumption



The Indian culture and folklore are ‘rich’ with instances indicating the importance of milk and its products in everyday existence. Traditional Hindu families in villages owned cows that provided them with fresh milk throughout the year. Lord Krishna has been depicted as extremely fond of milk and its products, including butter and curd. And to date, desi cow’s milk is the most common source of milk for most households in India, with cow milk home delivery services across the country. This major importance is given to desi cow’s milk also has strong scientific backing. In this blog, let’s look at the various benefits of consuming Indian cow’s milk.


All milk consists of a major protein component known as beta-casein, which is essential of 2 types – A1 and A2. And desi cow’s milk contains a high quantity of A2 protein, which makes it your recipe to a healthy and energetic lifestyle. A2 protein has been found to facilitate better movement of food through the intestines. This leads to improved digestion and rids excessive hunger and fatigue.


Indian cow’s milk contains proteins and calcium that strengthen the body tissues and naturally energize the body as opposed to instant beverages that provide a momentary surge of energy. Its anti-aging properties in the form of amino acids and nutrients increase life expectancy and enhance mental agility.


That characteristic shooting pain in the stomach and chest may well be symptoms of acidity – something a whopping majority of the working population faces in course of its mundane existence. The alkaline nature of desi cow’s milk has a calm and cooling effect on your body and provides immediate relief from acidity. It also heals your body from peptic ulcer and cleanses the system.


The immune system is your body’s anchor against viruses and bad bacteria. And cow’s milk contains antioxidants and vitamins B2 and B3, which strengthens the immune system and help the body fight off harmful viruses and bacteria.


Ayurveda suggests that milk contains special nutritional properties that are not to be found in other foods. It calms not only the body but also the mind in unique ways – promoting emotional balance and well-being. Its sweet taste and aroma instantly relax the body and mind, which explains why consuming a glass of warm milk at night is the best remedy to sleeplessness.

Cow milk Delhi, as well as desi cow’s milk in other metropolitan cities, is delivered at one’s doorstep from the nearest dairy farms in the respective areas. The best dairy farms in the country strive to provide desi cow’s milk that is superior in quality and retains all its natural properties to lower stress levels and promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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A Guide to Comparison between Commercial Kibble Vs Raw Diets




If you are a pet owner, the one and only question that crawls in your mind whenever you go shopping for your little pet – what is the Best dog food Singapore for your pet? This is normal as today there are so many options are available in the wide variety of pet food which confuses us and makes this a topic for debate. From training to how to feed the pet, there is a lot of about what to feed them to satisfy their nutritional needs i.e. raw food or commercial kibble food?

Best cat food Singapore

You can choose the high-quality dog kibble food to feed your pet which is full of grains, starches, fruits, and vegetables along with meat or you can go for Best cat food Singapore which is a raw diet of meat, bones and other animal parts and sometimes included grains and veggies also.

So, what is the Best dog food Singapore? In order to find out, we have compared both kibble and raw food diet and sharing this blog with you. Let’s have a look:

Why Commercial Kibble Diet Is Not A Good Idea For Your Pets?

There are most of the dog lovers who look for the dry and commercial kibble food to feed their pet as it is full of best possible nutrition. But on the second hand, sometimes feeding dry kibble to your pet could be causing various dog problems such as allergies, digestive issues, and other nagging health issues.

Some of these issues are here as follows:

  1. Cheap quality food with harmful ingredients
  2. Poor packaging and mismatched with advertisements
  3. Products are contaminated or full of manufacturing errors such as the presence of heterocyclic amines, acrylamides, etc
  4. Lack of nutritional value
  5. Contain questionable animal parts, binders, chemicals, preservatives and processing agents, food coloring and dies and more.

Why Raw Food Diet Is Better For Your Pet?

Raw food diet is generally uncooked, unprocessed food which includes meat, bones and other animal parts. It is the most natural and healthiest way to feed your pet in comparison to processed food.  If you are also facing the questions like what is the Best cat food Singapore and why raw food is better than kibble and dry food, here are the answers.

  1. Improved Digestion: Best dog food Singapore is very helpful in improving the overall digestion of your pet. Sometimes you notice that your pet has lots of gas and having some digestive discomfort. Best cat food Singapore can eliminate all these issues for your pet and provide them a healthy life.
  2. No More Allergies: Best dog food Singapore eliminates food allergies and end up with healthier pooch to spend some time with.
  3. White Teeth: By taking the Best cat food Singapore, your pet’s teeth may not immediately turn into white but the situation will be better. It is not only about their teeth, but their gums will also be healthier.

So, if you are looking for the Best dog food Singapore, you must contact us. We are one of the best and leading online stores in Singapore to satisfy all types of eating needs of your pets’ at the most affordable rates.

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Stay in your Comfort Zone and Enjoy the Online Cake Delivery




cake delivery in Jaipur

People prefer to choose online shopping instead of going to the local market. Whether it is up to choosing the electronic device or daily consumable thing, we trust on online stores for all kind of shopping. Online portals bring many facilities which come really handy for us. We can place order anything we required and can choose the timing as well. The major role of the online portals appears when it is time to gifting something to our loved ones on special occasions like festivals, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, promotions, get well soon, etc. occasions.

Stay with the Trend and Order Cake Online

The trend of online gifting is getting more and more popular because it saves efforts, time, money and also we get the satisfaction of sending the gift online. But do you know that technology has been so advanced today that we can send even one of the softest things like cakes through the online portals? After giving the order for the online cake delivery, it becomes the online cake shop’s responsibility to deliver the exact thing with all the safety and perfection to the recipient. You all require is choosing the best cake shop online to execute the delivery.

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Discounts, Combos and Easy Payment Methods

There is another advantage of selecting the online cake delivery which is that nearly all online cake stores provide the discount coupons and great combo deals, especially on the festive seasons. People can take advantages of those features for saving some money. Plus, you can attach an add-on with the main cake. This add-on can be anything that you can choose at the time of placing the order for your cake.  Payment methods for online cake stores are also very comfortable and soothing. You can pay through net banking, credit cards, online payment apps, or even through cash on delivery.

Get the Dozens of the Varieties of the Cakes

The main thing is that you do not even go out for the cake. The cake will be ordered at your doorsteps. What’s more? When you visit an online cake store, then you get to know the different varieties of cakes which you never saw before. Many dozens of cakes with different styles different themes, different tastes, different flavors, and different sizes can be ordered right to your place. This cannot happen when you decide to buy a cake from your nearest bakery.

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Make an event Special with the Online Cake Delivery

So do not get confused, just pick up a laptop or your phone and visit online. Celebrate your mom’s birthday, your sister’s birthday, your dad’s birthday, you’re grand parent’s birthday, your parents’ or grandparents’ anniversary, office party, Mother’s day, Father’s day, promotion, new business Inauguration, festivals like Diwali, Christmas, bhaidooj, Raksha Bandhan, and any other special event. Our life is full of events and happy moments, so just make them more special with a celebration and make online cake delivery in Jaipur a part of it.

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Welcome Guests With These Lightweight Snacks And Refreshing Drinks At Your Spring Wedding




Choosing the great food to serve to your guests is one of the most important things to decide on. Considering the season in which you’re getting married is really important when you’re deciding on the dishes that you must include.

There are various food options that are available only in a particular season and considering the season will ensure that you serve your guests only the fresh food options.

So as soon as the dates are decided you’ll instantly know in which season your wedding will take place and you can decide on the catering menu accordingly. While consulting from top wedding caterers in Ahmedabad we came to know about some wedding menus that go well according to a particular season.

Delicious Spring Wedding Welcome Dishes To Serve To Your Guests

If your wedding dates are falling in the beautiful spring season then follow along as we help you decide on a menu that’ll be perfect for that season. Yes, we know it’ll be hot and including a lot of fruits with a large amount of water content will be a great addition to the menu as it’ll help keep everyone hydrated.



This lightweight Gujarati dish will be a great addition to your wedding menu. Made with a batter that is prepared from rice and dried split chickpeas. This spongy dish is really lightweight and healthy. There are a lot of nutritions and it is really low on calorie content as it is prepared in steam.



Dahi Puri

This famous dish hails from the state of Maharashtra and is a dish made from tiny little puri shells that are really crispy and are filled in with a mix of potatoes, boiled pulses and chickpeas. Cold Dahi(curd) is then poured over it and is then topped with a garnish of coriander, namkeen sev and spicy chutney.


Dahi Puri

Papri Chaat

What makes this dish so wonderful is that it has a bit of all the tastes there are. It is really crunchy and is a perfect blend of flavours like tangy, sweet, spicy and salty. This dish will be a real treat for your tastebuds and we bet that including this one in a wedding will be a great option.


Papri Chaat

Paani Puri

Who doesn’t like eating those paani puris! Paani puri is the most famous go-to street food for every Indian and first originated from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The same puri that is used in the above mentioned Dahi puri is filled in with a mix of potato, onion and chickpeas and are then filled with the spicy and tangy flavoured water.


Paani Puri


Virgin Mojito

A drink with some squashed mint leaves with added lime juice and sugar in a glass of water that is topped with a few ice cubes will surely keep your guests refreshed  A classic virgin mojito needs not much introduction and can be served as both, alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Traditional mojito is alcoholic and contains five ingridients namely, mint leaves, lemon juice, soda water, sugar and white rum.


Virgin Mojito


Champagne is actually a fancy name for the sparkling wine and has a lighter taste. There are really low on the alcohol content and can be served with the brunch or with the evening snacks. If you want to steer clear from any alcohol beverages on your wedding you can always consider fruit champagnes.



Watermelon – Strawberry Lemonade

With all that dancing and celebration your guests will need something that’ll refresh them to the core and this drink does just that. Just throw in some pieces of watermelon and strawberry along with some mint leaves in the blender and top it off with some honey, lemon juice and water. Serve it chilled and make your wedding a super hit!


Watermelon – Strawberry Lemonade

Cold Coffee

Cold coffee is a drink that needs no introduction and can be one drink that can be approached many times by the guests to take in some caffeine to keep them going.


Cold Coffee

Cold Drinks

Adding some carbonated drinks to your wedding will also be a great option to serve your guests with the much-needed refreshments that your guests need.

cold drink

Cold Drinks

With these snacks included in your wedding in the spring season, you’re sure to keep everything in the menu, light as it needs to be while keeping your guests feeling refreshed and welcomed.


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5 Tips to Find the Best Barbeque Catering at Melbourne



bbq catering melbourne

Reduce the flame as low as you can, and oh so gently grill your meat on the crackling flames…carefully, lovingly – turning it around as you inhale the tantalizing aroma. And when your meat is finally done, pop it into your mouth and allow the juicy flavours to unleash themselves from the crispy exterior and reverberate through your senses…

Hello, Melbourne! Welcome to the world of Barbeque. Are you looking for the best barbeque catering companies around Melbourne? Is a cosy barbeque dinner at your backyard your major weekend plan? Then welcome aboard! Here are some really handy tips to help you choose the best BBQ catering services at Melbourne:

1. First Impressions

Consider the following in course of your first interaction: Is the caterer prompt enough to answer your calls and reply to your mails? Does he/she follow up later about taking it forward? The answers to these questions can help you decide whether or not to close on that particular catering service.

2. Expectations Vs. Experience Check

If you’re looking for a casual, cosy barbeque night with your friends and family at your backyard, then your prospect caterer should have some experience with hosting such informal barbeques. A catering service that has hosted more formal, corporate parties may not be the best choice for your kind of event. So, remember to take a look at the ‘portfolio’ of the BBQ catering service.

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3. The ‘b’ Word – Budget

Yes…let’s talk ‘budget’! Before looking for the BBQ catering service, pause for a moment and consider different parameters such as your food preferences, the total amount you can spend for this event and your expectations as a client. Is your prospect barbeque catering service genuinely interested in knowing all about these different aspects? That’s how you cherry-pick and choose the best service!

4. Good Service is Always Priority

No matter how delectable the food, there’s no compromise on good service and equipment. Before zeroing in on the BBQ catering, be sure to inquire about the persons who serve usually serve food at events hosted by them; their experience levels on serving at similar events and a basic background check. A good catering service also brings with it all the required equipment – including napkins, table dressing, cutlery and so on.

5. The True Barbeque Feels

So, bring it on, Melbourne! Barbeque with some slow country music playing at the background and some elegant decors is the way to go! Once you decide on your caterer, you can go the whole hog and plan out the ambience with them.

So, Melbourne…planned your next BBQ night yet? Remember, slow-cooking and efficient catering is your sure-fire recipe to a successful barbeque party!

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11 Important and Amazing Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds




Mustard seed is one of the popular condiments available in different countries.  They have been around almost 5,000 years ago. Mustard seed is commercially grown in many countries like Argentina, Canada, Chile, Denmark, India, United Kingdom, United States, and some European countries. They are used by people all over the world and are available in many different varieties like yellow, black and brown mustard. Asians, Africans, Greeks, and Romans have integrated mustard into their daily cuisines. Despite the small size of mustard seeds, they have been found to possess many amazing health benefits. Now let us see some important and amazing health benefits of Mustard seeds.  



1- Improves Cardiovascular Health and Assist Red Blood Cell Formation

Mustard oil is used to reduce the risk of a heart attack. It is also the best choice when it comes to picking a cooking oil. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in mustard helps you to keep your heart in a healthy condition. The presence of copper and iron assist in the formation of red blood cell formation in your body and prevents anemia.  

2- Improves Bones Strength

Selenium is present in large quantities in mustard and this helps to strengthen your bones. It also strengthens the hair, nails, and teeth. This essential nutrient helps you to get rid of free radicals from the body. 

3- Helps you to Fight Against Psoriasis

The mustard seeds are really effective in curing inflammation associated with psoriasis. They also help you to stimulate the activities of enzymes like catalase and superoxide dismutase which promotes healing action in psoriasis.  

4- Reduces Sleep Disorders

The presence of high magnesium content in mustard helps you to improve the quality of your sleep, tranquility, and duration of sleep. It also regulates metabolism and helps you to stay away from a sleep disorder like insomnia. 

5- Promotes Healthy Hair and Skin

The application of mustard oil or mustard paste on your skin helps in making the skin soft and soothes the symptoms associated with the skin problems. The presence of vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega- 3 and Omega -6 fatty acid are helpful to stimulate hair growth and strengthens the hair.

6- Prevents Cancer

The compounds like myrosinase and glucosinolates present in mustard seeds prevent the growth of cancer cells.  Selenium content provides excellent resistance to the body against the formation of cancer cells. It also helps to slow down the development of cancer cells. 

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7- Helps you to Cure Aches

A poultice made using mustard is really helpful in curing pains, body aches, and muscle spasms. It provides relief from muscular aches, rheumatism, and paralysis of limbs. 

8- Helps you to Control Diabetes

The presence of anti-oxidant protects you against the problems caused by oxidative stress in diabetics. Mustard oil maintains the levels of serum glucose and glycosylated proteins. It also reduces lipid peroxidation and triggers glucose metabolism.  

9- Provides Respiratory Reliefs

The Mustard seeds provide relief from many respiratory ailments, especially during winter days. The vapors of steamed mustard seeds help you decongest blocked nasal passages. Mustard has heating properties to aid respiration during asthma and the presence of iron, magnesium, selenium, and copper prevents you from an asthma attack. It actually acts as nasal decongestant and expectorant. 

10- Treats Cold and Fever

Mustard exhibit calefacient properties that cause great sweating, which is beneficial to lowering fever by reducing body temperature. It aids ejecting the poison from the body and has been beneficial in flu and cold too. 

11- Poison Repulsion

Mustard seeds have some emetic qualities which make you resist the effects of poison on the body.  Decoction syrup made using mustard seeds are really helpful in cleansing the toxic in the body, especially if the poison is caused by an excess intake of alcohol, sleeping pills, soporific drug, etc. 

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Nutrient content of Mustard seeds

100 grams of mustard seeds in a single serve contains 60 calories, 1104mg sodium, 3.3 grams of fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 3 grams of proteins. It contains calcium with a dietary value of 6%, 9% of Iron, 0% of vitamin C and 2% of Vitamin A (Based on 2000 calorie diet). Also, see

Mustard Types

   1- Yellow Mustard

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds

Yellow mustards are mainly used in the European and American countries for cooking purpose. They are used in various type of pickles, canning recipes, boiled vegetables and in making corned beef and beacon. You can prepare mustard at home by grinding the seeds and you can also add other ingredients as per your choice.

   2- Brown Mustard

brown mustard seeds

brown mustard seeds

Brown Mustard seeds are obtained from a plant grown in India, Africa, and China. These seeds are generally used by a lot of Africans and Indian in their dishes. They are frequently used in a crushed form to add flavor to the dishes.

  3- Black Mustard

black musterd seeds

black musterd seeds

Black mustards are small compared to the brown and yellow seeds and are generally used by Indian people in cooking. They are used in various vegetarian dishes, pickles, curries, and other meat dishes.

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How to Store and Select Mustard Seeds



Try to buy fresh and organically grown mustard seed. If you buy it from any of the condiment stores then check for its manufacturing and mainly the expiry date. Keep Mustard seeds in an airtight container and store it in a cold place.  Condiment size mustard packets, sauce, dips, mustard powder are also available that can be used in your cooking and snacks. 

Uses of Mustard

  • It is used as a flavoring agent and provides a nice taste to your salads, dips, and mayonnaise.
  • You can add some mustard seeds, honey, and other seasonings to make a sweet dip.
  • They are also used as a condiment, it adds a nice flavor to the pickles, dips, and sauce. 
  • They are used to prepare a mustard sauce that is widely used by many people all over the world in sandwiches and hotdogs.
  • Yellow mustard flour has stabilizing qualities that are great for sausage preparation.
  • They are used in soups, snacks, salads, sandwiches, curries, barbeque and mayonnaise sauce.
  • It is used to prevent the meat from getting spoiled and used to add flavor.


  • People allergic to mustard should avoid taking it.
  • Extreme use of mustard can cause gastric irritation and sometimes stomach bleeding.
  • Avoid excessive use of mustard seeds.
  • A strong mustard can sting your tongue, throat, and palates.


Author Bio: Gene Moore is a Marketer and a passionate writer. He is a very adventurous and ambitious person having an interest in traveling, writing and reading blogs. His artistic background nurtures him in developing creative writing skill.

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