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Back in the seventies and eighties racism in football was rife but in the following decade the sport seemed to get a grip of the issues.

Now, aided by the wide reaching voice provided by social media platforms, racial abuse is rearing it’s ugly head again and, if nothing is done, the sport we all love runs the risk of failing to be the ‘beautiful game’.

In just the last few weeks,  Manchester United pair Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford, along with Chelsea’s young England forward Tammy Abraham, have been subjected to online abuse after missing penalties. Abraham’s teammate Kurt Zouma received his own vile abuse – again on social media – after inadvertently turning past his own keeper in his teams recent home match with Sheffield United. 

It’s not limited to the top tiers of football though and Reading, who play in the Championship in England, saw their player Yakou Meite receive messages online, again after a missed spot kick. After this weekend’s fixtures the abuse was highlighted further when Inter Milan’s big money summer signing Romelu Lukaku was subjected to monkey chants during a match with Cagliari.

It’s hardly a new thing but the frequency of the reports is becoming an almost weekly occurrence and it has to stop. The trouble is, some people – including fans, players, coaches, social media companies and even the footballing authorities – don’t seem to take it seriously.

Inter Milan, the side Lukaku is hoping to fire to silverware this season, saw their supporters group release a statement labelling the monkey chants as a mark of ‘respect’ not racism. Whilst the fans responsible for that open letter don’t represent the entirety, it does prove there is a mentality on the terraces that these instances are not an issue.

What about those within the game then? Well, just five months ago, Moise Kean – now of Everton – was peppered with abuse at the same ground as Lukaku whilst a Juventus player. What did his manager, Massimiliano Allegri, have to say? That Kean ‘shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner’. Kean’s captain, Leonardo Bonucci was equally questionable with his comments claiming the ‘blame’ for the abuse was ‘50/50’.

The governing body responsible for Serie A condemned the actions but failed to leverage any penalty; then again, that’s the same committee that failed to act when Sulley Muntari walked off the pitch after suffering racial taunts – again at Cagliari. Muntari, a former Ghanaian international, received his second caution for leaving the field of play and was subsequently banned.

This article isn’t aimed solely at Cagliari fans or Italian football though. Most nations have had their fair share of issues; in December 2018 Raheem Sterling complained of being on the end of some offensive insults with Chelsea subsequently issuing a lifetime ban whilst Luis Suarez and John Terry have both caused storms in the English game for their choice of words to opposing players – both were fined and issued with bans by the English FA.

In Spain there have been a couple of well-documented examples; Dani Alves was targeted with a banana missile during a match against Villarreal – who were fined €12,000 – a few years back and more recently Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al-Mubarak questioned Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, on his moral compass.

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That’s just three leagues, albeit three of the biggest leagues in the world, showing examples of significant racism and the problems are widespread across, if not the world, then certainly the whole of Europe. So what is the outcome?

Social media bosses constantly defend their policies despite their seemingly poor attempts to prevent and promptly remove posts of a racial nature. The authorities of the respective competitions do next to nothing so the responsibility will ultimately fall to the players. 

Will they come off social media denying true fans of a connection with them? It would stop the ‘keyboard warriors’ to a certain extent and it would certainly get the attention of the relevant media platform. They could walk off the pitch but who wins? It’s not the player or their team, it’s not the true supporters. At best, it’s nobody and at worst it’s a victory for racism.

Clubs need to identify the culprits and ban them. Authorities need to come down hard on clubs who commit offences; a paltry fine to a club is not a deterrent to a racist in the stands. Close stands, dock points. Yes, the true fans would get caught up in that as well but they’d soon point out the poisonous trouble makers for genuine punishment.

The alternative is that the game loses – or stops producing – some of it’s star players. It sounds far fetched. It’s not. Racism isn’t just an issue in football; think about Colin Kaepernick, he effectively sacrificed his career in the NFL for his beliefs and that movement has filtered through the professional leagues, into college football and beyond and the same could easily happen to association football if we’re not careful.

Racism is more to the victim than a few hurtful sounds or words typed on a keyboard and there will come a point where one, two or more of the players have enough – unless a change happens now.

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Top Reasons for Crypto Gambling Dominance in the Canadian Gambling Scene

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Top Reasons For Crypto Gambling Dominance In The Canadian Gambling Scene
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Traditional currencies are slowly losing their hold amongst many Canadian traders. Today, the world is moving towards a more cashless and diverse payment means. Therefore, this field has seen significant superiority over fiat currency transactions, and hard currencies’ ownership drops quickly.

Cryptocurrencies have been the ruling power among the various means of processing transactions and making payments. For this reason, crypto gambling has become a dominant force in the Canadian gambling industry. Furthermore, cryptocurrency’s ability to fit into any sector that requires daily and consistent cash usage has further increased crypto gambling’s importance. 

This article is for punters who have wondered why crypto gambling is preferred amongst crypto gamblers. Nevertheless, we will discuss in detail the top reasons for its dominance. In addition, we will also explain a few of the most popular coins bettors can use for gambling. 

The Effect of Digital Currency on the Various Means of Betting.

Cryptocurrencies can not still be regarded as relatively new, with some coins being around for quite some time. However, its popularity amongst bettors for usage in betting came to the limelight recently. Therefore, there is now a massive scurry amongst Canadians to use the different digital currencies for gambling. 

Crypto gambling has touched all betting sectors, whether sports gambling or casino gambling. Also, it has gone as far as to include lotteries and horse betting.  In addition, these betting sectors have witnessed positive changes that have helped increase their reach to all gamblers. 

Sports betting has been ridiculed with various transaction issues or payment delays, which has hurt its stance among many Canadian gamblers. However, with digital currency, this issue has dramatically reduced, prompting a more effortless and stress-free means of gambling. Furthermore, it has also helped propagate sports gambling to a broader audience due to its worldwide popularity. 

Also, in the case of casino gaming, cryptocurrencies have helped lessen the stigma attached to placing bets on casinos. In addition, it has also promoted a more inclusive and legal means of gambling, with various countries modifying their laws about casino betting, including Canada.

Five Most Sought-After Coins For Use In Crypto Gambling

The crypto market is flooded with different types of coins, all available to Canadian bettors. Today, Canada can be regarded as a significant force in advancing cryptocurrency-based transactions. In addition, with so many coins in the market to choose from, the decision to select a coin should not be made on a whim but rather carefully. Therefore, discussed below are five coins every Canadian bettor interested in Bitcoin gambling should know.

1. Bitcoin 

The Bitcoin currency is now a household name among many old and new bettors. It is the first-ever digital currency making its usage for Bitcoin gambling ever more significant. In addition, it has a reasonably stable value in the crypto market, meaning it is less susceptible to sharp declines and fluctuations in the market. However, the only downside of bitcoin is its high value making it very difficult for some bettors to use.

2. Ethereum 

The Ethereum currency is the second coin to enter the crypto market. The most important aspect of Bitcoin gambling is its speed, which Ethereum brings to the table. Therefore, it is believed to possess a faster transaction time than bitcoins. So if the main thing you need from a Bitcoin gambling platform is speed, then ethereum might be a great try.

3. Litecoin 

Litecoin is one of the most preferred coins used for gambling among many bettors in Canada and worldwide. This value is because it provides nearly all the characteristics the major cryptocurrencies offer their owners. For example, its speed and low market value make it a reasonable option for many Bitcoin gambling establishments. 

4. Tether(USDT)

Tether has made a name for itself, especially in the casino gambling scene. It is built on an open blockchain, offering its owners transparency.

5. Dogecoin 

Many Canadians are aware of Dogecoin due to the rounds it keeps making on various social media platforms. However, despite its popularity, many Canadians are not aware it is a perfect coin for betting. 

Top Reasons for Crypto Gambling Dominance in the Canadian Gambling Scene 

Since the involvement of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry, it was inevitable that Bitcoin gambling would take center stage in the industry. Some of the reasons behind this dominance are listed below. 

● The issue of the Wagering limit is Non-existent.

Many bettors who have been gambling on fiat currency platforms are quite aware there is a limit to the amount of money you can deposit. Therefore, this condition dramatically limits the chances for gamblers who believe in staking high amounts. 

These bookies usually put this criterion to control their customer’s bets. However, for crypto gambling, there is typically no limit to how much you can wager. So, Canadians who love staking high can take advantage of this opportunity. 

● Cryptocurrency-based Bonuses and Rewards

If you were to compare the bonuses you get with fiat currency to that of digital currency, the difference would be enormous. Cryptocurrency bonuses like that of bitcoin and ethereum are worth more to bettors than traditional currencies. Therefore, these high-value rewards associated with crypto gambling have further increased their importance in the Canadian gambling industry. 

● Zero or Minimal Commissions Attached to Winnings.

There is a saying amongst many gambling institutions that the house is always entitled to a percentage of your winnings. Although this may be true many traditional currency bookies always take advantage of this opportunity. 

They usually incur high charges on your transactions, whether when making deposits or withdrawing your winnings. Therefore, for crypto gambling platforms, these exorbitant commissions are low and, in some cases, non-existent. 

● Crypto Gambling Platforms Are Secure And Hacker-Proof.

Bitcoin gambling dominance in the Canadian gambling scene can be attached to the anonymity and security it offers its customers. Their platforms are resistant to hacking, ensuring their registered customers’ safety. Furthermore, since Bitcoin gambling is a decentralized form of betting, bettors can benefit from a high degree of anonymity.  


The dominance of Bitcoin gambling in the Canadian gambling scene is not unexpected. Also, with the introduction of new coins and the improvement of various gambling means, this dominant stint is expected to go on for a long time. However, punters have solid reasons to choose crypto websites as their preferable gambling option.

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What happened to Joe Burrow in the Bengals vs Steelers game?

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There were always going to be some talking points to come out of Week 1, but a number of people will be discussing the performance of Joe Burrow in the season opener. What happened to him? We don’t want to encourage a pile-on, of course, but the fact that Burrow looked far from himself could be a worry for Bengals fans.

The start of the NFL season is exciting for people attending games, or waiting to see if the Free NFL Picks they have followed might come off and win them some money. From gambling to attending the games or watching the highlights on ESPN, the whole day is a bit of a ceremony. For Joe Burrow, it might be one to forget.

First-game rust?

He could be just a little rusty around the edges after the offseason, right? Maybe he spent too much time on the golf course?

When Burrow started the game poorly, a lot of people just thought he was a little bit shaky after having some time off. However, the rust didn’t disappear as the game went on.

Burrow made some poor decisions and was inaccurate for pretty much the whole game. Burrow’s team won the game but it is still enough for fans to be pretty concerned about the Bengals and the season ahead.

Joe Burrow has a huge weight of expectation on him. Being a first-round overall draft pick is always a bit of a concern, as it can weigh heavily on a player.

Early in the game, the problems were clear to see. Burrow made a bad decision and waited too long to release the ball. With Steelers in Cover 2, SR Tyler Boyd ran a corner route, and Fitzpatrick barely moved from the position at the snap. He was waiting for him to throw in the hole, and Boyd ran straight for him.

The defender being positioned in this way means Burrow should have garnered the information that the safety jumping this route was coming, but Burrow released the ball late and didn’t see it. Fitzpatrick made a simple pick.

He didn’t spot Fitzpatrick lurking and the opportunity this gave to deliver the throw earlier. Maybe that’s asking a lot, but this guy is going to have to deal with a lot of expectations.

Things didn’t get much easier for him, either. 

A little later, an easy pitch and catch opportunity was thwarted by Cameron Sutton, whose leverage let him get a peek of Burrow preparing to take a throw. Again, he wasn’t fast enough, and Sutton had a path to the ball.

In general, Burrow’s performance was found to be lacking. In fact, he was sacked a total of seven times in the match.

His final sack was once again due to a late throw. Burrow isn’t really a rocket-arm, so he needs to rely on anticipating and creating the plays this way, and this is one of the reasons why he has been a first-round pick and one of the key figures in football in recent years. So, what went wrong?

In this sack, with his team fourth-and-6, Burrow tried to find Boyd again on an 8-yard stop route. Corner Arthur Maulet saw the move first and followed Boyd. He wasn’t quick enough, and the performance we’re used to seeing from Joe Burrow just wasn’t there.

What next for Burrow?

We aren’t going to join in with what some of the game’s personnel are saying and pretend this is a sign of a decline for Burrow. He’s a young QB and he’s still learning, and this is still one of his first seasons.

Whether the Bengals will go on to have a great season or not remains to be seen, but it is definitely the case that Burrow will just be looking to put this behind him and move on. Worries about this following him around for the whole season are premature. Burrow had an awful game – he wouldn’t be the first QB to do so, and he won’t be the last, either. There’s no real need to worry about this just yet.

Burrow is one of the bright young talents in the game and if the summarizers of the game start to criticize too much after one poor performance, this could have an impact on his career. As it stands, we’re backing Burrow to come back fighting, and this could even be his best season so far, as soon as he starts firing. 

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An A to Z Guide on Singapore Sports Betting by Tim Harrison

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An A To Z Guide On Singapore Sports Betting By Tim Harrison
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Gambling rules and regulations are strict in Singapore, yet the bettors do not stop placing their wagers. It is because the craze for gambling is as high here as it is in other countries. But due to the limited knowledge of gambling, the punters are often not able to place profitable bets. They do not know much about how sports betting works in Singapore, and their less knowledge on the subject makes them weaker in the gambling section. However, if you are also facing a lot of confusion about how to proceed with betting on your favorite sports, we are here!

Tim Harrison knows everything about the sports betting market in Singapore, and that is why he is the right person to guide you. We have added many of his suggestions that he shared with the RecentlyHeard team in a recent interview in this blog. So, are you excited to learn more about sports betting in Singapore? If yes, keep reading!

Welcome Offers You Can Win in Singapore Sports Betting Sites

Welcome offers are provided by almost every sports betting casino in Singapore. Unlike in other countries, free bets are not that common in Singapore. They are more into bonuses like Deposit Match and Bet and Get. Have a look! We have explained these deals in detail.

Deposit Match

In almost every betting site, a deposit match is the most common type of deal you will be offered. Well, that’s good news because these bonuses are indeed the best! A match bonus is a percentage of rewards 100 free credits if you deposit $100. Similarly, if the site offers a 200% match bonus, you will get 400 free credits for depositing $200.

Even though there is no major drawback to deposit match bonuses, one thing that the players do not really like is the high wagering requirement. Often, the wagering requirement is five times the bonus, which is troublesome. However, meeting the rollover requirement won’t take much time if you are a skilled gambler.

Bet and Get

Bet and Get bonuses are not standard in Singapore betting sites, but they are still found, unlike many other bonuses listed on other countries’ betting platforms. As the name suggests, you need to BET a certain amount of money to GET a certain reward. Therefore, these deals are pretty easy to use. Moreover, even beginners can use this bonus to grab profitable betting opportunities. To help you understand this bonus even better, here’s an example – if you bet $20, you get $60. Tim loves this deal, and we believe so will you!

Sports Betting Options Available in Singapore Betting Sites

If you enjoy Singapore sports betting, you will be more than happy to know that you can place your bets on several renowned sports. Here is the list:

  • Football: This sport is popular on every betting site irrespective of which country you play in. Therefore, in Singapore, too, there is a craze for football betting. In Singapore gambling sites, you will find many wagering opportunities on national and international football tournaments.
  • Horse racing: A few bookies allow you to bet on horse racing. The number of sites offering this option is less because they often cannot get a proper license for hosting horse race tournaments on their site.
  • Basketball: Are you a fan of the NBA and other basketball tournaments? If yes, Singapore betting sites will eagerly welcome you. They have the best collection of basketball betting opportunities for bettors who love this game.
  • Golf: Another popular sport you will find on these sites is golf. Many golf tournaments happen in Singapore and worldwide. These sites allow their bettors to wager on such events without any hassle.

RecentlyHeard Team Explains Mobile Sports Betting Opportunities

The RecentlyHeard team is glad to announce that several mobile apps are present for Singapore betting. These apps have excellent features like an easy user interface, smooth layout, perfect functions, mobile-optimized display, etc. So if you are a mobile gambler looking for a new world of betting on your smartphone from Singapore, here is your chance!

Betting Sites to Join in Singapore

So which betting sites in Singapore are worth joining? Here’s the list:

  • FEZbet
  • Redbet
  • ivip9
  • BK8
  • 22BET
  • BetWinner
  • ComeOn


How Do We Pick the Best Sports Betting Sites in Singapore?

One question that most gamblers ask is how we pick the best Singapore betting sites. Well, here are a few things we check:

  1. We check if the site has a proper gambling license. If there are any suspicious activities on the site, we never recommend them.
  2. We also read the platform’s reviews on sites like Trustpilot, AskGamblers, Reddit, etc. Here, the customer reviews help us understand whether or not a platform is worth it.
  3. Besides that, we go through the sports offered. The site must have a versatile collection of sports.
  4. Another important thing we note is the availability of bonuses. If there are plenty of bonuses available, we suggest they help the bettors earn huge profits.
  5. Lastly, we connect with the customer support team to see how they behave and react to our queries.

What Payment Options can We Find on the Singapore Sports Betting Sites?

There are several secure payment methods that the Singapore sports betting sites have recently added to their deposit and withdrawal page. Some include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, etc. All of these payment methods are quick and safe.

How to Know that a Singapore Betting Site Is Safe?

To check the safety of a Singapore betting site, read its terms and conditions first. After that, also go through the security policies. Lastly, check the customer reviews. Join the site only if everything looks right; otherwise, skip to the next! Make sure you take it slow because you might miss some vital points if you hurry.

Final Word

Tim Harrison and the RecentlyHeard team tried to cover all the major points related to Singapore sports betting. We hope this blog helps you learn new things about the gambling market in your country. Even though you have read this guide until the end, we recommend you study more before joining a site. Also, learn all about the sports that you bet on. Many gamblers do not know the sports they are putting their wagers on; they follow the standard betting trends. But this brings them nothing but losses. So, we recommend you become a wiser bettor. Learn about the field and then decide your bets.

So when are you planning to take part in Singapore sports betting? We cannot wait to know!

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How is the blackjack probability calculated?

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and apart from being very exciting to play one of the most interesting aspects of the game is the math involved with the probability of certain outcomes.

Now blackjack might look like a simple game to play, but once you start to dig deeper into finding the probability of a certain outcome, it evolves into one of the most complicated games. In most cases, analyzing the probability isn’t an option for the average player since it is easier for computer programs to analyze it by running billions of simulated hands for every possible outcome.

With that said, the probability of certain outcomes in the game can help you make better decisions and eventually help you make some profits. So, whether you are playing online blackjack or going to the local casino, getting familiar with blackjack’s probability is a great way to increase your winning chances.

What is the Probability of Blackjack?

In simple terms, probability in blackjack is a branch of mathematical equations that analyzes the likelihood of certain outcomes. Probabilities are everywhere around us. For example, a weather forecast, when the meteorologist estimates that there is a 20% chance of rain, is also based on math.

Probability is also a math branch that the entire gambling industry is based on. Since games like blackjack have many different outcomes based on the cards on the table, every outcome comes with a different probability, which means that some events will happen more than others over a long period of time.

How to Calculate Probability in Blackjack?

Even though involving math to predict certain outcomes in the game might be too overwhelming for some players, the probability formula is quite simple to understand. Basically, you need to divide the number of ways something can happen, by the total possible number of events.

For example, if we take a coin flip and calculate the probability, we can see that there are two possible outcomes (heads or tails) and one way of getting each outcome. So, the probability will be ½ or 50%.

The probability is always a number from 0-1, and getting 1 is a probability that will always happen.

Since we are talking about a fairly complex game with many different outcomes, the calculated probability used data cannot be used to predict the exact outcome. The number will eventually show how many times will a certain outcome happen over the long term.

Understanding Probabilities in Blackjack

There is a common misconception about odds and probabilities as two interchangeable terms, but there is a big difference between the two. Probability is a separate branch of mathematics that involves calculating the likelihood of different events.

There are two different ways of calculating probability and they depend on which case it is calculated. For example, there are independent and dependent trials. An independent event has no impact on another event’s probability of occurring.

However, unlike other casino games like Roulette or Dice, blackjack is a game of dependent trials, where each cart dealt on the table changes the composition of the remaining deck. This means that the action influenced the likelihood of specific hands on the next round.

Calculating the probability of blackjack’s certain events is very difficult just because there are many different combinations that need to be analyzed. That is why in most cases, it is best to use computer software that runs millions of trials to find the probability of every event.

Let’s calculate the probability of obtaining a Blackjack for example, which is the strongest hand you can have in the game.

The first thing that you need to know to calculate the probability is the number of decks used in the process. Every casino uses a different number of decks for blackjack which makes it difficult to calculate the probability of certain events.

In order to calculate getting a Blackjack (21), we need to multiply the probability of pulling an Ace by the probability of pulling ten-valued cards like J, Q, K, and 10. It is also crucial to multiply the result by two just because there are two possible permutations of cards in a hand.

Drawing an Ace from a single deck of cards is 4/52, and drawing a ten-valued card is 16/51. This comes down to a 4.82% chance of getting a blackjack in a single-deck blackjack game. The probability of getting certain cards will be the same if there are more decks in the process just because there will be more cards divided by the total number of cards, which eventually is the same. 

Final Words

Calculating blackjack probabilities is a very difficult thing to do just because of the nature and complexity of the game. With so many different outcomes, it is almost impossible for an average human being to calculate the probability of certain events based on their hand.With that said, knowing your chances is always a good way to improve your blackjack skills and develop a blackjack strategy based on the chances for each hand.. You can always use a blackjack calculator or try to do the math on your own. Remember, probabilities will only give you the chance of certain events happening, and will not guarantee an outcome.

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11 Strategies for Gaining an Edge in FanDuel Contests

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The daily fantasy sports landscape is littered with penniless, seasonal league converts.  Minnows routinely lose big bucks to players with deep pockets, statistical savvy, and superior DFS tools.

So how does a daily fantasy novice become profitable on a platform filled with hungry sharks?

Today I detail eleven strategies that any DFS player can implement to increase their chances for success on one of the premier daily fantasy sites online: FanDuel.  While applying these tips won’t guarantee big jackpots, it will undoubtedly increase your chances of success.  

1.  Familiarize Yourself with only the Most Common Contest Types

Although Steve Jobs was a bit of a kook, he knew a little something about success.  Why be average at many things when you can become a master at one?

“Do not try to do everything.  Do one thing well.”  –Steve Jobs

FanDuel has seven contest types and five-game styles for the NFL alone.  As a DFS novice, you need to familiarize yourself with the most standard contest types (in this order):

  • Head-to-heads
  • 50/50s 
  • Tournaments

These three styles will be your bread and butter as you build the confidence to increase your weekly contest volume.  Once you master one of these and become consistently profitable, start experimenting with another.

2.  Use Proven DFS Tools to Gain an Edge

Fantasy sharks don’t pour over single rosters, making minor updates as they perform manual research.  They use the best DFS tools for quickly creating and managing multiple lineups across many contests.

You shouldn’t start competing in a large volume of contests, but you can still use daily fantasy software tools to gain an edge from week to week. For instance, lineup optimizers and roster management tools can help you choose the perfect lineup for your chosen contest type.  

Considering factors like weather, match-ups, and historical performance, they do all of the heavy-lifting so you can focus on identifying lucrative contests. 

3.  Consume DFS Content From Proven Authorities

DFS tools are great, but you need to stay informed on the latest player news and trends to maintain an advantage over the competition.  Follow one or two daily fantasy new sites that you can reference if you need to dig into analytics or make a last-second judgment call.

But not all daily fantasy news sites are created equal.  The best DFS research sites have skins on the wall and a proven track record of success.  

Sites like The Fantasy Footballers and FantasyPros produce top-notch daily fantasy content.  I use both when prepping for my daily contests.

4.  Learn How Contest Types Affect Roster Schemes

To be a profitable FanDuel player, you need to understand the best strategy for each contest.  In other words, you’ll need to adjust your playing style based on contest types. 

But how does contest type affect strategy?  Shouldn’t you want to start the best possible roster, no matter what?

Not exactly.  The fact is, every player has a projected floor and ceiling each week.  These numbers represent the lowest and highest projected point output for each player.

For instance, in large tournament contests, you have to maximize your potential point output.  So for these contests, you should select players with the highest ceilings, even if they also have very low floors.  In other words, it makes sense to target boom-or-bust players.

On the other hand, in head-to-head contests, you want players with high floors (even if their ceiling isn’t much higher).  You want consistent players who you can count on to give a solid performance.

5.  Take Advantage of Beginner-Only Contests 

Most DFS hosts support some beginner-only contests.  These contests only allow players who have played in a limited number of contests, ensuring you won’t have to contend with sharks as you learn the ropes.

Note: FanDuel beginner contests are currently limited to players who have competed in fifty or fewer contests.  Additionally, users have to verify their identity when signing up, so you can be assured that your opponents are indeed new FanDuel players.

You should absolutely take advantage of beginner-only contests to gain experience as a new FanDuel user.  It’s a great way to build your bankroll against lesser competition while you get accustomed to the platform.

6.  Gain Confidence by Competing in Free and Inexpensive Contests

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to competing in DFS.  Especially as a novice, you should take advantage of free and cheap contests to hone your skills. 

FanDuel offers free contests for just about every major sports league.  Although most of these are massive freeroll competitions, they are still a great place to test your tournament chops.

Fanduel doesn’t offer many free, non-tournament contests anymore.  But luckily, these free contests have been replaced by practically free games.

If you adjust the entry-fee filter in the FanDuel lobby, you’ll see that there are many dollar and sub-dollar contests available.  These games are the best place to build confidence before you enter more competitive contests. 

7.  Play in FanDuel Tournaments Only Sparingly

It’s easy to get drawn in by the marketing of big jackpot tournaments.  Who wouldn’t want to take down a million-dollar grand prize?

Regardless of the hype, it’s doubtful that you will ever win a tournament with a seven, six, or even five-figure payout.  But that’s ok because the ultra-successful FanDuel players don’t spend a significant portion of their bankroll on tournaments.

The sharks at FanDuel (or any DFS host for that matter) make their money by playing in winnable contests.  And they play in many, many contests every week.

If you’re going to become a consistent winner at FanDuel, dedicate only a small portion of your weekly bankroll to tournaments. The vast majority of your contests should be against limited (and preferably, inexperienced) competition.

8.  Scale-Up Only When You Start to Win Consistently

So how do the top earners at FanDuel make so much money?  Simple: they scale up.  And they do so on a fantastic scale.

One study found that the top 1% of DFS players earned 91% of the prize money.  They do this by leveraging sophisticated software that allows them to enter and manage many concurrent contests.

Once you start to win consistently at a specific entry-fee level, enter more contests at that same price point.  But be careful to manage all of your contests well, as late scratches could make it challenging to update all of your rosters.

9.  Improve Your Bankroll Management Skills

As your contest volume increases, you’ll need to boost the time you use monitoring your contest metrics.  How will you know where to focus your efforts if you can’t quantify your contest performance? 

To make more money, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  This is where bankroll management can play an important role.

Sites like Daily Fantasy Nerd offer tools to track your bankroll, so you’ll know how well you perform across various types of contests.  In addition to FanDuel, they have tools for FanDuel, Yahoo, and FantasyDraft.

Once you understand your strengths, you can increase your winnings by focusing on those contests where you’ve had proven successes.

10.  Learn to Spot Overlays For Increased Odds

The odds of winning a Guaranteed Prize Pool tournament are always poor.  But if you’re going to spend a portion of your bankroll on tournaments, you might also pick contests that have slightly better odds.

An overlay is the result of a GPP that moves forward with unfilled seats.  Because the prizes are guaranteed, that means the same amount of money is split among fewer than projected entrants.

Granted, this won’t increase your odds of winning drastically.  But you need to gain an edge whenever you can.

You can monitor the FanDuel lobby for overlays by watching the number of open seats before a tournament.  Or, simply follow the @FanDuel Twitter account for overlay notifications.

11. Leverage Seasonal Coupons and Bonuses to Stretch Your Bankroll

In seasonal money leagues, you stretch your one-time fee over the entire fantasy season. Conversely, DFS requires that you pay closer attention to your bankroll as you’ll need money every week to compete.

Because daily fantasy has reached maturity, you simply don’t see many sites offering significant sign-up bonuses.  Those that do usually implement complicated bonus structures that leave you guessing if you’ll ever really get the cash you expect.

With that said, every little bit helps when you’re just starting.  Sporadically over the last year, FanDuel has started offering true (albeit small) sign-up bonuses to attract new users.  You could also check sites that aggregate the best fantasy sports coupons to see the top deals.

So if you’re just starting (and don’t already have an account), it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of these sign-up offers.  Even a small bonus is more money you’ll have to learn the ropes.


When it comes to being a successful FanDuel player, there is no silver bullet.  To be a contender, you’ll need to improve your game in multiple areas.

Invest in proven tools, hone your contest strategies, learn better money management, and replicate your successes.  Only then can you be a profitable fish in a sea of sharks.

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Four Reasons Why Golf Is More Exercise Than You Think

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Four Reasons Why Golf Is More Exercise Than You Think
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Golf—isn’t that the sport where people stroll around in the sunshine and catch up with their buddies? It’s not real exercise! 

If that is your impression of golf, then think again. 

Far from being a passive sport, golf is quite strenuous. It incorporates skills like balance and coordination, mental focus, strength output, and cardiovascular exercise. Here are four reasons why taking up golf could have more benefits for your physical health than you think.

1. Walking 

Walking is excellent for your health. The trouble is, most of us don’t walk anywhere these days. 

Most golf courses are spread over vast distances and often incorporate hilly terrain, as that is the nature of the game. Just striding out between the holes will improve your cardiovascular fitness, even better if you carry your bag.

If you are carrying your bag, ensure it is well balanced and doesn’t damage your spine or shoulders. You would do well to shop for the best golf accessories in 2022 to help you ensure you are ready to hit the ground…walking.

Improving your heart and lung health doesn’t have to be high-impact like biking or running. Indeed, walking purposefully and at a good pace has vast health benefits.

2. Strength Training

Try and hit a golf ball successfully, and you will quickly discover that it requires far more power and technique than you think. All pro golfers have a swing coach and will regularly hit swing speeds of over 100mph.

Of course, most amateurs won’t come anywhere near those impressive stats, but hitting a golf ball requires far more strength, power, and flexibility than most people think.

3. Balance

A key attribute that any golfer needs is good balance; core strength and fitness are fundamental to achieving that.

Many keen golfers will practice exercises away from the fairway, which target the abdominal muscles and the lower back, and, of course, core strength is vital to protect against injury.

4. Focus

Golf requires concentration. It’s a chance to switch off that cell phone and enjoy some conversation time with your buddies until your turn is up when it’s time to focus on your shot.

Mental focus and concentration are a workout for the brain. It keeps the mind working in good order and gives you a break from worries and anxieties. Golfing can keep you sharp physically and mentally. Not to mention, social interaction is another positive for your health.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t fancy the thought of the gym and running seems too much like hard work, why not discover golf or re-visit the game if you have played before?

Golf offers numerous health benefits in a more sophisticated and engaging way. It’s a workout for the mind and body with plenty of time outside in the fresh air.

Golf is also sociable and a chance to escape from the modern world in beautiful locations. It’s even a good excuse for a holiday, and you can play golf in almost any country in the world.

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