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5 Accessories to Gift Fountain Pen Fanatics




Buying a gift for a relative or friend that enjoys a particular hobby can be tricky. Especially if you aren’t familiar with a said hobby such as fountain pen collecting! While non-fanatics might not understand the obsession, as a gift buyer for one who is, you’ll no doubt still want to buy them something unexpected that they will like and appreciate. So outside of another pen, what else is there left to buy? You have to be creative if you want to get them a gift that they will appreciate. Don’t just play it safe and simply buy ink.

Here are five other accessories you might not have thought of that you can gift fountain pen fanatics.

A Leather Pen Case

If your fountain pen fanatic friend or partner is truly a fanatic, then chances are, they have more pens than they could possibly use and need a means for storing them. After all, one does not simply just stash all of their precious fountain pens into a drawer never to see light again. But when you start amassing a decent collection of pens, the question remains. How do you safely store them to preserve their worth? You really can’t go wrong with buying them a leather pen case or sleeve. And you better believe it that some cases can hold up to 40 pens like this pen sleeve! There are many different styles of leather cases on the market, so you’ll have to factor in the different sizes many pens come in, especially fountain pens.

Tomoe River Paper Notebook

Tomoe River Paper is famous for being the best paper to use for fountain pens. This paper is an absolute dream to write on with fountain pens. Japanese designed, they are also practical, stylish, and comfortable to store in your bag. You can be sure they’ll also be impressed that you even knew any of this in the first place! So buy a set of Tomoe River paper notebooks and they may even write you a lovely thank you note in return.

Desk Pen Holder

As an alternative to hiding your fountain pens in a drawer or in a pencil case, why not buy your pen lover a fancy pen holder for their desk? This will allow them to display their pens and even rotate through different ones depending on their mood or the day. A handcrafted pen holder makes both a stylish and practical office accessory while keeping their precious fountain pens safe and in good order.

Pen Roll

A serious pen fanatic will have more than a dozen pens. As yet another alternative to a pen case or sleeve, you can buy a handy pen roll with the capacity to carry more than just pens. Pen rolls are often designed to fit other useful tools and gadgets in, like scissors, measuring tapes, small notebooks, rulers and so forth. A good roll will come with an inner strap to secure the pens so they don’t fall out. If you drop the pen roll, your pens are still safe.

Fountain Pen Cleaning Kit

Over time and with frequent use, fountain pens require cleaning. They work on a capillary action and as time goes on, can gather small fibers, dust and flakes of dried ink which can interrupt a good user experience. Not to mention, it can make a mess of your delicate writing. A cleaning kit never goes astray as your fanatic friend will no doubt wish to preserve the value of their pens for many years to come.

As a final note, if ordering a gift online, be sure to check the estimated arrival of your purchase to ensure it will arrive on time. It can be frustrating to wait for the gift for over a month. This is something you want to consider before you buy anything online. It is therefore essential to find trusted vendors who have a better rating to ensure you are on the safe side.

If you are unable to decide the perfect accessory to gift the fountain pen lover in your life, you can always get a gift card. Some of the major fountain pen vendors offer gift cards. You can allow the recipient of your gift to pick out something that they like. On the other hand, you can also create your own gift card and then visit a local shop with them that deals with fountain pens and accessories. It makes for a great bonding experience and who knows, you might learn a thing or two along the way. Becoming a fountain pen fanatic yourself may still be in your future!

Featured Image Credit: Jessica Lewis from Pexels

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5 Tips to Find the Best Barbeque Catering at Melbourne



bbq catering melbourne

Reduce the flame as low as you can, and oh so gently grill your meat on the crackling flames…carefully, lovingly – turning it around as you inhale the tantalizing aroma. And when your meat is finally done, pop it into your mouth and allow the juicy flavours to unleash themselves from the crispy exterior and reverberate through your senses…

Hello, Melbourne! Welcome to the world of Barbeque. Are you looking for the best barbeque catering companies around Melbourne? Is a cosy barbeque dinner at your backyard your major weekend plan? Then welcome aboard! Here are some really handy tips to help you choose the best BBQ catering services at Melbourne:

1. First Impressions

Consider the following in course of your first interaction: Is the caterer prompt enough to answer your calls and reply to your mails? Does he/she follow up later about taking it forward? The answers to these questions can help you decide whether or not to close on that particular catering service.

2. Expectations Vs. Experience Check

If you’re looking for a casual, cosy barbeque night with your friends and family at your backyard, then your prospect caterer should have some experience with hosting such informal barbeques. A catering service that has hosted more formal, corporate parties may not be the best choice for your kind of event. So, remember to take a look at the ‘portfolio’ of the BBQ catering service.

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3. The ‘b’ Word – Budget

Yes…let’s talk ‘budget’! Before looking for the BBQ catering service, pause for a moment and consider different parameters such as your food preferences, the total amount you can spend for this event and your expectations as a client. Is your prospect barbeque catering service genuinely interested in knowing all about these different aspects? That’s how you cherry-pick and choose the best service!

4. Good Service is Always Priority

No matter how delectable the food, there’s no compromise on good service and equipment. Before zeroing in on the BBQ catering, be sure to inquire about the persons who serve usually serve food at events hosted by them; their experience levels on serving at similar events and a basic background check. A good catering service also brings with it all the required equipment – including napkins, table dressing, cutlery and so on.

5. The True Barbeque Feels

So, bring it on, Melbourne! Barbeque with some slow country music playing at the background and some elegant decors is the way to go! Once you decide on your caterer, you can go the whole hog and plan out the ambience with them.

So, Melbourne…planned your next BBQ night yet? Remember, slow-cooking and efficient catering is your sure-fire recipe to a successful barbeque party!

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