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Top 3 Scintillating Features From The Bucket-Load of Additions in Magento 2.3

Magento 2 is much more than just a buzz at present. Nowadays, you will see Magento everywhere, be it your newsfeed or LinkedIn discussions. Since the day Magento has stepped in, it has become one of the top eCommerce platforms. Starting from a superb framework to the latest features, there is a lot

Top 3 scintillating features in Magento 2.3

Magento 2 is much more than just a buzz at present. Nowadays, you will see Magento everywhere, be it your newsfeed or LinkedIn discussions. Since the day Magento has stepped in, it has become one of the top eCommerce platforms. Starting from a superb framework to the latest features, there is a lot that makes Magento a top choice of everyone. Magento 2 is regarded as one of the top all-encompassing solutions for eCommerce businesses. This is because there was a lot that was added in Magento 2 that makes it a powerful solution. Also, it is believed that Magento enjoys more than 19.64% of eCommerce platform’s market share. Also, it is used by more than the best 1 million websites that top Alexas’ list.

What makes Magento a favorite of many?

Magento 2 offers a wide range of useful and interesting features to the eCommerce site owners. At the same time, there is a lot of the flexibility offered to the users as well. Being one of the most user-friendly platforms, Magento 2 is constantly ramping up the popularity curve. Features like admin capabilities, performance optimization, etc. make Magento a top favorite.

At the same time, as mobility is growing speedily, it is also important to make sure that the sites are mobile-responsive. This is where Magento 2 shines again, as it enables the eCommerce site owners to make their sites absolutely responsive. Magento is an advanced and an ‘out of the box’ platform. Magento also offers the eCommerce firms necessary insights which are the drivers of success. All these insights also help the firms to plan their journey ahead. This is apart from the basic functionalities of Magento.

Now, when Magento 2.3 is here, there is plenty more that it has to offer, and the users are quite happy with the edition. But, there is simply a lot that new can expect from Magento.

3 of the best Magento 2.3 features

Asynchronous Web API

APIs are important aspects of any eCommerce site. Therefore, it is always better to keep updating the APIs to transform the overall development of an eCommerce site. Magento Asynchronous API is quite different from the customary APIs. It gives the eCommerce site owners the power to raise any request instantly. So, they won’t have to wait for any response from the server. This is termed as one of the biggest advantages, as it is certainly making the process a lot fast.

Also, the eCommerce website which gets a huge amount of API requests day-to-day, they will definitely be benefited by this in many ways. For example, say you have to do several modifications in the ERP system. Now, you also want to sync all of the modifications with Magento Inventory API. Now, here if you are using a customary API, then you’ll definitely have to wait for long to get a response from the server. And, if the changes are too many & high then the time taken by the server would be much higher. But, with the latest Asynchronous Web API, the time taken by the server would reduce considerably. checkout our best Image Search API.

Declarative Database Schema

With Magento 2.3 you would be able to implement the declarative database schema. This is done by modifying the suggested method. This is one of the latest features in Magento 2.3, and with this technique, the user will be able to achieve a wide variety of objectives. Apart from the common database schema classifications, that are fragmented throughout several installs and upgrade scripts, this new addition will be completely defined through XML.  In the present time, if we wish to change the schematic of the Magento database we would be required to use InstallSchema and UpgradeSchema classes, but it is not required now.

Page Builder

Page Builder is one of the most empowering additions in the CMS tool. It makes it easy for users to develop a new page on their own. At the same time, users can also easily edit products and categories. Page Builder also offers the option to edit the existing content quickly and conveniently. Magento development services have done a great job in improvising Magento’s native CMS by adding a Page builder. Page Builder has added a lot more weight to the Magento offers. There is a drag-and-drop interface which will surely be a useful addition to the platform. Also, plenty of various content types including images and videos can be added using Page Builder. Also, it offers a preview functionality that will enable the users to easily maintain all the content on their own without any help from the tech experts.

Magento has made the complete features of Page Builder accessible and usable in Magento 2.3 version. Also, there are several interesting features like widgets and a media gallery which make it easy to insert the assets without any hurdle in the pages. One of the major uses of Page Builder includes the fact that it makes it simple to create a personalized dynamic content block. This specific block can be used all over the website. Staging and preview are some of the other useful functionalities which are added in the solution. Also, there is a scheduling feature that makes it easy to make the content Live whenever the user wants it.

Magento 2.3 has plenty of interesting features and capabilities for marketers as well as for developers. It allows the merchants to do a lot more than what they were able to doe earlier using Magento 2. Also, the superior experience that it offers makes Magento Commerce 2.3 a revolutionary platform. The core purpose of this solution is to amplify the conversion rates and enhance the merchant operations alongside.  Also, Magento 2.3 has a lot of in store that will help you to offer a superb experience to the shoppers. After all, your site is for your visitors; hence they should be interested in exploring it. Magento 2.3 empowers the eCommerce site owners to make their sites better and more engaging.