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Various Audio Content Sharing Platforms On Blockchain

The need to share content has now become common and there are several aspects associated with the same before deciding to share. One of the most vital aspects is the security of the content which cannot be compromised. With a view to ensuring complete security of the content sharing process, there a

blockchain based platforms
Blockchain based content sharing platforms

The need to share content has now become common and there are several aspects associated with the same before deciding to share. One of the most vital aspects is the security of the content which cannot be compromised. With a view to ensuring complete security of the content sharing process, there are several blockchain-based platforms developed. If you are perplexed about blockchain then it is the contemporary technology that has laid a positive influence in almost all sectors. Since every business demands transparency in their business, the blockchain is a reliable answer for that.

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The blockchain platforms streamline the process of content sharing and also ensure comprehensive security. Whether you are an excellent listener of news or speeches, want to watch videos or read text, the decent blockchain-based platform will aptly fulfill these needs. The below section will introduce you to different content sharing platforms on blockchain:

1. Contentbox:

Contentbox is a blockchain infrastructure dedicated to the digital content industry. It seamlessly empowers a decentralized digital content ecosystem. The Contentbox is hyped because it is a global blockchain platform dedicated to the digital content industry; it records 17+ million users. The challenges prevalent in the present day content industry will be eliminated by Contentbox.  Some of the challenges like high cost transferred to consumers, no reward for content curation, and resort to pirating content are prevalent in this industry. With this platform, such challenges will not be faced.

The prominent reason to choose Contentbox is it facilitates a unified payout system, a shared content pool, as well as, a shared user pool. It supports BOX payout that adopts fast and secure blockchain technology to accomplish multi-party contingent payments. Contentbox supports BOX passport which is essentially a blockchain-based identity and attribution service over multiple applications. Through the BOX Unpack, this platform provides the turn-key solution for small as well as medium-sized partners to establish a content platform effortlessly. Since the platform is backed by 108 of the world’s leading crypto funds, Contentbox supports top growth token. It is alternatively referred to as a decentralized solution to surpass Netflix and YouTube pioneers.

2. REOS:

REOS is recognized as the world’s first blockchain-based cryptographic exchange specially dedicated for digital content. The existing problem in the content industry is that social media platforms regulate content delivery and receive a massive cut from the advertising revenue. Majority of the content creators are incapable to earn enough money which restricts the selection of high-quality content. In order to resolve this problem, REOS presents a decentralized content platform that boosts the earning for content creators via the tokenization of digital content.

This wonderful blockchain-based platform uniquely adds value to digital content. This is because it seamlessly supports content discovery & exposure. In its working, everybody interacts over a content piece by commenting and reviewing while the content promoter kicks off the content validation procedure. All the linked people will be benefited by receiving tokens. It is known that REOS supports the community-based content validation process and comes with an AI engine to decide the value and projected sales.

The working process of REOS is unique because the content is securely issued, distributed, and exchanged as tokens. The corresponding revenue could be produced with license, sponsorship, pay-per-view, and tipping. It is observed that the majority of the revenue goes into the pocket of the content creator. This platform will charge a small transaction fee and incentivize the content promoters.

One of the key benefits of using REOS is content validation.  The content promoters curate content and execute the content validation procedure. The users assist to validate content by voting and get rewards in terms of REOS tokens. Moreover, the content promoters could be re-elected by users, guaranteeing a fair platform execute solely by its members. In this platform, every member has a great level of control over the privacy of their information.

3. PodMiners:

PodMiners is basically a blockchain-based digital radio for podcasting and broadcasting. The platform provides live broadcasting along with live calling and pre-recorded audio upload features. By integrating the blockchain, this platform will be more secure and transparent. Moreover, its operation is made user-friendly to serve an excellent experience never before. With this platform, you can create your own radio station and conveniently share your ideas and opinions. It is this platform that has the potential to discard the prevailing issues of the radio industry like advertisement frauds and fake reviews.

The platform targets to assimilate the advertisers model the following year. Through this, it will be streamlined for the advertisers and the content creators to earn money. From this platform, the participation of the third party is removed for the transactions and also micro-payments would be permitted.

It has strengthened the confidence of the content creators and even the person listening to the podcast will be capable to review the content. Earlier the fakeness was the largest concern severely influencing the online reputation of the content creators but the same will be eliminated by this platform.

4. Steem:

Steem is a social blockchain that empowers communities and opportunities. It assists to grow the communities and facilitate instant revenue streams possible for users by aptly rewarding them for the purpose of sharing content. Currently, Steem is the only blockchain that can power real applications. In its working, the intelligent bandwidth allocation allows free transactions and the transaction processing takes place every 3 seconds. It builds new token-based economic models that explore opportunities for people to fulfill their passions with success through cryptocurrency rewards.

Concluding Note:

While sharing the content of different types, these discussed platforms make sure the entire process is secure and efficient. These platforms are blockchain-based and they all have similar intention to benefit the content creators and advertisers uniquely.