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In today’s digital economy, it is highly difficult to start and maintain a stable business. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, 75% startups fail. This article is backed by a study done by Shikhar Gosh, a Professor at Harvard Business School. No need to get frightened friends. What y


In today’s digital economy, it is highly difficult to start and maintain a stable business. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, 75% startups fail. This article is backed by a study done by Shikhar Gosh, a Professor at Harvard Business School.

No need to get frightened friends. What you need to do, is to develop marketing strategies that are effective and that integrate the latest technologies. This will ensure that your website is at the top of the search engines and increase visits and eventually conversion rates.


Explainer videos, as the name suggests, are short marketing videos that businesses use to explain their products or services to the customers. They are often placed on the website’s home page, the landing pages, or the product or service page. Explainer videos have quickly become famous and some sites are reporting conversion rates as high as 144% after adding an explainer video to their home page.


There are a number of types of explainer videos. Find out which one fits best for your brand and start your ascension towards the desired SRP rank.


These are short non-animated videos that explain your business’s products or services or says something about your company. Having flesh and blood people in your videos helps create an immediate emotional connection with your clients.


These are the currently most popular type of explainer videos. Most businesses prefer this sort of video to explain their service or product to the customers. They are especially helpful if your product is intangible. If you want professional animation videos to check out animation studio in Sydney.


These are hand drawn videos and the background is a white board. These are easy to make and don’t cost so much, hence the popularity.


As we all know very well, videos are more popular these days. People prefer watching an animated and interesting video rather than go through long paragraphs of text. By using an explainer video you can easily outclass pages that are full of text. In fact, search engine results are ranking videos higher than others. If used on the home page, explainer videos have a 53% chance of landing on the first result page than any textual page. Websites that are full of texts are not doing as well as the ones that have converted to videos. This can only mean one thing: less exposure. The major reason why we all have websites is to let as many people as possible know as possible that you exist. But if your brand’s website is ranking very low on the SRP then the chances of visitors interacting with your website becomes less and less. The overall result? Less visitors and even less conversions.


According to recent studies, the top one-hundred listings in Google had videos in them. If you include an animated video production on your website which tells your visitors about your company in a very interesting and engaging way, chances are better that your website will be shown among the top of search engines. Google actually prefers adding explainer videos to its search results.


Not only will an explainer video increase the chances of visitors coming to your website, it will also ensure that they stay longer than they would have before. The chances of that happening rise exponentially when they have an interesting video to watch. The longer your potential customers stay on your website, the better your website will rank on search engines.


Demo videos are extremely effective in increasing the average time spent by a customer on your website from a few seconds to 5 minutes or even more. These videos are not only popular for higher ranking purposes but they are also popular as they help you explain your products or services in a very simple and effective way. Especially businesses that are selling advanced technologies or complicated products can really use these videos to increase customer retention.


Explainer videos are not only effective on your websites but also in your social media posts to drive traffic towards your website. Any post that has a video attached to it will have a 3x more chance of being viewed and attracting new customers. A well-made post with an attached explainer video can increase traffic to your website like nothing else. If you have been sending text-based posts on your social media platforms, just switch to explainer videos and watch your traffic skyrocket.


With the busy schedules that most people have, and the bombardment of information on them, it is highly unlikely that they have enough time and the capacity to go through long texts. When people search for a product or a service, they prefer going to websites that have videos to help them understand the company and what it is offering. This is a definitive factor in helping them go for your product or service instead of some other company.


Compared to long lines of text, short and sweet videos are much easier to retain and recall. Studies have indicated that an average person can only recall 10 percent of what he has read online but more than 50 percent of what he has seen. Use your explainer videos to create unforgettable and creative stories that will convince your visitors to stick with you instead of your competitors. Here, it is also of vital importance to mention that Google also likes the mixed approach. This means that if you have just the right combination of text, visuals, sounds and animations, Google will give you a higher ranking than the websites that don’t have it.


So there you have it. Your guide to attracting a host of customers as well as getting ranked higher on the search engines than before. Get to a great video animation company now and give them your requirements for an animated or a live video. Choose the best option for you and start your journey to the top of the search engine pages.

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