7 Benefits of PrestaShop Mobile App Development

With the constant increment in the usage of smartphone users, the demand for mobile apps has been also increased. For every minor to major day-to-day life requirement, there is an app available for everything. That too a major share to this goes to the retail industry.

Shopping apps are the new trend in online product purchase. In order to match footprints with this fact, the majority of PrestaShop website owners have taken their business to mobile devices by launching a pair of shopping apps. The reason behind this is not just easy shopping but many more. Let’s explore each one of them in a bit detail:

1. Simple & Robust App Design

Everyone these days wants the right products to be available at their fingertips & mobile apps fulfill the job. The intuitive design of a PrestaShop Mobile App not only attracts users to browse it but also impact their decision to purchase. The clutter-free layout & seamless screen flow from entering the app to checkout makes shopping quite a fun task. The mobile app will exactly match business need & requirements. Just click on a few buttons & it’s done that simple.

2. Worldwide Users Reach

The importance of a multi-lingual Mobile App is huge on a global scale. It’s kind of a medium/channel available at every regional or global location. The mobile apps for PrestaShop can reach to every mobile user around all corners of the world. For any online business that’s quite huge. Bringing heavy potential user base to an online store isn’t a piece of cake in this competitive era. So, developing mobile apps is the most hassle-free & friendly approach to enhance the reach & visibility of a PrestaShop store.

3. Real-time Connectivity

Managing inventory on mobile application is a major thing which a common store merchant worries of. This would be a hectic job to manage both website & app inventory separately. But, PrestaShop Mobile Apps doesn’t have such a burden as they are connected with web-store in real-time. All inventory & database changes get updated on mobile apps in real-time.

4. Live Chat With Users

User satisfaction is the prime goal for an online business. As compared with physical shopping there are more chances of doubts/confusion in user’s minds while browsing online. As there is no one to guide. Moreover, the user support for various eCommerce biggies applications has been an issue in the past. PrestaShop Mobile App curbs out this problem with its inbuilt Zopim & WhatsApp chat support. The app users can contact store owner directly 24*7.

5. Facile Payment Options

Availability of payment methods plays a crucial role in successful order creation from the mobile app. Often it happens that mobile shoppers abandon cart on shopping apps due to unavailability of their favorite or usual payment methods. PrestaShop Mobile Apps being synced with all website payment methods don’t let the users leave the app without successful purchase.

6. Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications are already proven best solution for handy marketing in case of mobile apps. Sending personalized notifications to app users highlighting daily deals or ongoing offers would be a sale booster for online business. Thus, engaging mobile users to app & converting them into leads will change the game.

7. Seamless Shopping

And that’s how the mobile apps for PrestaShop platform fulfill the ultimate motive i.e. user-friendly shopping experience. From easy social/email login to simplified one-page checkout, PrestaShop Apps ease the job for users.

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