Sweden is Starting to Deport some illegal immigrants to their countries

As long-awaited harsh new regulations come into force, Sweden has started to send some illegal immigrants back to their nations of origin.

For a long time, the Swedish government has been criticized for its relaxed mass immigration boundary policy.

Sweden has repatriated 50 migrants back to Kabul, Afghanistan, according to a report by Fria Tider–the biggest single-time deportation of migrants back to their home nation.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: Demonstrations took place outside the Migration Board detention center in Märsta on Tuesday night as a consequence of repatriations, reports Dagans Nyheter.

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Despite the demonstrations, illegal migration deportation was conducted as scheduled.

So far this year, more Afghan migrants have already been expelled by the Swedish government than throughout 2018. The reason: a fresh law that has enhanced collaboration between the authorities of Sweden and Afghanistan.

“The ancient legislation of high school, which was intended basically to prevent implementation, has altered. We have an EU-Afghanistan and Sweden-Afghanistan contract that promotes the return, “Border Police Head Patrik Engström told SVT.

Of the 50 persons expelled, three were reportedly compelled to leave the nation due to crime, while the remainder emigrated illegally and were eventually rejected their requests for asylum by the Swedish authorities.

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