Meghan McCain opens up to Laura Ingraham’s fat-shamed: ‘ It’s too big to be on TV ‘

Meghan McCain, co-host of “The View,” opened on Monday’s show about being fat-shamed by conservative host Laura Ingraham and others.

“If I wasn’t fat-shamed, I wouldn’t have a career,” McCain said. Laura Ingraham said that I was’ too big to be on television.’ “She added,” It sparked so much outrage because when you talk about the weight of women, people don’t like it. “She also disclosed that she is fat-shamed every day. “You’re too fat every day on Twitter to be on The View, blah blah blah. It is so cruel, “McCain said.

McCain’s remarks came as a comedian and host Bill Maher’s panel discussed a latest monolog where he defended fat-shaming. “Fat-shaming doesn’t have to stop — it has to create a comeback,” said Maher. “Some quantity of shame is nice.” He added, “Smoking and wearing seatbelts are shameful to individuals. Out of littering, we shame them and most of them out of racism. Shame is the first reform phase. It’s what drives individuals to say,’ Perhaps I can do better.’ Backlash to Maher’s stance was quick, and the late night host James Corden drew an on-air condemnation. Corden answered and said, in part, “While you encourage people to think about what’s going into their mouths, think a little harder about what’s coming out of yours.” Moderator Whoopi Goldberg also slammed Maher for his comments, saying, “You don’t understand who is suffering. You don’t understand why they’re like someone. Rather than shame them, if you really want to attempt to discover a way to assist, go up and say’ hi’ and maybe have a conversation before you get to the shaming part. “Viewers on Twitter were divided over Maher’s remarks, but many sided with McCain and the panel” The View: “@TheView really appreciates your show today and the subject of fat shaming debate. As a individual who has always struggled with my weight, I can say those who empower and empathetically encourage me to do much more to assist me fight my obesity than those who shame me!

— Joe Segura (@gatograndekc) 16 September 2019 @MeghanMcCain I believe you’re inspired. You’re not big enough to be on the view. You’re one of the prettiest females on television.

— Gena Hanney (@genahanney) September 16, 2019 Others said that they disagreed with the reaction and that Maher could have a valid point: no one is holding us down and forcing us to feed, we are choosing what we eat. Fat shaming’ is not the solution, but our activities must be responsible and we must stop blaming… I’ve been working very hard to hear that I’m staying healthy and fit. My overweight friends are not exercising and eating a little!!!

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