MLB Pitcher Felipe Vazquez Cops ID’d Him by Tattoos arrested for forcing a child

11:27 AM PT— TMZ Sports received an affidavit of arrest warrant stating how researchers could identify and capture Vazquez… And his separate tattoos went down.

Vazquez sent the girl 2 pictures and 1 video, according to the papers— none of which showed the face of the MLB star.

But authorities claim the pictures on his body portrayed countless “distinctive and distinctive” tattoos… Through government pictures on the Internet, they were able to match Vazquez.

Officials also claim the mom of the supposed victim was the one who fundamentally bust Vasquez— after discovering the pictures and video on the phone of her daughter.

The mom wrote Vazquez to let him know that her daughter was a minor— and that’s when the case turned over to law enforcement.

11:26 AM PT— Vazquez now faces (and potentially more) 3rd degree felony charges — and each count carries a possible maximum sentence of 5 years in jail.

11:12 AM PT— Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly tells Tuesday that the team was “conscious of an active law enforcement inquiry involving Felipe Vazquez and his later arrest.” “We take this matter, and in specific those charges, highly seriously.” “We have notified the Commissioner’s Office of the inquiry and arrest.

The nearer 28-year-old— considered one of the finest baseball pitchers— was arrested in Pittsburgh from a Florida arrest warrant.

Officials claim Vasquez had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl in Lee County, Florida, researching allegations.

The girl, now 15 years old, according to authorities, WAS continued to have a friendship with Vasquez and got a video from the MLB star performing a “sex act” in July. Officials say Vasquez also sent text messages to the girls indicating they would meet for sex after the MLB season was over.

During the inquiry, several electronic devices were confiscated from Vasquez’s Pittsburgh apartment.

Officials claim that Vasquez was detained on 1 count of “computer pornography-child solicitation” and 1 count of “offering obscene material to minors.” Officials suggest that more charges might follow depending on what they find in the ongoing inquiry.

Vasquez is a 2-time all-star with a wonderful season in 2019 for the Pirates. He has a 1.65 E.R.A. at present, 28 saves and 90 strikeouts. He signed a contract in 2018 for four years, $22.5 million.

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