Barack Obama’s Home Depot Founder: “Go To The Sunset” and “Keep Your Mouth Shut! ‘

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone offers former president Barack Obama some stern advice: “Ride off into the sunset,” and “maintain your mouth shut, all right?”In addition to being a good business person, Ken Langone is a passionate politician that has experienced the strength of financial prosperity to cure population divisions.

And he is fed up with Barack Obama and his entitlement and division policies.

Given the manner he does company, it comes as no surprise.

When you visit one of Ken Langone’s shops, you will encounter a varied team of staff working together for a common purpose–client service.  His staff understand that the achievement of the shop in which they operate translates into their group achievement–and individual success.

Similarly, the success of other Home Depot shops enables clients to enter any Home Depot shop with the same excellent service.  This stores fuel over financial development and further improves the chances for each worker.

The staff of Langone are examples of something we have been saying for a long moment here: prosperity brings peace.

Alternatively, rivalry for scarce resources enables political opportunists to for their own purposes lead to a wedge between distinct social and ethnic groups.

Just pay attention to Obama’s latest remarks, which were intended to criticize President Trump, that divide America’s history of political discourse.

“The policies of division and resentment and paranoia in the Republican Party have sadly discovered a home over the last centuries.” Nice tries Barry, but divisional politics have been the bulwark of Democratic election policy for centuries.  They have made it a key focus of any memory campaign to identify, select and assign hyphenated American status to distinct population groups.

And whether Republicans have gone along or sometimes adopted those policies as their own, if they can not conceal the fact that American households have suffered declines in family income over these previous few decades.

Down household revenue–division policy.  Happiness? Happiness?

The most obvious but not the only example of the achievement of this approach is the Black community and its overwhelming support to the Democrats.

This assistance has endured, even as its position at the bottom of the socio-economic scale lasted for more than 50 years by one Democratic administration after another.

Keep individuals fighting for scarce resources, and suggesting the conservative bogeyman takes from them even those small creams instilled fear and self-defeat.

This has been reiterated by democrats in almost all social and economic demographics.  Unfortunately, it’s an unreasonably efficient tactic.

Prosperity denies that authority to leaders and breaks down those walls.

That is one of the things about President Trump’s policy which has given a wide range of Americans financial prosperity, irrespective of demographics which frighten those who want to divide us along the left / right fabricated paradigm.

During his visit to the Fox News Neil Cavuto, Langone made this point. “Why don’t you believe the President gets more of the good will out of this good economy— the good economy? Now[ Trump] has been fighting with President Obama, who takes credit for this bull market— the longest in history? Who does that?”Langone:” Remember.  Obama should do what every excellent president has done. Go to the sunset. Be the groom’s mom. Beige wear and closed your mouth. All right?””What I’m saying is that Trump’s base is strong, whether it’s like it or not.  Donald Trump requires 15% of the voting population to be re-elected in 2020. That 35% is strong rock. I’d hope he’d do stuff different from him, but goddamn, give the man credit.

That’s what the wonderful awakening is about, my friends–Americans of all colours, beliefs and orientations, uniting to make America great again to help each kid meet its dreams and achieve its potential.

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