Dog The Bounty Hunter says “The broken heart”

Dog The Bounty Hunter thinks that his weekend’s hospitalization was caused by his spouse, Beth,’s heart broken.

Dog defined the feeling as severe chest pain— a feeling that he had been running for 3 or 4 miles— although he only did a straightforward exercise. He informed FOX31 Denver that he could scarcely breathe and knew something must be accomplished fast… So he was taken by his assistant to get assistance.

Halfway through the interview, Dog breaks down a bit and says that he believed that he had endured a broken heart as the main factor behind his chest pain.

The story was broken by TMZ… Dog was rushed to a clinic during the weekend for a heart attack. Docs conducted exams and found that this was not the case… And since the incident, the Dog family has emphasized the significance of having a healthier lifestyle.

Dog’s wife Beth died of cancer in June following a lengthy and fierce fight. Beth will be featured strongly in WGN America’s next series “Dog’s Most Wanted.” The show was filmed until her death and she portrayed her cancer fight.

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