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Dog The Bounty Hunter says “The broken heart”



Dog The Bounty Hunter says "The broken heart"

Dog The Bounty Hunter thinks that his weekend’s hospitalization was caused by his spouse, Beth,’s heart broken.

Dog defined the feeling as severe chest pain— a feeling that he had been running for 3 or 4 miles— although he only did a straightforward exercise. He informed FOX31 Denver that he could scarcely breathe and knew something must be accomplished fast… So he was taken by his assistant to get assistance.

Halfway through the interview, Dog breaks down a bit and says that he believed that he had endured a broken heart as the main factor behind his chest pain.

The story was broken by TMZ… Dog was rushed to a clinic during the weekend for a heart attack. Docs conducted exams and found that this was not the case… And since the incident, the Dog family has emphasized the significance of having a healthier lifestyle.

Dog’s wife Beth died of cancer in June following a lengthy and fierce fight. Beth will be featured strongly in WGN America’s next series “Dog’s Most Wanted.” The show was filmed until her death and she portrayed her cancer fight.

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Calling Protestants ‘Animal that have escaped from a zoo’ Rapper Trina Blasted



Calling Protestants 'Animal animals that have escaped from a zoo' Rapper Trina Blasted

Rapper Trina is being challenged by social media networks who threaten who call out the actions of militant masses that joined demonstrations over George Floyd ‘s death.

The commentary on social media of the “Love and Hip Hop Miami” star has been viral since it was on its radio show “Trick N’ Trina Morning Show.”

Trina has a backlash to say she is not frightened because she knows her rights, because she has a backlash about the protestors.

2/2 “Half of all marching are not even careful …


RT reports: Trina has requested a tougher curfew in Miami to keep the “streets clean and nice.”

“It’s like I thought they have to make a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am. “These animals stay out of the streets … act as if they have escaped a zoo. Lock them at 17:00, so the streets can be clean and beautiful.

The current curfew is from 21:00 until 6:00 in Miami.

Trina’s co-host, Trick Daddy, has turned away from her criticisms and has been arguing that looters and violent protesters are only “some” people who walk on the streets.

“They ‘re just a handful. The rest of us are tired, you are not supposed to be scared when the police get behind you and the red and blue lights come on.

Trina continued to offer another perspective by saying that she was not afraid that the police would pull her in because she is a law-abiding citizen. She has also revealed that her friend whose marketplace in town had apparently been demolished by protesters has been able to plunder and destroy property.

https:/, watch / service? Failed to incorporate v = O4z9gDePc64.

While her co-host appears to appear to be against the looters and the militant protesters, that was enough for him and other protestors, all of whom have called for the “cancelation” of Trina to shed a light on the more negative sides of the protests.

“It is so disgusting to call yourselves ‘animals.’ Thanks for your memories, Triune, but you and black celebrities like you are well riddled. We ‘re both missing, “tweeted writer Michael Arceneaux.

Dang Trina.-Dang Trina. I don’t think you know NANN really. Oh , oh, well. · DEVER ATTENTION

June 3, 2020 — Kevín (@KevOnStage)

Given the retrogression, the singer did not back up her claims and said she was prepared to protect her position on Wednesday, a claim she made on the radio show many times. She also blasted people who argued against her as “ignorant,” and went back and forth with Twitter critics.

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Like rabbit, Rosenstein is systematically tearing him away during the hearing of the Senate



Like rabbit, Rosenstein is systematically tearing him away during the hearing of the Senate

In his appearance at the Senate Committee on Justice, Texas Senator Ted Cruz brutally decided to oversee a ‘Russian collusion’ inquiry into the Trump Presidential Campaign and President Donald Trump during an intense grilling by former Deputy Prosecutor General on Wednesday.

Was it because he had been complicit in his many shortcomings that Rosenstein allowed the son who consumed the Trump Presidency for the first years to continue to do so? Or was he simply incapable of holding his position?

In a damning report by the Justice Department, Inspector General Michael Horowitz in December, Cruz’s peppered Rosenstein with problems around the sonde.

Sen. @TedCruz: “We were either compelled by the wrongdoing … or we were seriously negligent in performing your duties.”

— Benny June 3, 2020 (@bennyjohnson).

Clinton and the former Obamah consultant’s attempt to slam trump fires TRENDING:

The study reported 17 significant “errors” of the FBI’s appeal or refusal to perform an investigation before a secret trial, including one in which the FBI counsel changed a records to hide the reality that Trump’s campaign partner Carter Page was in reality a conduit of a US governmental department (presumably the CIA) in the past.

The FBI ‘s efforts to portray Page as a suspected agent working for the government would have been damaged by this fact.

In much of his testimony on Wednesday, Rosenstein – who was the official in charge of the “Russian conspiracy” trial by the Justice Department and the prosecution of Special Counsel Robert Mueller because General Attorney Jeff Session had dismissed himself at the time – attempted to blame the FBI for the issue.

Do you believe that the anti-Trump movement included Rod Rosenstein?

For a second, Cruz hadn’t bought it.

“You came into a world deeply politized but, under your leadership, all this was permitted,” said Cruz.

“This, obviously, points to two plausible assumptions, either that I don’t think you have been involved in misconduct, or that it is massively incompetent in serving you.”

Cruz’s questioning wasn’t the only damaging point. In his questions, Rosenstein’s supervision of the Mueller investigation repeatedly suggested skepticism.

Check it here to interrogate Cruz. Worth watching every minute.

Cruz really came to business in one series of questions.

When Rosenstein, who left the government to exercise the company law, examined his FISA application for surveillance, Cruz asked that he knew that the “primary source,” a substantial part of the FBI ‘s research, behind the now-debunked Steeles dossier had rejected it? (Rosenstein claimed at that time that he hadn’t known it.)

Were he aware that the FISA application did not contain “substantial exculpatory information” — like the alteration about Page’s previous work in the U.S. government? (“Not at all,” said Rosenstein.)

Were you aware, as a FISA application, that the FBI lawyer had “fairly altered the material” used? (“I didn’t know,” said Rosenstein.)

Did Rosenstein know the now-debunked Steele dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee, which was so crucial to the investigation? (The “believers” of Rosenstein were not so).

The evasiveness, the hunt for a pitch room was almost always obvious, and Cruz obviously could feel it. He bore on a trapped rabbit like a hunting dog.

“Any of those questions were you asking? Pleading Cruz.

Rosenstein obviously could not, or could not copy, be complicit in what was clearly a fabricated attempt to smear the presidency of the Trump and potentially remove it from office in the background.

(Trump supporters don’t need that retrospect; it was obvious all the time, no matter how lied about Adam Schiff.)

However, the questioning that Cruz did — together with that of other Republican Senators — showed the Americans just how poorly they were served by some of America’s highest law and justice officers and how politics were pervasive in the course of the Obama years of critical institutions like the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The Trump administration overlapped and worked constantly against the US president who had been duly elected by the Constitutional process.

The enemies of Trump tried to make a trap of the Presidency itself in a plot that is being progressively revealed.

One of the most crucial issues at the November elections is the continuation of these revelations.

Every American, regardless of politics, must help the truth behind the Trump plot.

Officials like Rod Rosenstein could continue by answering each question.

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Kanye West gives George Floyd’s daughter 2 million dollars, country school tuition.



kanya west

In support of the families of george floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, a western representative told the CNN, Kanye West made a $2 million donation.

The contribution covers legal fees for Arbery and Taylor ‘s families as well as crisis Black companies in his native Chicago and other cities. The donation includes financing.

The president of the West said he had set up a 528 school program for Gianna Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter George Floyd, which would completely cover higher education.

The donation from West comes in the wake of nationwide mass protests after death. Many voices call for an end to structural injustice, police brutality and political policy acts in film.

The first court appearance was held in Thursday afternoon on the day three of the Minneapolis officers who were arrested in Floyd ‘s death as the Floyd family holds one of a series of scheduled memorial services.

Derek Chauvin, the policeman who pinned Floyd nearly nine minutes on his neck was detained last week on charges of third-grade assassination and second-grade killing. He was charged with a more serious second-grade count on Wednesday by the prosecutors.

A black man, Arbery was shot fatally on February 23, while jogging outside Brunswick, GA. In his death, three white men were arrested.

Taylor was an emt who, when three officers entered the apartment at Kentucky by force, was shot at least eight times in March. The FBI has launched a death investigation.

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Covid-19 Policy following suspect hydroxychloroquine data Governments and WHO Change Policy



  • On the back of flawed data from a little-known US health analytics company, the World Health Organization and a number of world governments have altered their Covid-19 policies and treatments.

Surgisphere, whose employees are reported as having a science fiction writer and adult contents model, supplied the database of Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine hydroxychloroquine studies.

An article in the British Medical Journal states that, after other leading journals express concern, the validity of the frequently cited research is in doubt

RT reports: On Wednesday following the pause of the arm of the ‘Solidarity’ clinical trial based on data that appear to show the medicinal product contributed to the higher death rates among the subjects, the World Health Organization (WHO) resumed the tests on the off-patent malaria drug hydroxyloroquine on coronavirus patients These results, as it turned out, came from a small U.S. firm named Surgisphere which is known as defective.

Surgisphere not only is an underdeveloped scientific company-its employees included a “adult” entertainer and a science fiction researcher, but two of the damn research that the company’s evidence was used for hydroxychloroquine which, as advocated by U.S. president Donald Trump, has already been widely demonised in the media. All data is supposedly obtained from a proprietary database which contains a real ocean of patient information, detailed in real time but curiously absent from the medical document.

The surgisphere-tuned study showed an increasing risk of in-hospital death and heart disease-free problems, which showed a lack of profit potential and Trump’s relentless boosterism that medical naysayers are already prone to hate off-patent drugs. Hydroxychloroquine, which is a “increased risk of toxic effects with little to no benefit” was hurried by Italy, France and Germany.

But such a disgraceful assassination on a potentially life-saving medication – particularly one of the most important disease experts, including the French Didier Raoult, who has a decade-long history of malaria and lupus safety and arthritis safety – could only be done with the help of industrial prejudice. Numerous current studies, which showed that hydroxychloroquine was helpful for the treatment of Covide 19 patients early in life, and thousands of successful physicians who used it, required ignore.

It also needed to be confident that a fly-by-night company with no Internet or media presence could make decisions that could affect people’s lives. It’s not that there were no early signals that Surgisphere was anything different than that of the world’s largest medical technology company. In 2008, the company started its career in textbook publishing and hired most of its 11 employees in 1200 hospitals worldwide two months ago, following an investigation by the Guardian. Even a national statistical agency would find it difficult to do what the Surgisphere allegedly did over the years by calling it a “scam.” However, neither Lancet nor the WHO thought of looking at a cup of presents in the mouth – and this did not happen when this gift brought an input into the heart of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19.

And though Australian researchers found holes in the Surgisphere data only days after the release of the Lancet analysis on May 22nd, noting that the number of Covid 19 deaths cited in the analysis as having been identified from five hospitals overruns the amount of Covid 19 deaths registered in Australia at the time.

Instead, the full-front hydroxychloroquine attack was allowed to proceed unnoticed in the media as news outlets concentrated their attention on flapping remodeling-an costly undetermined product developed by Gilead, a drug maker with historically bad clinical outcomes-and stumping for a potential vaccine. The non-patent condition of Hydroxychloroquine meant that it was an impasse for profit while reconstruction and whatever green-light vaccine would ultimately make many people very wealthy. Some shops indicated that Trump might make money from narcotics (which costs about 60 centimes a pill) – but even Snopes, not obsessive of the ‘Poor Orange Guy,’ had to splash cold water on the theory. In terms of distracting their viewers off the true explanation behind his hydroxychloroquine hate.

Timely “expressions of doubt” about the surgisphere hydroxyloroquine trial is published in the Lancet and in the New England journal of medicine and an independent investigation is being performed. But it is impossible to end there from the issue of partial health agencies inappropriately accepting some test findings while rejecting others.

Hydroxychloroquine lacks effectiveness in therapy of Covid-19 is hardly the only Lancet study to show. Multiple studies of hospitalized (e.g. seriously ill) coronavirus patients conducted by the US National Institutes of Health have yielded poor results, but even the most passionate evangelists admit that it helps end-stage patients or very sick patients. In fact, Raoult has stated that France has banned the medication in all but the most chronically ill patients to dismiss it as therapy. Studies published as a potent inhibitor to SARS coronavirus infection by US National Institutes of Health in its diary Virology touting chchloroquine as early as 2005, but Anthony Fauci, coronavirus czar, shades the drug when it takes the chance.

As long as lethal illnesses like Covid-19 are treated as first sources of benefit and second- or third- and tenth—high-profits for human rights), expensive and sometimes inadequate prescription drugs will still be ignored.

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Chauvin, Will Prosecute Other 3 officers of George Floyd Case Minnesota AG Upgrades Charge



Chauvin, Will Prosecute Other 3 officers of George Floyd Case Minnesota AG Upgrades Charge

The former Minneapolis police officer who knelt over George Floyd’s neck and added charges against those other officers who were on the scene, was charged by Minnesota Prosecutor General Keith Ellison.

According to the Star Tribune, Ellison raised charges against former officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of second degree. He is still accused of assassination and massacre of the second degree.

“The police have been trained to make this type of contention with a subject who is prone inherently harmful, according to the modified complaint lodged against the former officer.

The complaint read, ‘Officer Chauvin’s long-term withdrawal of Mr. Floyd was an essential factor in the loss of conscience of Mr. Floyd which constituted significant physical harm, but also the death of Mr. Floyd’s.’

The three other officers on stage also were Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane charging them with assisting and encouraging second-grade killings while committed a crime and with guilty fault, both classified as unintentional crimes.

Ellison will discuss the high fees and provide an update on Wednesday afternoon ‘s state investigation into the case.

After 19 years of incident, Chauvin and three other officers were fired immediately following the incident and arrested last Friday.

Kueng was one of the first on stage officers according to the Star Tribune and helped pin Floyd to the ground and Thao watched the events which led to Floyd death.

Separate accusations told Lane that before he was handcuffed, he pointed a gun onto Floyd and asked the officers whether they should roll him on his side.

Do you think that’s the right choice?

Ellison’s family lawyer Benjamin Crump issued a statement praising this decision before he made his announcement.

The Floyd ‘s family, Crump and the legal team said the joint declaration, “This is a bitterweet moment for George Floyd ‘s family.

“We are deeply glad that Attorney General Keith Ellison took decisive action in this case, arresting, indicting and upgrading the charge against Derek Chauvin to the felony of assassination of all those involved in Floyd ‘s death.

“We are glad that this significant step took place before the Body of George Floyd was put to rest,” said the Prime Minister.

“This is a source of peace in this painful time” the statement added.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar also praised the Twitter decision , saying “It’s a major step forward for the judicial system.”

Minnesota Solicitor General Keith Ellison issues allegations of 2nd degree in the killing of George Floyd against Derek Chauvin and arrests three other officers. This is another important step in the interests of justice.

— Amy Klobuchar (@amyklobuchar)

The revised indictment is due to take over by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz days after Ellison was asked on Sunday.

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We ‘Defunde The Police’; LA Mayor To Cut $150M LAPD To ‘Reinvest’ In Hollywood Celebs Demand We…



Hollywood Celebs Demand We ‘Defund The Police’; LA Mayor To Cut $150M From LAPD To ‘Reinvest’ in...

Prominent Hollywood figures such as Natalie Portman, John Legend and Lizzo demand society to ‘defund the police’ as a response to ‘systemic racism.’

The most dangerously insane of Hollywood ‘s latest political initiative may still be.

A increasing number of celebrities on the list sign an open letter calling for the elimination of security forces in the United States as a reaction to police Brutality and Structural Injustice in favor of a progressive economic and social justice movement Black Lives Matter.

It’s news that the city of Los Angeles has cut up to 150 million dollars by LAPD (LAPD) and ‘reinvest” funds in the local black community as Mayor Eric Garcetti announces on Wednesday night.

“It’s bigger than a budget, but I would like you to know we ‘re not going to increase our budget for police – what can we do right now? “Pregnated Garcetti.

“We must all step up by saying: What sacrifice can we make? “Racial justice,” he said, “would be worthy of sacrifice.”

During the presentation of Garcetti, President Eileen Decker spoke and estimated the police cuts to $100 million to $15 million.

The Left claims that George Floyd died by officer Derek Chauvin, which has led to national protests, from these social ills. Newsbuster reports are: Newsbusters report. While this protest, on behalf of Black Lives Matter, has in many places become a destructive riot, raising the need for more police officer.

The coverage of the killing of former African American police capitane David Dorn has made this effort especially ironic.

The Us magazine has written a letter asking for cash to be removed from police departments across the world, according to an entertainment website: The “4 Black Lives Campaign,” a “coalition of more than 100 groups serving black communities.” The coalition considered that “the money being re-used for positive resources,” such as “education , health” and different “community programs,” would “create a better future for everyone.”

Black Lives Matter has introduced on June 2 or “Blackout Tuesday” the celebrities’ letter, an industry-wide shutdown to increase awareness of social injustices that the Africa-American culture has been undermined for decades now.

Besides Legende, Lizzo and Portman, Taraji P. Henson, the left diehard Jane Fonda and Common rapper have signed the letter with their signatures. Megan Rapinoe, female football star. The Black Lives Matter has been given a donation by other famous people such as Chrissy Teigen, Blake Lively and Musician The Weeknd.

Teigen even donated $200,000 in bail money for people detained during rough protests, once again, making it necessary for more street police to deal with the wave of protesters.

Despiten the turbulent state of unrest in the United States Patrisse Cullors was hesitant to deplete police funding, Black Lives Matter and Campaign 4 Black Lives co-founder. “One of our biggest demands now is to defuse law enforcement, reallocate the money it has gained over the years and give them back to the people,” She told Variety.

And look, we would never blame her for deadly riots, but the very fact that the BLM effort has turned to riots proves that the human nature will not be in a happy, lucky place without enforcement peacefully. Cullors has assured readers, the movement is “a world rooted in care and love and humanity for every person.”

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Chief Justice of the Left Wing Judiciary Roberts Sides in Bans in Religious Services



NYPD Chief Terence Monahan addresses rumors about a police shooting.

The United States last week. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Supreme Court upheld Gavin Newsom ‘s attack on religious freedom.

Not surprisingly, the four liberal court judges were all side by side with the Church services limitations imposed by the Democratic Governor.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who usually sides with conservative judges, denied Newsom ‘s call for relief, in accordance with his Moderate colleagues.

This is not the first time Roberts has been deceived by conservators, and was nominated to the court by President George W. Bush in 2005. Roberts voted in a ruling in 2012 to uphold Obama’s stance and, following another appeal to the reform legislation before the Supreme Court, he endorsed with his Moderate colleagues three years later.

Roberts recently shouted the fire of conservators when he declined to read a request from Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky during President Donald Trump’s prosecution trial on the grounds of identifying the whistleblower who allegedly unleashed the entire farce on the prosecution.

Now Roberts had the chance to weigh up the executive order of Newsom that limited membership in churches to “25% or 100 members.”

Such restrictions violate the First Amendment to the US are seriously concerned. The constitution guarantees the right of assembly and adoration for Americans.

But these concerns were rejected by Roberts. The chief justice claimed that in defending the limits of Newsom on houses of worship “similar or more severe constraints extend to certain secular gatherings such as … concerts, movies … Athletics and dramatic activity.”

That doesn’t tell the entire story, however. “The basic constitutional challenge is that a comparable secular enterprise, including factories , offices, supermarkets, restaurants , retail outlets, pharmacy stores, shopping malls, pet-packing stores, bookstores, florists and cannabis stores, is not subject to a 25% occupancy limit,” said Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his dissent.

Do you believe that restrictions are unconstitutional for church services?

Kavanaugh therefore concluded, “the 25 percent California occupancy limit in religious services incontroversially discriminates against religion and violates the First Amendment.”

Unfortunately, this study was not concurred by a number of his colleagues.

During the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, other States have placed similar limits on church gatherings. Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat too, said in his new Jersey that, as he was banning religious services in his province, he had not yet remembered First Amendment.

When asked to “sullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order” by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Murphy answered “This is above my wage rating.”

That wasn’t even the worst part of his answer. Murphy admitted that when he took this decision, which Carlson replied, “I can tell,” he did not “think about the Bill of Rights.”

Roberts’ opinion also has implications on the security of “our fundamental right to property, our need to work and our duty to look after all our employees,” as Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy explained in his latest Op-Ed for The Hill.

Robert wrote, “Our Constitution entrusts the constitutionally responsible officers of the States ‘to guard and defend’ with ‘[the protection and health of the people.'”

He further maintained that officials from the government deserved “broad” discretion to “preserve and protect” the Americans from “situations full of medical and scientific uncertainties.”

In other words, government leaders will do whatever they want, irrespective of the restrictions enforced by the Bill of Rights, to ensure “the welfare and health” of the Americans.

McCarthy was also concerned that Roberts’ view “agreement on the no-deferences right to worship because it is an essential freedom expressly protected by the First Amendment,” which makes it distinctly unlike other activities.

Some politicians on the left see the right to worship as less important than any other constitutional right as, as shown by comments by Bill de Blasio from New York Mayor at a news conference Tuesday.

Hamodia reporter asks why protest is allowed when prayer services aren’[email protected] @BilldeBlasio: “400 years of American racism, I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services”

— June 2nd, 2020 Matthew Chayes, June 3rd, 2013;

De Blasio previously threatened members of the Jewish community of New York City and vowed to arrest them if they went to gather for religious services.

In the interest of preserving public safety, Roberts and the Supreme Court are currently subject to green-light limits on religious facilities.

Hopefully, in an effort to achieve “the greatest good” it will not become “new normal” to suspend constitutional rights.

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Front-line nursing work united after nine weeks with her two girls



Front-line nursing work united after nine weeks with her two girls
  • Innumerable medical practitioners have sacrificed enormously to help the people with the coronavirus. The current crisis has meant that many nurses and doctors can not stay with their families any more for fear of the disease spread.

One of these people is Suzanne Vaughan, 43, from Norfolk , England. She wanted to increase her hours from 28 to 50 per week to help with the situation as she was an operational practitioner at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn.

There are two girls in Vaughan: Bella, 9 and Hettie, 7. In Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Vaugan ‘s sister Charlotte agreed to see girls and said goodbyes on 28 March.

‘I brought them home from my sister, because I wanted to save them because I am working in hospital and every day I am exposed to the virus,’ said Vaughan, according to the United Kingdom. Daily mail. Daily mail. “And I wanted to work more too, and I was not able to keep the girls longer and do more hours.

“The decision was very difficult, but it must have been a sacrifice. It was extremely emotional to leave them because I did not know how long it was until I saw them again — I never expected nine weeks to go on.

“But so many more sacrifices were made as we want to aid and fight the virus.

“What I had to do was I began this job more than twenty years ago because I wanted to help people.”

Vaughan spent the next nine weeks at ICU and in the COVID-19 department of accidents and emergencies, but spent time alone.

“The first few weeks were hard when I came from work and they weren’t going to be there,” she explained. “It was dead silence, it was horrible, no one ran around or shouted or laughed.

“Without singing and dancing I don’t know what to do.”

As it was approaching in the end of nine weeks, Vaughan knew she needed to cut back her time. Her girls missed her.

“For nine weeks I’ve been putting my job first, so now is the moment to put my girls first. “I’ve been tired, and wanted to see them, but I just knew I can’t cuddle them, so I’ve stuck to them. I have been thinking to myself many times, “I can no longer do this.”

She began to count the days until she could see her girls again, after having got the go ahead to cut her hours, calling them “the one thing to keep me going.”

She didn’t initially let her girls know that she’d come because she didn’t want to risk an altering plan.

“We kept it a secret from them because, if something changed, I did not want to deceive them, but when I saw their reactions it was all worthwhile,” she said.

As like you’re without it. After 9 weeks away the girls are gathered with Mummy so that she can save lives. Share x for yourself.

— Charlotte Savage, 2 June 2020 (@Lottsoflove21).

“I didn’t just want them to go and I felt it in my heart when they shouted. It’s been incredible.

The video of Charlotte’s reunion shows Vaughan sneezing up and watching her, snapping up behind her two daughters, before she speaks. For many viewers the surprise and joy on their faces was a much-needed spot.

The girls had weekly online meetings with an advisor while away from their mother. But Bella seemed to realize why her mother had to be so long gone.

“There are some wonderful people working to save the planet [the National Health Service],” Bella said. “Mummy has done a wonderful job. To save people, she had to be away. She is my savior. “She is my savior.

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Former M16 Chief Says Coronavirus was ‘Man Made’ & ‘Accidently Released’



Former M16 Chief Says Coronavirus was 'Man Made' & 'Accidently Released'
  • Sir Richard Dearlove, former chief of MI6, has said that his view is that the coronavirus pandemic was “begun as an accident” when a laboratory virus in China escaped.

Dearlove said he saw a “important” new scientific report by British and Norwegian researchers in an interview with The Telegraph, which indicates that the virus did not appear naturally but was created by Chinese scientists.

He reportedly “watered down” the article he cited to delete allegations against Beijing.

RT reports: “I think it started as an accident,” told Telegraph Planet Normal Podcast Sir Richard Dearlove who head of the UK ‘s Top Spy Agency, MI6, from 1999 to 2004.

“It begs the question, is it paying reparations if China would ever accept responsibility? I think that it will make every country in the world think again how the Chinese leadership is handled by the international community.

Dearlove suggested that the virus was not deliberately released but rather accidentally leaked by experiments with bat coronaviruses by Chinese scientists. In order to support his claims, he cited a study recently published by a British Norwegian team which claimed “inserted sections on the SARS-CoV-2 surface spikes,” which allow the virus to contact human cells.

The former MI6 head told the Telegraph that the study had repeatedly been rewritten. The research paper originally reported that it was named “the Wuhan virus,” the name of the Chinese city in which it had first been registered, and reported to have proven that this virus was “engineered.”

The telegraph also said researchers from Francis Crick ‘s Institute and imperial college London had rejected the findings of the study, whereas the study was found unsuitable for publication by “leading academic journals” like Nature and the Journal of Virology.

The report says one of the original authors of the study had removed his name from the research before the paper was “watered down” so that explicit allegations against Beijing could be eliminated. However, before publication, intelligence officials have reportedly checked their findings.

Since the first weeks of the Covid 19 outbreak, media outlets and some Western lawmakers have suggested that a high-profiles virology lab in Wuhan may have triggered the SARS-CoV-2 virus. US officers were especially keen to condemn China for the damage to the epidemic, President Donald Trump saying it would pay the nation for it.

These claims have been denied repeatedly by Beijing.

The U.S. office of the director of National Intelligence stated at the end of April that the virus ‘was not manmade or genetically engineered,’ but that the Guardians had no proof last month of the release of coronavirus from a Chinese lab or that a possible leak might have caused the pandemic.

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‘Virtual Walkingout’ stage of Facebook staff following the response from Zuckerberg to the post of Trump



'Virtual Walkingout' stage of Facebook staff following the response from Zuckerberg to the post of Trump

On Monday, Facebook employees made clear their will to censor President Donald Trump from the Social Media Giant.

The New York Times confirmed that hundreds of workers had been going out the ‘internet retreat’ to protest the decision taken by CEO Mark Zuckerberg to manage the President’s comments.

The protest came after last week’s social media surveillance interview with Fox News by Zuckerberg.

He told Fox News Dana Perino in an interview, which aired Thursday. “We have a different policy on this than I think Twitter.

“I genuinely believe the reality of what people post publicly can not be a Facebook arbiter,” Zuckerberg said. “Private companies should probably not be in a position to do that, particularly those platform companies.”

The employees also refused to work, in addition to pressuring Facebook managers to take a tougher stand against Trump’s posts. They showed support for people from all over the country, protesting George Floyd’s May 25 death under custody in Minneapolis.

The group wants to see Facebook censorship or add warning labels to the posts of the President, just like Twitter did for a tweet on 28 May.

After commenters said the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” has racially charged origins and was used by segregationists in the ’60s, the president clarified his statement. “It was spoken as a fact, not as a statement,” Trump said in a tweet Friday.

“It’s very simple, nobody should have any problem with this other than the haters, and those looking to cause trouble on social media. Honor the memory of George Floyd! ….It was spoken as a fact, not as a statement.

It’s very simple, nobody should have any problem with this other than the haters, and those looking to cause trouble on social media. Honor the memory of George Floyd! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 29, 2020

Regardless, the Twitter warnings remain on the tweet. The president posted the same message on Facebook, where it has received no such censoring. Do you agree with Facebook’s approach to President Trump’s posts? According to audio from a Tuesday Q&A video call meeting with thousands of employees that was leaked to Vox Media’s Recode, Zuckerberg explained why he refused to take the post down.

“I knew that the stakes were very high on this, and knew a lot of people would be upset if we made the decision to leave it up,” he said. “We basically concluded after the research and after everything I’ve read and all the different folks that I’ve talked to that the reference is clearly to aggressive policing — maybe excessive policing — but it has no history of being read as a dog whistle for vigilante supporters to take justice into their own hands.”

Following Twitter’s censorship of the president’s tweets and a history of bias against conservatives by Big Tech and social media platforms, Trump signed an executive order on Thursday directing federal regulators to crack down on such bias and, in some cases, remove the legal protections shielding tech companies from liability for what’s posted on their platforms.

“In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand pick the speech that Americans may access and convey on the internet,” the executive order says.

“This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic. “When large, powerful social media companies censor opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a dangerous power. They cease functioning as passive bulletin boards, and ought to be viewed and treated as content creators.”

President @realDonaldTrump just took executive action to fight online censorship by tech corporations, including social media platforms. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 28, 2020

“The choices that Twitter makes when it chooses to suppress, edit, blacklist, shadow-ban are editorial decisions, pure and simple,” Trump said at the signing. “In those moments, Twitter ceases to be a neutral public platform and they become an editor with a viewpoint, and I think we can say that about others also, whether you’re looking at Google, whether you’re looking at Facebook and perhaps others,” he said.

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