Gardner Minshew Smashed Hammer’s own hand to maintain college eligibility

Long before he took his first NFL snap, Gardner Minshew was a football LEGEND… He once smashed his hand with a hammer to attempt to extend his career in college football.

During his first year at East Carolina University, the Jacksonville Jaguars QB said it all fell in 2016… Where he was QB’s third string and scheduled for season redshirting.

But the 2nd string QB was shifted back and in Week 4, the 1st string QB suffered a concussion. He was compelled to play.

The issue is… The redshirt option was out the window once Minshew had taken the field–and Gardner was pissed to blow for 30 minutes of playing time a full year.

And next, what did Gardner do? He knew that the only way he could get back that year was to get a medical redshirt… Which implies he required to show that he had endured a season injury that knocked him out.

“So, you know, I’m getting an idea,” said Minshew on the “Pardon My Take” podcast of Barstool Sports (go to 31:20).

“I’re going home, I’m taking a bottle of Jack Daniels and I’m taking a hammer. And, I’re going back into my space, I’m pulling the Daniels jack, I’m putting my hand on the table and BOOM! BOOM! Minshew says he knew he didn’t break his hand right away— so he smashed another two times. But with every effort, he failed!

“I can’t break my own hand!” Oh, and take that… Minshew tells the hand that he smashed was his THROWING HAND because he knew that he would be forced to do the pain if his non-throwing hand was broken.

Minshew tells at the end of the day that he abandoned the fake injury attempt and told the coach he was hanging his hand in a vehicle door.

Don’t worry, it worked out stuff for him… It’s now the start for the QB Jaguar and looked fairly strong in the 20-7 win over the Tennessee Titans team on Thursday night, adding 2 TDs into the process.

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