Joe Kennedy III said Trump was going to fail Elizabeth Warren’s Law Class

Donald Trump wouldn’t be lucky in the Harvard Law School class of Elizabeth Warren… Thus says Rep. Joe Kennedy III. The best teacher he ever had, who calls Liz.

We got Joe on Capitol Hill Thursday and asked about his first Harvard Law professor again, and when it comes to teaching, he gives Warren an A+.

Joe praises Elizabeth very effusively and tells us why she was so great in explaining law and its impact in the real world. He says Warren’s on the campaign trail–she brings out the best in people–is identical in the classroom.

But one person Joe thinks Elizabeth couldn’t even defend himself… Trump. Trump.

Under Professor Warren Joe’s mother, who he calls a tough grader but did graduate… And you have to hear what Joe says about the ability of Trump to handle one class in Liz.

The BTW is… Kennedy will make a major announcement on Saturday. It looks like he’s running for the United States. The… Senate Just like his famous grandfather, John and Ted, Bobby, and great uncles.

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