Kevin Hart Back Home and I don’t think he’s alive

Kevin Hart has checked out his hospital rehab and is home, where he receives extensive physical treatment, but he takes a lot of time… He’s “thankful” and he’s alive “shocked.”

The very nearby sources inform us that he looked at the pictures of the auto crash and could not think that anybody was alive. The story was broken by TMZ, Kevin’s back was bad, with 3 spinal fractures requiring fusion.

Kevin Hart Back Home and I don't think he's alive

Kevin Hart Back Home and I don’t think he’s alive

He spent 10 days in a hospital with severe pain medicine and was then moved to the hospital, but now he is at home. He has a physical therapist who most of the days comes home. And he’s doing a lot of stretching and treatment bands exercises.

He’s still in a great deal of pain, but he says he handles it without all the medicines that struck him.

We’re also told that he doesn’t worry about his wounds… He was fairly much back to where he was prior to the accident, and the PT and physicians have assured him that he had nothing on his plate work-wise so he can concentrate on bouncing backwards.

Kevin says he is thankful to be alive and “has a fresh life outlook.” We asked him what that meant and he said, “He really cherishes and intends to make the most of it in every regard.

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