Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Run Wyoming Antelopes Chasing Law

Wyoming has plenty to learn from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian— where the deer and the antelope have to play. But with Ye, they can’t play.

The pair were a little scolded by a video from Kim posted last weekend, in which Kanye seems to be taking them for an ATV trip throughout the spectrum. AKA American antelope, as he chases some pronghorns.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Run Wyoming Antelopes Chasing Law

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Run Wyoming Antelopes Chasing Law

It sounds like Kim screams at some stage, “I guess you’re scaring them!!!” And likely she’s correct… That’s why the regulations are against it.

A Wyoming Game & Fish Department spokesman informs TMZ… State regulations prohibit such harassment of animals. We were informed Kim’s video became known to the department and visited Kanye’s new ranch director to ensure that everyone was conscious of wildlife regulations.

We spoke to a spring near the pair who told us that they just cruised when the pets went… Shortly after the vide, Kim and Kanye went to a slow stage and let them go. It wasn’t a chase, we’re told… And the animals never troubled.

Kanye and Kim’s excellent news… This can just be seen as a lesson learned. We’re told they haven’t received any official complaints –only angry calls–so there’s no inquiry into the incident at present.

If there were, the couple would get a quote and a fine of $435.

We have broken the tale… The estate is just beyond Cody, Wyoming, which contains 8 accommodation units, 2 fresh water ponds, a restaurant, an event center and lots of farms, horses and corrals, has received some severe money from Kanye.

The cost demanded was $14 million for 4,500 acres and although we understand that he did not pay the complete price… It’s a lot of cash still.

The $435 fine would definitely not be biggie.

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