Accused of the Drug, Raping and Killing of male victims by Clinton Donor Ed Buck

Clinton donor Ed Buck is charged with drugging, raping and murdering some of his male victims accidentally.

The Democrat donor has at least 10 alleged victims, many of whom say Buck’s fetish is paying prostitutes for drug use and having sex, often leading to overdose and death in at least a few cases.

The troubling details were published Thursday after prosecutors charged Buck, 65, with methamphetamine distribution leading to the death of Gemmel Moore on July 27, 2017.

Reports from Messages were not immediately transferred to Buck’s attorney, Seymour Amster.

Even after another person, Timothy Dean, died in January from an overdose at Buck’s home, the Democratic donor continued to solicit people for sex and drug use until last week when another overdose person attempted to flee as Buck attempted to prevent him from leaving, officials said.

They were both black people who died. Buck, who is white, was not charged after Moore’s death for more than two years, and critics questioned whether the investigation was influenced by wealth, race, or political ties.

Buck has donated tens of thousands of bucks to applicants from California, including Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, and is well known in the political circles of LGBTQ.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who is black and charged Buck with running a drug house this week, dismissed the concept of any favoritism based on campaign donations.

“His reputation has not moved us at all,” Lacey said.

U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna said Buck has been preying on homeless men and other vulnerable people and is a “severe danger to public safety.” Authorities said Buck used his power position to manipulate people to engage in sexual fantasies involving meth injection.

Male prostitutes knew Buck’s habit of paying in money and drugs, and some called him Dr. Kevorkian, an obvious reference to Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who came to jail to help patients put an end to their life.

When somebody refused to inject drugs, Buck himself plunged the needle into his arm, Drug Enforcement Administration’s agent John Mundell said in an affidavit.

In 2011, when Buck injected him with meth, a homeless prostitute recalled two occasions, and he lost consciousness. The person, recognized as victim 6 in the affidavit, said Buck insisted on injecting prostitutes and, if they refused, would dismiss them without compensation, Mundell wrote.

Two days after the district attorney introduced the drug house charges in the case of the person who said he escaped after overdose on Sept. 4 and again on Sept. 11, the federal charge emerges.

“The statements of the surviving victim gave us the break we required,” said Lacey. “We required someone living, ready to come to court, ready to be cross-examined.” Buck appeared in both the Superior Court of Los Angeles and the Federal Court on Thursday but was not requested to file a plea. For Sept. 26, the federal judge set up a hearing of imprisonment. Up until then, Buck will stay in custody.

Buck was investigated in January after Dean, 55, was discovered dead in his apartment by an accidental methamphetamine overdose.

A month after the death of her son, Moore’s mom, LaTisha Nixon, informed investigators that he had once told her about Buck. Her son described him as wealthy and strong, saying that Buck kept him “against his will and shot him with drugs,” said the affidavit.

Nixon “is happy that Ed Buck is no longer on the streets and free to continue to harm black people,” said Wednesday her lawyer, Hussain Turk.

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