Climate Strike Join Climate Strike Because of ‘ Climate Emergency ‘

Far-left Hollywood celebrities, inspired by adolescent activist Greta Thunberg, have indicated their approval for the global climate strike.

“I support today’s global #climate strike. To safeguard our planet and mankind, we need to do everything we can, “said rockstar Mick Jagger.

“We will support our young individuals in their cry for a climate future, a living future,” said Mark Ruffalo in a video published on Friday on Twitter. “These lovely young people who are now crying out for us to be sincere and frank and earnest in coping with this catastrophe.” reports: Friday’s strike attracts millions of activists who marched to put pressure on world rulers to upset their economies by cutting meat consumption, banning the combustible engine and banning all plastic straws to tackle the so-called climate.

“So influenced by the attempts of these children in protecting the environment. It’s a powerful thing when young people take matters into their own hands!”Reese Witherspoon, the actress said.

“We are challenged by young activists to face the realities of the climate crisis. Join me as I stand today with @amnestyusa and @GretaThunberg as we strike for climate, “said legend from grammy-winning singer John.
Check out all the hysteria below in the weather strike.

7/7 By pushing a greed-based, climate-denying agenda, this group caused our extinction. Will the youth of today, when everything collapses and drowns in 20yrs around them, believe of us fondly? I don’t believe so. So take a stand at least today. Show up. I am going to https:/ — Michael Moore (@MMFlint) on 20 September 2019 SKIP SCHOOL AND STRIKE! Those with the greatest loss take matters into their own hands as their elders are incapable, apathetic, or simply dumb. https:/— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) September 20, 2019 A 16-year-old Swedish girl on the autism spectrum can inspire more individuals around the globe and turn out to be more crowded than our president. It’s because she’s talking about the VERY and she doesn’t care about her own EGO.

— George Takei, 20 September 2019 (@GeorgeTakei).

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